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118001. Professional SQL Server 2012 Internals and Troubleshooting
118002. Frommer's Greece
118003. To Sail No More: Pt. 2
118004. Higiena wedle Tomasza z Wrocławia
118005. Uhf/Microwave Projects Manual
118006. Perfect Documents: Walker Evans and African Art, 1935
118007. The Pieta in France: A Regional Study of Fifteenth- And Sixteenth-Century Sculpture
118008. The Pyramid Complex of Senwosret I
118009. The Pyramid of Senwosret I
118010. British Aviation Colours of World War Two: The Official Camouflage, Colours & Markings of RAF Aircraft
118011. Handbook of Railway Vehicle Dynamics
118012. Statistical Quality Control
118013. The Rosenberg Letters: A Complete Edition of the Prison Correspondence of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg
118014. Senegal
118015. Grzimek's Animal Life Encyclopedia: Birds
118016. King Alfred's Book of Laws: A Study of the Domboc and Its' Influence on English Identity, With a Complete Translation
118017. Illustrated Manual of Sniper Skills
118018. ABC of Clinical Genetics
118019. The Complete Collected Poems of Maya Angelou
118020. Regular Expression Pocket Reference: Regular Expressions for Perl, Ruby, PHP, Python, C, Java and .NET
118021. Learning MySQL
118022. Rigorous Mathematical Thinking: Conceptual Formation in the Mathematics Classroom
118023. The Primordial Density Perturbation: Cosmology, Inflation and the Origin of Structure
118024. Varieties of Javanese Religion: An Anthropological Account
118025. Dynamic Behavior of Materials
118026. Welding Metallurgy
118027. Mindfulness-integrated CBT: Principles and Practice
118028. Globalization: The Essentials
118029. Frommer's 500 Places to Take Your Kids Before They Grow Up
118030. Software Error Detection through Testing and Analysis
118031. Affiliate Millions: Make a Fortune using Search Marketing on Google and Beyond
118032. RF and microwave transistor oscillator design
118033. The Jacobson Radical of Group Algebras
118034. Night Draws Near: Iraq's People in the Shadow of America's War
118035. Napoleon III and the Second Empire
118036. Cleopatras
118037. Managerial Accounting: An Introduction to Concepts, Methods and Uses
118038. Killing Our Oceans: Dealing with the Mass Extinction of Marine Life
118039. Introduction to New and Alternative Religions in America [5 volumes]
118040. The Oxford Guide to Heraldry
118041. Value Engineering Synergies with Lean Six Sigma: Combining Methodologies for Enhanced Results
118042. Ultrasonic nondestructive testing of materials : theoretical foundations
118043. The Right Light: Matching Technologies to Needs and Applications
118044. Strain-Engineered MOSFETs
118045. PR-защита бизнеса в корпоративных войнах. Практикум победителя
118046. Procter & Gamble. Путь к успеху. 165-летний опыт построения брендов
118047. SAP ERP. Построение эффективной системы управления
118048. Practical Guide and Spectral Atlas for Interpretive Near-Infrared Spectroscopy, Second Edition
118049. PR IT-компаний. Российская практика
118050. Police Integrity Management in Australia: Global Lessons for Combating Police Misconduct
118051. NGOSS. Построение эффективных систем поддержки и эксплуатации сетей для оператора связи
118052. Real Analysis with an Introduction to Wavelets and Applications
118053. The Electrical Engineering Handbook
118054. Axis Sally: The American Voice of Nazi Germany
118055. Microfluidics and Microscale Transport Processes
118056. Micellar enhanced ultrafiltration : fundamentals & applications
118057. Международная анатомическая терминология
118058. LTE-Advanced Air Interface Technology
118059. Financial Serial Killers: Inside the World of Wall Street Money Hustlers, Swindlers, and Con Men
118060. The Sriracha Cookbook: 50 \"Rooster Sauce\" Recipes that Pack a Punch
118061. Los Angeles Police Department Meltdown: The Fall of the Professional-Reform Model of Policing
118062. Improving Reliability and Quality for Product Success
118063. The Ultimate Guide to U.S. Army Survival Skills, Tactics, and Techniques
118064. Interval-Censored Time-to-Event Data: Methods and Applications
118065. Hydrogeological Conceptual Site Models: Data Analysis and Visualization
118066. Green Communications: Theoretical Fundamentals, Algorithms and Applications
118067. Global Community Policing: Problems and Challenges
118068. Gas Turbine Diagnostics: Signal Processing and Fault Isolation
118069. Flexible Imputation of Missing Data
118070. Still Life: Adventures in Taxidermy
118071. Six Sigma for Green Belts and Champions: Foundations, DMAIC, Tools, Cases, and Certification
118072. Axis Sally: The American Voice of Nazi Germany
118073. Learning HTML5 by Creating Fun Games
118074. HTML5 Web Application Development By Example Beginner's guide
118075. Oracle BPM Suite 11g: Advanced BPMN Topics
118076. PostgreSQL Server Programming
118077. Programming Drupal 7 Entities
118078. Learn PowerShell Toolmaking in a Month of Lunches
118079. Learn Windows PowerShell 3 in a Month of Lunches
118080. Dart in Action
118081. Metaprogramming in .NET
118082. Financial Serial Killers: Inside the World of Wall Street Money Hustlers, Swindlers, and Con Men
118083. The Ultimate Guide to U.S. Army Survival Skills, Tactics, and Techniques
118084. Art Lab for Little Kids: 52 Playful Projects for Preschoolers
118085. Quantum Optics: Including Noise Reduction, Trapped Ions, Quantum Trajectories, and Decoherence
118086. Celebrate People's History!: The Poster Book of Resistance and Revolution
118087. Translingual Practice: Literature, National Culture, and Translated Modernity-China, 1900-1937
118088. Desire in Language: A Semiotic Approach to Literature and Art
118089. Bullies: How the Left's Culture of Fear and Intimidation Silences Americans
118090. The Complete Home Bartender's Guide: Revised and Updated
118091. Dark Witch
118092. CCENT Study Guide: Exam 100-101
118093. Professional Website Performance: Optimizing the Front-End and Back-End
118094. ZBrush Creature Design: Creating Dynamic Concept Imagery for Film and Games
118095. Co-Teaching That Works: Structures and Strategies for Maximizing Student Learning
118096. The Diet Dropout's Guide to Natural Weight Loss: Find Your Easiest Path to Naturally Thin
118097. Knitting - The Complete Guide
118098. Taoist Astral Healing: Chi Kung Healing Practices Using Star and Planet Energies
118099. Dr. Atkins' New Diet Cookbook
118100. Operation Suicide: The Remarkable Story of the Cockleshell Raid
118101. Coaching Knock Your Socks Off Service
118102. Utah Beach: The Amphibious Landing and Airborne Operations on D-day, June 6, 1944
118103. Bringing the Thunder: The Missions of a World War II B-29 Pilot in the Pacific
118104. Panzer Wedge: Vol. 2: The German 3rd Panzer Division and Barbarossa's Failure at the Gates of Moscow
118105. Mission 85: The U.S. Eighth Air Force's Battle over Holland, August 19, 1943
118106. Winter Storm: The Battle for Stalingrad and the Operation to Rescue 6th Army
118107. Face of Courage, The: The 98 Men Who Received the Knight's Cross and the Close-Combat Clasp in Gold
118108. Men Who Killed the Luftwaffe: The U.S. Army Air Forces Against Germany in World War II
118109. Last Drop, The: Operation Varsity, March 24-25, 1945
118110. Raising Global IQ: Preparing Our Students for a Shrinking Planet
118111. Exploring Exodus: The Origins of Biblical Israel
118112. Whose Community? Which Interpretation?: Philosophical Hermeneutics for the Church
118113. Liturgy as a Way of Life: Embodying the Arts in Christian Worship
118114. Facing the Lion: Growing Up Maasai on the African Savanna
118115. Alice Munro's Best: Selected Stories
118116. Fodor's Caribbean 2014
118117. Incorporating Your Business For Dummies
118118. Sweetie-licious Pies: Eat Pie, Love Life
118119. Seven Years to Sin
118120. With Our Backs to Berlin
118121. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens: The Ultimate Teenage Success Guide
118122. Fortress Attica: Defense of the Athenian Land Frontier 404-322 B.C.,
118123. Clash of Wings: World War II in the Air
118124. Dance of the Happy Shades: And Other Stories
118125. Practica madicinalis
118126. Companero: The Life and Death of Che Guevara
118127. Charles Darwin:The Power of Place
118128. How to Stop Worrying and Start Living
118129. Learning MySQL
118130. Winter Moon
118131. Still Life: Adventures in Taxidermy
118132. The Little Book of Sideways Markets: How to Make Money in Markets that Go Nowhere
118133. Game Invaders: The Theory and Understanding of Computer Games
118134. Cat Sense: How the New Feline Science Can Make You a Better Friend to Your Pet
118135. The Kennedy Assassination--24 Hours After: Lyndon B. Johnson's Pivotal First Day as President
118136. By the Rivers of Water: A Nineteenth-Century Atlantic Odyssey
118137. Talking to Girls About Duran Duran: One Young Man's Quest for True Love and a Cooler Haircut
118138. 101 Low Calorie Recipes
118139. Affliction
118140. Bombshell
118141. Fuzzy Math: The Essential Guide to the Bush Tax Plan
118142. Oryx and Crake
118143. Becoming Mr. October
118144. MaddAddam: A Novel
118145. Coping with Difficult People
118146. The Progress of Love
118147. Something I've Been Meaning to Tell You: 13 Stories
118148. Storied Sips: Evocative Cocktails for Everyday Escapes, with 40 Recipes
118149. Creating a Photo Album in Photoshop Elements for Windows: Visual QuickProject Guide
118150. Burial Rites: A Novel
118151. The Devil That Never Dies: The Rise and Threat of Global Antisemitism
118152. The New Midwestern Table: 200 Heartland Recipes
118153. Deep Storm
118154. The Paleo Manifesto: Ancient Wisdom for Lifelong Health
118155. Easy Growing: Organic Herbs and Edible Flowers from Small Spaces
118156. Lidia's Favorite Recipes: 100 Foolproof Italian Dishes, from Basic Sauces to Irresistible Entrees
118157. Storia delle idee politiche economiche e sociali. L'età moderna
118158. The End of Growth
118159. Too Much Happiness: Stories
118160. The American Civil War and the Wars of the Industrial Revolution
118161. The Complete Dinosaur
118162. Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition: Platform and Component Specifications
118163. Six Sigma for Green Belts and Champions: Foundations, DMAIC, Tools, Cases, and Certification
118164. Флавоноиды: биохимия, биофизика, медицина
118165. Granniesinc Guide to Knitting: Learn Tips & Techniques from the Best
118166. Sea Creatures
118167. Turn Around Bright Eyes: The Rituals of Love and Karaoke
118168. The Taming of Ryder Cavanaugh
118169. Taking Your iPad to the Max
118170. El malestar en la estética
118171. Enterprise Mac Security: Mac OS X Snow Leopard
118172. Momentos políticos
118173. Самодержавие и отмена крепостного права в России, 1856-1861
118174. Between a Heart and a Rock Place: A Memoir
118175. Aisthesis. Escenas del régimen estético del arte
118176. Memoirs of a Fruitcake
118177. Efficiency, Justice and Care: Philosophical Reflections on Scarcity in Health Care
118178. Appcelerator Titanium Business Application Development Cookbook
118179. EVE Online: ISK Strategy Guide
118180. Воспоминания. 1856-1860
118181. Die »Geographie« des Ptolemaios im Spiegel der griechischen Handschriften
118182. Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Reporting and Business Intelligence
118183. jMonkeyEngine 3.0 Beginner's Guide
118184. Тюмень архитектурная
118185. Конец одного Величия. Власть, образование и печатное слово в Императорской России на пороге Освободительных реформ
118186. Master Your Mac: Simple Ways to Tweak, Customize, and Secure OS X
118187. iPhone: The Missing Manual
118188. The Ethnographic Imagination: Textual Constructions of Reality
118189. Законодательная деятельность в царствование Императора Николая I
118190. Digital Astrophotography: The State of the Art
118191. QuickBooks 2013: The Missing Manual: The Official Intuit Guide to QuickBooks 2013
118192. Theoretical Knowledge
118193. Understanding Sleep and Dreaming
118194. Страницы тайной истории самодержавия
118195. Etudes sur laudience de la theorie heliocentrique
118196. A Concept of Limits
118197. Barbarians and Brothers: Anglo-American Warfare, 1500-1865
118198. Two Knotty Boys Back on the Ropes
118199. System Identification: A Frequency Domain Approach
118200. Slow Sex: The Path to Fulfilling and Sustainable Sexuality
118201. Build the Perfect Bug Out Bag: Your 72-Hour Disaster Survival Kit
118202. Fervid Filmmaking: 66 Cult Pictures of Vision, Verve and No Self-Restraint
118203. Fodor's Rome: with the Best City Walks and Scenic Day Trips
118204. Історія України-Русі. Том 3, Частина 2
118205. Історія України-Русі. Том 3, Частина 1
118206. Історія України-Русі. Том 2, Частина 2
118207. Історія України-Русі. Том 2, Частина 1
118208. Memoirs of a Fruitcake
118209. The Edible Herb Garden
118210. Історія України-Русі. Том 1
118211. Угро-Руські народні пісні
118212. Managing Active Directory for Windows 2000 Server
118213. HEROES ALL: Veteran Airmen of Different Nationalities Tell Their Stories of Service in the Second World War
118214. Express Web Application Development
118215. Appcelerator Titanium Business Application Development Cookbook
118216. EVE Online: ISK Strategy Guide
118217. Foundations of Optimal Control Theory
118218. Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Reporting and Business Intelligence
118219. Foundations of Optimal Control Theory
118220. Grundrechte und extraterritoriale Hoheitsakte: Auslandseinsätze des Bundesheeres und Europäische Menschenrechtskonvention
118221. jMonkeyEngine 3.0 Beginner's Guide
118222. A Conspiracy of Faith (Redemption)
118223. The Chief: Douglas Haig and the British Army
118224. FALAISE: The Flawed Victory - The Destruction of Panzergruppe West, August 1944
118225. Ljubav, struja, voda & telefon
118226. BackTrack - Testing Wireless Network Security
118227. Optimal Control
118228. Optimal Control
118229. How to Read a Poem
118230. Правительственный аппарат самодержавной России в XIX в.
118231. Denkweisen der Rechtswissenschaft: Einführung in die Theorie der rechtswissenschaftlichen Forschung
118232. Dzieje Polski za Piastów.
118233. Alex: The Commandant Camille Verhoeven Trilogy
118234. Z biegiem Wisły : obrazki o kraju
118235. Talking to the Spirits: Personal Gnosis in Pagan Religion
118236. Zdobienie i sprzet ludu polskiego na Podhalu : zarysy zycia ludowego
118237. Grace's Sweet Life: Homemade Italian Desserts from Cannoli, Tiramisu, and Panna Cotta to Torte, Pizzelle, and Struffoli
118238. Zakłady Uniwersyteckie w Krakowie. Przyczynek do dziejów oświaty krajowéj podany i pamięci pięciuset-letniego istnienia Uniwersytetu Krakowskiego poświęcony
118239. In The Charcuterie: The Fatted Calf's Guide to Making Sausage, Salumi, Pates, Roasts, Confits, and Other Meaty Goods
118240. Wizerunek Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej . T. 1
118241. The Men's Health Big Book of Exercises: Four Weeks to a Leaner, Stronger, More Muscular YOU!
118242. Teaming with Nutrients: The Organic Gardener's Guide to Optimizing Plant Nutrition
118243. Starter Vegetable Gardens: 24 No-Fail Plans for Small Organic Gardens
118244. Mechanika: Creating the Art of Science Fiction with Doug Chiang
118245. Armja Królewstwa Polskiego, 1815-1830
118246. Rodale's Ultimate Encyclopedia of Organic Gardening: The Indispensable Green Resource for Every Gardener
118247. Cool Season Gardener: Extend the Harvest, Plan Ahead, and Grow Vegetables Year-Round
118248. Chakra Frequencies: Tantra of Sound
118249. Tantric Sex for Men: Making Love a Meditation
118250. Essay on Exoticism: An Aesthetics of Diversity
118251. The Question Concerning Technology and Other Essays
118252. Master Your Mac: Simple Ways to Tweak, Customize, and Secure OS X
118253. Developing Games in Java
118254. The Complete Kitchen Garden: An Inspired Collection of Garden Designs and 100 Seasonal Recipes
118255. Knitalong: Celebrating the Tradition of Knitting Together
118256. The Secret Traditions of the Shinobi: Hattori Hanzo's Shinobi Hiden and Other Ninja Scrolls
118257. Not Your Mother's Fondue
118258. Brocade Accredited Server Connectivity Specialist
118259. Backyard Winter Gardening: Vegetables Fresh and Simple, in Any Climate Without Artificial Heat or Electricity the Way It's Been Done for 2,000 Ye
118260. Media technologies and democracy in an enlarged Europe : the intellectual work of the 2007 European Media and Communication Doctoral Summer School
118261. Alien Universe: Extraterrestrial Life in Our Minds and in the Cosmos
118262. The Lady of the Rivers: A Novel
118263. The Essential Law of Attraction Collection
118264. Runaway
118265. Lidia's Italy: 140 Simple and Delicious Recipes from the Ten Places in Italy Lidia Loves Most
118266. Slow Sex: The Path to Fulfilling and Sustainable Sexuality
118267. Communication Theory: Media, Technology and Society
118268. Here, There and Everywhere: My Life Recording the Music of the Beatles
118269. Network-Centric Naval Forces : A Transition Strategy for Enhancing Operational Capabilities
118270. The Highest Tide: A Novel
118271. The Makerspace Workbench: Tools, Technologies, and Techniques for Making
118272. iPhone: The Missing Manual
118273. A Reality Check 2003
118274. QuickBooks 2013: The Missing Manual: The Official Intuit Guide to QuickBooks 2013
118275. Pay It Forward
118276. Information and communication technology and peacebuilding : summary of a workshop
118277. Practice to Deceive
118278. Tumblr For Dummies
118279. Tantric Secrets for Men: What Every Woman Will Want Her Man to Know About Enhancing Sexual Ecstasy
118280. Browsing Nature's Aisles: A Year of Foraging for Wild Food in the Suburbs
118281. Eagles of the Third Reich: Men of the Luftwaffe in WWII
118282. Savage Sky: Life and Death on a Bomber over Germany in 1944
118283. Armored Bears: Vol. 2, The German 3rd Panzer Division in World War II
118284. From Brittany to the Reich: The 29th Infantry Division in Germany, September - November 1944
118285. Crochet Scarves: Fabulous Fashions - Various Techniques
118286. Allende's Chile and the Inter-American Cold War
118287. Fervid Filmmaking: 66 Cult Pictures of Vision, Verve and No Self-Restraint
118288. Hypertension Primer: The Essentials of High Blood Pressure: Basic Science, Population Science, and Clinical Management
118289. Scandinavian Stitch Craft: Unique Projects and Patterns for Inspired Embroidery
118290. Combat Crew: A True Story of Flying and Fighting in World War II
118291. Digital Photography Pocket Guide, Third Edition
118292. GRE For Dummies
118293. Shark Life: True Stories About Sharks & the Sea
118294. The Book Thief
118295. Hateship, Friendship, Courtship, Loveship, Marriage: Stories
118296. Chemistry: The Central Science Plus MasteringChemistry with eText -- Access Card Package
118297. I Am Malala: The Girl Who Stood Up for Education and Was Shot by the Taliban
118298. Fodor's Hawaii 2013
118299. On a Farther Shore: The Life and Legacy of Rachel Carson, Author of Silent Spring
118300. The Photographer's Vision: Understanding and Appreciating Great Photography
118301. Theodore Boone: The Accused
118302. Reached
118303. Crossed
118304. Matched
118305. Theodore Boone: Kid Lawyer
118306. Ministry of Fear
118307. Robert Plant: A Life
118308. Allegiant
118309. The LEGO Build-It Book, Vol. 1: Amazing Vehicles
118310. On Paper: The Everything of Its Two-Thousand-Year History
118311. The Tour Guide: Walking and Talking New York
118312. The Incredible Spice Men
118313. Pete Sampras a Champions Mind
118314. Iron Maiden: 30 Years of the Beast: The Complete Unauthorised Biography
118315. Explore Everything: Place-Hacking the City
118316. Etudes d'historie des sciences et de la philosophie du moyen age
118318. Baby Times: 24 Handmade Treasures for Baby & Mom
118319. The Vegetable Gardener's Guide to Permaculture: Creating an Edible Ecosystem
118320. Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon's Journey Into the Afterlife
118321. Vicious Circle
118322. The Meatball Shop Cookbook
118323. Orange Is the New Black: My Year in a Women's Prison
118324. The Telling Room: A Tale of Love, Betrayal, Revenge, and the World's Greatest Piece of Cheese
118325. Outliers: The Story of Success
118326. Michael Symon's Carnivore: 120 Recipes for Meat Lovers
118327. Barefoot Contessa Foolproof: Recipes You Can Trust
118328. Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking
118329. Hello! iOS Development
118330. Saǧduyu filozofu : Popper
118331. PowerShell Deep Dives
118332. Beautiful LEGO
118333. Cisco CCENT/CCNA ICND1 100-101 Official Cert Guide
118334. NX-OS and Cisco Nexus Switching: Next-Generation Data Center Architectures
118335. Walk Like a Man: Coming of Age with the Music of Bruce Springsteen
118336. iOS 7 App Development Essentials: Developing iOS 7 Apps for the iPhone and iPad
118337. Tinkering: Kids Learn by Making Stuff
118338. Jump Start CSS
118339. Adolf Loos: The Art of Architecture
118340. The Fortunate Aeon: How the Thousand Buddhas Became Enlightened
118341. The Fortunate Aeon: How the Thousand Buddhas Became Enlightened
118342. Creative Confidence: Unleashing the Creative Potential Within Us All
118343. Beard on Food: The Best Recipes and Kitchen Wisdom from the Dean of American Cooking
118344. Beginning Arduino
118345. Don't Blink
118346. Claire of the Sea Light
118347. The Fortunate Aeon: How the Thousand Buddhas Became Enlightened
118348. Критичний розслід над текстом Кобзаря
118349. Le Manuel Du Généraliste - Psychiatrie
118350. Le Manuel Du Généraliste - Pneumologie
118351. Le Manuel Du Généraliste - Pédiatrie
118352. Le Manuel Du Généraliste - Ophtalmologie
118353. Le Manuel Du Généraliste - Néphrologie-Urologie
118354. Le Manuel Du Généraliste - Maladies Infectieuses Virales
118355. Le Manuel Du Généraliste - Hépato-Gastro-Entérologie
118356. Le Manuel Du Généraliste - Hématologie
118357. Le Manuel Du Généraliste - Gynécologie Obstétrique
118358. Le Manuel Du Généraliste - Du Symptome Au Diagnostic
118359. Methods of Discovery: Heuristics for the Social Sciences
118360. The Challenge of Homer: School, Pagan Poets and Early Christianity
118361. A Grammatical and Exegetical Study of New Testament Verbs of Transference: A Case Frame Guide to Interpretation and Translation
118362. The Fortunate Aeon: How the Thousand Buddhas Became Enlightened
118363. Волшебство Git
118364. ISPE Glossary of Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Terminology
118365. Expressive Ungleichheit: Zur Soziologie der Lebensstile
118366. The Hodayot (Thanksgiving Psalms): A Study Edition of 1QHᵃ
118368. Israel's Tabernacle as Social Space
118369. Storia delle idee politiche economiche e sociali. L'età moderna
118370. Finding Moonshine: A Mathematician's Journey Through Symmetry
118371. Perspectiva. Book I
118372. Visual Guide to Options
118373. Visual Guide to Elliott Wave Trading
118374. Введение в физику твердого тела
118375. Флуктуационные эффекты в системах с конкурирующими взаимодействиями
118376. Hebrew Bible/Old Testament: Torah
118377. Электронная структура примесей и дефектов в переходных металлах, их сплавах и соединениях
118378. Функции Грина в теории магнетизма
118379. Experiente ale extazului
118380. Experiente ale extazului
118381. Optica
118382. Optica
118383. Физика металлов
118384. Despre spiritul legilor, vol. 3
118385. Despre spiritul legilor, vol. 3
118386. Istorie si adevar
118387. Istorie si adevar
118388. Cosmologie si alchimie babiloniana
118389. Cosmologie si alchimie babiloniana
118390. Dezvoltarea logicii, vol. 2
118391. Dezvoltarea logicii, vol. 2
118392. Incertitudinile ratiunii, umbrele mintii
118393. Incertitudinile ratiunii, umbrele mintii
118394. Istoria infernurilor
118395. Istoria infernurilor
118396. Istoria filosofiei, vol. 1
118397. Istoria filosofiei, vol. 1
118398. Filosofii cerului. O introducere critica in gandirea Evului mediu
118399. Filosofii cerului. O introducere critica in gandirea Evului mediu
118400. Осваиваем популярные системы управления сайтом
118401. Making is Connecting
118402. Linear System Theory and Design
118403. Mieszko Stary i jego wiek
118404. Patrycyat i mieszczaństwo lwowskie w XVI i XVII wieku
118405. Dzieje Korony Polskiej i Wielkiego Ksiȩstwa Litewskiego od roku 1380 do 1535 przez Bernarda z Rachtamowic Wapowskiego, ze świeżo odkrytego spółczesnego rȩkopismu, z jȩzyka łacińskiego na ojczysty przetłómaczył, przypisami objaśnił, poczet rzeczy i osób dodał Mikołaj Malinowski Tom 1
118406. The Book of Job
118407. Грамматика русского языка. Том 1: Фонетика и морфология
118408. Грамматика русского языка. Том 2: Синтаксис, часть 1
118409. Sprawy Wojenne i Polityczne 1621-1632.
118410. Jzyk polski i jego historya z uwzgldnieniem innych jzyków na ziemiach polskich Opracowali: Jan o [et. al.].
118411. Historya wyzwolonéj Rzeczypospolitéj wpadającej pod jarzmo domowe za panowania Jana Kaźmierza (1655-1660). T. 1
118412. Historya wieków średnich
118413. Dzieje narodu polskiego
118414. Listy Jana Sobieskiego do ony Maryi Kazimiry wraz z listami téj królewskiej rodziny i innych znákomitych osób
118415. Pierwsza politechnika polska, 1825-1831.
118416. Wojsko polskie na wschodzie, 1914-1920.
118417. Manual de primeiros socorros
118418. Encyclopedia of Case Study Research
118419. Blogs.Com: estudos sobre blogs e comunicação
118420. Sister Species: Women, Animals and Social Justice
118421. Reproduction in Education, Society and Culture
118422. A violência totalitária : ensaio de antropologia política.
118423. Spasm: Virtual Reality, Android Music and Electric Flesh
118424. O Conhecimento comum compendio de sociologia compreensiva
118425. The Nature of War in the Information Age: Clausewitzian Future
118426. Practical Packet Analysis: Using Wireshark to Solve Real-World Network Problems
118427. Convergence Culture: Where Old and New Media Collide
118428. Follow The Money: A digital Guide to Track Corruption
118429. Comunicacion y poder / Communication and power
118430. Para um novo senso comum : a ciência, o direito e a política na transição paradigmática
118431. Revolução molecular : pulsações politicas do desejo
118432. La maladie d'Alzheimer pour les Nuls
118433. Therapielexikon der Kleintierpraxis: Hunde, Katzen, Nagetiere, Kaninchen, Frettchen, Reptilien und Vögel - mit Zugang zum Elsevier-Portal
118434. Ουτοπία και ιστορία Η ιστορική διάσταση των ουτοπικών σχεδιασμάτων του T. Campanella και του Fr. Bacon
118435. Niccolo Machiavelli Πολιτικός σχεδιασμός και φιλοσοφία της ιστορίας
118436. Internet Communication and Qualitative Research: A Handbook for Researching Online
118437. Apple Pro Training Series: Final Cut Pro 4
118438. The Pentateuch: A Social-Science Commentary
118439. Ο Σύλλογος των Εισαγγελεών και άλλα ευθυμογραφήματα
118440. Network Warrior
118441. Arduino Projects to Save the World
118442. The TCP/IP Guide: A Comprehensive, Illustrated Internet Protocols Reference
118443. Postmodern War: The New Politics of Conflict
118444. Redes sociais na internet
118445. The Monk and the Philosopher : A Father and Son Discuss the Meaning of Life
118446. A Pictorial Guide to the Birds of the Indian Subcontinent
118447. Handbook of the Birds of India and Pakistan: Stone Curlews to Owls
118448. Handbook of the Birds of India and Pakistan: Robins to Wagtails
118449. Handbook of the Birds of India and Pakistan: Warblers to Redstarts
118450. Handbook of the Birds of India and Pakistan: Laughing Thrushes to the Mangrove Whistler
118451. Handbook of the Birds of India and Pakistan: Cuckoo-Shrikes to Babaxes
118452. Handbook of the Birds of India and Pakistan: Larks to the Grey Hypocolius
118453. Handbook of the Birds of India and Pakistan: Frogmouths to Pittas
118454. Handbook of the Birds of India and Pakistan: Stone Curlews to Owls
118455. Handbook of the Birds of India and Pakistan: Megapodes to Crab Plover
118456. Manifiesto del nuevo realismo
118457. Rhetorical Darwinism: Religion, Evolution, and the Scientific Identity
118458. Critical Humanism and the Politics of Difference
118459. Computational Physics
118460. Cometary Theory in Fifteenth-Century Europe
118461. LSAT PrepTest 60
118462. LSAT PrepTest 59
118463. LSAT PrepTest 58
118464. LSAT PrepTest 57
118465. LSAT PrepTest 56
118466. LSAT PrepTest 55
118467. LSAT PrepTest 54
118468. Holy Sh*t: A Brief History of Swearing
118469. LSAT PrepTest 53
118470. LSAT PrepTest 52
118471. Ornament of Stainless Light: An Exposition of the Kalachakra Tantra
118472. LSAT PrepTest 51
118473. LSAT PrepTest 50
118474. LSAT PrepTest 49
118475. LSAT PrepTest 48
118476. LSAT PrepTest 47
118477. LSAT PrepTest 46
118478. LSAT PrepTest 45
118479. LSAT PrepTest 44
118480. LSAT PrepTest 43
118481. LSAT PrepTest 42
118482. LSAT PrepTest 41
118483. Interpolation Spaces
118484. Missing Priests: The Zadokites in Tradition and History
118485. Storia delle idee politiche economiche e sociali. Umanesimo e Rinascimento
118486. Thermal Recovery of Oil and Bitumen
118487. Zhuangzi
118488. Zhuangzi
118489. Practical English pronunciation and intonation
118490. Austrian book series by related words Small Dictionary
118491. Basics: high school language / 高中语文
118492. Climate Change and Water Governance: Adaptive Capacity in Chile and Switzerland
118493. Regional Assessment of Climate Change in the Mediterranean: Volume 1: Air, Sea and Precipitation and Water
118494. Post-Faustmann Forest Resource Economics
118495. The Principle of Proportionality
118496. Regional Assessment of Climate Change in the Mediterranean: Volume 2: Agriculture, Forests and Ecosystem Services and People
118497. Regional Assessment of Climate Change in the Mediterranean: Volume 3: Case Studies
118498. An African Green Revolution: Finding Ways to Boost Productivity on Small Farms
118499. Climate Change Science: A Modern Synthesis: Volume 1 - The Physical Climate
118500. Virginia Woolf and Neuropsychiatry
118501. Global Approaches to Site Contamination Law
118502. Water Management and Public Participation: Case Studies from the Yamuna River Basin, India
118503. The Exploration of Happiness: Present and Future Perspectives
118504. Tumors of the Central Nervous System, Volume 10: Pineal, Pituitary, and Spinal Tumors
118505. Morphine and Metastasis
118506. Virtue Ethics and Human Enhancement
118507. An Anthropological Journey into Well-Being: Insights from Bolivia
118508. Urbanization and Sustainability: Linking Urban Ecology, Environmental Justice and Global Environmental Change
118509. The Soils of Mexico
118510. The Threads of Natural Law: Unravelling a Philosophical Tradition
118511. Stem Cells and Cancer Stem Cells, Volume 9: Therapeutic Applications in Disease and Injury
118512. Bridging Occupational, Organizational and Public Health: A Transdisciplinary Approach
118513. The Economic Geology of Iran: Mineral Deposits and Natural Resources
118514. The Background of Social Reality: Selected Contributions from the Inaugural Meeting of ENSO
118515. The Web of Violence: Exploring Connections Among Different Forms of Interpersonal Violence and Abuse
118516. Rural Aging in 21st Century America
118517. Networked Flow: Towards an Understanding of Creative Networks
118518. Advances in Ultrasound Technology for Environmental Remediation
118519. Response of Flood Events to Land Use and Climate Change: Analyzed by Hydrological and Statistical Modeling in Barcelonnette, France
118520. Gender, Work, and Family in a Chinese Economic Zone: Laboring in Paradise
118521. Research, Action and Policy: Addressing the Gendered Impacts of Climate Change
118522. The Berlin Group and the Philosophy of Logical Empiricism
118523. Cleavage, Connection and Conflict in Rural, Urban and Contemporary Asia
118524. Deformation Models: Tracking, Animation and Applications
118525. Climate Change and the Law
118526. HPV and Cancer
118527. Job Satisfaction around the Academic World
118528. Hackers
118529. Critical Pedagogy for Early Childhood and Elementary Educators
118530. Imagination of Science in Education: From Epics to Novelization
118531. Competency-based Language Teaching in Higher Education
118532. Motivations for Humanitarian intervention: Theoretical and Empirical Considerations
118533. Climate Change Impacts on Plant Biomass Growth
118534. The Very Idea of Modern Science: Francis Bacon and Robert Boyle
118535. Exclusionary Rules in Comparative Law
118536. Justice, Luck & Responsibility in Health Care: Philosophical Background and Ethical Implications for End-of-Life Care
118537. Implementing Environmental Accounts: Case Studies from Eastern and Southern Africa
118538. Different Kinds of Specificity Across Languages
118539. Perceptions of the Holocaust in Europe and Muslim Communities: Sources, Comparisons and Educational Challenges
118540. Achieving Quality Education for All: Perspectives from the Asia-Pacific Region and Beyond
118541. The Complete Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Egypt (chapter 1-4)
118542. Central Nervous System Metastasis, the Biological Basis and Clinical Considerations
118543. Identification of Ligand Binding Site and Protein-Protein Interaction Area
118544. Gender, Religion and Education in a Chaotic Postmodern World
118545. Exchanging Human Bodily Material: Rethinking Bodies and Markets
118546. Aquinas, Education and the East
118547. Land Use Dynamics in a Developing Economy: Regional Perspectives from India
118548. The Space-Economic Transformation of the City: Towards Sustainability
118549. Ethics, Design and Planning of the Built Environment
118550. Norms in Technology
118551. Renaissance Averroism and Its Aftermath: Arabic Philosophy in Early Modern Europe
118552. Brain Aging and Therapeutic Interventions
118553. Coastal Hazards
118554. On the Death of the Pilgrim: The Postcolonial Hermeneutics of Jarava Lal Mehta
118555. Semantics of Genitive Objects in Russian: A Study of Genitive of Negation and Intensional Genitive Case
118556. Hardiness: Turning Stressful Circumstances into Resilient Growth
118557. Debating the Faith: Religion and Letter Writing in Great Britain, 1550-1800
118558. Husserl’s Ideen
118559. The Multifaith Movement: Global Risks and Cosmopolitan Solutions
118560. Teacher Professional Development for Improving Quality of Teaching
118561. American Jewish Year Book 2012
118562. Justice, Responsibility and Reconciliation in the Wake of Conflict
118563. Mental Well-Being: International Contributions to the Study of Positive Mental Health
118564. Leibniz: Logico-Philosophical Puzzles in the Law: Philosophical Questions and Perplexing Cases in the Law
118565. Advances in Generative Lexicon Theory
118566. Science Education during Early Childhood: A Cultural-Historical Perspective
118567. Cadmium: From Toxicity to Essentiality
118568. Around the Tree: Semantic and Metaphysical Issues Concerning Branching and the Open Future
118569. The EuroQol Group after 25 years
118570. Father Involvement in Young Children’s Lives: A Global Analysis
118571. Pediatric Biomedical Informatics: Computer Applications in Pediatric Research
118572. Judgement and the Epistemic Foundation of Logic
118573. Technology as a Support for Literacy Achievements for Children at Risk
118574. Cultural and Social Diversity and the Transition from Education to Work
118575. AthleticEnhancement, Human Nature and Ethics: Threats and Opportunities of Doping Technologies
118576. Accomplishing Permanency: Reunification Pathways and Outcomes for Foster Children
118577. The Structural Links between Ecology, Evolution and Ethics: The Virtuous Epistemic Circle
118578. The Epidemiology of Aging
118579. Positive Leisure Science: From Subjective Experience to Social Contexts
118580. Counting Populations, Understanding Societies: Towards a Interpretative Demography
118581. The Philosophy of Edmund Husserl
118582. Educational Research: The Attraction of Psychology
118583. Phosphoinositides and Disease
118584. Lasting Female Educational Leadership: Leadership Legacies of Women Leaders
118585. Warfare in the Ancient Near East to 1600 BC
118586. Forces of Nature and Cultural Responses
118587. Perspectives on Teaching and Learning English Literacy in China
118588. Gender in Philosophy and Law
118589. Institutionalization of World-Class University in Global Competition
118590. Common Characteristics and Unique Qualities in Preschool Programs: Global Perspectives in Early Childhood Education
118591. Life on Earth and other Planetary Bodies
118592. A Positive Psychology Perspective on Quality of Life
118593. Compounding in Modern Greek
118594. The Aristotelian Tradition and the Rise of British Empiricism: Logic and Epistemology in the British Isles (1570–1689)
118595. Магнитные фазовые переходы
118596. Wastewater Reuse and Management
118597. The Nature of the Doctor-Patient Relationship: Health Care Principles through the phenomenology of relationships with patients
118598. Electric Cell-Substrate Impedance Sensing and Cancer Metastasis
118599. The Sociology of Medical Regulation: An Introduction
118600. Sustainable Development: A History
118601. University Engagement With Socially Excluded Communities
118602. BipolART: Art and Bipolar Disorder: A Personal Perspective
118603. Zoo Talk
118604. Chemistry Education and Sustainability in the Global Age
118605. Youth Identities, Localities, and Visual Material Culture: Making Selves, Making Worlds
118606. Understanding Neighbourhood Dynamics: New Insights for Neighbourhood Effects Research
118607. The Inherent Right of Self-Defence in International Law
118608. Re-negotiating Gender: Household Division of Labor when She Earns More than He Does
118609. Honor and Revenge: A Theory of Punishment
118610. Paradoxes of Integration: Female Migrants in Europe
118611. Acupuncture and Moxibustion as an Evidence-based Therapy for Cancer
118612. The Legacy of John Austin's Jurisprudence
118613. Perspectives on Teaching and Learning Chinese Literacy in China
118614. Data-based Decision Making in Education: Challenges and Opportunities
118615. Scepticism in the Eighteenth Century: Enlightenment, Lumières, Aufklärung
118616. Science in the Age of Baroque
118617. Phenomenology and the Human Positioning in the Cosmos: The Life-world, Nature, Earth: Book One
118618. Stem Cells and Cancer Stem Cells, Volume 8: Therapeutic Applications in Disease and Injury
118619. Autonomy and the Self
118620. Human-Environment Interactions: Current and Future Directions
118621. cultural essence of human knowledge. China Drama Publishing House of the Three Kingdoms / 黄帝内经
118622. Practice, Learning and Change: Practice-Theory Perspectives on Professional Learning
118623. Research on Old French: The State of the Art
118624. GPCR Signalling Complexes – Synthesis, Assembly, Trafficking and Specificity
118625. Learning, Work and Practice: New Understandings
118626. Descartes-Agonistes: Physico-mathematics, Method & Corpuscular-Mechanism 1618-33
118627. Law, Liberty, and the Rule of Law
118628. Evaporation and Evapotranspiration: Measurements and Estimations
118629. Geospatial Tools for Urban Water Resources
118630. Logics of Socialist Education: Engaging with Crisis, Insecurity and Uncertainty
118631. Competence Development and Assessment in TVET (COMET): Theoretical Framework and Empirical Results
118632. Glioma Signaling
118633. homemade health food / 家常保健康
118634. Dialogues on Human Rights and Legal Pluralism
118635. Urban Growth Analysis and Remote Sensing: A Case Study of Kolkata, India 1980–2010
118636. Физика магнитоупорядоченных веществ
118637. Tumor Ablation: Effects on Systemic and Local Anti-Tumor Immunity and on Other Tumor-Microenvironment Interactions
118638. Religion and Place: Landscape, Politics and Piety
118639. Disassembling and Decolonizing School in the Pacific: A Genealogy from Micronesia
118640. Making India: Colonialism, National Culture, and the Afterlife of Indian English Authority
118641. MicroRNA in Cancer
118642. Economic and Political Change in Asia and Europe: Social Movement Analyses
118643. Passion, Death, and Spirituality: The Philosophy of Robert C. Solomon
118644. The Origins of the Horizon in Husserl’s Phenomenology
118645. The Role of International Large-Scale Assessments: Perspectives from Technology, Economy, and Educational Research
118646. The Academic Profession in Europe: New Tasks and New Challenges
118647. Ancient Chinese-Volume I I/古代汉语 第二册
118648. Well-Being and Cultures: Perspectives from Positive Psychology
118649. The Melanin Millennium: Skin Color as 21st Century International Discourse
118650. Reasonableness and Responsibility: A Theory of Contract Law
118651. Healthcare Overview: New Perspectives
118652. The Planning Theory of Law: A Critical Reading
118653. Arterial Chemoreception: From Molecules to Systems
118654. English as an International Language in Asia: Implications for Language Education
118655. Natural compounds as inducers of cell death: volume 1
118656. The Natural philosophy of Emanuel Swedenborg: A Study in the Conceptual Metaphors of the Mechanistic World-View
118657. Respiratory Regulation - The Molecular Approach
118658. Respiratory Regulation - Clinical Advances
118659. Innovation in Vaccinology: from design, through to delivery and testing
118660. Epidemiological Research: An Introduction: An Introduction
118661. Site-directed insertion of transgenes
118662. Pediatric Cancer, Volume 3: Diagnosis, Therapy, and Prognosis
118663. Ancient Chinese/古代汉语 第一册
118664. The Universalism of Human Rights
118665. Self-directed Learning Oriented Assessments in the Asia-Pacific
118666. Moving the Equity Agenda Forward: Equity Research, Practice, and Policy in Science Education
118667. Research on PISA: Research Outcomes of the PISA Research Conference 2009
118668. The Geology and Tectonic Settings of China's Mineral Deposits
118669. Regional Mortality Differences in Germany
118670. Transactional Perspectives on Occupation
118671. Happiness in Children: Measurement, Correlates and Enhancement of Positive Subjective Well-Being
118672. The Psychology of Quality of Life: Hedonic Well-Being, Life Satisfaction, and Eudaimonia
118673. Glaciations in North and South America from the Miocene to the Last Glacial Maximum: Comparisons, Linkages and Uncertainties
118674. Reconstruction of Wave-Particle Duality and its Implications for General Chemistry Textbooks
118675. Ancient Chinese/ 古代汉语第三册
118676. Quality of Life and Mortality Among Children: Historical Perspectives
118677. Cantonese Particles and Affixal Quantification
118678. Demographic Change and Housing Wealth:: Home-owners, Pensions and Asset-based Welfare in Europe
118679. Swarming Landscapes: The Art of Designing For Climate Adaptation
118680. Essentials of Medical Geology: Revised Edition
118681. Effective field theories of magnetism / Эффективное поле в теории магнетизма
118682. Medical Geochemistry: Geological Materials and Health
118683. Climatic and Environmental History of Isla de los Estados, Argentina
118684. Family Well-Being: European Perspectives
118685. Climate and Weather of the Sun-Earth System (CAWSES): Highlights from a Priority Program
118686. The Mechanization of Natural Philosophy
118687. Dao Companion to the Philosophy of Han Fei
118688. History as a Science: The Philosophy of R.G. Collingwood
118689. LOST Opportunities: Learning in Out-of-School Time
118690. Schooling for Sustainable Development in Canada and the United States
118691. Articulating Islam: Anthropological Approaches to Muslim Worlds
118692. Art, Literature, and Passions of the Skies
118693. Clark Kerr's World of Higher Education Reaches the 21st Century: Chapters in a Special History
118694. The arm movement method of rapid writing
118695. The Philosophy of Computer Games
118696. Ethnocinema: Intercultural Arts Education
118697. Resilient Cities 2: Cities and Adaptation to Climate Change – Proceedings of the Global Forum 2011
118698. Women in Islam: Reflections on Historical and Contemporary Research
118699. Maternal Fetal Transmission of Human Viruses and their Influence on Tumorigenesis
118700. IAMPETH Scrapbook
118701. Tumors of the Central Nervous System, Volume 8: Astrocytoma, Medulloblastoma, Retinoblastoma, Chordoma, Craniopharyngioma, Oligodendroglioma, and Ependymoma
118702. The Urban Fabric of Crime and Fear
118703. Advances in Water Treatment and Pollution Prevention
118704. Experience of School Transitions: Policies, Practice and Participants
118705. Multiple Representations in Biological Education
118706. The Immutable Laws of Mankind: The Struggle For Universal Human Rights
118707. Critical Analysis of Science Textbooks: Evaluating instructional effectiveness
118708. Social Justice in the U.S.-Mexico Border Region
118709. Pitfalls of Shoreline Stabilization: Selected Case Studies
118710. School Leadership in the Context of Standards-Based Reform: International Perspectives
118711. The Well-Being of America's Children: Developing and Improving the Child and Youth Well-Being Index
118712. Reading, Writing, Mathematics and the Developing Brain: Listening to Many Voices
118713. C. Henry Kempe: A 50 Year Legacy to the Field of Child Abuse and Neglect
118714. Iampeth Scrapbook
118715. The Psychological Well-being of East Asian Youth
118716. Rhetorical Ways of Thinking: Vygotskian Theory and Mathematical Learning
118717. Post 9/11 and the State of Permanent Legal Emergency: Security and Human Rights in Countering Terrorism
118718. Population Aging: The Transformation of Societies
118719. Education and the Kyoto School of Philosophy: Pedagogy for Human Transformation
118720. Topical Themes in Argumentation Theory: Twenty Exploratory Studies
118721. Reading Maimonides' Philosophy in 19th Century Germany: The Guide to Religious Reform
118722. Globalization and Human Rights: Challenges and Answers from a European Perspective
118723. Making Sense of Education: Fifteen Contemporary Educational Theorists in their own Words
118724. The Development of Bioethics in the United States
118725. The Metaphysics of Henry More
118726. Rationis Defensor: Essays in Honour of Colin Cheyne
118727. Issues and Challenges in Science Education Research: Moving Forward
118728. Critical Voices in Teacher Education: Teaching for Social Justice in Conservative Times
118729. Migration and Transformation:: Multi-Level Analysis of Migrant Transnationalism
118730. European Higher Education at the Crossroads: Between the Bologna Process and National Reforms
118731. Emerging Compounds Removal from Wastewater: Natural and Solar Based Treatments
118732. Интервью с генеральными директорами ведущих компаний
118733. Self-Studies of Science Teacher Education Practices
118734. Beginning Teaching: Stories from the Classroom
118735. Second Generation Biometrics: The Ethical, Legal and Social Context
118736. Ethics, Health Policy and (Anti-) Aging: Mixed Blessings
118737. Activating grammar multilevel
118738. The Role of Community-Mindedness in the Self-Regulation of Drug Cultures: A Case Study from the Shetland Islands
118739. Wabi Sabi: The Japanese Art of Impermanence
118740. Governing the Uncertain: Adaptation and Climate in Russia and Finland
118741. Modern Methods for Epidemiology
118742. Phosphoinositides II: The Diverse Biological Functions
118743. Phosphoinositides I: Enzymes of Synthesis and Degradation
118744. Central Product Classification (CPC) Version 1.1 (Russian language)
118745. Design for Innovative Value Towards a Sustainable Society: Proceedings of EcoDesign 2011: 7th International Symposium on Environmentally Conscious Design and Inverse Manufacturing
118746. Illuminations: Essays and Reflections
118747. Understanding and applying the concept of sustainable development to transportation planning and decision-making in the U.S.
118748. Epistemologias do Sul
118749. Conhecimento prudente para uma vida decente : 'um discurso sobre as ciências' revisitado
118750. Securing & Optimizing Linux: The Hacking Solution
118751. RadCom : radiodifusão comunitária : como instalar uma rádio comunitária : manual de orientação.
118752. Schaum's Outline of Chinese Grammar
118753. Principles of Advanced Mathematical Physics, Volume II
118754. Multidimensional Ranking: The Design and Development of U-Multirank
118755. Remembering Simplified Hanzi: Book 1, How Not to Forget the Meaning and Writing of Chinese Characters
118756. Free Markets and the Culture of Common Good
118757. Encounters and Engagements between Economic and Cultural Geography
118758. The Politicization of Parenthood: Shifting private and public responsibilities in education and child rearing
118759. Living Intersections: Transnational Migrant Identifications in Asia
118760. Pediatric Cancer, Volume 2: Teratoid/Rhabdoid, Brain Tumors, and Glioma
118761. Higher Education: Handbook of Theory and Research: Volume 27
118762. Αγγλοελληνικό λεξικό φυσικών όρων
118763. Valuing Students with Impairment: International comparisons of practice in educational accountability
118764. Flows of Faith: Religious Reach and Community in Asia and the Pacific
118765. Entrepreneurship, Governance and Ethics
118766. Atlas of Interstitial Cells of Cajal in the Gastrointestinal Tract
118767. Tumors of the Central Nervous System, Volume 7: Meningiomas and Schwannomas
118768. Schooling for Sustainable Development:: A Focus on Australia, New Zealand, and the Oceanic Region
118769. Tumors of the Central Nervous System, Volume 6: Spinal Tumors (Part 1)
118770. Contractual Communities in the Self-Organising City: Freedom, Creativity, Subsidiarity
118771. Learning at the Crossroads of Theory and Practice: Research on Innovative Learning Practices
118772. State, Globalization and Multilateralism: The challenges of institutionalizing regionalism
118773. Feminism and Migration: Cross-Cultural Engagements
118774. Earthquake Disasters in Latin America: A Holistic Approach
118775. Perspectives on Human Suffering
118776. Portraits of 21st Century Chinese Universities: In the Move to Mass Higher Education
118777. Ocean Governance: A Way Forward
118778. Characterizing the Robustness of Science: After the Practice Turn in Philosophy of Science
118779. Ritual and the Moral Life: Reclaiming the Tradition
118780. Αγγλοελληνικό λεξικό φυσικών όρων
118781. Assessing Schools for Generation R (Responsibility): A Guide for Legislation and School Policy in Science Education
118782. Tracking Environmental Change Using Lake Sediments: Data Handling and Numerical Techniques
118783. Teaching and Learning Patterns in School Mathematics: Psychological and Pedagogical Considerations
118784. Happiness Across Cultures: Views of Happiness and Quality of Life in Non-Western Cultures
118785. The Politics of our Selves: Power, Autonomy, and Gender in Contemporary Critical Theory
118786. Restoring Lands - Coordinating Science, Politics and Action: Complexities of Climate and Governance
118787. A Dictionary of Chinese Characters: Accessed by Phonetics
118788. The Future of Cities and Regions: Simulation, Scenario and Visioning, Governance and Scale
118789. Management of Mountain Watersheds
118790. TCFL Tutorial Seriesof Peking University Version ·Elementary Tutorial Series- New Ladder: Intermediate Chinese Tutorial
118791. Vitalism and the Scientific Image in Post-Enlightenment Life Science, 1800-2010
118792. Intermediate Chinese Listening & Speaking - Textbook
118793. International Handbook of Protestant Education
118794. Intermediate Spoken Chinese, Part 1
118795. General Reports of the XVIIIth Congress of the International Academy of Comparative Law/Rapports Généraux du XVIIIème Congrès de l’Académie Internationale de Droit Comparé
118796. Perspectives on Environmental Management and Technology in Asian River Basins
118797. Transitions and Transformations in Learning and Education
118798. Elementary Chinese Listening 2
118799. Subjective Well-Being and Security
118800. Popular Chinese Expressions
118801. NGOs as Legitimate Partners of Corporations: A Political Conceptualization
118802. Bioethics Critically Reconsidered: Having Second Thoughts
118803. Imagined Causes: Hume's Conception of Objects
118804. Rethinking Social Epidemiology: Towards a Science of Change
118805. International Perspectives on Teaching and Learning with GIS in Secondary Schools
118806. The Yamuna River Basin: Water Resources and Environment
118807. Materia Medica for Various Cancers
118808. Geospatial Techniques for Managing Environmental Resources
118809. Speed up Spoken Chinese: Basic Course
118810. Hanyu 2 Chinese for Beginners Student's Book
118811. Hànyǔ. : 1 Chinese for beginners
118812. Greenhouse Gas Inventories: Dealing With Uncertainty
118813. A History of Diabetes in Pregnancy: The impact of maternal diabetes on offspring prenatal development and survival
118814. Collected Papers VI. Literary Reality and Relationships
118815. Practical Audio-Visual Chinese Level 1: Textbook
118816. Global Geographies of the Internet
118817. Meeting China: Intermediate
118818. Reading Comprehension: Assisting Children with Learning Difficulties
118819. Learn to Speak Chinese: Bk. 1
118820. Citizenship Pedagogies in Asia and the Pacific
118821. Narrative Soundings: An Anthology of Narrative Inquiry in Music Education
118822. 話說澳大利亞 = Introducing Australia : supplementary Chinese readings for intermediate students.
118823. Practical Chinese reader elementary course. Book 1-2, Deutsches Glossar
118824. Geomagnetism: Solid Earth and Upper Atmosphere Perspectives
118825. Otto Neurath and the Unity of Science
118826. Syntax-Based Collocation Extraction
118827. Modernity, Pluralism and the Crisis of Meaning: The Orientation of Modern Man
118828. Elementary Chinese Readers
118829. Armed Conflict and International Law: In Search of the Human Face: Liber Amicorum in Memory of Avril McDonald
118830. Netherlands Yearbook of International Law 2012: Legal Equality and the International Rule of Law - Essays in Honour of P.H. Kooijmans
118831. Elementary Chinese Readers
118832. Leading Cases in Sports Law
118833. Financing Services of General Economic Interest: Reform and Modernization
118834. Between Autonomy and Dependence: The EU Legal Order under the Influence of International Organisations
118835. Elementary Chinese Readers
118836. International Intellectual Property Law and Human Security
118837. The Court of Justice and the Construction of Europe: Analyses and Perspectives on Sixty Years of Case-law - La Cour de Justice et la Construction de l'Europe: Analyses et Perspectives de Soixante Ans de Jurisprudence
118838. International Courts and the Development of International Law: Essays in Honour of Tullio Treves
118839. Chinese Situational Dialogues
118840. Towards Global Justice: Sovereignty in an Interdependent World
118841. Prisoners of the International Community: The Legal Position of Persons Detained at International Criminal Tribunals
118842. National Legal Systems and Globalization: New Role, Continuing Relevance
118843. International Disaster Response Law
118844. New Approaches to International Law: The European and the American Experiences
118845. Social Services of General Interest in the EU
118846. Advanced Spoken Chinese: v. 1
118847. New Media and Sport: International Legal Aspects
118848. Mistake of Law: Excusing Perpetrators of International Crimes
118849. The Function of Public International Law
118850. Separating Powers: International Law before National Courts
118851. Yearbook of International Humanitarian Law 2011 - Volume 14
118852. Introduction to International and European Sports Law: Capita Selecta
118853. Integrated Chinese Character Workbook: Level 1, Part 1
118854. Netherlands Yearbook of International Law 2011: Agora: The Case of Iraq: International Law and Politics
118855. Anticipative Criminal Investigation: Theory and Counterterrorism Practice in the Netherlands and the United States
118856. The Implementation of the EU Services Directive: Transposition, Problems and Strategies
118857. Lex Sportiva: What is Sports Law?
118858. EU External Relations Law and Policy in the Post-Lisbon Era
118859. CAS and Football: Landmark Cases
118860. Geospatial Technologies in Environmental Management
118861. Hurricanes and Climate Change: Volume 2
118862. Therapeutic Angiogenesis for Vascular Diseases: Molecular Mechanisms and Targeted Clinical Approaches for the Treatment of Angiogenic Disease
118863. Essays on the Foundations of Mathematics by Moritz Pasch
118864. Law, Culture and Visual Studies
118865. Warlords: The Struggle for Power in Post-Roman Britain
118866. The Classical Foundations of Population Thought: From Plato to Quesnay
118867. Introductory Discrete Mathematics
118868. The Present Situation in the Philosophy of Science
118869. The Quality of Life in Asia: A Comparison of Quality of Life in Asia
118870. Deadly Heat
118871. The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks
118872. The Demography of Europe
118873. Production and Use of Urban Knowledge: European Experiences
118874. Crime, HIV and Health: Intersections of Criminal Justice and Public Health Concerns
118875. Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail
118876. Negotiating the Life Course: Stability and Change in Life Pathways
118877. Planets in Binary Star Systems
118878. Methods of Cancer Diagnosis, Therapy, and Prognosis: Brain Cancer
118879. Ancient Water Technologies
118880. Geographies of Science
118881. Higher Education: Handbook of Theory and Research: Volume 25
118882. Ethical Questions and International NGOs: An exchange between Philosophers and NGOs
118883. Science | Environment | Health: Towards a Renewed Pedagogy for Science Education
118884. Critical Peace Education: Difficult Dialogues
118885. Beyond Mimesis and Convention: Representation in Art and Science
118886. Phenomenology and Existentialism in the Twenthieth Century: Book III. Heralding the New Enlightenment
118887. Integrated Watershed Management: Perspectives and Problems
118888. Decentralized Development in Latin America: Experiences in Local Governance and Local Development
118889. Alkane C-H Activation by Single-Site Metal Catalysis
118890. The Vienna Circle in the Nordic Countries
118891. Bioremediation Technology: Recent Advances
118892. Looking at it from Asia: the Processes that Shaped the Sources of History of Science
118893. The Developmental Relations among Mind, Brain and Education: Essays in Honor of Robbie Case
118894. Ageing in Advanced Industrial States: Riding the Age Waves - Volume 3
118895. Cells and Culture: Proceedings of the 20th ESACT Meeting, Dresden, Germany, June 17-20, 2007
118896. Megacities: Our Global Urban Future
118897. Developing CDM Projects in the Western Balkans: Legal and Technical Issues Compared
118898. Religious Diversity in Southeast Asia and the Pacific: National Case Studies
118899. Singular Reference: A Descriptivist Perspective
118900. Philosophy of Syntax: Foundational Topics
118901. Globalization, Education and Social Justice
118902. Multimedia Explorations in Urban Policy and Planning: Beyond the Flatlands
118903. Methods of Cancer Diagnosis, Therapy, and Prognosis: General Overviews, Head and Neck Cancer and Thyroid Cancer
118904. Expression and Interpretation of Negation: An OT Typology
118905. Indian Ocean Tropical Cyclones and Climate Change
118906. Making Strategies in Spatial Planning: Knowledge and Values
118907. Scientia in Early Modern Philosophy: Seventeenth-Century Thinkers on Demonstrative Knowledge from First Principles
118908. Management and Sustainable Development of Coastal Zone Environments
118909. Landscape Modelling: Geographical Space, Transformation and Future Scenarios
118910. Management of Health Risks from Environment and Food: Policy and Politics of Health Risk Management in Five Countries - Asbestos and BSE
118911. Coastal Environments: Focus on Asian Regions
118912. Leadership for an Age of Wisdom
118913. Real Learning Opportunities at Business School and Beyond
118914. A Treatise of Legal Philosophy and General Jurisprudence: Vol. 9: A History of the Philosophy of Law in the Civil Law World, 1600-1900; Vol. 10: The Philosophers’ Philosophy of Law from the Seventeenth Century to our Days
118915. Methods of Cancer Diagnosis, Therapy, and Prognosis: Ovarian Cancer, Renal Cancer, Urogenitary tract Cancer, Urinary Bladder Cancer, Cervical Uterine Cancer, Skin Cancer, Leukemia, Multiple Myeloma and Sarcoma
118916. Recent Progress in Coupled Cluster Methods: Theory and Applications
118917. Inherited Neuromuscular Diseases: Translation from Pathomechanisms to Therapies
118918. Ptolemy in Perspective: Use and Criticism of his Work from Antiquity to the Nineteenth Century
118919. Decentralisation, School-Based Management, and Quality
118920. Music Education for Changing Times: Guiding Visions for Practice
118921. Inequality in Education: Comparative and International Perspectives
118922. Changing the Scientific Study of Religion: Beyond Freud?: Theoretical, Empirical and Clinical Studies from Psychoanalytic Perspectives
118923. Astronomy of Copernicus and its Background
118924. Topics in Early Modern Philosophy of Mind
118925. Teachers' Career Trajectories and Work Lives
118926. The Science of Well-Being: The Collected Works of Ed Diener
118927. The Handbook of Neuropsychiatric Biomarkers, Endophenotypes and Genes: Molecular Genetic and Genomic Markers
118928. Mapping the Higher Education Landscape: Towards a European Classifi cation of Higher Education
118929. Community Quality-of-Life Indicators: Best Cases IV
118930. Hello! iOS Development
118931. Echocardiography in Mitral Valve Disease
118932. Contrast-Enhanced Ultrasound of the Urinary Tract
118933. Traumatic Injuries of the Knee
118934. Orthopantomography
118935. BackTrack 5 Cookbook
118936. Discriminatory Bullying: A New Intercultural Challenge
118937. The Axis Vertebra
118938. A Radiologically-Guided Approach to Musculoskeletal Anatomy
118939. Cardiovascular CT and MR Imaging: From Technique to Clinical Interpretation
118940. A Guide to Neonatal and Pediatric ECGs
118941. Imaging of Perianal Inflammatory Diseases
118942. Morality and Corporate Governance: Firm Integrity and Spheres of Justice
118943. Sports Cardiology: From Diagnosis to Clinical Management
118944. Health-Related Quality of Life in Cardiovascular Patients
118945. Atlas of Lymphoscintigraphy and Sentinel Node Mapping: A Pictorial Case-Based Approach
118946. Radionuclide Imaging of Infection and Inflammation: A Pictorial Case-Based Atlas
118947. Mammoth Book of Slasher Movies T
118948. From Basic Cardiac Imaging to Image Fusion: Core Competencies Versus Technological Progress
118949. Genetic Cardiomyopathies: A Clinical Approach
118950. iOS 7 App Development Essentials: Developing iOS 7 Apps for the iPhone and iPad
118951. Ultrasound-guided Musculoskeletal Procedures: The Upper Limb
118952. Articular Cartilage Defects of the Knee: Diagnosis and Treatment
118953. Pediatric Anesthesia, Intensive Care and Pain: Standardization in Clinical Practice
118954. Neuropsychiatric Dysfunction in Multiple Sclerosis
118955. Uncommon Pancreatic Neoplasms: In collaboration with Massimo Falconi, Roberto Salvia and Giovanni Butturini
118956. Rectal Cancer: Strategy and Surgical Techniques
118957. Body Fluid Management: From Physiology to Therapy
118958. Small Implants in Knee Reconstruction
118959. Oncoplastic and Reconstructive Breast Surgery
118960. The Success Equation: Untangling Skill and Luck in Business, Sports, and Investing
118961. Paul Blaisdell, Monster Maker: A Biography of the B Movie Makeup and Special Effects Artist
118962. Premature Ejaculation: From Etiology to Diagnosis and Treatment
118963. Controversies in the Anesthetic Management of the Obese Surgical Patient
118964. Percutaneous Treatment of Left Side Cardiac Valves: A Practical Guide for the Interventional Cardiologist
118965. Diseases of the Brain, Head & Neck, Spine 2012–2015: Diagnostic Imaging and Interventional Techniques
118966. The Basic Principles of External Skeletal Fixation Using the Ilizarov and Other Devices
118967. Using Multivariate Statistics
118968. Imaging Tumor Response to Therapy
118969. Special Issues in Hypertension
118970. Surgery of the Adrenal Gland
118971. Echocardiography for Intensivists
118972. Science Centres and Science Events: A Science Communication Handbook
118973. Clinical Applications of Cardiac CT
118974. Innovation in Esophageal Surgery
118975. We are the Martians: Connecting Cosmology with Biology
118976. Atlas of Muscle Innervation Zones: Understanding Surface Electromyography and Its Applications
118977. Practical Issues in Anesthesia and Intensive Care
118978. Normal Ultrasound Anatomy of the Musculoskeletal System: A pratical guide
118979. Hemocoagulative Problems in the Critically Ill Patient
118980. Modified Inferior Turbinoplasty: A New Surgical Approach
118981. Pulse Waves: How Vascular Hemodynamics Affects Blood Pressure
118982. MDCT Protocols: Whole Body and Emergencies
118983. Dawn and Evolution of Cardiac Procedures: Research Avenues in Cardiac Surgery and Interventional Cardiology
118984. Leprosy: A Practical Guide
118985. The Right Ventricle in Adults with Tetralogy of Fallot
118986. Errors in Radiology
118987. Pediatric Hydrocephalus
118988. La nuova vita
118989. Prevention and Treatment of Complications in Proctological Surgery
118990. GISTs — Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumors: Progettare, produrre ed erogare corsi di formazione online per l’area sanitaria
118991. Thoraco-Abdominal Aorta: Surgical and Anesthetic Management
118992. Gene Therapy
118993. Infection Control in the Intensive Care Unit
118994. Ventilazione meccanica non invasiva: Come, quando e perché
118995. Transvenous Lead Extraction: From Simple Traction to Internal Transjugular Approach
118996. Musculoskeletal Diseases 2009–2012: Diagnostic Imaging 41th International Diagnostic Course in Davos (IDKD) Davos, March 29–April 3, 2009
118997. Imaging of Urogenital Diseases: A Color Atlas
118998. Thyroid and Heart Failure: From Pathophysiology to Clinics
118999. CT Evaluation of Coronary Artery Disease
119000. Intestinal Polyps and Polyposis: From Genetics to Treatment and Follow-up
119001. Surgery in Multimodal Management of Solid Tumors
119002. Surgical Treatment of Pancreatic Diseases
119003. Orthopedic Surgery in Patients with Hemophilia
119004. Diseases of the Brain, Head & Neck, Spine: Diagnostic Imaging and Interventional Techniques 40th International Diagnostic Course in Davos (IDKD) Davos, March 30–April 4, 2008
119005. MDCT: From Protocols to Practice
119006. Avian Influenza and Newcastle Disease: A Field and Laboratory Manual
119007. Imaging Atlas of the Pelvic Floor and Anorectal Diseases
119008. Anaesthesia, Pain, Intensive Care and Emergency A.P.I.C.E.: Proceedings of the 22nd Postgraduate Course in Critical Care Medicine Venice-Mestre, Italy — November 9–11, 2007
119009. Respiratory System and Artificial Ventilation
119010. Cardiovascular Disease in AIDS
119011. Atlas of Functional Shoulder Anatomy
119012. Surgical Treatment of Hilar and Intrahepatic Cholangiocarcinoma
119013. Incisional Hernia
119014. Rectal Prolapse: Diagnosis and Clinical Management
119015. Basics
119016. Selective Digestive Tract Decontamination in Intensive Care Medicine: a Practical Guide to Controlling Infection
119017. Dead Ringer
119018. From Signals to Colours: A Case-based Atlas of Electroanatomic Mapping in Complex Atrial Arrhythmias
119019. Irregulars: Stories by Nicole Kimberling, Josh Lanyon, Ginn Hale and Astrid Amara
119020. Fecal Incontinence: Diagnosis and Treatment
119021. Current News in Cardiology: Proceedings of the Mediterranean Cardiology Meeting (Taormina, May 20–22, 2007)
119022. Diseases of the Heart, Chest & Breast: Diagnostic Imaging and Interventional Techniques 39th International Diagnostic Course in Davos (IDKD) Davos, March 25–30, 2007 Pediatric Satellite Course “Kangaroo” Davos, March 24–25, 2007
119023. Treatment of Elbow Lesions: New Aspects in Diagnosis and Surgical Techniques
119024. Anaesthesia, Pain, Intensive Care and Emergency A.P.I.C.E.: Proceedings of the 21st Postgraduate Course in Critical Care Medicine Venice-Mestre, Italy — November 10–13, 2006
119025. Hemangiomas and Vascular Malformations: An Atlas of Diagnosis and Treatment
119026. Perioperative Critical Care Cardiology
119027. The Mammoth Book of Slasher Movies
119028. Cachexia and Wasting: A Modern Approach
119029. PowerShell Deep Dives
119030. Musculoskeletal Sonography: Technique, Anatomy, Semeiotics and Pathological Findings in Rheumatic Diseases
119031. Play for Scala: Covers Play 2
119032. Arrhythmogenic RV Cardiomyopathy/Dysplasia: Recent Advances
119033. Modern Holiday: Deck the Halls with 18 Sewing Projects Quilts, Stockings, Decorations & More
119034. Chicken Soup for the Cat & Dog Lover's Soul: Celebrating Pets as Family with Stories About Cats, Dogs and Other Critters
119035. iOS 7 App Development Essentials: Developing iOS 7 Apps for the iPhone and iPad
119036. Neurodegeneration in Multiple Sclerosis
119037. Clinical Psychology and Heart Disease
119038. Role of Physical Exercise in Preventing Disease and Improving the Quality of Life
119039. Hand Transplantation
119040. Japantown: A Thriller
119041. Incentives for Research, Development, and Innovation in Pharmaceuticals
119042. The Success Equation: Untangling Skill and Luck in Business, Sports, and Investing
119043. Obama and The End of the American Dream: Essays in Political and Economic Philosophy
119044. The General in His Labyrinth
119045. Theory of Third-Order Differential Equations
119046. Necessary Lies
119047. Perspectives in inflammation biology
119048. The Alchemist of Souls: Night's Masque, Volume 1
119049. Mission Mars: India's Quest for the Red Planet
119050. Business Ethics: Texts and Cases from the Indian Perspective
119051. Trends in Molecular Electrochemistry
119052. Independent Component Analysis of Edge Information for Face Recognition
119053. Women’s Political Participation in Bangladesh: Institutional Reforms, Actors and Outcomes
119054. Omics for Personalized Medicine
119055. BetterPhoto Basics: The Absolute Beginner's Guide to Taking Photos Like a Pro
119056. Governing India's Northeast: Essays on Insurgency, Development and the Culture of Peace
119057. Intergenerational Mobility: A Study of Social Classes in India
119058. Development and Sustainability: India in a Global Perspective
119059. Productivity, Separability and Deprivation: A Study on Female Workers in the Indian Informal Service Sector
119060. Liberalization, Growth and Regional Disparities in India
119061. Women, Wellbeing, and the Ethics of Domesticity in an Odia Hindu Temple Town
119062. Australian Horror Films, 1973-2010
119063. Prospects in Bioscience: Addressing the Issues
119064. Paul Blaisdell, Monster Maker: A Biography of the B Movie Makeup and Special Effects Artist
119065. Proceedings of the International Symposium on Engineering under Uncertainty: Safety Assessment and Management (ISEUSAM - 2012)
119066. Chicken Soup for the Bride's Soul: Stories of Love, Laughter and Commitment to Last a Lifetime
119067. Chicken Soup for the Ocean Lover's Soul: Amazing Sea Stories and Wyland Artwork to Open the Heart and Rekindle the Spirit
119068. Extraterrestrial Influence on Climate Change
119069. ICU Protocols: A stepwise approach
119070. Functional Instability or Paradigm Shift?: A Characteristic Study of Indian Stock Market in the First Decade of the New Millennium
119071. Ideas That Matter: A Personal Guide for the 21st Century
119072. Mistress
119073. Something Borrowed, Someone Dead: An Agatha Raisin Mystery
119074. The Sorcerers and Their Apprentices: How the Digital Magicians of the MIT Media Lab Are Creating the Innovative Technologies That Will Transform Our Lives
119075. Transmitters and Modulators in Health and Disease: New Frontiers in Neuroscience
119076. The Joy of Sex: The Ultimate Revised Edition
119077. Michael Symon's Live to Cook: Recipes and Techniques to Rock Your Kitchen
119078. Molecular Imaging for Integrated Medical Therapy and Drug Development
119079. Sustainable Urban Transport in an Asian Context
119080. Natural Computing: 2nd International Workshop on Natural Computing, Nagoya, Japan, December 2007, Proceedings
119081. The Complete Jack the Ripper
119082. New Trends in the Molecular and Biological Basis for Clinical Oncology
119083. The Brokenhearted
119084. Radiation Health Risk Sciences: Proceedings of the First International Symposium of the Nagasaki University Global COE Program “Global Strategic Center for Radiation Health Risk Control”
119085. Insignia
119086. Gastrointestinal Cancer Atlas for Endoscopic Therapy
119087. Agent-Based Approaches in Economic and Social Complex Systems V: Post-Proceedings of The AESCS International Workshop 2007
119088. Vestibular Evoked Myogenic Potential: Its Basics and Clinical Applications
119089. Dendritic Cells in Clinics
119090. New Challenges in Gastrointestinal Endoscopy
119091. Groundwater Management in Asian Cities: Technology and Policy for Sustainability
119092. Urban Environmental Management and Technology
119093. Vulnerable Cities: Realities, Innovations and Strategies
119094. Sustainable City Regions:: Space, Place and Governance
119095. Advances in Mathematical Economics Volume 11
119096. Artificial Market Experiments with the U-Mart System
119097. Interface Oral Health Science 2007: Proceedings of the 2nd International Symposium for Interface Oral Health Science, Held in Sendai, Japan, Between 18 and 19 February, 2007
119098. 10-Fold Origami: Fabulous Paperfolds You Can Make in Just 10 Steps!
119099. New Frontiers in Lifestyle-Related Diseases
119100. Meaning in Action: Constructions, Narratives, and Representations
119101. Spatial Data Infrastructure for Urban Regeneration
119102. Fatigue Science for Human Health
119103. Novel Trends in Brain Science: Brain Imaging, Learning and Memory, Stress and Fear, and Pain
119104. Object Recognition, Attention, and Action
119105. Questions in Daily Urologic Practice: Updates for Urologists and Diagnostic Pathologists
119106. Advances in Mathematical Economics
119107. Exercise-Induced Acute Renal Failure: Acute Renal Failure with Severe Loin Pain and Patchy Renal Ischemia After Anaerobic Exercise
119108. Acquired Cystic Disease of the Kidney and Renal Cell Carcinoma: Complications of Long-Term Dialysis
119109. Pathology of the Esophagus: An Atlas and Textbook
119110. Development of Novel Anti-HIV Pyrimidobenzothiazine Derivatives
119111. Environmental Leadership Capacity Building in Higher Education: Experience and Lessons from Asian Program for Incubation of Environmental Leaders
119112. Learning Regression Analysis by Simulation
119113. Who Will Provide the Next Financial Model?: Asia's Financial Muscle and Europe's Financial Maturity
119114. Zero-Carbon Energy Kyoto 2012: Special Edition of the Joint Symposium “Energy Science in the Age of Global Warming” of the Kyoto University Global COE Program and the JGSEE/CEE-KMUTT
119115. Development of Novel Hydrogen-Bond Donor Catalysts
119116. New Developments in Mode-Water Research: Dynamic and Climatic Effects
119117. Illustrated Anatomical Segmentectomy for Lung Cancer
119118. Environmental Systems Studies: A Macroscope for Understanding and Operating Spaceship Earth
119119. Environmental Issues in China Today: A View from Japan
119120. Theory and Practice of Computation: Workshop on Computation: Theory and Practice Quezon City, Philippines, September 2011 Proceedings
119121. Progress in Social Psychiatry in Japan: An Approach to Psychiatric Epidemiology
119122. Formulas, Ingredients and Production of Cosmetics: Technology of Skin- and Hair-Care Products in Japan
119123. Treatment of Thyroid Tumor: Japanese Clinical Guidelines
119124. Practical Handbook of Endoscopic Ultrasonography
119125. Laparoscopic Gastrectomy for Cancer: Standard Techniques and Clinical Evidences
119126. Current Topics of Infectious Diseases in Japan and Asia
119127. Pediatric Neuropathology: A Text-Atlas
119128. Fluid Volume Monitoring with Glucose Dilution
119129. Time and Space in Economics
119130. New Frontiers in Regenerative Medicine
119131. Treatment of Osteoarthritic Change in the Hip: Joint Preservation or Joint Replacement?
119132. Interventional Management of Urological Diseases
119133. Double-Balloon Endoscopy: Theory and Practice
119134. OPLL: Ossification of the Posterior Longitudinal Ligament
119135. Central Auditory Pathway Disorders
119136. Neuropathies of the Auditory and Vestibular Eighth Cranial Nerves
119137. Vision 2050: Roadmap for a Sustainable Earth
119138. State Liability for Breaches of European Law: An economic analysis
119139. Locational Tournaments in the Context of the EU Competitive Environment: A New Institutional Economics Approach to Foreign Direct Investment Policy Competition between Governments in Europe
119140. Prediction or Prophecy?: The Boundaries of Economic Foreknowledge and Their Socio-Political Consequences
119141. Economic Analyses of the European Patent System
119142. Volunteering and Social Inclusion: Interrelations between Unemployment and Civic Engagement in Germany and Great Britain
119143. Professional Testimonial Privileges: A Law and Economics Perspective
119144. Public Sector Efficiency: Applications to Local Governments in Germany
119145. A Strategic Fit Perspective on Family Firm Performance
119146. Implicit Incentives in International Joint Ventures: An Experimental Study
119147. Integration of Preference Analysis Methods into Quality Function Deployment: A Focus on Elderly People
119148. Web Based Project Coaching: Requirements, Design, Implementation and Evaluation of Online Coaching Services
119149. Sustainability in Tourism: A Multidisciplinary Approach
119150. Cross-Border Venture Capital Investments: Why Do Venture Capital Firms Invest at a Distance?
119151. Country-Specific Effects of Reputation: A Cross-Country Comparison of Online Auction Markets
119152. Patent Aggregating Companies: Their strategies, activities and options for producing companies
119153. Service Business Costing: Cost Accounting Approach for the Service Industry
119154. European Retail Research
119155. Building Successful Partnerships: A Production Theory of Global Multi-Stakeholder Collaboration
119156. Competitive Dynamics in the Global Insurance Industry: Strategic Groups, Competitive Moves, and Firm Performance
119157. Integration of Combined Transport into Supply Chain Concepts: Simulation-based Potential Analysis and Practical Guidance
119158. Opening the Black Box: The Role of Personality and Anger in Executives’ Decision Making and Leadership
119159. The Relationship between Organizational Structure and Organizational Ambidexterity: A Comparison between Manufacturing and Service Firms
119160. Managing Business Portfolios Effectively: On the Explanatory Power of the Parenting Advantage Concept
119161. Doomed to Internationalization and Modernization of Corporate Culture: The Russian Experience of German Firms
119162. Innovation without R&D: Heterogeneous Innovation Patterns of Non-R&D-Performing Firms in the German Manufacturing Industry
119163. Christmas with the Dead [hc]
119164. The Impact of Performance Budgeting on Public Spending in Germany’s Laender
119165. Contributions to Simulation Speed-Up: Rare Event Simulation and Short-Term Dynamic Simulation for Mobile Network Planning
119166. ISSE 2009 Securing Electronic Business Processes: Highlights of the Information Security Solutions Europe 2009 Conference
119167. The New PL/I: … for PC, Workstation and Mainframe
119168. ISSE 2008 Securing Electronic Business Processes: Highlights of the Information Security Solutions Europe 2008 Conference
119169. ISSE 2006 — Securing Electronic Busines Processes: Highlights of the Information Security Solutions Europe 2006 Conference
119170. Wire Style
119171. Don’t Panic with Mechanics!: Fun and success in the “loser discipline” of engineering studies!
119172. Clustering-Based Support for Software Architecture Restructuring
119173. Automatic Algorithm Selection for Complex Simulation Problems
119174. Information Flow Based Security Control Beyond RBAC: How to enable fine-grained security policy enforcement in business processes beyond limitations of role-based access control (RBAC)
119175. Tool-Based Requirement Traceability between Requirement and Design Artifacts
119176. Aortic Root Surgery: The Biological Solution
119177. Gender and Recovery from Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery: A Psychological Perspective
119178. The Double Dynamic Martin Screw (DMS): Adjustable Implant System for Proximal and Distal Femur Fractures
119179. Dermatopathology
119180. Linux for Non-Geeks: A Hands-On, Project-Based, Take-It-Slow Guidebook
119181. Bioceramics and Alternative Bearings in Joint Arthroplasty: 12th BIOLOX® Symposium Seoul, Republic of Korea September 7 – 8, 2007 Proceedings
119182. Surgery of the Esophagus: Textbook and Atlas of Surgical Practice
119183. Universal Principles of Design
119184. Congenital Heart Defects: Decision Making for Cardiac Surgery Volume 3 CT-Scan and MRI
119185. Sutureless Anastomoses: Secrets for Success
119186. Bioceramics and Alternative Bearings in Joint Arthroplasty: 11th BIOLOX® Symposium Rome, June 30 – July 1, 2006 Proceedings
119187. Pretty Little Things: Collage Jewelry, Trinkets and Keepsakes
119188. Principles of Cartilage Repair
119189. Germany's 2005 Welfare Reform: Evaluating Key Characteristics with a Focus on Immigrants
119190. Photo Craft: Creative Mixed Media and Digital Approaches to Transforming Your Photographs
119191. Asymmetric Economic Integration: Size Characteristics of Economies, Trade Costs and Welfare
119192. Business Cycle Synchronisation and Economic Integration: New Evidence from the EU
119193. Sustainable Energy Consumption in Residential Buildings
119194. Regional Advantage and Innovation: Achieving Australia's National Outcomes
119195. Regional Cohesion: Effectiveness of Network Structures
119196. Services Offshoring and its Impact on the Labor Market: Theoretical Insights, Empirical Evidence, and Economic Policy Recommendations for Germany
119197. Venom
119198. Sense of Wonder
119199. The Labour Market Impact of the EU Enlargement: A New Regional Geography of Europe?
119200. Liberalization and Regulation of the Telecommunications Sector in Transition Countries: The Case of Russia
119201. Regional Analysis and Policy: The Greek Experience
119202. Ableton Live 9 Power!: The Comprehensive Guide
119203. Big Data Marketing: Engage Your Customers More Effectively and Drive Value
119204. Productivity, Efficiency, and Economic Growth in the Asia-Pacific Region
119205. Better Homes and Gardens Fresh: Recipes for Enjoying Ingredients at Their Peak
119206. Dual Income Tax: A Proposal for Reforming Corporate and Personal Income Tax in Germany
119207. The EU and the Economies of the Eastern European Enlargement
119208. Innovation and Firm Performance: An Empirical Investigation for German Firms
119209. The Economics of Education and Training
119210. Banking Sector Liberalization in India: Evaluation of Reforms and Comparative Perspectives on China
119211. The Design of the Eurosystem’s Monetary Policy Instruments
119212. Studies on Continuing Vocational Training in Germany: An Empirical Assessment
119213. Evaluating the Employment Effects of Job Creation Schemes in Germany
119214. Insurance Intermediation: An Economic Analysis of the Information Services Market
119215. The Value Chain of Foreign Aid: Development, Poverty Reduction, and Regional Conditions
119216. Regionalisation, Growth, and Economic Integration
119217. Social Pacts, Employment and Growth: A Reappraisal of Ezio Tarantelli’s Thought
119218. Population Ageing and Economic Growth: Education Policy and Family Policy in a Model of Endogenous Growth
119219. Essays on Transport Economics
119220. New Political Economy of Exchange Rate Policies and the Enlargement of the Eurozone
119221. New Frontiers in Environmental and Social Labeling
119222. Effectiveness of University Education in Italy: Employability, Competences, Human Capital
119223. Innovations Towards Sustainability: Conditions and Consequences
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119226. Common Cold
119227. Epigenetics and Disease: Pharmaceutical Opportunities
119228. Influenza Virus Sialidase - A Drug Discovery Target
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119231. One Hundred Years of Intuitionism (1907–2007): The Cerisy Conference
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119233. Defence Industry Applications of Autonomous Agents and Multi-Agent Systems
119234. Serotonin and Sleep: Molecular, Functional and Clinical Aspects
119235. Comparative Hepatitis
119236. Occupational Asthma
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119244. Molecular, Clinical and Environmental Toxicology: Volume 2: Clinical Toxicology
119245. Molecular, Clinical and Environmental Toxicology: Volume 1: Molecular Toxicology
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119247. Pediatric Infectious Diseases Revisited
119248. Computational Earthquake Physics: Simulations, Analysis and Infrastructure, Part I
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119250. In Vivo Models of Inflammation
119251. Antirheumatic Therapy: Actions and Outcomes
119252. Zombies: A Record of the Year of Infection
119253. Treatment of Psoriasis
119254. Italian Horror Film Directors
119255. Human Haptic Perception: Basics and Applications
119256. The Forgotten Queen
119257. Clinical Trial Registries: A Practical Guide for Sponsors and Researchers of Medicinal Products
119258. Systems Biological Approaches in Infectious Diseases
119259. Harlot Queen
119260. Community-Acquired Pneumonia
119261. Poxviruses
119262. The Golden Age of Air Travel
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119264. Dermal Replacements in General, Burn, and Plastic Surgery: Tissue Engineering in Clinical Practice
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119267. Connections
119268. CESAR - Cost-efficient Methods and Processes for Safety-relevant Embedded Systems
119269. Gamma Knife Neurosurgery in the Management of Intracranial Disorders
119270. Exam Ref 70-483: Programming in C#
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119272. Pediatric Epilepsy Surgery
119273. White Shark
119274. The Metabolic Syndrome: Pharmacology and Clinical Aspects
119275. Pharmacological Potential of Selected Natural Compounds in the Control of Parasitic Diseases
119276. Beast
119277. The Chemistry of Mycotoxins
119278. Biomedical Applications of Peptide-, Glyco- and Glycopeptide Dendrimers, and Analogous Dendrimeric Structures
119279. Cerebral Vasospasm: Neurovascular Events After Subarachnoid Hemorrhage
119280. Dog Shaming
119281. Cell-Based Therapies in Stroke
119282. Occupational Therapy in Epidermolysis Bullosa: A Holistic Concept for Intervention from Infancy to Adult
119283. Burn Care and Treatment: A Practical Guide
119284. The Deep
119285. Metal Ions in Neurological Systems
119286. Paper Moon
119287. Climate Change: Inferences from Paleoclimate and Regional Aspects
119288. American Coup: How a Terrified Government Is Destroying the Constitution
119289. Migrations: Interdisciplinary Perspectives
119290. Intersphincteric Resection for Low Rectal Tumors
119291. Drug Therapy for the Elderly
119292. Development of Novel Vaccines: Skills, Knowledge and Translational Technologies
119293. MEMS Product Engineering: Handling the Diversity of an Emerging Technology. Best Practices for Cooperative Development
119294. Advances and Technical Standards in Neurosurgery
119295. Advances and Technical Standards in Neurosurgery
119296. Outer Space in Society, Politics and Law
119297. Principles of Osteoimmunology: Molecular Mechanisms and Clinical Applications
119298. Evidence and Rational Based Research on Chinese Drugs
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119300. Dodger
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119309. Alcohol and Tobacco: Medical and Sociological Aspects of Use, Abuse and Addiction
119310. Clinical Pharmacology: Current Topics and Case Studies
119311. Clinical Aspects and Laboratory — Iron Metabolism, Anemias: Concepts in the anemias of malignancies and renal and rheumatoid diseases
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119313. Darkness on the Edge [jhc]
119314. The Unofficial Guide to Disneyland 2014
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119316. The Garlic Ballads: A Novel
119317. Simpler Living: A Back to Basics Guide to Cleaning, Furnishing, Storing, Decluttering, Streamlining, Organizing, and More
119318. Fall From Grace
119319. Beautiful LEGO
119320. The LEGO Build-It Book, Vol. 1: Amazing Vehicles
119321. Signaling System No. 7
119322. Web of Lies
119323. Spider's Bite
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119325. Active Directory, Second Edition
119326. Bobbi Brown Living Beauty
119327. Huge & Huggable Mochimochi: 20 Supersized Patterns for Big Knitted Friends
119328. The Racketeer: A Novel
119329. Missing
119330. Lacework for Adventurous Crocheters: Master Traditional, Irish, Freeform, and Bruges Lace Crochet through Easy Step-by-Step Instructions and Fun Projects
119331. Crochet 101: Master Basic Skills and Techniques Easily through Step-by-Step Instruction
119332. Routing First-Step
119333. iOS 7 Programming Fundamentals: Objective-C, Xcode, and Cocoa Basics
119334. The Mighty Gastropolis: Portland: A Journey Through the Center of America's New Food Revolution
119335. Tinkering: Kids Learn by Making Stuff
119336. Miradas multidisciplinares a los fenómenos de cortesía y descortesía en el mundo hispánico
119337. I Wear the Black Hat: Grappling with Villains
119338. The Last Man: A Novel
119339. Paula Deen's Southern Cooking Bible: The New Classic Guide to Delicious Dishes with More Than 300 Recipes
119340. The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business
119341. Silencing Eve
119342. Jump Start CSS
119343. Puerto Rican Cuisine in America: Nuyorican and Bodega Recipes
119344. Dynamics of the Mammalian Sperm Head: Modifications and Maturation Events From Spermatogenesis to Egg Activation
119345. End of the Line: Closing the Last Sardine Cannery in America
119346. Chinese Dress: From the Qing Dynasty to the Present
119347. Property Rights in Investment Securities and the Doctrine of Specificity
119348. The Glass Castle: A Memoir
119349. Microsoft System Center: Designing Orchestrator Runbooks
119350. Stolen
119351. Twelve Years a Slave
119352. Doctor Who: Shada: The Lost Adventure by Douglas Adams
119353. Kiss of Death
119354. The Tequila Worm
119355. Bellow: A Biography
119356. Thinking, Fast and Slow
119357. The Luminaries: A Novel
119358. Revolutionary Summer: The Birth of American Independence
119359. Imajica: Featuring New Illustrations and an Appendix
119360. Blow Her Mind: His Illustrated Guide to Orgasmic Oral Sex So Good She'll Tell her Friends About It! Master Advanced Cunnilingus Tonight
119361. Shifu, You'll Do Anything for a Laugh: A Novel
119362. The Worry Cure: Seven Steps to Stop Worry from Stopping You
119363. Лекарственные вещества из растений и способы их производства
119364. Токсикологическая химия
119365. Systems Biology of Parkinson's Disease
119366. Der Beweis des Jahrhunderts: Die faszinierende Geschichte des Mathematikers Grigori Perelman
119367. Moderato Cantabile
119368. Ethnomethodology's Program: Working Out Durkheim's Aphorism
119369. Fallbuch Innere Medizin: 150 Fälle aktiv bearbeiten
119370. Chemical Properties Handbook: Physical, Thermodynamics, Engironmental Transport, Safety & Health Related Properties for Organic & Inorganic Chemical
119371. Арифметика пародонтологии: Ручные инструменты в пародонтологии
119372. Beginning Java 7
119373. Organizing Schools for Productive Learning
119374. Alternative Education: Global Perspectives Relevant to the Asia-Pacific Region
119375. Blow Her Mind: His Illustrated Guide to Orgasmic Oral Sex So Good She'll Tell her Friends About It! Master Advanced Cunnilingus Tonight
119376. Math in Minutes: 200 Key Concepts Explained In An Instant
119377. Простой герпес (Дерматологические аспекты)
119378. Science and History. Studies in Honor of Edward Rosen
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119383. Foreign Market Subsidiary Mandates: A Select and Temporary MNC Phenomenon?
119384. Goals, Control and Conflicts in Family Offices: A Conceptual and In-depth Qualitative Study
119385. Climate Politics as Investment: From Reducing Emissions to Building Low-carbon Economies
119386. The Impact of Private Actors on Security Governance: An Analysis based on German ISR Capabilities for ISAF
119387. ‘Time-Out’ in the Land of Apu: Childhoods, Bildungsmoratorium and the Middle Classes of Urban West Bengal
119388. Their Members’ Voice: Civil Society Organisations in the European Union
119389. Multi-Stage Simultaneous Lot-Sizing and Scheduling: Planning of Flow Lines with Shifting Bottlenecks
119390. Performance Control in Buyer-Supplier Relationships: The Design and Use of Formal Management Control Systems
119391. Local Councillors in Europe
119392. The Impact of Personality on Participation Decisions in Surveys: A Contribution to the Discussion on Unit Nonresponse
119393. Branded Spaces: Experience Enactments and Entanglements
119394. Narrative and Innovation: New Ideas for Business Administration, Strategic Management and Entrepreneurship
119395. Executive Teams in Research-Based Spin-Off Companies: An Empirical Analysis of Executive Team Characteristics, Strategy, and Performance
119396. Early Childhood Care and Education and Equality of Opportunity: Theoretical and Empirical Perspectives on Social Challenges
119397. Strategic Cultures in Europe: Security and Defence Policies Across the Continent
119398. Financial Stability Policy in the Euro Zone: The Political Economy of National Banking Regulation in an Integrating Monetary Union
119399. Cultures of Environmental Communication: A Multilingual Comparison
119400. Modelling and Controlling of Behaviour for Autonomous Mobile Robots
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119404. Social Capital in Eastern Europe: Poland an Exception?
119405. International Corporations as Actors in Global Governance: Evidence from 92 Top-Managers in Germany and France
119406. Design Characteristics of Virtual Learning Environments: A Theoretical Integration and Empirical Test of Technology Acceptance and IS Success Research
119407. Fixing Higher Education: A Business Manager’s Take on How to Boost Productivity in Higher Education
119408. Innovations in Small and Medium-Sized Family Firms: An Analysis of Innovation Related Top Management Team Behaviors and Family Firm-Specific Characteristics
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119410. Between Export Promotion and Poverty Reduction: The Foreign Economic Policy of Untying Official Development Assistance
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119423. Knowledge as a Driver of Regional Growth in the Russian Federation
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119425. CSR und Kommunikation: Unternehmerische Verantwortung überzeugend vermitteln
119426. Non-Suicidal Self-Injury in Eating Disorders: Advancements in Etiology and Treatment
119427. Intelligent Systems in Technical and Medical Diagnostics
119428. Mathematical Methods in Economics and Social Choice
119429. Multiple Impacts in Dissipative Granular Chains
119430. Diagnostic Endosonography: A Case-based Approach
119431. Clinical Review of Vascular Trauma
119432. Propagation of SLF/ELF Electromagnetic Waves
119433. On China's Trade Surplus
119434. Forensic Medicine: Fundamentals and Perspectives
119435. Principles of Polymer Design and Synthesis
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119454. Smart Sensors for Real-Time Water Quality Monitoring
119455. End-of-Life Care in der Intensivmedizin
119456. Swine Influenza
119457. DNA and RNA Nanobiotechnologies in Medicine: Diagnosis and Treatment of Diseases
119458. Evaluating Water Projects: Cost-Benefit Analysis Versus Win-Win Approach
119459. (Re)imagining the World: Children's literature's response to changing times
119460. Legal Spaces: Towards a Topological Thinking of Law
119461. Dental Pathology: A Practical Introduction
119462. Handbook on Neural Information Processing
119463. Between Pathogenicity and Commensalism
119464. Vertigo: A Clinical Guide
119465. Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Treatment for Depressive Disorders: A Practical Guide
119466. Semantic Mashups: Intelligent Reuse of Web Resources
119467. A Study of the Stability of Contemporary Rural Chinese Society
119468. SmartShadow: Models and Methods for Pervasive Computing
119469. Developments in Multidimensional Spatial Data Models
119470. Real-time Security Extensions for EPCglobal Networks: Case Study for the Pharmaceutical Industry
119471. Ophthalmology and the Ageing Society
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119478. Measuring Intra-Party Democracy: A Guide for the Content Analysis of Party Statutes with Examples from Hungary, Slovakia and Romania
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119480. Joint Imaging in Childhood and Adolescence
119481. Elastoplasticity Theory
119482. Malpractice and Medical Liability: European State of the Art and Guidelines
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119484. Service Industries and Regions: Growth, Location and Regional Effects
119485. European Ship Recycling Regulation: Entry-Into-Force Implications of the Hong Kong Convention
119486. Geriatric Imaging
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119502. International Dispute Settlement: Room for Innovations?
119503. Plate Deformation from Cradle to Grave: Seismic Anisotropy and Deformation at Mid-Ocean Ridges and in the Lowermost Mantle
119504. Modelling Tropospheric Volcanic Aerosol: From Aerosol Microphysical Processes to Earth System Impacts
119505. The Impact of International Trade and FDI on Economic Growth and Technological Change
119506. Citizenship as Cultural Flow: Structure, Agency and Power
119507. Greece's Horizons: Reflecting on the Country's Assets and Capabilities
119508. Cancer Grading Manual
119509. Integration of Practice-Oriented Knowledge Technology: Trends and Prospectives
119510. Material Cycling of Wetland Soils Driven by Freeze-Thaw Effects
119511. Cognitive and Linguistic Aspects of Geographic Space: New Perspectives on Geographic Information Research
119512. fMRI: Basics and Clinical Applications
119513. Common Commercial Policy after Lisbon: Special Issue
119514. Electrochemical Analysis of Proteins and Cells
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119517. Pioneer on Indigenous Rights
119518. Learning Chest Imaging
119519. The Emergence of Indigenous Peoples
119520. Dieter Senghaas: Pioneer of Peace and Development Research
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119522. Mobility of Health Professionals: Health Systems, Work Conditions, Patterns of Health Workers' Mobility and Implications for Policy Makers
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119532. Growth and International Trade: An Introduction to the Overlapping Generations Approach
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119539. Stimulation of Trigeminal Afferents Improves Motor Recovery After Facial Nerve Injury: Functional, Electrophysiological and Morphological Proofs
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119541. Intelligent Systems for Crisis Management: Geo-information for Disaster Management (Gi4DM) 2012
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119546. Introducing Writing Across the Curriculum into China: Feasibility and Adaptation
119547. Modernity's Classics
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119549. Reference Frames for Applications in Geosciences
119550. Sustainability and Optimality of Public Debt
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119552. Neurofibromatosis Type 1: Molecular and Cellular Biology
119553. Stardust: The Cosmic Seeds of Life
119554. Cortical Connectivity: Brain Stimulation for Assessing and Modulating Cortical Connectivity and Function
119555. Principles of Miniaturized ExtraCorporeal Circulation: From Science and Technology to Clinical Practice
119556. Law and Practice of Foreign Arbitration and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards in Pakistan
119557. Blastocystis: Pathogen or Passenger?: An Evaluation of 101 Years of Research
119558. Organizations’ Environmental Performance Indicators: Measuring, Monitoring, and Management
119559. Earth Observation of Global Changes (EOGC)
119560. Rethinking Natural Law
119561. Who Will Be the Next President?: A Guide to the U.S. Presidential Election System
119562. From the American Civil War to the War on Terror: Three Models of Emergency Law in the United States Supreme Court
119563. ACL Injuries in the Female Athlete: Causes, Impacts, and Conditioning Programs
119564. Emerging Health Technology: Relocation of Innovative Visual Knowledge and Expertise
119565. Nursing Care of the Pediatric Neurosurgery Patient
119566. Pervasive and Mobile Sensing and Computing for Healthcare: Technological and Social Issues
119567. Remote Sensing Advances for Earth System Science: The ESA Changing Earth Science Network: Projects 2009-2011
119568. Patenting of Pharmaceuticals and Development in Sub-Saharan Africa: Laws, Institutions, Practices, and Politics
119569. Humanity’s Children: ICC Jurisprudence and the Failure to Address the Genocidal Forcible Transfer of Children
119570. Johan Galtung: Pioneer of Peace Research
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119574. Global Power Europe - Vol. 1: Theoretical and Institutional Approaches to the EU's External Relations
119575. The Economics of Contemporary Art: Markets, Strategies and Stardom
119576. The Right to Be Punished: Modern Doctrinal Sentencing
119577. Applied Cross-Coupling Reactions
119578. Agent-Based Simulation of Vulnerability Dynamics: A Case Study of the German North Sea Coast
119579. The First Galaxies: Theoretical Predictions and Observational Clues
119580. Multimedia and Internet Systems: Theory and Practice
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119583. Photobiogeochemistry of Organic Matter: Principles and Practices in Water Environments
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119586. New Discoveries on the β-Hydride Elimination
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119592. Investigation of Reactions Involving Pentacoordinate Intermediates: The Mechanism of the Wittig Reaction
119593. Transnational Inquiries and the Protection of Fundamental Rights in Criminal Proceedings: A Study in Memory of Vittorio Grevi and Giovanni Tranchina
119594. Laser Dermatology
119595. Foreign Judgments in Israel: Recognition and Enforcement
119596. Refining Privacy in Tort Law
119597. Cognitive Aspects of Computational Language Acquisition
119598. Clinical Cases in Primary Immunodeficiency Diseases: A Problem-Solving Approach
119599. The Atlas of Climate Change: Based on SEAP-CMIP5: Super-Ensemble Projection and Attribution (SEAP) of Climate Change
119600. Astrochemistry and Astrobiology
119601. Introduction to Korean Law
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119603. RNA and Cancer
119604. Classification of Services in the Digital Economy
119605. Minerals of the mercury ore deposit Idria
119606. Early Gastrointestinal Cancers
119607. Convergence Clubs and Spatial Externalities: Models and Applications of Regional Convergence in Europe
119608. Tumors of the Fetus and Infant: An Atlas
119609. Developing an Appropriate Contaminated Land Regime in China: Lessons Learned from the US and UK
119610. China Green Development Index Report 2011
119611. Estimating Spoken Dialog System Quality with User Models
119612. The Norwegian Language in the Digital Age: Nynorskversjon
119613. Knee Surgery using Computer Assisted Surgery and Robotics
119614. Research Methods in Orthodontics: A Guide to Understanding Orthodontic Research
119615. High-Tc SQUIDs for Biomedical Applications: Immunoassays, Magnetoencephalography, and Ultra-Low Field Magnetic Resonance Imaging
119616. Landslide Science and Practice: Volume 4: Global Environmental Change
119617. Neutron Capture Therapy: Principles and Applications
119618. Arthur H. Westing: Pioneer on the Environmental Impact of War
119619. Leading Successfully in Asia
119620. Formation, characterization and mathematical modeling of the aerobic granular sludge
119621. Multiple Choice Questions in Regional Anaesthesia
119622. Information from Processes: About the Nature of Information Creation, Use, and Representation
119623. English Writings of Hu Shih: Literature and Society (Volume 1)
119624. English Writings of Hu Shih: Chinese Philosophy and Intellectual History (Volume 2)
119625. Symptoms and Signs in Pediatric Surgery
119626. World Trade Regulation: International Trade under the WTO Mechanism
119627. Keratoconjunctivitis Sicca and Filamentary Keratopathy: In Vivo Morphology in the Human Cornea and Conjunctiva
119628. Pasteurella multocida: Molecular Biology, Toxins and Infection
119629. Deep Brain Stimulation: A New Frontier in Psychiatry
119630. High Energy Astrophysics: An Introduction
119631. The Parathyroid Glands: Imaging and Surgery
119632. The Spanish Language in the Digital Age
119633. The Polish Language in the Digital Age
119634. The Estonian Language in the Digital Age
119635. The Italian Language in the Digital Age
119636. Cleft Lip and Palate: Diagnosis and Management
119637. The French Language in the Digital Age
119638. The Lithuanian Language in the Digital Age
119639. The Serbian Language in the Digital Age
119640. Sex and Gender Differences in Pharmacology
119641. Scientific Workflows: Programming, Optimization, and Synthesis with ASKALON and AWDL
119642. The Maltese Language in the Digital Age
119643. The Danish Language in the Digital Age
119644. Lithosphere Dynamics and Sedimentary Basins: The Arabian Plate and Analogues
119645. Learning Ultrasound Imaging
119646. Design, Construction and Research Application of a Differential Electrochemical Mass Spectrometer (DEMS)
119647. Arthroscopic Management of Ulnar Pain
119648. Atlas of the Mammalian Ovary: Morphological Dynamics and Potential Role of Innate Immunity
119649. Peri-urban futures: Scenarios and models for land use change in Europe
119650. Inflammatory Diseases of the Brain
119651. Elektrische Antriebe - Grundlagen: Mit durchgerechneten Übungs- und Prüfungsaufgaben
119652. Multi-scale Dynamical Processes in Space and Astrophysical Plasmas
119653. Groundwater in Ethiopia: Features, Numbers and Opportunities
119654. Prospects for Chemoprevention of Colorectal Neoplasia: Emerging Role of Anti-Inflammatory Drugs
119655. Neuromedia: Art and Neuroscience Research
119656. Intelligent and Adaptive Educational-Learning Systems: Achievements and Trends
119657. Ice Ages and Interglacials: Measurements, Interpretation, and Models
119658. Spatial Microsimulation for Rural Policy Analysis
119659. Computer Performance Optimization: Systems - Applications - Processes
119660. Intrapartum Ultrasonography for Labor Management
119661. Colorectal Cancer in the Elderly
119662. FDG PET/CT in Clinical Oncology: Case Based Approach with Teaching Points
119663. The Surgical Examination of Children
119664. Understanding Different Geographies
119665. Towards Practical Brain-Computer Interfaces: Bridging the Gap from Research to Real-World Applications
119666. Energy and Non-Traditional Security (NTS) in Asia
119667. Rethinking Energy Security in Asia: A Non-Traditional View of Human Security
119668. Reading the Archive of Earth’s Oxygenation: Volume 1: The Palaeoproterozoic of Fennoscandia as Context for the Fennoscandian Arctic Russia - Drilling Early Earth Project
119669. Reading the Archive of Earth’s Oxygenation: Volume 3: Global Events and the Fennoscandian Arctic Russia - Drilling Early Earth Project
119670. Reading the Archive of Earth’s Oxygenation: Volume 2: The Core Archive of the Fennoscandian Arctic Russia - Drilling Early Earth Project
119671. What Are You Looking At?: The Surprising, Shocking, and Sometimes Strange Story of 150 Years of Modern Art
119672. Stellar Pulsations: Impact of New Instrumentation and New Insights
119673. The Politics of Military Reform: Experiences from Indonesia and Nigeria
119674. Balancing Copyright - A Survey of National Approaches
119675. Political Science and Chinese Political Studies: The State of the Field
119676. International Judicial Lawmaking: On Public Authority and Democratic Legitimation in Global Governance
119677. Cross-linguistic Influences in Multilingual Language Acquisition
119678. The Interplay between Urban Development, Vulnerability, and Risk Management: A Case Study of the Istanbul Metropolitan Area
119679. Molecular Aspects of Hematologic Malignancies: Diagnostic Tools and Clinical Applications
119680. ESSKA Instructional Course Lecture Book: Geneva 2012
119681. Antiplatelet Agents
119682. The Sun: New Challenges: Proceedings of Symposium 3 of JENAM 2011
119683. The Lean Enterprise: From the Mass Economy to the Economy of One
119684. Acidic Pit Lakes: The Legacy of Coal and Metal Surface Mines
119685. Major Aspects of Chinese Religion and Philosophy: Dao of Inner Saint and Outer King
119686. Fundamentals of Roman Private Law
119687. Human and Water Security in Israel and Jordan
119688. Cutaneous Manifestations of Child Abuse and Their Differential Diagnosis: Blunt Force Trauma
119689. Introduction to Intercultural Economics
119690. Patenting Nanomedicines: Legal Aspects, Intellectual Property and Grant Opportunities
119691. Reviews of Physiology, Biochemistry and Pharmacology: Volume 162
119692. Advances in Meteorology, Climatology and Atmospheric Physics
119693. Eating Disorders and the Skin
119694. Progress of Geo-Disaster Mitigation Technology in Asia
119695. Arid Lands Water Evaluation and Management
119696. Experimentation in Software Engineering
119697. Male Genital Lesions: The Urological Perspective
119698. Field Informatics: Kyoto University Field Informatics Research Group
119699. Evidence-Based Forensic Dentistry
119700. Antibiotic Resistance
119701. Purinergic Signalling and the Nervous System
119702. Target Volume Delineation and Field Setup: A Practical Guide for Conformal and Intensity-Modulated Radiation Therapy
119703. Earth System Processes and Disaster Management
119704. Corneal Disease: Recent Developments in Diagnosis and Therapy
119705. Semantic Web Services: Advancement through Evaluation
119706. Clinical Management of Urolithiasis
119707. Behavioral Neurobiology of Alcohol Addiction
119708. Brain Imaging in Behavioral Neuroscience
119709. Primary Liver Cancer: Challenges and Perspectives
119710. Solid Waste Management: Principles and Practice
119711. Imaging for Pediatricians: 100 Key Cases
119712. Climate Change, Human Security and Violent Conflict: Challenges for Societal Stability
119713. Gonioscopy
119714. Recent Advances in Information Hiding and Applications
119715. Multi-source, Multilingual Information Extraction and Summarization
119716. Computational Methods to Study the Structure and Dynamics of Biomolecules and Biomolecular Processes: From Bioinformatics to Molecular Quantum Mechanics
119717. Primary Explosives
119718. Management of Complications of Cosmetic Procedures: Handling Common and More Uncommon Problems
119719. Nevogenesis: Mechanisms and Clinical Implications of Nevus Development
119720. Metasomatism and the Chemical Transformation of Rock: The Role of Fluids in Terrestrial and Extraterrestrial Processes
119721. Whiplash Injury: New Approaches of Functional Neuroimaging
119722. Advanced Query Processing: Volume 1: Issues and Trends
119723. Judicial Independence in Transition
119724. Therapeutic Kinase Inhibitors
119725. Applied Physiology in Intensive Care Medicine 1: Physiological Notes - Technical Notes - Seminal Studies in Intensive Care
119726. Sustainable Rural and Urban Ecosystems: Design, Implementation and Operation: Manual for Practice and Study
119727. Applied Physiology in Intensive Care Medicine 2: Physiological Reviews and Editorials
119728. Early Russian Organic Chemists and Their Legacy
119729. Minimal Residual Disease and Circulating Tumor Cells in Breast Cancer
119730. International Law of Victims
119731. JIMD Reports - Case and Research Reports, 2012/3
119732. Management of Severe Traumatic Brain Injury: Evidence, Tricks, and Pitfalls
119733. Epoxidations and Hydroperoxidations of α,β-Unsaturated Ketones: An Approach through Asymmetric Organocatalysis
119734. The Matrix of Derivative Criminal Liability
119735. Digital preservation technology for cultural heritage
119736. JIMD Reports - Case and Research Reports, 2012/2
119737. Advanced Aesthetic Rhinoplasty: Art, Science, and New Clinical Techniques
119738. Transgovernance: Advancing Sustainability Governance
119739. Differential Diagnosis for the Dermatologist
119740. Theranostics, Gallium-68, and Other Radionuclides: A Pathway to Personalized Diagnosis and Treatment
119741. Radiation Oncology: A MCQ and Case Study-Based Review
119742. Protein Quality Control in Neurodegenerative Diseases
119743. Epigenetics, Brain and Behavior
119744. Intellectual Property and Development: Theory and Practice
119745. Selling Tourism Services at a Distance: An Analysis of the EU Consumer Acquis
119746. Osteoporosis and Bone Densitometry Measurements
119747. Population Dynamics in Muslim Countries: Assembling the Jigsaw
119748. Vascular Interventional Radiology: Current Evidence in Endovascular Surgery
119749. Cross-border Transactions of Intermediated Securities: A Comparative Analysis in Substantive Law and Private International Law
119750. The Ways of Federalism in Western Countries and the Horizons of Territorial Autonomy in Spain: Volume 1
119751. The Ways of Federalism in Western Countries and the Horizons of Territorial Autonomy in Spain: Volume 2
119752. Towards Equity in Mathematics Education: Gender, Culture, and Diversity
119753. Juristic Concept of the Validity of Statutory Law: A Critique of Contemporary Legal Nonpositivism
119754. Steric Effects in the Chemisorption of Vibrationally Excited Methane on Nickel
119755. Catheter-Based Cardiovascular Interventions: A Knowledge-Based Approach
119756. Self-Organization in Electrochemical Systems I: General Principles of Self-organization. Temporal Instabilities
119757. Treatment of Dry Skin Syndrome: The Art and Science of Moisturizers
119758. Radiology Education: The Evaluation and Assessment of Clinical Competence
119759. Management of Prostate Cancer: A Multidisciplinary Approach
119760. Taking the Back off the Watch: A Personal Memoir
119761. Chemical Transformations of Vinylidenecyclopropanes
119762. Fifty Years of Quasars: From Early Observations and Ideas to Future Research
119763. Landslide Analysis and Early Warning Systems: Local and Regional Case Study in the Swabian Alb, Germany
119764. Does International Trade Need a Doctrine of Transnational Law?: Some Thoughts at the Launch of a European Contract Law
119765. Ambient Assisted Living: 5. AAL-Kongress 2012 Berlin, Germany, January 24-25, 2012
119766. Ricin and Shiga Toxins: Pathogenesis, Immunity, Vaccines and Therapeutics
119767. Applying Cognitive Grammar in the Foreign Language Classroom: Teaching English Tense and Aspect
119768. From Nucleic Acids Sequences to Molecular Medicine
119769. The Hamburg Lectures on Maritime Affairs 2009 & 2010
119770. Physics of the Upper Polar Atmosphere
119771. The New World of Economics: A Remake of a Classic for New Generations of Economics Students
119772. Hepatitis C Virus: From Molecular Virology to Antiviral Therapy
119773. European Instructional Lectures: Volume 12, 2012, 13th EFORT Congress, Berlin, Germany
119774. Clinical Facial Analysis: Elements, Principles, and Techniques
119775. The UNESCO Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions: Explanatory Notes
119776. Beyond Elder Law: New Directions in Law and Aging
119777. Circadian Clocks
119778. Teide Volcano: Geology and Eruptions of a Highly Differentiated Oceanic Stratovolcano
119779. Clusters in Automotive and Information & Communication Technology: Innovation, Multinationalization and Networking Dynamics
119780. Digital Teleretinal Screening: Teleophthalmology in Practice
119781. Novel Antischizophrenia Treatments
119782. JIMD Reports - Case and Research Reports, 2012/1
119783. Climate Impacts on the Baltic Sea: From Science to Policy: School of Environmental Research - Organized by the Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht
119784. Annual Update in Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine 2012
119785. Value Theory: A Research into Subjectivity
119786. Deformation Microstructures in Rocks
119787. Atlas of Peripheral Nerve Ultrasound: With Anatomic and MRI Correlation
119788. Terrigenous Mass Movements: Detection, Modelling, Early Warning and Mitigation Using Geoinformation Technology
119789. Patch Testing and Prick Testing: A Practical Guide Official Publication of the ICDRG
119790. Fuzzy Computational Ontologies in Contexts: Formal Models of Knowledge Representation with Membership Degree and Typicality of Objects, and Their Applications
119791. Institutional Partnerships in Multi-Hazard Early Warning Systems: A Compilation of Seven National Good Practices and Guiding Principles
119792. Materia Medica of New and Old Homeopathic Medicines
119793. Combined Scintigraphic and Radiographic Diagnosis of Bone and Joint Diseases: Including Gamma Correction Interpretation
119794. Hoodoo Herb and Root Magic: A Materia Magica of African-American Conjure
119795. FESTSCHRIFT The Institute of Nuclear Medicine 50 Years
119796. Uncertainties and Limitations in Simulating Tropical Cyclones
119797. Multidisciplinary Management of Rectal Cancer: Questions and Answers
119798. Empirical Analysis on Income Inequality of Chinese Residents
119799. JIMD Reports - Case and Research Reports, 2011/3
119800. Autologous Resurfacing and Fracture Dowelling: A Manual of Transplantation Technique
119801. JIMD Reports - Case and Research Reports, 2011/2
119802. Methodological Cognitivism: Vol. 1: Mind, Rationality, and Society
119803. Legal Issues for Implementing the Clean Development Mechanism in China
119804. Nongynecologic Cytopathology: A Practical Guide
119805. Behavioral Neuroscience of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and Its Treatment
119806. Radiation Dose from Multidetector CT
119807. Earthquake Prediction by Seismic Electric Signals: The success of the VAN method over thirty years
119808. Late Transition Metal-Carboryne Complexes: Synthesis, Structure, Bonding, and Reaction with Alkenes and Alkynes
119809. Notch Regulation of the Immune System
119810. Arctic Science, International Law and Climate Change: Legal Aspects of Marine Science in the Arctic Ocean
119811. Advances in Location-Based Services: 8th International Symposium on Location-Based Services, Vienna 2011
119812. Surgical Management of Congenital Heart Disease I: Complex Transposition of Great Arteries // Right and Left Ventricular Outflow Tract Obstruction // Ebstein´s Anomaly // A Video Manual
119813. Cryptographic Protocol: Security Analysis Based on Trusted Freshness
119814. Teaching and Researching English Accents in Native and Non-native Speakers
119815. Pathology of the Human Placenta
119816. The Formation and Early Evolution of Stars: From Dust to Stars and Planets
119817. See Right Through Me: An Imaging Anatomy Atlas
119818. Characteristics of Chinese Petroleum Geology: Geological Features and Exploration Cases of Stratigraphic, Foreland and Deep Formation Traps
119819. Design and impact of water treaties: Managing climate change
119820. Dynamic land use/cover change modelling: Geosimulation and multiagent-based modelling
119821. Ethical Challenges in Genomics Research: A Guide to Understanding Ethics in Context
119822. Water Science & Technology in China: A Roadmap to 2050
119823. Impacts of Large Dams: A Global Assessment
119824. Modelling Water Flow in Unsaturated Porous Media: Accounting for Nonlinear Permeability and Material Heterogeneity
119825. Psycholinguistic and Sociolinguistic Perspectives on Second Language Learning and Teaching: Studies in Honor of Waldemar Marton
119826. Lawyers and Mediation
119827. Permafrost Hydrology
119828. Surgery of the Thyroid and Parathyroid Glands
119829. Heparin - A Century of Progress
119830. Learning Neuroimaging: 100 Essential Cases
119831. Territorial Integrity in a Globalizing World: International Law and States’ Quest for Survival
119832. Deficits in EU and US Mandatory Environmental Information Disclosure: Legal, Comparative Legal and Economic Facets of Pollutant Release Inventories
119833. Manual of Spine Surgery
119834. Variations of the Welfare State: Great Britain, Sweden, France and Germany Between Capitalism and Socialism
119835. Origins of the German Welfare State: Social Policy in Germany to 1945
119836. Killing in a Gray Area between Humanitarian Law and Human Rights: How Can the National Police of Colombia Overcome the Uncertainty of Which Branch of International Law to Apply?
119837. Althochdeutsche und altsächsische Literatur
119838. Vedanta and Advaita Saivagama of Kashmir: A Comparative Study
119839. Advances in Digital Terrain Analysis
119840. The Role of Wnt Signalling in the Development of Somites and Neural Crest
119841. Long-Run Growth Forecasting
119842. Storia delle idee politiche economiche e sociali. Ebraismo e Cristianesimo. Il Medioevo
119843. Gender in the Book of Ben Sira: Divine Wisdom, Erotic Poetry, and the Garden of Eden
119844. Weisheit im Widerspruch: Studien zu den Elihu-Reden in Ijob 32–37
119845. Sworn Enemies: The Divine Oath, the Book of Ezekiel, and the Polemics of Exile
119846. Early Development of the Human Pelvic Diaphragm
119847. Verheißung und Rechtfertigung: Gesammelte Studien zum Alten Testament II
119848. Interpolation Spaces: An Introduction
119849. Biblische Exegese und hebräische Lexikographie: Das „Hebräisch-deutsche Handwörterbuch“ von Wilhelm Gesenius als Spiegel und Quelle alttestamentlicher und hebräischer Forschung, 200 Jahre nach seiner ersten Auflage
119850. Brill's Companion to Callimachus
119851. Strabismus Surgery and its Complications
119852. Leibniz, Newton und die Erfindung der Zeit
119853. Spectra of Finite Systems - a Review od Weyl's Problem, The Eigenvalue Distribution of the Wave Equation for Finite Domains and its Applications on the Physics of Small Systems
119854. The homology of Banach and topological algebras
119855. Spectra of Finite Systems - a Review od Weyl's Problem, The Eigenvalue Distribution of the Wave Equation for Finite Domains and its Applications on the Physics of Small Systems
119856. Northeast Snowstorms: Volume I: Overview / Volume II: The Cases
119857. The Roman history from the foundation of Rome to the Battle of Actium, that is, to the end of the Commonwealth
119858. Dividing the Spoils: The War for Alexander the Great's Empire
119859. The Roman history from the foundation of Rome to the Battle of Actium, that is, to the end of the Commonwealth
119860. The Roman history from the foundation of Rome to the Battle of Actium, that is, to the end of the Commonwealth
119861. Crashkurs ETFs: Das Einsteigerwerk für ETF-Anleger - und alle, die langfristig und günstig Vermögen aufbauen wollen
119862. The Roman history from the foundation of Rome to the Battle of Actium, that is, to the end of the Commonwealth
119863. The Roman history from the foundation of Rome to the Battle of Actium, that is, to the end of the Commonwealth
119864. Der große Gatsby: Neu übersetzt von Lutz-W. Wolff
119865. Der große Gatsby
119866. When Puberty is Precocious: Scientific and Clinical Aspects
119867. Body-скульптор. Как \"сваять\" свое тело за 6 недель
119868. The Possibility of Sex: How Naive and Lustful Men are Manipulated by Women Regularly
119869. Introduction to Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing
119870. Applied Evolutionary Psychology
119871. Конспект лекций по высшей математике
119872. Validity and Validation
119873. Конспект лекций по высшей математике
119874. Электроника и микропроцессорная техника
119875. Рихард Вагнер 1813-1883 Краткий очерк жизни и творчества
119876. Architecture in Detail: Colors
119877. Mixed-Effects Models in Sand S-PLUS
119878. Methods of Cancer Diagnosis, Therapy and Prognosis, Volume 4: Colorectal Cancer
119879. The Neolithic Demographic Transition and its Consequences
119880. Educating in the Arts: The Asian Experience: Twenty-Four Essays
119881. Logos of Phenomenology and Phenomenology of the Logos. Book Two: The Human Condition in-the-Unity-of-Everything-there-is-alive. Individuation, Self, Person, Self-determination, Freedom, Necessity
119882. Primary Care of Musculoskeletal Problems in the Outpatient Setting
119883. Drupal Web Profiles
119884. Divided Spheres: Geodesics and the Orderly Subdivision of the Sphere
119885. Digital Forensics for Handheld Devices
119886. Criminal Major Case Management: Persons of Interest Priority Assessment Tool
119887. Concrete Repair, Rehabilitation and Retrofitting III: 3rd International Conference on Concrete Repair, Rehabilitation and Retrofitting, ICCRRR-3, 3-5 September 2012, Cape Town, South Africa
119888. Cartridges and Firearm Identification
119889. Advances in Machine Learning and Data Mining for Astronomy
119890. Boilers: A Practical Reference
119891. Arthropod Biology and Evolution : Molecules, Development, Morphology
119892. Advances in Industrial Heat Transfer
119893. Achieving Lean Changeover: Putting SMED to Work
119894. A Street Survival Guide for Public Safety Officers: The Cop Doc's Strategies for Surviving Trauma, Loss, and Terrorism
119895. Body-скульптор. Как «сваять» свое тело за 6 недель
119896. Peripheralization: The Making of Spatial Dependencies and Social Injustice
119897. Qué es el tiempo? Reflexiones sobre el presente, el pasado y el futuro
119898. El alma del ateismo
119899. Desarrollo y libertad
119900. FinanzTest 09 2013
119901. Introducción a la Lógica Formal
119902. Introducción a la dialéctica
119903. O Hobbit
119904. Arqueología y Aleteología
119905. Falacias
119906. Science in Seconds: 200 Key Concepts Explained in an Instant
119907. Física cuántica para filo-sofos
119908. Justicia y Racionalidad
119909. Historia de la ética
119910. Ética
119911. Hacer reforma: la ética de la sociedad civil
119912. Ética
119913. Storia delle idee politiche economiche e sociali. L'antichità classica
119914. Introduction to Mathematical Statistics
119915. Sparse Representations for Radar with MATLAB® Examples
119916. Hardwiring Happiness: The New Brain Science of Contentment, Calm, and Confidence
119917. Banach and Locally Convex Algebras
119918. Cocos2d-X by Example Beginner's Guide
119919. Fun With Chinese Characters
119920. The Architecture of Failure
119921. Fun With Chinese Characters 2
119922. Fun With Chinese Characters Volume 1
119923. Лекции по теоретической механике
119924. O Olho do Mundo (A Roda do Tempo 01)
119925. Mongolian grammar
119926. Mongol helzuin dasgaluud
119927. The Transformation of Biblical Proper Names
119928. Birthing Salvation: Gender and Class in Early Christian Childbearing Discourse
119929. Elements of Forecasting
119930. Эконометрия – продвинутый уровень
119931. Вводный курс теории игр
119932. Микроэкономика: третий уровень: в 2 томах: Т. II: учебник
119933. Микроэкономика: третий уровень: в 2 томах: Т. I: учебник
119934. Introduction to Econometrics, 2nd Edition
119935. Granville Sharp's Canon and Its Kin: Semantics and Significance
119936. Etica y Deporte en el singlo XXI: Una introducción
119937. The Unsettling of America: Culture and Agriculture
119938. Sheila Lukins All Around the World Cookbook
119939. L'Homme notre dernière chance
119940. LSAT PrepTest 40
119941. LSAT PrepTest 39
119942. LSAT PrepTest 38
119943. LSAT PrepTest 37
119944. LSAT PrepTest 36
119945. LSAT PrepTest 35
119946. LSAT PrepTest 34
119947. LSAT PrepTest 33
119948. LSAT PrepTest 31
119949. LSAT PrepTest 32
119950. LSAT PrepTest 30
119951. LSAT PrepTest 29
119952. LSAT PrepTest 28
119953. LSAT PrepTest 27
119954. Rage of Jarasandha
119955. LSAT PrepTest 26
119956. LSAT PrepTest 25
119957. Lord of Mathura
119958. LSAT PrepTest 24
119959. Flute of Vrindavan
119960. LSAT PrepTest 23
119961. Dance of Govinda
119962. Slayer of Kamsa
119963. [Journal] International Journal of Theoretical Physics. Volume 52. Issue 6
119964. The Fate of A Man
119965. Столетняя война. Леопард против лилии
119966. Principles of Electron Optics, Three Volume Set: Principles of Electron Optics: Basic Geometrical Optics
119967. Physical Optics: Principles and Practices
119968. Современная геология
119969. Технология производства и ремонта автомобилей.
119970. Радиобиология человека и животных
119971. Электрогидравлический эффект
119972. Теоретическая метрология : учебник для студентов высших учебных заведений, обучающихся по направлению подготовки ''Метрология, стандартизация и сертификация'' и специальностям ''Метрология и метрологическое обеспечение'', ''Стандартизация и сертификация'' Ч. 2 Обеспечение единства измерений
119973. Теоретическая электротехника Пер. с нем
119974. Справочник технолога молочного производства. Т.3. Сыры.
119975. Словарь-справочник по трению, износу и смазке деталей машин.
119976. Краткий иллюстрированный русско-английский словарь по машиностроению 3795 терминов. [Для студентов-иностранцев]
119977. Справочник по расчету электрических сетей
119978. Технология и техника разведочного бурения [Учеб. для вузов по спец. ''Технология и техника разведки месторождений полез. ископаемых''
119979. Справочник горного мастера нерудных карьеров.
119980. Практические расчеты тепловой изоляции.
119981. Проектирование и строительство автобусных и железнодорожных станций
119982. Химия твердого тела.
119983. Шкала геологического времени
119984. Оборудование швейного производства : Учеб. для студентов образоват. учреждений сред. проф. образования, обучающихся по специальности 2809 ''Швейное пр-во''
119985. Сельскохозяйственная радиология.
119986. Справочник по гидроколлоидам.
119987. Англо-русский морской словарь.
119988. Автоматизация решения геодезических задач : учеб. пособие
119989. Спутник туриста.
119990. В заграничном плавании. Рус.-англ. разговорник-справочник.
119991. Учебник нормальной анатомии человека [Для мед. ин-тов]
119992. Электрохимические синтезы органических препаратов.
119993. Судовые электрические приборы управления [Учеб. для электромех. спец. мореход. уч-щ]
119994. Строительная механика грунта на основе его физических свойств.
119995. Севергазпром: союз науки и производства в области геологии, разработки месторождений и транспорта газа в Тимано-Печорской провинции
119996. Радиосистемы передачи информации.
119997. Рентгенодиагностика смещений поясничных позвонков.
119998. Научные основы технологии машиностроения
119999. Приборы указывают путь.
120000. Торфяные машины и комплексы.
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