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116001. The Mathematics of Coordinated Inference: A Study of Generalized Hat Problems
116002. Interdisciplinary Concepts in Cardiovascular Health: Volume II: Secondary Risk Factors
116003. Time-Dependent CP Violation Measurements: Analyses of Neutral B Meson to Double-Charm Decays at the Japanese Belle Experiment
116004. Origin, Evolution and Biogeographic History of South American Turtles
116005. Adenovirus: Methods and Protocols
116006. Plant Cell Morphogenesis: Methods and Protocols
116007. Plant Proteomics: Methods and Protocols
116008. Viral Vector Approaches in Neurobiology and Brain Diseases
116009. Asset Price Response to New Information: The Effects of Conservatism Bias and Representativeness Heuristic
116010. Location Privacy Protection in Mobile Networks
116011. Next Generation Sequencing Technologies in Medical Genetics
116012. Resource Management in Utility and Cloud Computing
116013. Pulmonary Sarcoidosis: A Guide for the Practicing Clinician
116014. Evidence-Based Practice in Juvenile Justice: Progress, Challenges, and Opportunities
116015. Waves in Neural Media: From Single Neurons to Neural Fields
116016. Computational Medicine in Data Mining and Modeling
116017. From Casual Stargazer to Amateur Astronomer: How to Advance to the Next Level
116018. The Bioarchaeology of Artificial Cranial Modifications: New Approaches to Head Shaping and its Meanings in Pre-Columbian Mesoamerica and Beyond
116019. Incoming Asteroid!: What Could We Do About It?
116020. Pediatric Development and Neonatology: A Practically Painless Review
116021. Quo Vadis: Evolution of Modern Navigation: The Rise of Quantum Techniques
116022. Assessment of Population Health Risks of Policies
116023. Statistical Analysis of Management Data
116024. Mean Field Games and Mean Field Type Control Theory
116025. EnvStats: An R Package for Environmental Statistics
116026. Rock Art and Sacred Landscapes
116027. Animal Models of Speech and Language Disorders
116028. New Perspectives in Partial Least Squares and Related Methods
116029. Menahem Max Schiffer: Selected Papers Volume 2
116030. Clinical Ophthalmic Echography: A Case Study Approach
116031. The Emergence of Pressure Blade Making: From Origin to Modern Experimentation
116032. Sampled-Data Models for Linear and Nonlinear Systems
116033. Alexia: Diagnosis, Treatment and Theory
116034. Formal Languages and Compilation
116035. Distributed User Interfaces: Usability and Collaboration
116036. Developing Insights in Cartilage Repair
116037. Applications of Multi-Criteria and Game Theory Approaches: Manufacturing and Logistics
116038. Green Energy Audit of Buildings: A guide for a sustainable energy audit of buildings
116039. Strategies for Urban Development in Leipzig, Germany: Harmonizing Planning and Equity
116040. Functional Brain Tumor Imaging
116041. Illustrated C# 2010
116042. University Dynamics and European Integration
116043. Worldviews and Cultures: Philosophical Reflections from an Intercultural Perspective
116044. Phenomenology of Life from the Animal Soul to the Human Mind: Book II The Human Soul in the Creative Transformation of the Mind
116045. Stereo Scene Flow for 3D Motion Analysis
116046. Side Effects of Medical Cancer Therapy: Prevention and Treatment
116047. Menahem Max Schiffer: Selected Papers Volume 1
116048. Solar System Astrophysics: Background Science and the Inner Solar System
116049. Drug Metabolism: Current Concepts
116050. Religious Education in Public Schools: Study of Comparative Law: Yearbook of the European Association for Education Law and Policy
116051. MCSE (Exam 70-298) Study Guide. Designing security for a Windows Server 2003 network: Exam 70-298
116052. CYA Securing IIS 6.0. Cover Your A** by Getting It Right the First Time
116053. Developing Web Services with Java APIs for XML (JAX Pack)
116054. Configuring and Troubleshooting Windows XP Professional
116055. Designing SQL Server 2000 Databases. for .Net ™ Enterprise Servers
116056. Handbook of Odors in Materials
116057. Handbook of Plasticizers
116058. Rheology Concepts, Methods, and Applications
116059. Tufted Carpet. Textile Fibers, Dyes, Finishes, and Processes
116060. Melt Processible Fluoroplastics
116061. Plastics Failure Analysis and Prevention
116062. Rotational Molding Technology
116063. Imaging and Image Analysis Applications for Plastics
116064. Metallocene Technology in Commercial Applications
116065. Weathering of Plastics. Testing to Mirror Real Life Performance
116066. Medical Plastics. Degradation Resistance & Failure Analysis
116067. Metallocene Catalyzed Polymers. Materials, Properties, Processing & Markets
116068. Produced Water Treatment Field Manual
116069. Gas Sweetening and Processing Field Manual
116070. Gas Dehydration Field Manual
116071. Theory of Aerospace Propulsion
116072. Reservoir Exploration and Appraisal
116073. HR: The Business Partner. Furthering the Journey
116074. Sport Facility Operations Management
116075. Adventure Tourism Management
116076. Working Guide to Pumps and Pumping Stations. Calculations and Simulations
116077. Programmable Logic Controllers
116078. Sustainable Design Through Process Integration. Fundamentals and Applications to Industrial Pollution Prevention, Resource Conservation, and Profitability Enhancement
116079. FPGAs 101. Everything you need to know to get started
116080. Hospital Emergency Response Teams. Triage for Optimal Disaster Response
116081. Workplace Violence. Planning for Prevention and Response
116082. Tolley's Industrial and Commercial Gas Installation Practice. Gas Service Technology Volume 3
116083. What Went Wrong?. Case Histories of Process Plant Disasters and How They Could Hare Been Avoided
116084. The Benefits of e-Business Performance Measurement Systems. A report for CIMA – the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants
116085. Atomic Force Microscopy in Process Engineering. Introduction to AFM for Improved Processes and Products
116086. Earthquake-Resistant Structures
116087. Metal Powders. A Global Survey of Production, Applications and Markets to 2010
116088. Stan Shiels on Centrifugal Pumps. Collected articles from “World Pumps” magazine
116089. Handbook of Infra-red Detection Technologies
116090. Gallium Arsenide. A Market and Technology Overview 1999–2004
116091. Handbook of Industrial Membranes
116092. Applied Cyber Security and the Smart Grid. Implementing Security Controls into the Modern Power Infrastructure
116093. Risk Management Framework. A Lab-Based Approach to Securing Information Systems
116094. Professional Penetration Testing. Volume 1: Creating and Learning in a Hacking Lab
116095. Windows Server 2012 Security from End to Edge and Beyond. Architecting, Designing, Planning, and Deploying Windows Server 2012 Security Solutions
116096. Network Intrusion Analysis
116097. CISSP Study Guide
116098. Windows 2012 Server Network Security. Securing Your Windows Network Systems and Infrastructure
116099. Violent Python: A Cookbook for Hackers, Forensic Analysts, Penetration Testers and Security Engineers
116100. The Hacker's Guide to OS X. Exploiting OS X from the Root-up
116101. Advanced Persistent Threat
116102. Securing SQL Server
116103. UTM Security with Fortinet. Mastering FortiOS
116104. Blackhatonomics
116105. Federal Cloud Computing
116106. Information Security Risk Assessment Toolkit: Practical Assessments through Data Collection and Data Analysis
116107. Wireless Reconnaissance in Penetration Testing
116108. FISMA and the Risk Management Framework. The New Practice of Federal Cyber Security
116109. Cisco Router and Switch Forensics. Investigating and Analyzing Malicious Network Activity
116110. Techno Security's Guide to Securing SCADA. A Comprehensive Handbook On Protecting The Critical Infrastructure
116111. Pattern Recognition
116112. How to Cheat at Designing Security for a Windows Server 2003 Network
116113. The best damn cybercrime and digital forensics book period
116114. Virtualization with Xen™. XenEnterprise, ™ XenServer, ™ and XenExpress ™
116115. Classic Lego Mindstorms Projects and Software Tools
116116. Stealing the Network: How to Own a Shadow. The Chase for Knuth
116117. Winternals. Deframentation, Recovery, and Administration Field Guide
116118. Insider Threat. Protecting the Enterprise from Sabotage, Spying, and Theft
116119. Perfect Passwords. Selection, Protection, Authentication
116120. Sockets, Shellcode, Porting, & Coding. Reverse Engineering Exploits and Tool Coding for Security Professionals
116121. Bluescreen Compositing. A Practical Guide for Video & Moviemaking
116122. Veterinary Clinical Pathology Secrets
116123. Management of Patients with Neuromuscular Disease
116124. Small Animal Surgery Secrets
116125. Low Back Pain Handbook. A Guide for the Practicing Clinician
116126. Feline Internal Medicine Secrets
116127. Advances in Computational Biology
116128. Understanding Digital Libraries
116129. The Craft of Information Visualization. Readings and Reflections
116130. VLDB '02: Proceedings of the 28th International Conference on Very Large Databases. Hong Kong SAR, China 20–23 August 2002
116131. Real-Time Shader Programming. Covering DirectX 9.0
116132. Interconnection Networks. An Engineering Approach
116133. Designing Data-Intensive Web Applications
116134. Voice Interaction Design. Crafting the New Conversational Speech Systems
116135. Real-Time Collision Detection
116136. Usability Engineering. Scenario-Based Development of Human-Computer Interaction
116137. Optical Networks. A Practical Perspective
116138. Transactional Information Systems. Theory, Algorithms, and the Practice of Concurrency Control and Recovery
116139. Current Therapy in Colon and Rectal Surgery
116140. Oracle Data Warehouse Tuning for 10g
116141. Tony Redmond's Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 with SP1
116142. Microsoft® Exchange Server 2003 Deployment and Migration
116143. Leveraging WMI Scripting. Using Windows Management Instrumentation to Solve Windows Management Problems
116144. Firewalls. Jumpstart for Network and Systems Administrators
116145. CRM
116146. TruCluster Server Handbook
116147. Chemical Resistance of Thermoplastics
116148. Ionizing Radiation and Polymers. Principles, Technology and Applications
116149. Alternate Light Source Imaging. Forensic Photography Techniques
116150. Crime Scene Investigation
116151. Introduction to Fluoropolymers. Materials, Technology and Applications
116152. Endocrine Secrets
116153. Cardiology Secrets
116154. Principles and Practice of Single Implant and Restorations
116155. Small Animal Medical Differential Diagnosis. A Book of Lists
116156. Reactive Polymers Fundamentals and Applications. A Concise Guide to Industrial Polymers
116157. Developments in Handwriting and Signature Identification in the Digital Age
116158. Biopolymers Reuse, Recycling, and Disposal
116159. Social Media Investigation for Law Enforcement
116160. Reaffirming Rehabilitation
116161. Nanobiomaterials in Clinical Dentistry
116162. Surface Preparation Techniques for Adhesive Bonding
116163. Chemical Resistance of Specialty Thermoplastics
116164. Quantitative Data Processing in Scanning Probe Microscopy. SPM Applications for Nanometrology
116165. Biofabrication. Micro- and Nano-fabrication, Printing, Patterning and Assemblies
116166. The Effect of UV Light and Weather on Plastics and Elastomers
116167. Handbook of Biopolymers and Biodegradable Plastics
116168. Electromyography and Neuromuscular Disorders
116169. The Effect of Sterilization on Plastics and Elastomers
116170. Handbook of Molded Part Shrinkage and Warpage
116171. Film Properties of Plastics and Elastomers
116172. Principles of Pulmonary Medicine. Expert Consult - Online and Print
116173. Fenichel's Clinical Pediatric Neurology. A Signs and Symptoms Approach
116174. Consultative Hemostasis and Thrombosis. Expert Consult - Online and Print
116175. Clinical Arrhythmology and Electrophysiology: A Companion to Braunwald's Heart Disease
116176. Atlas of Uncommon Pain Syndromes. Expert Consult - Online and Print
116177. Small Animal Toxicology
116178. Sande's HIV/AIDS Medicine
116179. Aminoff's Electrodiagnosis in Clinical Neurology
116180. Essentials of Nuclear Medicine Imaging
116181. Cardiovascular Therapeutics: A Companion to Braunwald's Heart Disease
116182. Developments in Surface Contamination and Cleaning. Detection, Characterization, and Analysis of Contaminants
116183. Developments in Surface Contamination and Cleaning. Contaminant Removal and Monitoring
116184. Developments in Surface Contamination and Cleaning. Methods of Cleaning and Cleanliness Verification
116185. Handbook of Thin Film Deposition
116186. Waste-to-Energy. Technologies and Project Implementation
116187. Advances in CMP Polishing Technologies
116188. Clean Electricity Through Advanced Coal Technologies
116189. Process Risk and Reliability Management. Operational Integrity Management
116190. Firewater Pumps at Industrial Facilities
116191. Neurology: Neonatology Questions and Controversies
116192. Handbook of Bottle Production and Preforms
116193. Offshore Safety Management. Implementing a SEMS Program
116194. Micromixers. Fundamentals, Design and Fabrication
116195. Handbook of Sputtering Technology
116196. Engineered Nanopores for Bioanalytical Applications
116197. Tribology of Abrasive Machining Processes
116198. Ultrananocrystalline Diamond, Second Edition: Synthesis, Properties and Applications
116199. Handbook of Environmental Degradation of Materials
116200. Vascular Medicine: A Companion to Braunwald's Heart Disease
116201. Total Burn Care
116202. Hypertension: A Companion to Braunwald’s Heart Disease
116203. Benumof and Hagberg's Airway Management
116204. Hemodynamics and Cardiology: Neonatology Questions and Controversies
116205. The Newborn Lung: Neonatology Questions and Controversies
116206. Hematology, Immunology and Infectious Disease: Neonatology Questions and Controversies
116207. Nephrology and Fluid/Electrolyte Physiology: Neonatology Questions and Controversies
116208. Head and Neck Pathology
116209. Withrow and MacEwen's Small Animal Clinical Oncology
116210. Sheep and Goat Medicine
116211. Evidence-Based Physical Diagnosis
116212. Kendig & Chernick's Disorders of the Respiratory Tract in Children
116213. Dubois' Lupus Erythematosus and Related Syndromes
116214. Best Evidence for Spine Surgery: 20 Cardinal Cases
116215. Cryoablation of Cardiac Arrhythmias
116216. Blumgart's Surgery of the Liver, Pancreas and Biliary Tract
116217. Equine Dermatology
116218. Cartilage Surgery
116219. Canine and Feline Infectious Diseases
116220. Principles of Neurological Surgery
116221. Small Animal Clinical Diagnosis by Laboratory Methods
116222. Fluid, Electrolyte, and Acid-Base Disorders in Small Animal Practice
116223. Handbook of Veterinary Neurology
116224. The Comprehensive Treatment of the Aging Spine
116225. Veterinary Hematology. A Diagnostic Guide and Color Atlas
116226. Schmidek and Sweet's Operative Neurosurgical Techniques
116227. Human-Animal Medicine. Clinical Approaches to Zoonoses, Toxicants, and Other Shared Health Risks
116228. Ferrets, Rabbits, and Rodents. Clinical Medicine and Surgery
116229. Child Abuse and Neglect. Diagnosis, Treatment, and Evidence
116230. Ashcraft's Pediatric Surgery
116231. Diagnostic Imaging for the Emergency Physician
116232. Diagnosis and Management of Lameness in the Horse
116233. Clinical Mycology
116234. Skeletal Imaging
116235. Arthritis in Black and White
116236. Cytology. Diagnostic Principles and Clinical Correlated
116237. Equine Breeding Management and Artificial Insemination
116238. Yen & Jaffe's Reproductive Endocrinology. Physiology, Pathophysiology, and Clinical Management
116239. Small Animal Pediatrics. The First 12 Months of Life
116240. Early Diagnosis and Treatment of Cancer Series: Colorectal Cancer
116241. Clinical Ocular Toxicology. Drugs, Chemicals and Herbs
116242. Hunter's Tropical Medicine and Emerging Infectious Disease
116243. Handbook of Dialysis Therapy
116244. Zoo and Wild Animal Medicine. Current Therapy
116245. Clinical Veterinary Advisor
116246. Managing the Allergic Patient
116247. Canine and Feline Gastroenterology
116248. Equine Emergencies. Treatment and Procedures
116249. The Dog Breeder's Guide to Successful Breeding and Health Management
116250. Buchwald's Atlas of Metabolic & Bariatric Surgical Techniques and Procedures
116251. Hypertension. A Companion to Braunwald's Heart Disease
116252. Essential Clinical Procedures
116253. Clinical Men's Health. Evidence in Practice
116254. Global HIV/AIDS Medicine
116255. The Travel and Tropical Medicine Manual
116256. Current Therapy In Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
116257. Manual of Canine and Feline Cardiology
116258. Evidence-Based Manual Medicine. A Problem-Oriented Approach
116259. Essential Family Medicine. Fundamentals and Case Studies
116260. Equine Anesthesia. Monitoring and Emergency Therapy
116261. Anesthesia and Uncommon Diseases
116262. Therapy of Digestive Disorders
116263. Asian Facial Cosmetic Surgery
116264. Clinical Pediatric Neurology. A Signs and Symptoms Approach
116265. Manual of Exotic Pet Practice
116266. Surgical Management of Obesity
116267. What Went Wrong?. Case Histories of Process Plant Disasters
116268. Rules of Thumb for Mechanical Engineers. A manual of quick, accurate solutions to everyday mechanical engineering problems
116269. Standard Handbook of Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering. Volume 2
116270. Mechanics of Hydraulic Fracturing
116271. Gas Migration. Events Preceding Earthquakes
116272. Advances in Environmental Control Technology: Health and Toxicology. Advances in Environmental Control Technology Series
116273. Developments in Offshore Engineering. Wave Phenomena and Offshore Topics
116274. The Refinery of the Future
116275. Transport Properties of Chemicals and Hydrocarbons. Viscosity, Thermal Conductivity, and Diffusivity of C1 to C100 Organics and Ac to Zr Inorganics
116277. Microfabrication for Industrial Applications
116278. Tigers of the World. The Science, Politics, and Conservation of Panthera tigris
116279. Micro-Manufacturing Engineering and Technology
116280. Micro-Drops and Digital Microfluidics
116281. China's Electronics Industry. The Definitive Guide for Companies and Policy Makers with Interests in China
116282. Vacuum Deposition onto Webs, Films, and Foils
116283. The Effects of UV Light and Weather on Plastics and Elastomers
116284. Fluorinated Coatings and Finishes Handbook. The Definitive User's Guide and Databook
116285. Fluoropolymers Applications in the Chemical Processing Industries. The Definitive User's Guide and Databook
116286. Extrusion. The Definitive Processing Guide and Handbook
116287. Fire Behavior of Upholstered Furniture and Mattresses
116288. Developing and Managing Engineering Procedures. Concepts and Applications
116289. Processing of Wide Band Gap Semiconductors. Growth, Processing and Applications
116290. Handbook of Analytical Techniques in Concrete Science and Technology. Principles, Techniques, and Applications
116291. Fire Fighting Pumping Systems at Industrial Facilities
116292. Groundwater Remediation and Treatment Technologies
116293. Biotechnology for Waste and Wastewater Treatment
116294. Fermentation and Biochemical Engineering Handbook. Principles, Process Design, and Equipment
116295. Ultra-Fine Particles. Exploratory Science and Technology
116296. Waste Materials Used in Concrete Manufacturing
116297. Handbook of Magento-Optical Data Recording. Materials, Subsystems, Techniques
116298. Waste Minimization and Cost Reduction for the Process Industries
116299. Handbook of Compound Semiconductors. Growth, Processing, Characterization, and Devices
116300. Handbook of Emergency Response to Toxic Chemical Releases. A Guide to Compliance
116301. Clinician's Guide to Assistive Technology
116302. Hand and Upper Extremity Splinting. Principles & Methods
116303. Basic Electronics Math
116304. Clinical Cases in Contact Lenses
116305. Contact Lens Optics and Lens Design
116306. Soft Lens Fitting
116307. Finnie's Handling the Young Child with Cerebral Palsy at Home
116308. Terramechanics and Off-Road Vehicle Engineering. Terrain Behaviour, Off-Road Vehicle Performance and Design
116309. Introduction to Continuum Mechanics
116310. System Engineering For IMS Networks
116311. Job Hazard Analysis. A Guide for Voluntary Compliance and Beyond From Hazard to Risk: Transforming the JHA from a Tool to a Process
116312. Risk Management Technology in Financial Services. Risk Control, Stress Testing, Models, and IT Systems and Structures
116313. Voice Over IPv6. Architectures for Next Generation VolP Networks
116314. The Principles of Experimental Research
116315. Rules of Thumb for Chemical Engineers. A manual of quick, accurate solutions to everyday process engineering problems
116316. Op Amp Applications Handbook
116317. Random Vibrations. Analysis of Structural and Mechanical Systems
116318. Reservoir Formation Damage. Fundamentals, Modeling, Assessment, and Mitigation
116319. Membrane Separations Technology. Single-Stage, Multistage, and Differential Permeation
116320. Sports Vision. Vision Care for the Enhancement of Sports Performance
116321. Mechanism and Management of Headache
116322. Restless Legs Syndrome
116323. Manual of Contact Lens Prescribing and Fitting
116324. Clinical Anatomy of the Visual System
116325. System for Ophthalmic Dispensing
116326. Rehabilitation of Stroke
116327. Easy EMG. A Guide to Performing Nerve Conduction Studies and Electromyography
116328. Ergonomics and the Management of Musculoskeletal Disorders
116329. Small Animal Theriogenology
116330. Escourolle & Poirier Manual of Basic Neuropathology
116331. Diagnosing and Treating Computer-Related Vision Problems
116332. Clinical Cases in Physical Therapy
116333. Essentials of Clinical Binocular Vision
116334. Rosenbloom & Morgan's Vision and Aging
116335. Manual of Gas Permeable Contact Lenses
116336. Neuromuscular Case Studies
116337. Small Animal Dentistry
116338. Veterinary Epidemiology
116339. Environmental Engineering
116340. Geometric, Physical, and Visual Optics
116341. Clinical Neurophysiology of Infancy, Childhood, and Adolescence
116342. Veterinary Toxicology
116343. Eyecare Business. Marketing and Strategy
116344. Veterinary Anesthesia
116345. Essentials of Ophthalmic Lens Finishing
116346. Rechargeable Batteries Applications Handbook
116347. Plant Maintenance Management Set
116348. Physical Metallurgy and Advanced Materials Engineering
116349. Water Supply
116350. Fundamentals of Fund Administration. A Guide A Complete Guide from Fund Set Up to Settlement and Beyond
116351. Water Technology. An Introduction for Environmental Scientists and Engineers
116352. The Management of Equity Investments. Capital Markets, Equity Research, Investment Decisions and Risk Management with Case Studies
116353. Instrumentation and Control Systems
116354. The Finite Element Method Set. Its Basis and Fundamentals
116355. Structural and Stress Analysis
116356. Operational Amplifiers
116357. Credit Risk Management
116358. International Funds. A Practical Guide to Their Establishment and Operation
116359. Mathematics for Electrical Engineering and Computing
116360. Practical Embedded Controllers. Design and Troubleshooting with the Motorolla 68HC11
116361. Mechanical Design
116362. Civil Engineering Project Management
116363. Communication and Clinical Effectiveness in Rehabilitation
116364. Clinical Neurodynamics. A new system of musculoskeletal treatment
116365. Becoming an Advanced Healthcare Practitioner
116366. Principles of Treatment in Parkinson's Disease
116367. Hypermobility Syndrome. Recognition and Management for Physiotherapists
116368. Valuation of Internet & Technology Stocks. Implications for Investment Analysis
116369. Real R & D Options
116370. Understand Electronics
116371. Enabling Relationships in Health and Social Care. A Guide for Therapists
116372. Water, Sanitary and Waste Services for Buildings
116373. Mechanical Engineering Systems
116374. Lubrication and Reliability Handbook
116375. Plastics. Inside Out
116376. Introduction to Digital Signal Processing
116377. Interventions for Mental Health. An Evidence-Based Approach for Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists
116378. Managing Downside Risk in Financial Markets. Theory, Practice and Implementation
116379. Crystallization
116380. Binocular Vision & Orthoptics. Investigation and Management
116381. HVAC Engineer's Handbook
116382. Law in Optometric Practice
116383. Motor Vehicle
116384. Medical Contact Lens Practice
116385. Refrigeration and Air Conditioning
116386. The Tear Film. structure, function and clinical examination
116387. Plastics Materials
116388. Financial Performance
116389. Glaucoma Identification & Co-management
116390. Diabetic Eye Disease. Identification and co-management
116391. Plastics Engineering
116392. PC Interfacing. Using Centronic, RS232 and Game Ports
116393. Fun without Fatigue. Toys and Activities for Children with Restricted Movement and Limited Energy
116394. Statistical Mechanics
116395. Spectacle Lenses. Theory and Practice
116396. Rehabilitation of the Hand & Upper Limb
116397. Kaufman's Clinical Neurology for Psychiatrists
116398. Handbook of Pediatric Dentistry
116399. Allergy
116400. State-of-the-Art Orthodontics
116401. Botulinum Toxin in Facial Rejuvenation
116402. Clinical Examination of the Shoulder
116403. Equine Internal Medicine
116404. Current Therapy in Equine Medicine
116405. Feline Behavior. A Guide for Veterinarians
116406. Ferrets, Rabbits, and Rodents. Clinical Medicine and Surgery
116407. Avery's Diseases of the Newborn
116408. Low Back and Neck Pain. Comprehensive Diagnosis and Management
116409. Mechanical Shoulder Disorders. Perspectives in Functional Anatomy
116410. Sheep & Goat Medicine
116411. Textbook of Clinical Occupational and Environmental Medicine
116412. Diagnostic Radiology & Ultrasonography of the Dog and Cat
116413. Geriatrics & Gerontology of the Dog and Cat
116414. Textbook of Respiratory Disease in Dogs and Cats
116415. Atlas of Aesthetic Eyelid and Periocular Surgery
116416. Diagnosis and Management of Lameness in the Horse
116417. Color Atlas of Canine and Feline Ophthalmology
116418. Small Animal Radiology and Ultrasonography. A Diagnostic Atlas and Text
116419. Textbook of Neuro-Oncology
116420. Small Animal Diagnostic Ultrasound
116421. Textbook of Bunion Surgery
116422. Therapeutic Exercise. Treatment Planning for Progression
116423. Fluid, Electrolyte, and Acid-Base Disorders in Small Animal Practice
116424. Small Animal Toxicology
116425. Radiology of Birds. An Atlas of Normal Anatomy and Positioning
116426. Infectious Diseases of the Fetus and Newborn Infant
116427. Equine Ophthalmology
116428. Medical Complications During Pregnancy
116429. Saunders Manual of Small Animal Practice
116430. Statins. Understanding Clinical Use
116431. Clinical Nutrition. Enteral and Tube Feeding
116432. Surgical Decision Making
116433. Kirk and Bistner's Handbook of Veterinary Procedures and Emergency Treatment
116434. Transplantation of the Liver
116435. The Athletic Horse. Principles and Practice of Equine Sports Medicine
116436. Current Therapy in Plastic Surgery
116437. Veterinary Dentistry for the General Practitioner
116438. The Complementary Therapist's Guide to Red Flags and Referrals
116439. Trigger Point Dry Needling. An Evidence and Clinical-Based Approach
116440. Spinal Control. The Rehabilitation of Back Pain
116441. Visceral Vascular Manipulations
116442. Tidy's Physiotherapy
116443. Contact Lens Complications
116444. Weedon's Skin Pathology Essentials
116445. Neck and Arm Pain Syndromes
116446. Background Lesions in Laboratory Animals. A Color Atlas
116447. CDC Health Information for International Travel 2010. THE YELLOW BOOK
116448. Managing Sports Injuries
116449. Fascia: The Tensional Network of the Human Body. The science and clinical applications in manual and movement therapy
116450. Equine Applied and Clinical Nutrition. Health, Welfare and Performance
116451. Treatment of Infertility with Chinese Medicine
116452. A System of Orthopaedic Medicine
116453. Lower Extremity Soft Tissue & Cutaneous Plastic Surgery
116454. Clinical Ultrasound
116455. Advanced Operative Dentistry
116456. Gua Sha. A Traditional Technique for Modern Practice
116457. Foot and Ankle Injection Techniques. A Practical Guide
116458. Manual Therapy for the Cranial Nerves
116459. Medical History and Physical Examination in Companion Animals
116460. Handbook of Pig Medicine
116461. Handbook of Equine Respiratory Endoscopy
116462. Color Atlas of Diseases and Disorders of the Foal
116463. Equine Medicine, Surgery and Reproduction
116464. Small Animal Oncology. AN INTRODUCTION
116465. Diagnostic Techniques in Equine Medicine. A textbook for students and practitioners describing diagnostic techniques applicable to the adult horse
116466. WSAVA Standards for Clinical and Histological Diagnosis of Canine and Feline Liver Diseases. WSAVA Liver Standardization Group
116467. Equine Respiratory Medicine and Surgery
116468. Equine Dentistry
116469. Equine Sports Medicine and Surgery. Basic and Clinical Sciences of the Equine Athlete
116470. Manual of Equine Gastroenterology
116471. Physical Metallurgy
116472. The Nature of Mathematics and the Mathematics of Nature
116473. Radioactivity in the Environment
116474. Parallel Computational Fluid Dynamics 1997. Recent Developments and Advances Using Parallel Computers
116475. Idiotypes in Medicine: Autoimmunity, Infection and Cancer. Autoimmunity, Infection and Cancer
116476. Functionally Graded Materials 1996. Proceedings of the 4th International Symposium on Functionally Graded Materials, AIST Tsukuba Research Center, Tsukuba, Japan, October 21–24, 1996
116477. Handbook of Computational Geometry
116478. History of Topology
116479. Parallel Computational Fluid Dynamics 1996. Algorithms and Results Using Advanced Computers
116480. Parallel Computational Fluid Dynamics 1995. Implementations and Results Using Parallel Computers
116481. Time-Varying Image Processing and Moving Object Recognition, 4. Proceedings of the 5th International Workshop Florence, Italy, September 5–6, 1996
116482. Handbook of Logic and Language
116483. Thermal Stresses IV. Volume 4 of Thermal Stresses
116484. Industrial Process Scale-up. A Practical Guide from Idea to Commercial Implementation
116485. Elementary Molecular Quantum Mechanics. Mathematical Methods and Applications
116486. Bioscience and Bioengineering of Titanium Materials
116487. Volatile Biomarkers. Non-Invasive Diagnosis in Physiology and Medicine
116488. Biofuels from Algae
116489. Biohydrogen
116490. Characterization of Semiconductor Heterostructures and Nanostructures
116491. Encyclopedia of the Alkaline Earth Compounds
116492. Waterborne Pathogens. Detection Methods and Applications
116493. Bioprocess Engineering
116494. The Thermodynamics of Phase and Reaction Equilibria
116495. Proceedings of the 3rd Gas Processing Symposium
116496. Tribology of Polymeric Nanocomposites. Friction and Wear of Bulk Materials and Coatings
116497. Clay-containing Polymer Nanocomposites. From Fundamentals to Real Applications
116498. Environmental Water. Advances in Treatment, Remediation and Recycling
116499. Proteomic Profiling and Analytical Chemistry
116500. Principles of Filtration
116501. Regional Geology and Tectonics: Phanerozoic Passive Margins, Cratonic Basins and Global Tectonic Maps
116502. Regional Geology and Tectonics: Phanerozoic Rift Systems and Sedimentary Basins
116503. Renewable Hydrogen Technologies. Production, Purification, Storage, Applications and Safety
116504. Membrane Processes in Biotechnologies and Pharmaceutics
116505. Fuel Cells. Current Technology Challenges and Future Research Needs
116506. Domino Effects in the Process Industries. Modelling, Prevention and Managing
116507. Water Quality Indices
116508. Histopathology of Preclinical Toxicity Studies
116509. Engineering for Sustainability. A Practical Guide for Sustainable Design
116510. Experimental Methods and Instrumentation for Chemical Engineers
116511. Handbook of Benzoxazine Resins
116512. Next Generation of International Chemical Additives
116513. Quantum Mechanics with Applications to Nanotechnology and Information Science
116514. Handbook of Logic and Language
116515. Second Supplements to the 2nd Edition of Rodd's Chemistry of Carbon Compounds. A Modern Comprehensive Treatise
116516. Supplements to the 2nd Edition of Rodd's Chemistry of Carbon Compounds. A Modern Comprehensive Treatise
116517. Rodd's Chemistry of Carbon Compounds. A Modern Comprehensive Treatise
116518. Developing Solid Oral Dosage Forms. Pharmaceutical Theory And Practice
116519. Environment Concerns in Rights-of-Way Management 8th International Symposium. 12–16 September 2004 Saratoga Springs, New York, USA
116520. Biochemistry of Lipids, Lipoproteins and Membranes
116521. Regional Geology and Tectonics: Principles of Geologic Analysis
116522. Stochastic Processes in Physics and Chemistry
116523. Biochemical Engineering and Biotechnology
116524. Femtochemistry VII. Fundamental Ultrafast Processes in Chemistry, Physics, and Biology
116525. Passivation of Metals and Semiconductors, and Properties of Thin Oxide Layers. A Selection of Papers from the 9th International Symposium, Paris, France, 27 June – 1 July 2005
116526. Waste Engine Oils. Rerefining and Energy Recovery
116527. An Introduction to Biological Membranes
116528. Salinity and Tides in Alluvial Estuaries
116529. Modern Information Processing. From Theory to Applications
116530. Drugs During Pregnancy and Lactation. Treatment options and risk assessment
116531. 10 Mathematical Essays on Approximation in Analysis and Topology
116532. Thin Film Micro-Optics. New Frontiers of Spatio-Temporal Beam Shaping
116533. Femtochemistry and Femtobiology. Ultrafast Events in Molecular Science VIth International Conference on Femtochemistry Maison de la Chimie, Paris, France July 6–10, 2003
116534. Arsenic Exposure and Health Effects V. Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference on Arsenic Exposure and Health Effects, July 14–18, 2002, San Diego, California
116535. Recent Advances and Trends in Nonparametric Statistics
116536. Parallel Computational Fluid Dynamics 2002. New Frontiers and Multi-disciplinary Applications
116537. Parallel Computational Fluid Dynamics 2000. Trends and Applications
116538. Parallel Computational Fluid Dynamics 2001. Practice and Theory — Proceedings of the Parallel CFD 2001 Conference Egmondaan Zee, The Netherlands (May 21–23, 2001)
116539. Atherosclerosis and Autoimmunity. Section V—Anti-Endothelial Cell Antibodies and Athrrosclerosis
116540. Geological Exploration in Murzuq Basin. The Geological Conference on Exploration in the Murzuq Basin held in Sabha September 20–22, 1998 Organised by the National Oil Corporation and Sabha University
116541. Proceedings of the 9th International Congress on Deterioration and Conservation of Stone. Venice June 19–24, 2000
116542. Histopathology of Preclinical Toxicity Studies. Interpretation and Relevance in Drug Safety Studies
116543. Mathematical Logic
116544. Frontiers in Dusty Plasmas. Proceedings of the Second International Conference on the Physics of Dusty Plasmas ICPDP-99 Hakone, Japan, 24–28 May 1999
116545. Checklist for Sustainable Landscape Management. Final report of the EU concerted action AIR3-CT93-1210: The Landscape and Nature Production Capacity of Organic/Sustainable Types of Agriculture
116546. Essential Chemistry for Aromatherapy
116547. Exercise Physiology in Special Populations. Advances in sport and exercise science series
116548. Restorative Dentistry
116549. The Kawa Model. Culturally Relevant Occupational Therapy
116550. A Manual Therapist's Guide to Movement. Teaching Motor Skills to the Orthopedic Patient
116551. A Colour Atlas of Foot and Ankle Disorders
116552. Client-Centred Practice in Occupational Therapy. A Guide to Implementation
116553. Understanding Disability. A Guide for Health Professionals
116554. Comprehensive Disability Management
116555. The Foot and Ankle in Rheumatoid Arthritis. A Comprehensive Guide
116556. Essential Human Disease for Dentists
116557. Running a Safe and Successful Acupuncture Clinic
116558. Legal Aspects of General Dental Practice
116559. Clinical Gait Analysis. Theory and Practice
116560. Foot and Ankle Radiology
116561. Transforming Practice through Clinical Education, Professional Supervision and Mentoring
116562. Relaxation Techniques. A Practical Handbook for the Health Care Professional
116563. Meaningful Motion. Biomechanics for Occupational Therapists
116564. Skeletal Muscle from Molecules to Movement. A Textbook of Muscle Physiology for Sport, Exercise, Physiotherapy and Medicine
116565. Maintaining Body Balance, Flexibility and Stability. A Practical Guide to the Prevention and Treatment of Musculoskeletal Pain and Dysfunction
116566. Handbook of Clinical Massage. A Complete Guide for Students and Professionals
116567. Arts Therapies. A Research-Based Map of the Field
116568. Enabling Technologies. Body Image and Body Function
116569. Healing, Intention and Energy Medicine. Science, Research Methods and Clinical Implications
116570. Handbook of Pain Management. A Clinical Companion to Wall and Melzack's textbook of pain
116571. Auriculotherapy Manual. Chinese and Western Systems of Ear Acupuncture
116572. Special Care in Dentistry
116573. Clinical Skills in Treating the Foot
116574. Therapeutic Touch
116575. Myofascial Pain and Fibromyalgia Syndromes. A Clinical Guide to Diagnosis and Management
116576. Principles and Practice of Phytotherapy. Modern Herbal Medicine
116577. Neuromuscular Rehabilitation in Manual and Physical Therapy. Principles to Practice
116578. Brain Tumors
116579. Cosmetic Acupuncture. A Traditional Chinese Medicine Approach to Cosmetic and Dermatological Problems
116580. Rehabilitation Outcome Measures
116581. Red Flags II. A Guide to Solving Serious Pathology of the Spine
116582. Cell and Tissue Based Molecular Pathology
116583. Therapeutic Footwear
116584. Management of Spinal Cord Injuries. A Guide for Physiotherapists
116585. Nerve Injury and Repair. Regeneration, Reconstruction, and Cortical Remodeling
116586. Tropical Infectious Diseases. Principles, Pathogens, & Practice
116587. Essentials of Pain Medicine and Regional Anesthesia
116588. Acupuncture, Trigger Points and Musculoskeletal Pain. A scientific approach to acupuncture for use by doctors and physiotherapists in the diagnosis and management of myofascial trigger point pain
116589. Women's Health in Complementary and Integrative Medicine. A Clinical Guide
116590. Contemporary Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture
116591. Classical Homeopathy
116592. Integrating Complementary Therapies in Primary Care. A Practical Guide for Health Professionals
116593. Introduction to Podopediatrics
116594. Touch Therapy
116595. Water Supply
116596. Hydraulic Fluids
116597. Feminist Theory, Crime, and Social Justice
116598. Endocrine and Reproductive Physiology
116599. Critical Care Secrets
116600. Clinical Imaging. With Skeletal, Chest and Abdomen Pattern Differentials
116601. Clinical Anatomy of the Spine, Spinal Cord, and Ans
116602. Deep Tissue Massage Treatment
116603. Clinical Gynecologic Oncology
116604. Wounds and Lacerations. Emergency Care and Closure
116605. Sclerotherapy. Treatment of Varicose and Telangiectatic Leg Veins
116606. Cognition and Acquired Language Disorders
116607. Emergency Medicine Secrets
116608. McCracken's Removable Partial Prosthodontics
116609. Communication Disorders in Multicultural and International Populations
116610. McDonald and Avery Dentistry for the Child and Adolescent
116611. Abernathy's Surgical Secrets
116612. Small Animal Endoscopy
116613. Current Therapy in Orthodontics
116614. Retina
116615. Cognitive and Perceptual Rehabilitation. Optimizing Function
116616. Clinical Review of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
116617. Handbook of Zoonoses. Identification and Prevention
116618. Radiology Business Practice. How to Succeed
116619. Lens and Glaucoma
116620. Handbook of Orthopaedic Rehabilitation
116621. Psychosocial Conceptual Practice Models in Occupational Therapy. Building Adaptive Capability
116622. Levin and O'Neal's The Diabetic Foot
116623. Assistive Technology in the Workplace
116624. Adolescent Medicine
116625. International Travel Health Guide 2006-2007
116626. Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrics. Evidence and Practice
116627. Clinical Massage in the Healthcare Setting
116628. Decision Making in Anesthesiology. An Algorithmic Approach
116629. Foundations of Anesthesia. Basic Sciences for Clinical Practice
116630. Treatment Planning in Dentistry
116631. Comprehensive Clinical Hepatology
116632. Promoting Legal and Ethical Awareness. A PRIMER FOR HEALTH PROFESSIONALS AND PATIENTS
116633. Immigrant Medicine
116634. Current Therapy in Neurologic Disease
116635. Manual of Exercise Testing
116636. Research Methods for Massage and Holistic Therapies
116637. Clinical Practice in Correctional Medicine
116638. Allergy
116639. Psychiatric Clinical Skills
116640. Musculoskeletal Examination and Joint Injection Techniques
116641. Complementary and Integrative Therapies for Cardiovascular Disease
116642. Driver Rehabilitation and Community Mobility. Principles and Practice
116643. Learning Re-enabled. A Practical Guide to Helping Children with Learning Disabilities
116644. Massachusetts General Hospital Handbook of General Hospital Psychiatry
116645. Joint Mobilization/Manipulation. Extremity and Spinal Techniques
116646. Smith's Anesthesia for Infants and Children
116647. Hand Rehabilitation. A Quick Reference Guide and Review
116648. Sports Medicine. A Comprehensive Approach
116649. Critical Care
116650. Benumof's Airway Management. Principles and practice
116651. Atlas of Equine Endoscopy
116652. Cardiopulmonary Physical Therapy. A Guide to Practice
116653. Contemporary Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology
116654. A Consumer's Guide to Dentistry
116655. Contact & Occupational Dermatology
116656. Diagnostic Cytology and Hematology of the Horse
116657. Myofascial Pain and Fibromyalgia. Trigger Point Management
116658. Clinical Veterinary Toxicology
116659. Principles and Practice of Implant Dentistry
116660. Spinal Cord Injuries. Management and Rehabilitation
116661. Understanding Augmented Reality. Concepts and Applications
116662. 3ds Max Design Architectural Visualization. For Intermediate Users
116663. 3D Game Textures. Create Professional Game Art Using Photoshop
116664. Eargle's The Microphone Book. From Mono to Stereo to Surround - A Guide to Microphone Design and Application
116665. How to Cheat in Photoshop Elements 10. Release Your Imagination
116666. Getting Started in 3D with Maya. Create a Project from Start to Finish - Model, Texture, Rig, Animate, and Render in Maya
116667. Holistic Game Development with Unity. An All-in-One Guide to Implementing Game Mechanics, Art, Design and Programming
116668. Show Case. Developing, Maintaining, and Presenting a Design-Tech Portfolio for Theatre and Allied Fields
116669. First-Time Filmmaker F*#^-ups. Navigating the Pitfalls to Making a Great Movie
116670. Bloggers Boot Camp. Learning How to Build, Write, and Run a Successful Blog
116671. Audio Engineering 101. A Beginner's Guide to Music Production
116672. Directors Tell the Story. Master the Craft of Television and Film Directing
116673. Screenwriting Tips, You Hack. 150 Practical Pointers for Becoming a Better Screenwriter
116674. HTML5 Mobile Websites. Turbocharging HTML5 with jQuery Mobile, Sencha Touch, and Other Frameworks
116675. Social Game Design. Monetization Methods and Mechanics
116676. Frame-By-Frame Stop Motion. The Guide to Non-Traditional Animation Techniques
116677. Filmmaking. Direct Your Movie from Script to Screen Using Proven Hollywood Techniques
116678. Scheduling and Budgeting Your Film. A Panic-Free Guide
116679. Google SketchUp Workshop. Modeling, Visualizing, and Illustrating
116680. Way Beyond Monochrome. Advanced Techniques for Traditional Black & White Photography including digital negatives and hybrid printing
116681. 3ds Max Modeling for Games. Insider's Guide to Stylized Modeling
116682. Live Audio. The Art of Mixing a Show
116683. The Automated Lighting Programmer's Handbook
116684. DSLR Cinema. Crafting the Film Look with Video
116685. Producing Animation
116686. 3D Motion Graphics for 2D Artists. Conquering the Third Dimension
116687. The Elements of Photography. Understanding and Creating Sophisticated Images
116688. Interactive InDesign CS5. Take your Print Skills to the Web and Beyond
116689. Professional Web Video. Plan, Produce, Distribute, Promote, and Monetize Quality Video
116690. Artist Management for the Music Business
116691. Shoot on Location. The Logistics of Filming on Location, Whatever Your Budget or Experience
116692. The Shut Up and Shoot Video Guide. A Down & Dirty DV Production
116693. 3D Modeling in Silo. The Official Guide
116694. Filming the Fantastic. A Guide to Visual Effects Cinematography
116695. The Healthy Edit. Creative Editing Techniques for Perfecting Your Movie
116696. Animated Realism. A Behind The Scenes Look at the Animated Documentary Genre
116697. 3D Automotive Modeling. An Insider's Guide to 3D Car Modeling and Design for Games and Film
116698. The Technique of Film and Video Editing. History, Theory, and Practice
116699. Corporate Video Production. Beyond the Board Room (And OUT of the Bored Room)
116700. Sound of Worship. A Handbook of Acoustics and Sound System Design for the Church
116701. Vegas Pro 9 editing workshop
116702. Directing and Producing for Television. A Format Approach
116703. Scenic Art for the Theatre
116704. Making Great Games. An Insider's Guide to Designing and Developing the World's Greatest Video Games
116705. Filmmakers and Financing. Business Plans for Independents
116706. Audio Over IP. Building Pro AoIP Systems with Livewire
116707. Rendering with mental ray and 3ds Max
116708. Realistic Architectural Visualization with 3ds Max and mental ray
116709. Light Science and Magic. An Introduction to Photographic Lighting
116710. Freelancer's Guide to Corporate Event Design
116711. The Filmmaker's Eye
116712. Crafting Short Screenplays That Connect
116713. Close-Up and Macro Photography
116714. The Art of Voice Acting. The Craft and Business of Performing for Voiceover
116715. Real World modo: The Authorized Guide. In the Trenches with modo
116716. Learning Autodesk 3ds Max Design 2010: Essentials
116717. How to Cheat in Maya 2010. Tools and Techniques for the Maya Animator
116718. Character Costume Figure Drawing. Step-by-Step Drawing Methods for Theatre Costume Designers
116719. Real-World Flash Game Development. How to Follow Best Practices and Keep Your Sanity
116720. Digital Collage and Painting. Using Photoshop and Painter to Create Fine Art
116721. Technology and Workflows for Multiple Channel Content Distribution. Infrastructure Implementation Strategies for Converged Production
116722. Faces. Photography and the Art of Portraiture
116723. The Naked and the Lens. A Guide for Nude Photography
116724. Game Art Complete. All-in-One: Learn Maya, 3ds Max, ZBrush, and Photoshop Winning Techniques
116725. Sony A300/A350
116726. Inside Lightroom 2. The serious photographer's guide to Lightroom efficiency
116727. From Demo to Delivery. The Process of Production
116728. What is Music Production. A producer's guide, the role, the people, the process
116729. Pro Tools 8 Kit. The Complete Professional Workflow for Music Production
116730. Art & Design in Photoshop
116731. Sound, Lighting and Video: A Resource for Worship. A Resource for Worship
116732. Video Shooter. Storytelling with HD Cameras
116733. Producing for TV and New Media. A Real-World Approach for Producers
116734. Video over IP: IPTV, Internet video, H.264, P2P, web TV, and streaming: a complete guide to understanding the technology
116735. Animating with Blender. How to Create Short Animations from Start to Finish
116736. Color Correction for Video. Using Desktop Tools to Perfect Your Image
116737. Directing the Story. Professional Storytelling and Storyboarding Techniques for Live Action and Animation
116738. Set Lighting Technician's Handbook. Film Lighting Equipment, Practice, and Electrical Distribution
116739. The Complete Guide to Game Audio. For Composers, Musicians, Sound Designers, and Game Developers
116740. Nikon D60
116741. Maya for Games. Modeling and Texturing Techniques with Maya and Mudbox
116742. Stoppees' Guide to Photography & Light. What Digital Photographers, Illustrators, and Craeative Professionals Must Know
116743. 3ds Max Modeling for Games. Insider's Guide to Game Character, Vehicle, and Environment Modeling
116744. The Darkroom Cookbook
116745. How to Make Animated Films. Tony White's Masterclass on the Traditional Principles of Animation
116746. Creating Motion Graphics with After Effects
116747. The Focal Easy Guide to Final Cut Pro 6
116748. Final Cut Studio On the Spot. Time-Saving Techniques for Using Final Cut Pro and the Studio Applications
116749. Final Cut Pro Workflows. The Independent Studio Handbook
116750. Better Available Light Digital Photography. How to Make the Most of Your Night and Low-Light Shots
116751. The Concise Focal Encyclopedia of Photography. From the First Photo on Paper to the Digital Revolution
116752. Special Makeup Effects for Stage and Screen. Making and Applying Prosthetics
116753. Game Character Modeling and Animation with 3ds Max
116754. Archival Storytelling. A Filmmaker's Guide to Finding, Using, and Licensing Third-Party Visuals and Music
116755. Audio Postproduction for Film and Video
116756. The Videomaker Guide to Video Production
116757. The Art of the Storyboard. A Filmmaker's Introduction
116758. Understanding Broadcast & Cable Finance. A Primer for the Nonfinancial Manager: Broadcast Cable Financial Management Association (BCFM)
116759. Streaming and Digital Media. Understanding the Business and Technology
116760. Shooting Action Sports. The Ultimate Guide to Extreme Filmmaking
116761. Creating Flash Advertising. From Concept to Tracking—Microsites Video Ads, and More
116762. After Effects Apprentice. Real-World Skills for the Aspiring Motion Graphics Artist
116763. The Shut Up and Shoot Documentary Guide. A Down & Dirty DV Production
116764. 3ds Max MAXScript Essentials
116765. 3D Game Environments
116766. Recording Music on Location. Capturing the Live Performance
116767. The Complete Guide to Professional Wedding Photography. Creating a more profitable and fulfilling business
116768. Write to TV. Out of your Head and Onto the Screen
116769. Color and Mastering for Digital Cinema
116770. Digital asset management
116771. Houdini On the Spot. Power User Tips and Techniques
116772. Ideas for the Animated Short with DVD. Finding and Building Stories
116773. 3ds Max 8 MAXScript Essentials
116774. Costume Craftwork on a Budget. Clothing, 3-D Makeup, Wigs, Millinery & Accessories
116775. Alternative Scriptwriting. Successfully Breaking the Rules
116776. The IBOC Handbook. Understanding HD Radio™ Technology
116777. High Definition Postproduction. Editing and Delivering HD Video
116778. Surround Sound. Up and Running
116779. Filmmakers and Financing. Business Plans for Independents
116780. Public Affairs Reporting Now. News of, by and for the People
116781. On Camera. How to Report, Anchor & Interview
116782. Scenic Design and Lighting Techniques. A Basic Guide for Theatre
116783. Storyboards
116784. A Face for Radio. Radio station planning and design
116785. Story and Simulations for Serious Games. Tales from the Trenches
116786. Autodesk Combustion 4 Fundamentals Courseware
116787. The Technique of Film and Video Editing. History, Theory, and Practice
116788. Understanding and Crafting the Mix. The Art of Recording
116789. Sports Media. Planning, Production, and Reporting
116790. Digital Intermediates for Film and Video
116791. Film Production Management
116792. Concert Lighting. Techniques, Art and Business
116793. An Introduction to Video and Audio Measurement
116794. Understanding Digital Cinema. A Professional Handbook
116795. Writing for Animation, Comics, and Games
116796. Character Costume Figure Drawing. Step-by-Step Drawing Methods for Theatre Costume Designers
116797. Technical Design Solutions for Theatre. The Technical Brief Collection Volume 2
116798. Technical Design Solutions for Theatre. The Technical Brief Collection
116799. Content Rights for Creative Professionals. Copyrights and Trademarks in a Digital Age
116800. Animation in the Home Digital Studio. Creation to Distribution
116801. Sports Broadcasting
116802. Global Scriptwriting
116803. Producing Animation
116804. Vale's Technique of Screen and Television Writing
116805. Screen Adaptation. A Scriptwriting Handbook
116806. Writing Your First Play
116807. Film and Video Lighting Terms and Concepts
116808. The Camera Assistant. A Complete Professional Handbook
116809. Recording Studio Design
116810. Character Animation Fundamentals. Developing Skills for 2D and 3D Character Animation
116811. Beyond Powerful Radio. A Communicator's Guide to the Internet Age–News, Talk, Information & Personality for Broadcasting, Podcasting, Internet, Radio
116812. How to Cheat in After Effects
116813. Adobe Photoshop Elements 8 for Photographers
116814. Adobe Photoshop Elements 8: Maximum Performance. Unleash the hidden performance of Elements
116815. Digital Painting Techniques. Masters Collection: Volume 1
116816. Black and White in Photoshop CS4 and Photoshop Lightroom. A complete integrated workflow solution for creating stunning monochromatic images in Photoshop CS4, Photoshop Lightroom, and beyond
116817. Advanced Photoshop Elements 7 for Digital Photographers
116818. Adobe Photoshop Elements 7. A visual introduction to digital photography
116819. Sound Systems: Design and Optimization. Modern Techniques and Tools for Sound System Design and Alignment
116820. The Adobe Photoshop CS4 Layers Book. Harnessing Photoshop's most powerful tool
116821. How to Cheat in Photoshop Elements 7. Create stunning photomontage images on a budget
116822. Adobe Photoshop CS4 for Photographers. A professional image editor's guide to the creative use of Photoshop for the Macintosh and PC
116823. Essential CG Lighting Techniques with 3ds Max
116824. How to Cheat in Photoshop CS4. The art of creating realistic photomontages
116825. Langford's Starting Photography. The guide to creating great images
116826. Dance Music Manual. Tools, Toys and Techniques
116827. Adobe Photoshop Elements 6. A visual introduction to digital photography
116828. Dream Worlds. Production Design for Animation
116829. Adobe Photoshop Elements 6 Maximum Performance. Unleash the Hidden Performance of Elements
116830. How to Cheat in Photoshop Elements 6. Create stunning photomontage images on a budget
116831. Stop Motion. Passion, Process and Performance
116832. Adobe Photoshop Elements 5.0. A visual introduction to digital photography
116833. Adobe Photoshop Elements 5.0 Maximum Performance. Unleash the Hidden Performance of Elements
116834. CANON DSLR. The Ultimate Photographer's Guide
116835. Apple Aperture 2. A Workflow Guide for Digital Photographers
116836. Understanding Digital Cameras. Getting the Best Image from Capture to Output
116837. Loudspeakers. For Music Recording and Reproduction
116838. Sound Reproduction. Loudspeakers and Rooms
116839. Digital Imaging
116840. Adobe Photoshop CS for Photographers. A professional image editor's guide to the creative use of Photoshop for the Macintosh and PC
116841. 3D for the Web. Interactive 3D animation using 3ds max, Flash and Director
116842. Make-Up, Hair and Costume for Film and Television
116843. Digital Video for the Desktop
116844. A Life of Ernest Starling
116845. Exercise Physiology. People and Ideas
116846. Life in the Middle. Psychological and Social Development in Middle Age
116847. Information Resources in Toxicology
116848. Freshwater Algae of North America. Ecology and Classification
116849. The Fungi
116850. The Character Concept in Evolutionary Biology
116851. Proceedings 2003 VLDB Conference
116852. The Kidney. From Normal Development to Congenital Disease
116853. Grazing Management
116854. Boxing. Medical aspects
116855. Mathematics for Chemistry & Physics
116856. The New Public Health. An Introduction for the 21st Century
116857. Public Finance. A Normative Theory
116858. Water Use, Management, and Planning in the United States
116859. Horizontal Gene Transfer
116860. Behavioral Ecology of Tropical Birds
116861. Calculations for Molecular Biology and Biotechnology. A Guide to Mathematics in the Laboratory
116862. Fire Debris Analysis
116863. Cell Physiology Source Book. A Molecular Approach
116864. JSTL. Practical Guide for JSP Programmers
116865. Surgical Research
116866. Soft Computing and Intelligent Systems. Theory and Applications
116867. Computer Applications in Food Technology. Use of Spreadsheets in Graphical, Statistical, and Process Analyses
116868. Blood-Spinal Cord and Brain Barriers in Health and Disease
116869. Algebraic and Analytic Methods in Representation Theory
116870. Vacuum Ultraviolet Spectroscopy. Experimental Methods in Physical Sciences
116871. Creativity. Research, Development, and Practice
116872. Cognitive Science
116873. Treating Adult Children of Alcoholics. A Behavioral Approach
116874. Introduction to the Practice of Fishery Science
116875. Environmental Electrochemistry. Fundamentals and Applications in Pollution Abatement
116876. Genetics of Movement Disorders
116877. WISC-III Clinical Use and Interpretation. Scientist-practitioner perspectives
116878. Stem Cells
116879. Monosaccharide Sugars. Chemical Synthesis by Chain Elongation, Degradation, and Epimerization
116880. Handbook of Behaviorism
116881. Knobil and Neill's Physiology of Reproduction
116882. Handbook of Surfaces and Interfaces of Materials
116883. Methods in Applied Soil Microbiology and Biochemistry
116884. Handbook of Nanostructured Materials and Nanotechnology
116885. Cytokines
116886. The Wisdom of the Eye
116887. Biomedical Communications. Purposes, Audiences, and Strategies
116888. Biomedical Electron Microscopy. Illustrated Methods and Interpretations
116889. Asthma and Allergic Diseases. Physiology, Immunopharmacology, and Treatment
116890. Toxicology
116891. Mechanical Engineer's Handbook
116892. Magneto-Resistive and Spin Valve Heads. Fundamentals and Applications
116893. The Gene Knockout FactsBook
116894. The AIDS Pandemic. Impact on Science and Society
116895. Genetic Diseases of the Kidney
116896. Hematology. Landmark Papers of the Twentieth Century
116897. Ultrasound and Elastic Waves. Frequently Asked Questions
116898. Handbook of Materials Behavior Models
116899. Gene Therapy of Cancer. Translational Approaches from Preclinical Studies to Clinical Implementation
116900. Magnetic Resonance in Epilepsy. Neuroimaging Techniques
116901. Auction Theory
116902. Growth Control in Woody Plants
116903. The Epilepsies. Etiologies and Prevention
116904. Interpreting Aerial Photographs to Identify Natural Hazards
116905. Designing Quiet Structures. A Sound Power Minimization Approach
116906. Corporate Security Organizational Structure, Cost of Services and Staffing Benchmark. Research Report
116907. The Benefits and Security Risks of Web-based Applications for Business. Trend Report
116908. The Basics of Web Hacking. Tools and Techniques to Attack the Web
116909. The Grouting Handbook. A Step-by-Step Guide
116910. Arctic Pipeline Planning. Design, Construction, and Equipment
116911. Therapeutic Strategies in Cancer Biology and Pathology
116912. The Compliance Response to Misconduct Allegations. Playbook
116913. Managing Risks in Business. Proven Practices
116914. Establishing the Value of All-hazards Risk Mitigation. Proven Practices
116915. Domestic Violence Spills Over Into the Workplace. Proven Practices
116916. Ethics for Graduate Researchers
116917. Telemental Health
116918. Nerve Agents Poisoning and its Treatment in Schematic Figures and Tables
116919. Agriculture's Ethical Horizon
116920. The Climate of the Mediterranean Region. From the past to the future
116921. Dento/Oro/Craniofacial Anomalies and Genetics
116922. The Scientific Foundation of Neuropsychological Assessment. With Applications to Forensic Evaluation
116923. Real World Multicore Embedded Systems
116924. Basic and Applied Bone Biology
116925. A Handbook of Magnetochemical Formulae
116926. Dimensionless Physical Quantities in Science and Engineering
116927. Resident Stem Cells and Regenerative Therapy
116928. Individual Differences and Personality
116929. Cargo Theft, Loss Prevention, and Supply Chain Security
116930. Genetic Steroid Disorders
116931. Immune Biology of Allogeneic Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation. Models in Discovery and Translation
116932. Linux for Embedded and Real-time Applications
116933. Engineered Biomimicry
116934. Measuring Ocean Currents
116935. Highlights in Helioclimatology
116936. Rethinking Autism
116937. Fundamentals of Motor Control
116938. Agile User Experience Design. A Practitioner�s Guide to Making It Work
116939. IT Manager's Handbook
116940. In Situ Molecular Pathology and Co-expression Analyses
116941. Collaborative Enterprise Architecture
116942. When Culture Impacts Health. Global Lessons for Effective Health Research
116943. Software Engineering for Embedded Systems. Methods, Practical Techniques, and Applications
116944. Dissolved Gas Concentration in Water. Computation as Functions of Temperature, Salinity and Pressure
116945. Switchmode RF and Microwave Power Amplifiers
116946. Gap Junctions in the Brain
116947. Taxonomic Guide to Infectious Diseases
116948. Animal Models for the Study of Human Disease
116949. Effective Physical Security
116950. Rethinking Valuation and Pricing Models. Lessons Learned from the Crisis and Future Challenges
116951. Insect Molecular Genetics. An Introduction to Principles and Applications
116952. Biomedical Optical Phase Microscopy and Nanoscopy
116953. Handbook of Green Information and Communication Systems
116954. Construction Hazardous Materials Compliance Guide
116955. Construction Hazardous Materials Compliance Guide Series
116956. Construction Hazardous Material Compliance Guide
116957. Bacterial Biogeochemistry
116958. Simulation
116959. Transport in Biological Media
116960. Invertebrate Learning and Memory [chapers 1-8]
116961. Handbook on Securing Cyber-Physical Critical Infrastructure
116962. Using Open Source Platforms for Business Intelligence
116963. Homeland Security. The Essentials
116964. Universe, Human Immortality and Future Human Evaluation
116965. Introduction to Data Compression
116966. Global Clinical Trials Playbook. Management and Implementation when resources are limited
116967. Translational Endocrinology of Bone
116968. Accurate Results in the Clinical Laboratory. A Guide to Error Detection and Correction
116969. Laser Heating Applications
116970. Mathematical Concepts and Methods in Modern Biology. Using Modern Discrete Models
116971. Digital Video Processing for Engineers
116972. Haschek and Rousseaux's Handbook of Toxicologic Pathology, 3rd edition
116973. Great White Sharks. The Biology of Carcharodon Carcharias
116974. Business Continuity. Playbook
116975. The Basics of Hacking and Penetration Testing. Ethical Hacking and Penetration Testing Made Easy
116976. Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design
116977. From the Files of a Security Expert Witness
116978. RíO-hortega’S Third Contribution to the Morphological Knowledge and Functional Interpretation of the Oligodendroglia
116979. International Security Programs Benchmark Report. Research Report
116980. Bring your Own Device (BYOD) to Work. Trend Report
116981. Getting Started with the MSP430 Launchpad
116982. Crisis Management At the Speed of the Internet. Trend Report
116983. Killing Public Higher Education. The Arms Race for Research Prestige
116984. Simple Steps to Data Encryption:. A Practical Guide to Secure Computing
116985. Mathematical Neuroscience
116986. The Case for the Top Data Job. Rethinking the Essence of a Critically Lacking Business Function
116987. Credit Insurance
116988. Diversity and the Effective Corporate Board
116989. Up and Running with AutoCAD 2014. 2D and 3D Drawing and Modeling
116990. Homicide Investigation Field Guide
116991. The Biogeography of the Australian North West Shelf. Environmental Change and Life's Response
116992. Biorefinery in the Pulp and Paper Industry
116993. Applications of Random Process Excursion Analysis
116994. Chemical Modeling for Air Resources. Fundamentals, Applications, and Corroborative Analysis
116995. Fukushima Accident. Radioactivity Impact on the Environment
116996. Evaluating Environmental and Social Impact Assessment in Developing Countries
116997. Forensic Victimology. Examining Violent Crime Victims in Investigative and Legal Contexts
116998. Seismic Safety Evaluation of Concrete Dams. A Nonlinear Behavioral Approach
116999. Forensic Fraud. Evaluating Law Enforcement and Forensic Science Cultures in the Context of Examiner Misconduct
117000. Kidnapping. An Investigatoràs Guide
117001. Mesenchymal Stem Cells and Skeletal Regeneration
117002. Context Effects on Embodied Representation of Language Concepts
117003. Markov Processes for Stochastic Modeling
117004. Fun in Fusion Research
117005. Corridors to Extinction and the Australian Megafauna
117006. Rotational Structure in Molecular Infrared Spectra
117007. Software Engineering. Architecture-driven Software Development
117008. High Performance Deformable Image Registration Algorithms for Manycore Processors
117009. Reliability Analysis of Dynamic Systems. Shanghai Jiao Tong University Press Aerospace Series
117010. Returning Coal and Carbon to Nature. Carbon Capture and Storage
117011. Managing Ocean Environments in a Changing Climate. Sustainability and Economic Perspectives
117012. Geomaterials Under the Microscope
117013. Human Behavior in Hazardous Situations. Best Practice Safety Management in the Chemical and Process Industries
117014. Sustainability Assessment. Context of Resource and Environmental Policy
117015. Chemistry of Plant Phosphorus Compounds
117016. Strategic Intelligence Management. National Security Imperatives and Information and Communications Technologies
117017. Federated Identity Primer
117018. The Future of Drug Discovery. Who Decides Which Diseases to Treat?
117019. Liquid Glass Transition. A unified theory from the two band model
117020. Back to Basics in Physiology Fluids in the Renal and Cardiovascular Systems. Distribution, Dynamics, and Regulation
117021. Medicinal Plant Research in Africa. Pharmacology and Chemistry
117022. Financial Whirlpools. A Systems Story of the Great Global Recession
117023. Heterogeneous Computing with Opencl
117024. Securing Safe Water Supplies. Comparison of Applicable Technologies
117025. Matlab. A Practical Introduction to Programming and Problem Solving
117026. Linear Feedback Controls. The Essentials
117027. FISMA Compliance Handbook
117028. Fundamentals of Magnetism
117029. Autophagy: Cancer, Other Pathologies, Inflammation, Immunity, Infection, and Aging. Vol. 1: Molecular Mechanisms
117030. Ready: Renewable Energy Action on Deployment. policies for accelerated deployment of renewable energy
117031. Geology and Sedimentology of the Korean Peninsula
117032. Matlab by Example. Programming Basics
117033. Human Motion Simulation. Predictive Dynamics
117034. Swarm Intelligence and Bio-inspired Computation. Theory and Applications
117035. The Basics of Cyber Warfare. Understanding the Fundamentals of Cyber Warfare in Theory and Practice
117036. Investing in Hedge Funds. A Guide to Measuring Risk and Return Characteristics
117037. Intelligent Systems for Security Informatics
117038. Ligand Efficiency Indices for Drug Discovery. Towards an Atlas-Guided Paradigm
117039. Cloud Computing. Theory and Practice
117040. Mathematical Models for Society and Biology
117041. The Mereon matrix: unity, perspective and paradox
117042. Ethical Justice. Applied Issues for Criminal Justice Students and Professionals
117043. System Parameter Identification. Information Criteria and Algorithms
117044. Shale Gas Production Processes
117045. Heavy and Extra-heavy Oil Upgrading Technologies
117046. Alzheimer Disease. The Changing View
117047. Product Manufacturing and Cost Estimating Using Cad/Cae. The Computer Aided Engineering Design Series
117048. Low-abundance Proteome Discovery. State of the Art and Protocols
117049. Shale Oil Production Processes
117050. Heavy Oil Production Processes
117051. Reconsidering Funds of Hedge Funds. The Financial Crisis and Best Practices in UCITS, Tail Risk, Performance, and Due Diligence
117052. Handbook of Fiber Optic Data Communication. A Practical Guide to Optical Networking
117053. Building the Most Complex Structure on Earth. An Epigenetic Narrative of Development and Evolution of Animals
117054. Raising Entrepreneurial Capital
117055. Flavour Science. Proceedings from XIII Weurman Flavour Research Symposium
117056. Fighting Multidrug Resistance with Herbal Extracts, Essential Oils and their Components
117057. Visual Usability. Principles and Practices for Designing Digital Applications
117058. Synchronous Precharge Logic
117059. Magnetic Positioning Equations
117060. Security Consulting
117061. How the Great Scientists Reasoned: The Scientific Method in Action
117062. Problem Solving Therapy in the Clinical Practice
117063. Up and Running with AutoCAD 2013
117064. Up and Running with AutoCAD 2013
117065. Introduction to Diffusion Tensor Imaging. And Higher Order Models
117066. Flow Networks. Analysis and Optimization of Repairable Flow Networks, Networks with Disturbed Flows, Static Flow Networks and Reliability Networks
117067. Hurting Memories and Beneficial Forgetting. Posttraumatic Stress Disorders, Biographical Developments, and Social Conflicts
117068. Chronic Pain and Brain Abnormalities
117069. Lead Compounds from Medicinal Plants for the Treatment of Cancer
117070. Interventions for Addiction. Comprehensive Addictive Behaviors and Disorders, Volume 3
117071. Biological Research on Addiction. Comprehensive Addictive Behaviors and Disorders, Volume 2
117072. Advances in Analog and Rf Ic Design for Wireless Communication Systems
117073. Metaheuristics in Water, Geotechnical and Transport Engineering
117074. Collected Works of H.S. Tsien (1938–1956)
117075. Individual Case Formulation
117076. Adolescent Brain Development: Implications for Behavior
117077. Mathematical Achievements of Pre-Modern Indian Mathematicians
117078. Quantum Theory of Anharmonic Effects in Molecules
117079. Evolution of Global Electricity Markets. New Paradigms, New Challenges, New Approaches
117080. Handbook of Safeguarding Global Financial Stability
117081. The Evidence and Impact of Financial Globalization
117082. Handbook of Key Global Financial Markets, Institutions, and Infrastructure
117083. Recent Advances in Cancer Research and Therapy
117084. Understanding the Chinese Economies
117085. Subsea Engineering Handbook
117086. Landscape Evolution in the United States. An Introduction to the Geography, Geology, and Natural History
117087. Genomic Biomarkers for Pharmaceutical Development. Advancing Personalized Health Care
117088. An Appraisal of the Status of Chagas Disease in the United States
117089. Fundamentals of Renewable Energy Processes
117090. Advances in Intelligence and Security Informatics
117091. Chi-Squared Goodness of Fit Tests with Applications
117092. Lees' Loss Prevention in the Process Industries
117093. Distributed Renewable Energies for Off-Grid Communities. Strategies and Technologies toward Achieving Sustainability in Energy Generation and Supply
117094. Solar Energy Forecasting and Resource Assessment
117095. Introduction to Biological and Small Molecule Drug Research and Development. Theory and Case Studies
117096. Underground Infrastructures. Planning, Design, and Construction
117097. Transfusion Medicine and Hemostasis. Clinical and Laboratory Aspects
117098. Volcanic Reservoirs in Petroleum Exploration
117099. Dynamic Well Testing in Petroleum Exploration and Development
117100. Geophysical Data Analysis: Discrete Inverse Theory
117101. Engineering Design, Planning, and Management
117102. Bioactive Food as Dietary Interventions for Arthritis and Related Inflammatory Diseases
117103. Bioactive Food as Dietary Interventions for the Aging Population
117104. Bioactive Food as Dietary Interventions for Liver and Gastrointestinal Disease
117105. Bioactive Food as Dietary Interventions for Diabetes
117106. Escherichia Coli. Pathotypes and Principles of Pathogenesis
117107. Service Science, Management, and Engineering:
117108. Flexible Manipulators:
117109. Advanced Water Injection for Low Permeability Reservoirs. Theory and Practice
117110. Common Well Control Hazards
117111. Compressibility, Turbulence and High Speed Flow
117112. Unraveling Environmental Disasters
117113. Electromagnetic Surface Waves. A Modern Perspective
117114. Heat Exchanger Equipment Field Manual
117115. Temporal QOS Management in Scientific Cloud Workflow Systems
117116. An Introduction to Dust Explosions. Understanding the Myths and Realities of Dust Explosions for a Safer Workplace
117117. Treating Worker Dissatisfaction During Economic Change
117118. Transforming your Stem Career Through Leadership and Innovation. Inspiration and Strategies for Women
117119. Designing the Search Experience. The Information Architecture of Discovery
117120. UI is Communication
117121. Ascaris: the Neglected Parasite
117122. R and Data Mining. Examples and Case Studies
117123. Chemical Process Equipment
117124. Our Genes, Our Choices. How genotype and gene interactions affect behavior
117125. Rabies. Scientific Basis of the Disease and Its Management
117126. Safety Culture. An Innovative Leadership Approach
117127. Bioactive Food as Dietary Interventions for Cardiovascular Disease
117128. Toxoplasma Gondii. The Model Apicomplexan - Perspectives and Methods
117129. Agile Data Warehousing Project Management
117130. Computational Toxicology. Methods and Applications for Risk Assessment
117131. Writing for Interaction. Crafting the Information Experience for Web and Software Apps
117132. Boundary Layer Flow over Elastic Surfaces
117133. Welding Deformation and Residual Stress Prevention
117134. Antibody Fc. Linking Adaptive and Innate Immunity
117135. Gels Handbook. The Fundamentals
117136. EPC and 4G Packet Networks. Driving the Mobile Broadband Revolution
117137. Graphene. Fundamentals and emergent applications
117138. Genetics and the Behavior of Domestic Animals
117139. The RF in RFID. UHF RFID in Practice
117140. Proteomic and Metabolomic Approaches to Biomarker Discovery
117141. Synthetic Biology. Tools and Applications
117142. Data Virtualization for Business Intelligence Systems
117143. Solution Focused Anxiety Management. A Treatment and Training Manual
117144. Handbook of Multicultural Mental Health. Assessment and Treatment of Diverse Populations
117145. Space Groups for Solid State Scientists
117146. Informatics for Materials Science and Engineering. Data-driven Discovery for Accelerated Experimentation and Application
117147. Computer and information security handbook
117148. Eosinophils in Health and Disease
117149. Cancer Immunotherapy. Immune Suppression and Tumor Growth
117150. Gene Therapy of Cancer
117151. Project Finance in Theory and Practice
117152. Medical Device Design
117153. The Neuroscience of Autism Spectrum Disorders
117154. Content Strategy at Work. Real-world Stories to Strengthen Every Interactive Project
117155. Gas and Oil Reliability Engineering
117156. Clinical Trials. Study Design, Endpoints and Biomarkers, Drug Safety, and FDA and ICH Guidelines
117157. Financial Trading and Investing
117158. Agronomy and Economy of Black Pepper and Cardamom. The King and Queen of Spices
117159. Sensors for Mechatronics
117160. Epigenetic Regulation in the Nervous System. Basic Mechanisms and Clinical Impact
117161. Acoustics: Sound Fields and Transducers
117162. The Hands-on XBEE Lab Manual
117163. Usability in Government Systems
117164. Mechanisms of Morphogenesis
117165. Handbook of Environmental Engineering Assessment
117166. Intersection
117167. Epigenetics in Human Disease
117168. Learning About Learning Disabilities
117169. Security and Loss Prevention. An Introduction
117170. Genetics of Bone Biology and Skeletal Disease
117171. Drug-induced Liver Disease
117172. A Comprehensive Guide to Toxicology in Preclinical Drug Development
117173. Haemaphysalis Ticks of India
117174. User Experience in the Age of Sustainability. A Practitioner's Blueprint
117175. Branan’s Rules of Thumb for Chemical Engineers
117176. Handbook of Child and Adolescent Sexuality. Developmental and Forensic Psychology
117177. Tomato Diseases
117178. Genomics of Cultivated Palms
117179. Joe Celko's Trees and Hierarchies in SQL for Smarties
117180. “Venomous” Bites from Non-Venomous Snakes. A Critical Analysis of Risk and Management of “Colubrid” Snake Bites
117181. Hydrogen and Fuel Cells. Emerging Technologies and Applications
117182. Theory of Simple Liquids. With Applications to Soft Matter
117183. Bayesian Population Analysis using WinBUGS. A hierarchical perspective
117184. Alan Turing: His Work and Impact
117185. Fluid Catalytic Cracking Handbook
117186. Solar Cells. Materials, Manufacture and Operation
117187. Translational Neuroimaging. Tools for CNS Drug Discovery, Development and Treatment
117188. Radiative Heat Transfer
117189. Actuaries' Survival Guide
117190. Hydropedology
117191. Adverse Effects of Engineered Nanomaterials. Exposure, Toxicology, and Impact on Human Health
117192. WAIS-IV, WMS-IV, and ACS. Advanced Clinical Interpretation
117193. Handbook of Natural Gas Transmission and Processing
117194. Geometric Morphometrics for Biologists
117195. Managing Agricultural Greenhouse Gases
117196. Memory Reconsolidation
117197. Embedded Systems Security
117198. Therapist's Guide to Pediatric Affect and Behavior Regulation
117199. Enhanced Oil Recovery Field Case Studies
117200. Introduction to Crime Scene Photography
117201. DSP for Embedded and Real-Time Systems
117202. Design for Emotion
117203. Crime Reconstruction
117204. Machinery Failure Analysis and Troubleshooting
117205. Rape Investigation Handbook
117206. Streamline Numerical Well Test Interpretation. Theory and Method
117207. Clinical Pharmacology During Pregnancy
117208. Materials and the Environment. Eco-informed Material Choice
117209. Designing Science Presentations. A Visual Guide to Figures, Papers, Slides, Posters, and More
117210. Grounded Innovation. Strategies for Creating Digital Products
117211. Handbook of Systems Biology
117212. Handbook of Stem Cells
117213. Letting go of the words: writing Web content that works
117214. Control System Design Guide. Using Your Computer to Understand and Diagnose Feedback Controllers
117215. Business Intelligence. The Savvy Manager's Guide
117216. Biogeochemistry. An Analysis of Global Change
117217. Cellular Imaging Techniques for Neuroscience and Beyond
117218. Design Research through Practice. From the Lab, Field, and Showroom
117219. User Experience Management
117220. Quantum Information Processing and Quantum Error Correction. An Engineering Approach
117221. Human Stem Cell Manual
117222. Handbook of Advanced Ceramics. Materials, Applications, Processing, and Properties
117223. International Money and Finance
117224. Handbook of Loss Prevention and Crime Prevention
117225. The Four Colors of Business Growth
117226. Pyridines: from Lab to Production
117227. Tradigital Maya. A CG Animator's Guide to Applying the Classical Principles of Animation
117228. 3C Vision. Cues, Context and Channels
117229. Exceptional Life Journeys. Stories of Childhood Disorder
117230. Human Genes and Genomes. Science, Health, Society
117231. Metal Fatigue Analysis Handbook. Practical problem-solving techniques for computer-aided engineering
117232. Verbal Minds. Language and the Architecture of Cognition
117233. Research Methods in Human Skeletal Biology
117234. Atlas of Hematopathology. Morphology, Immunophenotype, Cytogenetics, and Molecular Approaches
117235. The Initial Psychotherapy Interview. A Gay Man Seeks Treatment
117236. Seafloor Geomorphology as Benthic Habitat. GeoHAB Atlas of Seafloor Geomorphic Features and Benthic Habitats
117237. Electricity Marginal Cost Pricing. Applications in Eliciting Demand Responses
117238. It's Our Research. Getting Stakeholder Buy-in for User Experience Research Projects
117239. Handbook of Green Building Design and Construction
117240. Managed Pressure Drilling. Modeling, Strategy and Planning
117241. Autophagy in Health and Disease
117242. Nanomaterials for Medical Applications
117243. Writing Effective Business Rules
117244. Ethics in Forensic Science
117245. Essentials in Modern HPLC Separations
117246. The Dysregulated Adult. Integrated Treatment Approaches
117247. DNA Repair in Cancer Therapy. Molecular Targets and Clinical Applications
117248. Sleep and Brain Activity
117249. Insect Pathology
117250. Challenges in Delivery of Therapeutic Genomics and Proteomics
117251. Encyclopedia of Body Image and Human Appearance
117252. Genetics and Evolution of Infectious Disease
117253. Handbook of Radioactivity Analysis
117254. Statistics in Medicine
117255. Scientific Papers and Presentations
117256. Tcl/Tk. A Developer's Guide
117257. Groundwater Science
117258. Game Theory and Learning for Wireless Networks. Fundamentals and Applications
117259. New Insights to Neuroimmune Biology
117260. Atlas of Drosophila Morphology. Wild-type and Classical Mutants
117261. Virus Taxonomy. Ninth Report of the International Committee on Taxonomy of Viruses
117262. Fusion. The Energy of the Universe
117263. Human Growth and Development
117264. Gas Turbine Engineering Handbook
117265. Emery and Rimoin's Principles and Practice of Medical Genetics
117266. Construction Calculations Manual
117267. Bioconjugate Techniques
117268. Risk Analysis and the Security Survey
117269. Genomic and Personalized Medicine. V1-2
117270. Handbook of Proteolytic Enzymes
117271. Embedded Systems Architecture. A Comprehensive Guide for Engineers and Programmers
117272. The Elements of Polymer Science & Engineering
117273. Introduction to Forensic Psychology
117274. Principles and Practice of Clinical Research
117275. Purification of Laboratory Chemicals
117276. Differential Equations, Dynamical Systems, and an Introduction to Chaos
117277. The Laboratory Mouse
117278. Measurement and Instrumentation. Theory and Application
117279. Sketching User Experiences: The Workbook
117280. Agile Development & Business Goals. The Six Week Solution
117281. Muscle. Fundamental Biology and Mechanisms of Disease
117282. Waste. A Handbook for Management
117283. Seldin and Giebisch's The Kidney. Physiology & Pathophysiology 1-2
117284. The Psychology of Music
117285. System Assurance. Beyond Detecting Vulnerabilities
117286. Nonhuman Primates in Biomedical Research
117287. Nonhuman Primates in Biomedical Research
117288. Solid Fuel Blending. Principles, Practices, and Problems
117289. Thoughts on Interaction Design
117290. The Laboratory Rabbit, Guinea Pig, Hamster, and Other Rodents
117291. Handbook of aging and the social sciences
117292. Thoughts on Interaction Design
117293. Maya Python for Games and Film. A Complete Reference for Maya Python and the Maya Python API
117294. Therapeutic Applications of Quadruplex Nucleic Acids
117295. Handbook of Neuroendocrinology
117296. Private Equity and Venture Capital in Europe. Markets, Techniques, and Deals
117297. The Sortino Framework for Constructing Portfolios. Focusing on Desired Target Return™ to Optimize Upside Potential Relative to Downside Risk
117298. Medical Device Technologies. A Systems Based Overview Using Engineering Standards
117299. Mergers and Acquisitions Basics. Negotiation and Deal Structuring
117300. Mergers and Acquisitions Basics. All You Need To Know
117301. Geometric Algebra for Computer Science (Revised Edition). An Object-Oriented Approach to Geometry
117302. Hormones and Reproduction of Vertebrates. Amphibians
117303. The Social Validity Manual. A Guide to Subjective Evaluation of Behavior Interventions in Applied Behavior Analysis
117304. Mergers, Acquisitions, and Other Restructuring Activities. An Integrated Approach to Process, Tools, Cases, and Solutions
117305. Ecology and Classification of North American Freshwater Invertebrates
117306. An Introduction to Trading in the Financial Markets. Technology: Systems, Data, and Networks
117307. An Introduction to Trading in the Financial Markets. An Introduction to Trading in the Financial Markets: Trading, Markets, Instruments, and Processes
117308. An Introduction to Trading in the Financial Markets: Market Basics. An Introduction to Trading in the Financial Markets: Market Basics
117309. An Introduction to Trading in the Financial Markets: Global Markets, Risk, Compliance, and Regulation
117310. UHMWPE Biomaterials Handbook. Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene in Total Joint Replacement and Medical Devices
117311. Joint Source-Channel Decoding. A Cross-Layer Perspective with Applications in Video Broadcasting over Mobile and Wireless Networks
117312. Game Usability. Advice from the Experts for Advancing the Player Experience
117313. Networked Graphics. Building Networked Games and Virtual Environments
117314. Nitrogen in the Environment. Sources, Problems, and Management
117315. Processor Description Languages. Applications and Methodologies
117316. Desert Olive Oil Cultivation. Advanced Biotechnologies
117317. Wireless Networking
117318. The Human Nervous System
117319. Human Motor Control
117320. Agroecological Economics. Sustainability and Biodiversity
117321. Kidnapping. An Investigator's Guide to Profiling
117322. Atlas of Zebrafish Development
117323. System Verification. Proving the Design Solution Satisfies the Requirements
117324. What Can Nanotechnology Learn From Biotechnology?. A Scientific Exploration of the Mind/Brain Interface
117325. System-on-Chip Test Architectures. Nanometer Design for Testability
117326. The Biology of Human Longevity. Inflammation, Nutrition, and Aging in the Evolution of Life Spans
117327. Clinical and Translational Science. Principles of Human Research
117328. Gas Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry. A Practical Guide
117329. Fundamentals of Air Pollution
117330. Encyclopedia of Marine Mammals
117331. Functional Analysis in Clinical Treatment
117332. Wireless Sensor and Actuator Networks. Technologies, Analysis and Design
117333. Clinical Simulation. Operations, Engineering, and Management
117334. Designing SOCs with Configured Cores. Unleashing the Tensilica Xtensa and Diamond Cores
117335. Forensic Art Essentials. A Manual for Law Enforcement Artists
117336. Forensic Science Under Siege. The Challenges of Forensic Laboratories and the Medico-Legal Death Investigation System
117337. Toxic Legacy. Synthetic Toxins in the Food, Water, and Air of American Cities
117338. User-Centered Design Stories. Real-World UCD Case Files
117339. Forest Ecosystems. Analysis at Multiple Scales
117340. Networks on Chips. Technology and Tools
117341. Veterinary Toxicology. Basic and Clinical Principles
117342. The Social Ecology of Infectious Diseases
117343. Handbook of Evaluation Methods for Health Informatics
117344. Pattern Recognition
117345. The Mouse in Biomedical Research. History, Wild Mice, and Genetics
117346. Psychology and the Internet. Intrapersonal, Interpersonal, and Transpersonal Implications
117347. Genomic and Personalized Medicine. Volume I & II
117348. Cellular Transplantation. From Laboratory to Clinic
117349. Principles of Regenerative Medicine
117350. Vaccines for Biodefense and Emerging and Neglected Diseases
117351. A Unified Framework for Video Summarization, Browsing and Retrieval. With Applications to Consumer and Surveillance Video
117352. BioIndustry Ethics
117353. The Nobel Prize Winning Discoveries in Infectious Diseases
117354. Thermodynamics
117355. Real Analysis with an Introduction to Wavelets and Applications
117356. Fiscal Health for Local Governments. An Introduction to Concepts, Practical Analysis, and Strategies
117357. ABC Proteins. From Bacteria to Man
117358. Air Pollution and Health
117359. Tech Stock Valuation. Investor Psychology and Economic Analysis
117360. Social Cognition and Aging
117361. Clinician's Handbook of Adult Behavioral Assessment
117362. Optical Diagnostics for Thin Film Processing
117363. The Laboratory Mouse
117364. Handbook of Toxicologic Pathology, 2nd edition
117365. Heart Development
117366. The Protein Kinase FactsBook. Protein-Serine Kinases
117367. Human Performance and Ergonomics
117368. Bones and Cartilage. Developmental and Evolutionary Skeletal Biology
117369. Real Time Cameras. A Guide for Game Designers and Developers
117370. Clinician's Guide to Adult ADHD. Assessment and Intervention
117371. Handbook of Lithium and Natural Calcium Chloride. Their Deposits, Processing, Uses and Properties
117372. Sodium Sulfate. Handbook of Deposits, Processing, Properties, and Use
117373. Acute Toxicology Testing
117374. Job$ in the Drug Indu$try. A Career Guide for Chemists
117375. Human Brain Function
117376. Polymer Colloids
117377. The Mechanics of Inhaled Pharmaceutical Aerosols. An Introduction
117378. Mac OSX Developer Guide
117379. Biochemistry of Foods
117380. Head and Neck Cancer. Emerging Perspectives
117381. Tunable Lasers Handbook
117382. The Leukemia-Lymphoma Cell Line FactsBook
117383. Ultrashort Laser Pulse Phenomena. Fundamentals, Techniques, and Applications on a Femtosecond Time Scale
117384. The Psychology of Music
117385. Writing Clinical Research Protocols. Ethical Considerations
117386. Fiber Optic Data Communication. Technological Trends and Advances
117387. Elements of Financial Risk Management
117388. Metabolic and Degenerative Diseases of the Central Nervous System. Pathology, Biochemistry, and Genetics
117389. Artificial Intelligence
117390. Protecting Your Ideas. The Inventor's Guide to Patents
117391. Synthesis of Acetylenes, Allenes and Cumulenes. Methods and Techniques
117392. Understanding Credit Derivatives and Related Instruments
117393. The Vaccine Book
117394. Memory
117395. Handbook of the Psychology of Aging
117396. Variation
117397. Psychoneuroimmunology
117398. Proceedings 2004 VLDB Conference
117399. Stable Isotopes and Biosphere-Atmosphere Interactions: Processes and Biological Controls
117400. Risk Management. A Modern Perspective
117401. GMPLS. Architecture and Applications
117402. The Eradication of Smallpox. Edward Jenner and the First and Only Eradication of a Human Infectious Disease
117403. Seeds. Ecology, Biogeography, and Evolution of Dormancy and Germination
117404. Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics
117405. Troubleshooting Optical Fiber Networks. Understanding and Using Your Optical Time-Domain Reflectometer
117406. Handbook of Communication and Emotion. Research, Theory, Applications, and Contexts
117407. Streams. Their Ecology and Life
117408. Advanced Derivatives Pricing and Risk Management. Theory, Tools and Hands-On Programming Application
117409. Raman Amplification in Fiber Optical Communication Systems
117410. Critical Excitation Methods in Earthquake Engineering
117411. Manufacturing Process Selection Handbook
117412. The Finite Element Method. A Practical Course
117413. Analysis of Turbulent Flows with Computer Programs
117414. Electric Motors and Drives. Fundamentals, Types and Applications
117415. The Designer's Guide to the Cortex-m Processor Family. A Tutorial Approach
117416. Computational Fluid Dynamics. A Practical Approach
117417. Flight Dynamics Principles. A Linear Systems Approach to Aircraft Stability and Control
117418. Introduction to Naval Architecture
117419. Advanced Mechanics of Composite Materials
117420. Energy Optimization in Process Systems and Fuel Cells
117421. Adiabatic Shear Localization
117422. Fast and Effective Embedded Systems Design. Applying the ARM mbed
117423. Handbook of Ferroalloys. Theory and Technology
117424. Ship Construction
117425. Chemical and Process Plant Commissioning Handbook. A Practical Guide to Plant System and Equipment Installation and Commissioning
117426. Nanotechnology Cookbook
117427. Understanding Automotive Electronics
117428. Ship Stability for Masters and Mates
117429. The Immunoassay Handbook. Theory and Applications of Ligand Binding, ELISA and Related Techniques
117430. Tire and Vehicle Dynamics
117431. Starting Electronics
117432. Engine Testing. The Design, Building, Modification and Use of Powertrain Test Facilities
117433. Safety Design for Space Operations
117434. Transmission and Distribution Electrical Engineering
117435. Safety Critical Systems Handbook. A Straightforward Guide to Functional Safety, IEC 61508 (2010 Edition) and Related Standards, Including Process IEC 61511 and Machinery IEC 62061 and ISO 13849
117436. Manual of Engineering Drawing
117437. Valve Amplifiers
117438. Introduction to AutoCAD 2011. 2D and 3D Design
117439. Mechanics of Offshore Pipelines. Vol. I Buckling and Collapse
117440. CdTe and Related Compounds; Physics, Defects, Hetero- and Nano-structures, Crystal Growth, Surfaces and Applications. Physics, CdTe-based Nanostructures, CdTe-based Semimagnetic Semiconductors, Defects
117441. Proceedings from the International Conference on Advances in Engineering and Technology
117442. The Biomaterials: Silver Jubilee Compendium. The Best Papers Published in BIOMATERIALS 1980–2004
117443. Product Experience
117444. Responding to Terrorism. A Medical Handbook
117445. Law & Ethics for the Eye Care Professional
117446. Greenhouse Gas Control Technologies 7. Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Greenhouse Gas Control Technologies 5– September 2004, Vancouver, Canada
117447. Information Control Problems in Manufacturing 2006. A Proceedings Volume from the 12th IFAC Conference 17-19 May 2006, Saint-Etienne, France
117448. Fourth International Conference on Advances in Steel Structures. Proceedings of the Fourth International Conference on Advances in Steel Structures 13–15 June 2005, Shanghai, China
117449. Recent Developments in Applied Electrostatics. Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference on Applied Electrostatics November 2~5, 2004, Shanghai, China
117450. Reshaping European Gas and Electricity Industries. Regulation, Markets and Business Strategies
117451. Engineering Turbulence Modelling and Experiments 6. Procedings of the ERCOFTAC International Symposium on Engineering Turbulence Modelling and Measurements - ETMM6 -Sardinia, Italy, 23–25 May, 2005
117452. Solid Fuels and Heavy Hydrocarbon Liquids. Thermal Characterization and Analysis
117453. Fault Detection, Supervision and Safety of Technical Processes 2006. A Proceedings Volume from the 6th IFAC Symposium, SAFEPROCESS 2006, Beijing, P.R. China, August 30–September 1, 2006
117454. Sulfuric Acid Manufacture. Analysis, Control and Optimization
117455. Greenhouse Gas Control Technologies - 6th International Conference. Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Greenhouse Gas Control Technologies 1 – 4 October 2002, Kyoto, Japan
117456. Maps and the Internet
117457. Engineering Turbulence Modelling and Experiments 5. Proceedings of the 5th International Symposium on Engineering Turbulence Modelling and Measurements Mallorca, Spain, 16–18 September, 2002
117458. Understanding and Solving Environmental Problems in the 21st Century. Toward a new, integrated hard problem science
117459. Advances in Building Technology. Proceedings of the International Conference on Advances in Building Technology 4–6 December 2002, Hong Kong, China
117460. Computational Fluid and Solid Mechanics 2003. Proceedings Second MIT Conference on Compurational Fluid and Solid Mechanics June 17–20, 2003
117461. Advances in Steel Structures (ICASS '02). Proceedings of the Third International Conference on Advances in Steel Structures 9–11 December 2002, Hong Kong, China
117462. Structural Engineering, Mechanics and Computation. Proceedings of the International Conference on Structural Engineering, Mechanics and Computation 2–4 April 2001, Cape Town, South Africa
117463. Life Cycle Engineering of Plastics. Technology, Economy and the Environment
117464. World Renewable Energy Congress VI. Renewables: The Energy for the 21st Century World Renewable Energy Congress VI 1–7 July 2000 Brighton, UK
117465. Modeling and Control of Economic Systems 2001. A Proceedings volume from the 10th IFAC Symposium, Klagenfurt, Austria, 6 – 8 September 2001
117466. The Scientific Study of General Intelligence. Tribute to Arthur R. Jensen
117467. Current Advances in Mechanical Design and Production VII. Proceedings of the Seventh Cairo University International MDP Conference Cairo-Egypt February 15–17, 2000
117468. Arsenic Exposure and Health Effects III. Proceedings of the Third International Conference on Arsenic Exposure and Health Effects, July 12–15, 1998, San Diego, California
117469. Handbook of Psychological Assessment
117470. Principles of Pollution Abatement. Pollution Abatement for the 21st Century
117471. Behavior and Cognitive Therapy Today. Selected Proceedings of the XXVII Congress of the European Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies, Venice 1997
117472. RNA
117473. Vibration of Mindlin Plates. Programming the p-Version Ritz Method
117474. Advances in Steel Structures (ICASS '99). Proceedings of The Second International Conference on Advances in Steel Structures 15–17 December 1999, Hong Kong, China
117475. Transport Phenomena in Porous Media
117476. Advances in Steel Structures (ICASS '96). Proceedings of International Conference on Advances in Steel Structures 11–14 December 1996, Hong Kong
117477. Connections in Steel Structures III. Behaviour, Strength and Design
117478. Spatial Database Transfer Standards 2: Characteristics for Assessing Standards and Full Descriptions of the National and International Standards in the World. The ICA Commission on Standards for the Transfer of Spatial Data December, 1996
117479. Thin-Walled Structures with Structural Imperfections. Analysis and Behavior
117480. High-Temperature Superconducting Materials Science and Engineering. New Concepts and Technology
117481. Urban Disaster Mitigation: The Role of Engineering and Technology
117482. Waves, Tides and Shallow-Water Processes. Prepared by an Open University Course Team
117483. Wireless Sensor Networks: Principles, Design and Applications
117484. Frommer's Exploring America by RV
117485. Ultra-Low Power Integrated Circuit Design: Circuits, Systems, and Applications
117486. Forests of Iran: A Treasure from the Past, a Hope for the Future
117487. Krister Segerberg on Logic of Actions
117488. Business Ethics in the 21st Century
117489. Dao Companion to Classical Confucian Philosophy
117490. Schulden und ihre Bewältigung: Individuelle Belastungen und gesellschaftliche Herausforderungen
117491. Kreativität, Innovation, Entrepreneurship
117492. Der wissenschaftliche Umgang mit Zukunft: Eine Ideologiekritik am Beispiel von Zukunftsstudien über China
117493. Algorithmic Probability and Friends. Bayesian Prediction and Artificial Intelligence: Papers from the Ray Solomonoff 85th Memorial Conference, Melbourne, VIC, Australia, November 30 – December 2, 2011
117494. Internet and Distributed Computing Systems: 6th International Conference, IDCS 2013, Hangzhou, China, October 28-30, 2013, Proceedings
117495. Research in Attacks, Intrusions, and Defenses: 16th International Symposium, RAID 2013, Rodney Bay, St. Lucia, October 23-25, 2013. Proceedings
117496. Kamikaze: A Japanese Pilot's Own Spectacular Story of the Famous Suicide Squadrons
117497. Cyber Security and Privacy: Trust in the Digital World and Cyber Security and Privacy EU Forum 2013, Brussels, Belgium, April 2013, Revised Selected Papers
117498. Quantum Dynamics of a Particle in a Tracking Chamber
117499. Rail-trails Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey
117500. Molecular Mechanisms in Legionella Pathogenesis
117501. Nucleic Acid Polymerases
117502. Model-Driven Dependability Assessment of Software Systems
117503. Arbeitsmedizin
117504. Foundations of a Pure Cost Theory
117505. General Trauma Care and Related Aspects: Trauma Surgery II
117506. Rail-Trails New England: Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont
117507. Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Economic Crisis: Lessons for Research, Policy and Practice
117508. Nearly Zero Energy Buildings and Proliferation of Microorganisms: A Current Issue for Highly Insulated and Airtight Building Envelopes
117509. Where is the Gödel-point hiding: Gentzen’s Consistency Proof of 1936 and His Representation of Constructive Ordinals
117510. Ultrafast Phenomena in Molecular Sciences: Femtosecond Physics and Chemistry
117511. Topological Methods in the Study of Boundary Value Problems
117512. Embedded Memory Design for Multi-Core and Systems on Chip
117513. Statistical Research Methods: A Guide for Non-Statisticians
117514. Theory of Fuzzy Computation
117515. Электрофизические свойства карбина
117516. Routing Algorithms in Networks-on-Chip
117517. Afoot and Afield: San Francisco Bay Area: A Comprehensive Hiking Guide
117518. Nanowire Field Effect Transistors: Principles and Applications
117519. Bias Temperature Instability for Devices and Circuits
117520. Pharmaceutical Biotechnology: Fundamentals and Applications
117521. Prince Siddhartha: The Story of Buddha
117522. Children of the Occupation: Japan's Untold Story
117523. The Technology of Orgasm: \"Hysteria,\" the Vibrator, and Women's Sexual Satisfaction
117524. The Asian Kitchen
117525. Horror Films of the 1990s
117526. The Epidemic: A Collision of Power, Privilege, and Public Health
117527. King Rufus: The Life and Mysterious Death of William II of England
117528. Six Degrees: The Science of a Connected Age
117529. Life: A Natural History of the First Four Billion Years of Life on Earth
117530. Eleanor of Aquitaine: A Life
117531. The Violinist's Thumb: And Other Lost Tales of Love, War, and Genius, as Written by Our Genetic Code
117532. Dearie: The Remarkable Life of Julia Child
117533. Developing Web Services with Apache Axis2
117534. Magnetic Nanoparticles: Particle Science, Imaging Technology, and Clinical Applications
117535. Flags of the Night Sky: When Astronomy Meets National Pride
117536. Nearly Zero Energy Building Refurbishment: A Multidisciplinary Approach
117537. Mortgaging the Earth: The World Bank, Environmental Impoverishment, and the Crisis of Development
117538. Solar Hydrogen Energy Systems: Science and Technology for the Hydrogen Economy
117539. Origami Quilts
117540. Urbanism in the Age of Climate Change
117541. Proselytizing and the Limits of Religious Pluralism in Contemporary Asia
117542. Peer Review of Learning and Teaching in Higher Education: International Perspectives
117543. Advance Directives
117544. Carbonic Anhydrase: Mechanism, Regulation, Links to Disease, and Industrial Applications
117545. Stem Cells and Cancer Stem Cells, Volume 11: Therapeutic Applications in Disease and injury
117546. Efficient Numerical Methods for Non-local Operators: $\\mathcal{h}^2$-matrix Compression, Algorithms and Analysis
117547. Financial Crimes and Existential Philosophy
117548. The Nordic Education Model: 'A School for All' Encounters Neo-Liberal Policy
117549. Biotechnology of Silk
117550. North-East India: Land, People and Economy
117551. Maran Illustrated Guitar
117552. Photosynthesis in Bryophytes and Early Land Plants
117553. Methods of Demographic Analysis
117554. Advances in Biotechnology
117555. Sudden Infant Death Syndrome: From Pathophysiological Prospects
117556. On Collective Goods, Voluntary Contributions, and Fundraising
117557. Forbidden Fruit: The Golden Age of the Exploitation Film
117558. Formal Methods and Software Engineering: 15th International Conference on Formal Engineering Methods, ICFEM 2013, Queenstown, New Zealand, October 29 – November 1, 2013, Proceedings
117559. Partially Supervised Learning: Second IAPR International Workshop, PSL 2013, Nanjing, China, May 13-14, 2013, Revised Selected Papers
117560. Leadership Strategies for Women: Lessons from Four Queens on Leadership and Career Development
117561. Rare Diseases in the Age of Health 2.0
117562. Systems Biology of Metabolic and Signaling Networks: Energy, Mass and Information Transfer
117563. Automotive Engine Valve Recession
117564. Lip Cancer: Treatment and Reconstruction
117565. RAF Bomber Stories: Dramatic First-Hand Accounts of British and Commonwealth Airmen in WW 2
117566. Grundkurs Theoretische Physik 3: Elektrodynamik
117567. Notaufnahme: Von A wie Adrenalin bis Z wie Zusammenbruch
117568. Software Language Engineering: 6th International Conference, SLE 2013, Indianapolis, IN, USA, October 26-28, 2013. Proceedings
117569. TeamCity 7 Continous Integration
117570. Synthesizable VHDL Design for FPGAs
117571. iOS 5 Essentials
117572. Social Media and Emerging Economies: Technological, Cultural and Economic Implications
117573. Growing Plantation Forests
117574. Digital Image Quality in Medicine
117575. Toward Scientific Medicine
117576. Philosophical Biology in Aristotle's Parts of Animals
117577. Scattering Amplitudes and Wilson Loops in Twistor Space
117578. Portrait of Gunnar Källén: A Physics Shooting Star and Poet of Early Quantum Field Theory
117579. Real Grappling
117580. Programming Drupal 7 Entities
117581. Utah Jazz
117582. Lectures on Complex Integration
117583. Therapeutic Peptides: Methods and Protocols
117584. Gender and Sexual Identity: Transcending Feminist and Queer Theory
117585. Learn PowerShell Toolmaking in a Month of Lunches
117586. Clinician's Guide to Diagnostic Imaging
117587. Peridynamic Theory and Its Applications
117588. Percutaneous Image-Guided Biopsy
117589. Learn Windows PowerShell 3 in a Month of Lunches
117590. Advances in Food Process Engineering Research and Applications
117591. Walter Gautschi, Volume 2: Selected Works with Commentaries
117592. Food Allergies: New Research
117593. Mathematical Modeling Approaches for Optimization of Chemical Processes
117594. Under Pressure: Handling the Stresses of Keeping Up
117595. Knit One, Embellish Too: Hats, Mittens And Scarves With A Twist
117596. Walter Gautschi, Volume 1: Selected Works with Commentaries
117597. The Art of Empathy: A Complete Guide to Life's Most Essential Skill
117598. Die Empty: Unleash Your Best Work Every Day
117599. Sparks of Genius: The Thirteen Thinking Tools of the World's Most Creative People
117600. Video Surveillance for Sensor Platforms: Algorithms and Architectures
117601. Recent Trends in the Condition Monitoring of Transformers: Theory, Implementation and Analysis
117602. Analysis of Finite Difference Schemes: For Linear Partial Differential Equations with Generalized Solutions
117603. Emerging Memory Technologies: Design, Architecture, and Applications
117604. Myelinated Fibers and Saltatory Conduction in the Shrimp: The Fastest Impulse Conduction in the Animal Kingdom
117605. Drug Resistance in Leukemia and Lymphoma III
117606. From Galileo to Gell-Mann: The Wonder that Inspired the Greatest Scientists of All Time: In Their Own Words
117607. Applied Science
117608. The Black Sun: The Alchemy and Art of Darkness
117609. Wilderness Evasion: A Guide To Hiding Out and Eluding Pursuit in Remote Areas
117610. 1001 Drum Grooves: The Complete Resource for Every Drummer
117611. Assessment of Climate Change in the Southwest United States: A Report Prepared for the National Climate Assessment
117612. The Cast Iron Skillet Cookbook: Recipes for the Best Pan in Your Kitchen
117613. Grenzprobleme der Phänomenologie: Analysen des Unbewusstseins und der Instinkte. Metaphysik. Späte Ethik
117614. Het geriatrie formularium: Een praktische leidraad
117615. Cavity-Enhanced Spectroscopy and Sensing
117616. Rheuma bei Kindern und Jugendlichen in der Physio- und Ergotherapie
117617. Medikamenten-Pocket Schmerztherapie
117618. Engineering and Management of IT-based Service Systems: An Intelligent Decision-Making Support Systems Approach
117619. EEG in der Neuropädiatrie
117620. Nucleic Acid Nanotechnology
117621. ICT and Critical Infrastructure: Proceedings of the 48th Annual Convention of Computer Society of India- Vol I: Hosted by CSI Vishakapatnam Chapter
117622. Danny Proulx's 50 Shop-Made Jigs & Fixtures: Jigs & Fixtures For Every Tool in Your Shop
117623. New World Provence: Modern French Cooking for Friends and Family
117624. ICT and Critical Infrastructure: Proceedings of the 48th Annual Convention of Computer Society of India- Vol II: Hosted by CSI Vishakapatnam Chapter
117625. Pocket Data Mining: Big Data on Small Devices
117626. Political, Economic and Financial Country Risk: Analysis of the Gulf Cooperation Council
117627. Blazing a Ghostly Trail: ISON and Great Comets of the Past and Future
117628. Transport Properties in Non-Equilibrium and Anomalous Systems
117629. Geographic Information Science at the Heart of Europe
117630. Alcohol Use Disorders and the Lung: A Clinical and Pathophysiological Approach
117631. Nuclear Cardiology Study Guide: A Technologist's Review for Passing Specialty Certification Exams
117632. Feedback Strategies for Wireless Communication
117633. Reliability of High Mobility SiGe Channel MOSFETs for Future CMOS Applications
117634. Het Tandheelkundig Jaar 2013
117635. Fundamentals of Physical Geology
117636. Critical Information Infrastructures Security: 7th International Workshop, CRITIS 2012, Lillehammer, Norway, September 17-18, 2012, Revised Selected Papers
117637. Novel Synthesis and Characterization of Nanostructured Materials
117638. Antimicrobial Compounds: Current Strategies and New Alternatives
117639. Marijuana Mass Production Made Easy: British Columbia Hydroponic Growers Guide
117640. The Microeconomic Growth
117641. Semantisch-lexikalische Störungen bei Kindern: Sprachentwicklung: Blickrichtung Wortschatz
117642. Process Management: A Multi-disciplinary Guide to Theory, Modeling, and Methodology
117643. So Pretty! Crochet: Inspiration and Instructions for 24 Stylish Projects
117644. Dysphagie: Diagnostik und Therapie: Ein Wegweiser für kompetentes Handeln
117645. Learning PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, and CSS: A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Dynamic Websites
117646. The Gender of Crime
117647. Strategic Communications for School Leaders
117648. Seeking Security in an Insecure World
117649. MCTS Guide to Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Network Infrastructure Configuration
117650. Electronic Legal Research: An Integrated Approach
117651. Counselling Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse
117652. Pahl/Beitz Konstruktionslehre: Methoden und Anwendung erfolgreicher Produktentwicklung
117653. The Wiley-Blackwell Companion to Human Geography
117654. Criminal Law and Procedure for the Paralegal: A Systems Approach
117655. Knight's Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Integration Services 24-Hour Trainer
117656. China's Superbank: Debt, Oil and Influence - How China Development Bank is Rewriting the Rules of Finance
117657. If You're an Egalitarian, How Come You're So Rich?
117658. Android Phones For Dummies
117659. Asia Pacific Business Process Management: First Asia Pacific Conference, AP-BPM 2013, Beijing, China, August 29-30, 2013. Selected Papers
117660. The 11th IFToMM International Symposium on Science of Mechanisms and Machines
117661. The Early Solov’ëv and His Quest for Metaphysics
117662. RNA Folding: Methods and Protocols
117663. Viruses and Atherosclerosis
117664. Ricci Flow for Shape Analysis and Surface Registration: Theories, Algorithms and Applications
117665. Transport Processes in Space Physics and Astrophysics
117666. Atomic Layer Deposition for Semiconductors
117667. The MassGeneral Hospital for Children Handbook of Pediatric Global Health
117668. Search Methodologies: Introductory Tutorials in Optimization and Decision Support Techniques
117669. Hip Magnetic Resonance Imaging
117670. Green Diesel Engines: Biodiesel Usage in Diesel Engines
117671. Ordinary Differential Equations and Dynamical Systems
117672. How Your House Works: A Visual Guide to Understanding and Maintaining Your Home
117673. The Large Dam Dilemma: An Exploration of the Impacts of Hydro Projects on People and the Environment in China
117674. Computational Kinematics: Proceedings of the 6th International Workshop on Computational Kinematics (CK2013)
117675. People on the Move in a Changing Climate: The Regional Impact of Environmental Change on Migration
117676. Green Materials for Energy, Products and Depollution
117677. Het cardiovasculair formularium: Een praktische leidraad
117678. Gestione delle crisi in medicina d’urgenza e terapia intensiva: Fattori umani, psicologia di gruppo e sicurezza dei pazienti negli ambienti ad alto rischio
117679. Proceedings of International Conference on Advances in Tribology and Engineering Systems: ICATES 2013
117680. An Introduction to Ultrametric Summability Theory
117681. Convergence Methods for Double Sequences and Applications
117682. Canning and Preserving All-in-One For Dummies
117683. The Great East Japan Earthquake and Its Impact on German Firms: An Empirical Study
117684. Weibliche Geschlechtsorgane: Zweiter Teil Krankheiten der Brustdrüsen und der Gebärmutterbänder
117685. Frommer's Seattle
117686. Security and privacy preserving in social networks
117687. Elementary and Intermediate Algebra
117688. Einführung in die angewandte Wirtschaftsmathematik: Das praxisnahe Lehrbuch - inklusive Brückenkurs für Einsteiger
117689. Programming Languages: Principles and Practices
117690. Portrait of the poet: 1978-1996 : Joseph Brodsky = Portret poėta : 1978-1996 : Iosif Brodskiĭ
117691. Zirkulationsorgane Mediastinum · Zwerchfell Luftwege · Lungen · Pleura: Erster Teil
117692. Marine Mitchells
117693. A Numismatic Journey Through the Bible
117694. Retire Worry-Free, 4th Edition
117695. Switching Careers : Career Changers Tell How and Why They Did It : Learn How You Can Too
117696. Conversation Gambits: Real English Conversation Practices
117697. Films of Vincent Price
117698. The Every Day Gourmet: Quick and Healthy Recipes from Around the World
117699. Make' Em Pay!: Ultimate Revenge Techniques from the Master Trickster
117700. Ceaseless Century: 300 Years of Eighteenth-Century Costume
117701. Eugene Cuvelier: Photographer in the Circle of Corot
117702. Egyptian Stone Vessels: Khian Through Tuthmosis IV
117703. The Cloisters: Studies in Honor of the Fiftieth Anniversary
117704. Terrain Vague: Interstices at the Edge of the Pale
117705. Eighteenth-Century Italian Porcelain/D0511P
117706. Frankish Art in American Collections
117707. Color and Shape in American Indian Art
117708. Egyptian Wall Paintings
117709. Essays on Near Eastern Art and Archaeology in Honor of Charles Kryle Wilkinson
117710. The Great bronze age of China: An Exhibition from the Peoples Republic of China
117711. China Trade Porcelain
117712. Energy Management Handbook, Sixth Edition
117713. Faith and Power in Japanese Buddhist Art, 1600-2005
117714. Inertial Navigation Systems with Geodetic Applications
117715. Nonlinear Wave Equations
117716. Graphs, Matrices, and Designs
117717. General Topology and Applications
117718. Fourier Analysis
117719. Secrets of Special Ops Leadership: Dare the Impossible -- Achieve the Extraordinary
117720. Whip Up Mini Quilts: Patterns and How-to for 20 Contemporary Small Quilts
117721. The Cloisters Cross: Its Art and Meaning
117722. How to Thrive as a Solo Librarian
117723. Post-9/11 Cinema: Through a Lens Darkly
117724. The Way of Tea: Reflections on a Life with Tea
117725. Allied Artists Horror, Science Fiction and Fantasy Films
117726. Employment Law for the Paralegal
117727. Japanese Visual Culture: Explorations in the World of Manga and Anime
117728. Storia delle idee politiche economiche e sociali. Il secolo ventesimo
117729. Handbook of Social Theory
117730. The SAGE Dictionary of Statistics: A Practical Resource for Students in the Social Sciences
117731. Modal Analysis
117732. Principles of Transistor Circuits, Ninth Edition
117733. Inertial Navigation Systems with Geodetic Applications
117734. Mechanical Low Back Pain: Perspectives in Functional Anatomy, 2e
117735. Volleyball
117736. From Current Algebra to Quantum Chromodynamics: A Case for Structural Realism
117737. Thermodynamics and the Destruction of Resources
117738. Defending Einstein: Hans Reichenbach's Writings on Space, Time and Motion
117739. Deformation of Earth Materials: An Introduction to the Rheology of Solid Earth
117740. Darwinian Sociocultural Evolution: Solutions to Dilemmas in Cultural and Social Theory
117741. Brand Society: How Brands Transform Management and Lifestyle
117742. Headache
117743. Fundamentals of Engineering Numerical Analysis
117744. The Conquests of Alexander the Great
117745. How Students Come to Be, Know, and Do: A Case for a Broad View of Learning
117746. Bayesian Nonparametrics
117747. Unlocking the Power of OPNET Modeler
117748. Graph Spectra for Complex Networks
117749. Machine Vision
117750. Introduction to Classical and Modern Test Theory
117751. Techniques and Materials of Music: From the Common Practice Period Through the Twentieth Century
117752. Criminal Law and Procedure
117753. Multiple Streams of Income: How to Generate a Lifetime of Unlimited Wealth
117754. Organizational Behavior - 2002 publication
117755. Inertial Navigation Systems Analysis
117756. The Fortunate Aeon: How the Thousand Buddhas Became Enlightened
117757. Inertial Navigation Systems Analysis
117758. Mastering Autodesk Revit Architecture 2014: Autodesk Official Press
117759. Leading the Virtual Workforce: How Great Leaders Transform Organizations in the 21st Century
117760. Inertial Guidance
117761. Leveraging Drupal: Getting Your Site Done Right
117762. The Smart Investor's Money Machine: Methods and Strategies to Create Regular Income
117763. Inertial Guidance
117764. Professional Multicore Programming: Design and Implementation for C++ Developers
117765. Python: Create - Modify - Reuse
117766. The Dick Davis Dividend: Straight Talk on Making Money from 40 Years on Wall Street
117767. Chemistry: An Introduction for Medical and Health Sciences
117768. Nanolubricants
117769. Autodesk Revit Architecture 2014 Essentials: Autodesk Official Press
117770. Mastering Autodesk Revit Mep 2014: Autodesk Official Press
117771. AutoCAD Civil 3D 2014 Essentials: Autodesk Official Press
117772. Mastering Autodesk Inventor 2014 and Autodesk Inventor LT 2014: Autodesk Official Press
117773. Mastering AutoCAD 2014 and AutoCAD LT 2014: Autodesk Official Press
117774. Ophthalmology In Focus, 1e
117775. Magnetostatic Waves and Their Application
117776. We the People: An Introduction to American Politics
117777. We the People: An Introduction to American Politics
117778. High Speed Computing
117779. Make Time for the Stars: Fitting Astronomy into Your Busy Life
117780. Nowożytne wizje nauki uniwerslanej a powstanie teorii kontinuów
117781. Business Law Today, Standard Edition
117782. The Minecraft Book: The Ultimate Guide to Mastering Minecraft
117783. Masterpieces of Philosophical Literature
117784. Medieval Castles
117785. Cochineal Red: The Art History of a Color
117786. Storia delle idee politiche economiche e sociali. L'età della Rivoluzione industriale
117787. China: Dawn of a Golden Age, 200-750 AD
117788. Cafe Indiana Cookbook
117789. Natural Treatments for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
117790. Open Marriage: A New Life Style for Couples
117791. Ресентимент в структуре моралей
117792. Terrestrial Fluids, Earthquakes and Volcanoes: The Hiroshi Wakita Volume III
117793. Dreams of Darkness: Fantasy and the Films of Val Lewton
117794. Business Intelligence Roadmap: The Complete Project Lifecycle for Decision-Support Applications
117795. Cicero's Topica
117796. Solving Mathematical Problems: A Personal Perspective
117797. Explaining Criminals and Crime: Essays in Contemporary Criminological Theory
117798. Análisis Lógico y Derecho
117799. Electrodiagnosis in Diseases of Nerve and Muscle
117800. Software Manual for the Elementary Functions
117801. Грибы наших лесов
117802. Fourier Analysis and Boundary Value Problems
117803. Грибы наших лесов
117804. Taking Shots: Tall Tales, Bizarre Battles, and the Incredible Truth About the NBA
117805. Out of Bounds: Inside the NBA's Culture of Rape, Violence, and Crime
117806. The Highly Selective Dictionary of Golden Adjectives
117807. Dead Funny
117808. The Church of Fear: Inside the Weird World of Scientology
117809. Paris Noir: The Secret History of a City
117810. The Healthy Skin Diet: Your Complete Guide to Beautiful Skin in Only 8 Weeks!
117811. Lyttelton's Britain: A User's Guide to the British Isles as Heard on BBC Radio's I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue
117812. Secret History of Coffee, Coca & Cola, A
117813. The Paleo Diet for Athletes: The Ancient Nutritional Formula for Peak Athletic Performance
117814. Healing the Angry Brain: How Understanding the Way Your Brain Works Can Help You Control Anger and Aggression
117815. Paletas: Authentic Recipes for Mexican Ice Pops, Shaved Ice & Aguas Frescas
117816. Candle 79 Cookbook: Modern Vegan Classics from New York's Premier Sustainable Restaurant
117817. Роти полку Депрерадовича. Мандрівки Лисичанським краєм у пошуках першопоселенців
117818. Зимовий похід (6.ХII.1919 - 6.V.1920)
117819. Every Love Story Is a Ghost Story: A Life of David Foster Wallace
117820. Back to Basics: A Complete Guide to Traditional Skills, Third Edition
117821. Міфи та легенди Давньої України (Золота пектораль)
117822. Secrets of Power Negotiating, 15th Anniversary Edition: Inside Secrets from a Master Negotiator
117823. Secret Weapon: How Economic Terrorism Brought Down the U.S. Stock Market and Why It can Happen Again
117824. The Israel Test: Why the World's Most Besieged State is a Beacon of Freedom and Hope for the World Economy
117825. Learn You a Haskell for Great Good!: A Beginner's Guide
117826. Steal This File Sharing Book: What They Won't Tell You About File Sharing
117827. 500 Heart-Healthy Slow Cooker Recipes: Comfort Food Favorites That Both Your Family and Doctor Will Love
117828. Creative Costumes & Halloween Decor: 50 Projects to Craft & Sew
117829. Home Sausage Making: How-To Techniques for Making and Enjoying 100 Sausages at Home
117830. Carrots Love Tomatoes: Secrets of Companion Planting for Successful Gardening
117831. Understanding Addiction
117832. Celebrate People's History
117833. Quinoa 365: The Everyday Superfood
117834. Optimum Systems Control
117835. В`язанка коломийок. Пісенник
117836. Родом із КГБ. Система Путіна
117837. Родом із КГБ. Система Путіна
117838. Forex for Beginners: A Comprehensive Guide to Profiting from the Global Currency Markets
117839. The World Is Blue: How Our Fate and the Ocean's Are One
117840. Postmodernism for historians
117841. Précis de Décomposition
117842. The Complete Home Bartender's Guide: Revised and Updated
117843. Terry Jones' Barbarians: An Alternative Roman History
117844. God's Jury: The Inquisition and the Making of the Modern World
117845. Funny Pictures: Animation and Comedy in Studio-Era Hollywood
117846. My Life as a Quant: Reflections on Physics and Finance
117847. The Little Book of Alternative Investments: Reaping Rewards by Daring to be Different
117848. The Grand Chessboard: American Primacy And Its Geostrategic Imperatives
117849. Le Manuel Du Généraliste - Rhumatologie
117850. The Kennedy Assassination: 24 Hours After
117851. Wojna Brandenburska i najazd Rakoczego w roku 1656 i 1657 : szkiców historycznych serya 5.
117852. Le Manuel Du Généraliste - ORL
117853. Italian Family Cooking: Like Mamma Used to Make
117854. Le Manuel Du Généraliste - Médecine Interne
117855. Le Manuel Du Généraliste - Gériatrie
117856. Le Manuel Du Généraliste - Endocrinologie-Métabolisme
117857. A Whack On The Side Of The Head: How You Can be More Creative
117858. Fuzzy Math: The Essential Guide to the Bush Tax Plan
117859. Le Manuel Du Généraliste - Divers
117860. The Accidental Theorist: And Other Dispatches from the Dismal Science
117861. Dzieje krzyżaków oraz ich stosunki z polska litwą i prussami.
117862. Carnage and Culture: Landmark Battles in the Rise to Western Power
117863. The Great Depression: 1929-1939
117864. Cirque du Soleil: The Spark - Igniting the Creative Fire that Lives within Us All
117865. Woman: An Intimate Geography
117866. Tomato Rhapsody: A Fable of Love, Lust & Forbidden Fruit
117867. Coping with Difficult People
117868. History of the Conquest of Mexico
117869. Le Manuel Du Généraliste - Dermatologie
117870. The Training Ground: Grant, Lee, Sherman, and Davis in the Mexican War, 1846-1848
117871. Le Manuel Du Généraliste - Chirurgie Et Anestesie
117872. Stephen Sondheim: A Life
117873. Le Manuel Du Généraliste - Cardiologie
117874. Le Manuel Du Généraliste - Antibiothérapie
117875. Dark Pools: The Rise of the Machine Traders and the Rigging of the U.S. Stock Market
117876. The Quants: How a New Breed of Math Whizzes Conquered Wall Street and Nearly Destroyed It
117877. Le Manuel Du Généraliste - Allergie
117878. Optyka w XV wieku. Między nauką średniowieczną a nowożytną
117879. Martha's American Food: A Celebration of Our Nation's Most Treasured Dishes, from Coast to Coast
117880. Open: An Autobiography
117881. The 900 Days: The Siege Of Leningrad
117882. Mixing Secrets for the Small Studio
117883. Early Modern Japanese Literature: An Anthology, 1600-1900
117884. Jungleland: A Mysterious Lost City, a WWII Spy, and a True Story of Deadly Adventure
117885. Emergency: This Book Will Save Your Life
117886. Help Me Live: 20 Things People with Cancer Want You to Know
117887. Liberty: The Lives and Times of Six Women in Revolutionary France
117888. Shockwave: Countdown to Hiroshima
117889. Remote: Office Not Required
117890. History of the Hobbit
117891. Dead Funny: Humor in Hitler's Germany
117892. The Church of Fear: Inside the Weird World of Scientology
117893. The Healthy Skin Diet: Your Complete Guide to Beautiful Skin in Only 8 Weeks!
117894. Data Visualization: a successful design process
117895. Lyttelton's Britain: A User's Guide to the British Isles as Heard on BBC Radio's I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue
117896. Dynamic Dumbell Training
117897. A Secret History of Coffee, Coca & Cola
117898. The Hemingway Cookbook
117899. 7 Weeks to a Triathlon: The Complete Day-by-Day Program to Train for Your First Race or Improve Your Fastest Time
117900. The Paleo Diet for Athletes: The Ancient Nutritional Formula for Peak Athletic Performance
117901. Back to Basics: A Complete Guide to Traditional Skills, Third Edition
117902. Secrets of Power Negotiating, 15th Anniversary Edition: Inside Secrets from a Master Negotiator
117903. Secret Weapon: How Economic Terrorism Brought Down the U.S. Stock Market and Why It can Happen Again
117904. The New Frugality: How to Consume Less, Save More, and Live Better
117905. The Israel Test: Why the World's Most Besieged State is a Beacon of Freedom and Hope for the World Economy
117906. Steal This File Sharing Book: What They Won't Tell You About File Sharing
117907. Rethinking physical and rehabilitation medicine: New technologies induce new learning strategies
117908. 500 Heart-Healthy Slow Cooker Recipes: Comfort Food Favorites That Both Your Family and Doctor Will Love
117909. Embracing Mind: The Common Ground of Science and Spirituality
117910. Good Housekeeping The Great Potluck Cookbook: Our Favorite Recipes for Carry-In Suppers, Brunch Buffets, Tailgate Parties & More!
117911. Hazan Family Favorites: Beloved Italian Recipes from the Hazan Family
117912. Home Sausage Making: How-To Techniques for Making and Enjoying 100 Sausages at Home
117913. Carrots Love Tomatoes: Secrets of Companion Planting for Successful Gardening
117914. Understanding Addiction
117915. Inside HBO's Game of Thrones
117916. Because I Said So!: The Truth Behind the Myths, Tales, and Warnings Every Generation Passes Down to Its Kids
117917. Hubert Keller's Souvenirs: Stories and Recipes from My Life
117918. Not Your Father's Founders: An \"Amended\" Look at America's First Patriots
117919. Toss, Keep, Sell!: The Suddenly Frugal Guide to Cleaning Out the Clutter and Cashing In
117920. Suddenly Frugal: How to Live Happier and Healthier for Less
117921. Above the Fold: Understanding the Principles of Successful Web Site Design
117922. Forex for Beginners: A Comprehensive Guide to Profiting from the Global Currency Markets
117923. The World Is Blue: How Our Fate and the Ocean's Are One
117924. Managing Retirement Wealth: An Expert Guide to Personal Portfolio Management in Good Times and Bad
117925. The Rise of Rome: The Making of the World's Greatest Empire
117926. Knight's Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Integration Services 24-Hour Trainer
117927. Frommer's Boston
117928. Starowolski's Biographies of Copernicus
117929. iPhone 4S For Seniors For Dummies
117930. Professional Windows 8 Programming: Application Development with C# and XAML
117931. Android Phones For Dummies
117932. The Little Book of Big Profits from Small Stocks + Website: Why You'll Never Buy a Stock Over $10 Again
117933. Frommer's Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island
117934. Frommer's Tokyo
117935. The Indomitable Investor: Why a Few Succeed in the Stock Market When Everyone Else Fails
117936. Frommer's Montreal and Quebec City
117937. Frommer's Washington D.C. with Kids
117938. Frommer's Nashville & Memphis
117939. Frommer's Kauai
117940. Investment Valuation: Tools and Techniques for Determining the Value of Any Asset
117941. Primal Blueprint Healthy Sauces, Dressings and Toppings
117942. The Paleo Solution: The Original Human Diet
117943. The Primal Blueprint 21-Day Total Body Transformation: A step-by-step, gene reprogramming action plan
117944. The World's Healthiest Foods, Essential Guide for the Healthiest Way of Eating
117945. Top Trails: Great Smoky Mountains National Park: Must-Do Hikes for Everyone
117946. Rail-Trails Mid-Atlantic: Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, Washington DC and West Virginia
117947. Mountains for Mortals: New England: Scenic Summits for Hikers
117948. Tell No One Who You Are: The Hidden Childhood of Regine Miller
117949. Just Listen: Discover the Secret to Getting Through to Absolutely Anyone
117950. The Country Cooking of France
117951. Dreaming of Michelangelo: Jewish Variations on a Modern Theme
117952. Authentic Recipes from Vietnam
117953. The Harvest Eating Cookbook: More than 200 Recipes for Cooking with Seasonal Local Ingredients
117954. Tyler Florence's Real Kitchen: An Indispensable Guide for Anybody Who Likes to Cook
117955. Funny Pictures: Animation and Comedy in Studio-Era Hollywood
117956. Leveraging Drupal: Getting Your Site Done Right
117957. Professional Multicore Programming: Design and Implementation for C++ Developers
117958. Python: Create - Modify - Reuse
117959. The Grand Chessboard: American Primacy And Its Geostrategic Imperatives
117960. WAR
117961. A Whack on the Side of the Head: How You Can Be More Creative
117962. History of the Conquest of Mexico
117963. Stephen Sondheim: A Life
117964. Dark Pools: The Rise of the Machine Traders and the Rigging of the U.S. Stock Market
117965. Martha's American Food: A Celebration of Our Nation's Most Treasured Dishes, from Coast to Coast
117966. Empires of the Atlantic World: Britain and Spain in America 1492-1830
117967. Mixing Secrets for the Small Studio
117968. Early Modern Japanese Literature: An Anthology, 1600-1900
117969. How to Examine the Nervous System
117970. How Shakespeare Changed Everything
117971. Liberty: The Lives and Times of Six Women in Revolutionary France
117972. Shockwave: Countdown to Hiroshima
117973. History of the Hobbit
117974. Highest Weight Representations Of Infinite Dimensional Lie Algebra
117975. Tensors and Their Applications
117976. History of Social Law in Germany
117977. The Book of IRC: The Ultimate Guide to Internet Relay Chat
117978. Brands and Branding
117979. U-boat Fact File 1935-1945
117980. HTML5 Web Application Development By Example Beginner's guide
117981. Oracle BPM Suite 11g: Advanced BPMN Topics
117982. PostgreSQL Server Programming
117983. 1001 Shocking Science Facts: A Fiendish Formula for Fun
117984. Klimt
117985. American Realism
117986. Jasper Johns
117987. The Invention of the Jewish People
117988. Dart in Action
117989. Metaprogramming in .NET
117990. The One Taste of Truth: Zen and the Art of Drinking Tea
117991. Graphic Guide to Frame Construction
117992. Foundations of Oscillator Circuit Design
117993. The Manga Guide to the Universe
117994. Practical RF Circuit Design for Modern Wireless Systems, Volume I : Passive Circuits and Systems
117995. jQuery Mobile
117996. Developing Blackberry Tablet Applications with Flex 4.5
117997. Defense against the Black Arts: How Hackers Do What They Do and How to Protect against It
117998. Exploring Animal Science
117999. God, Sex, and Gender: An Introduction
118000. Constructing Futures: Industry leaders and futures thinking in construction
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