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164001. Analysis of Sterols
164002. Biochemie fur die mündliche Prüfung: Fragen und Antworten
164003. Oryza: From Molecule to Plant
164004. Sediment Records of Biomass Burning and Global Change
164005. Chemistry and Biology of Serpins
164006. Proteine: Standardmethoden der Molekular- und Zellbiologie: Praparation, Gelelektrophorese, Membrantransfer und Immundetektion
164007. Evolutionary Quantitative Genetics
164008. Methods for Risk Assessment of Transgenic Plants: II. Pollination, Gene-Transfer and Population Impacts
164009. Past and Future Rapid Environmental Changes: The Spatial and Evolutionary Responses of Terrestrial Biota
164010. In Vitro Culture of Higher Plants
164011. Luftverschmutzung und Klimaanderung: Auswirkungen auf Flora, Fauna und Mensch
164012. The Use of Remote Sensing in the Modeling of Forest Productivity
164013. Integration of Ecosystem Theories: A Pattern
164014. Early Life History and Recruitment in Fish Populations
164015. Plant Volatile Analysis
164016. The Early Evolutionary History of Planktonic Foraminifera
164017. Oxidative Stress and Signal Transduction
164018. Intracellular Antibodies: Development and Applications
164019. Biodiversity: An Ecological Perspective
164020. Molecular Mechanisms of Signalling and Membrane Transport: Proceedings of the NATO Study Institute on Molecular Mechanisms of Signalling and Targeting, held on the Island of Spetsai, Greece, August 18–30, 1996
164021. Pathogen and Microbial Contamination Management in Micropropagation
164022. Fortschritte der Chemie organischer Naturstoffe / Progress in the Chemistry of Organic Natural Products
164023. Cereals: Novel Uses and Processes
164024. Coastal Zone Management Imperative for Maritime Developing Nations
164025. Basic and Applied Aspects of Seed Biology: Proceedings of the Fifth International Workshop on Seeds, Reading, 1995
164026. Plant Relationships: Part A
164027. Longevity: To the Limits and Beyond
164028. Diagnosis and Identification of Plant Pathogens: Proceedings of the 4th International Symposium of the European Foundation for Plant Pathology, September 9–12, 1996, Bonn, Germany
164029. Cellular and Molecular Aspects of Plant-Nematode Interactions
164030. The Role of Microenvironment in Axonal Regeneration: Influences of Lesion-Induced Changes and Glial Implants on the Regeneration of the Postcommissural Fornix
164031. Detection of Mitochondrial Diseases
164032. Dynamic Biological Organization: Fundamentals as Applied to Cellular Systems
164033. Structured-Population Models in Marine, Terrestrial, and Freshwater Systems
164034. Population Biology: Concepts and Models
164035. Advances in Solid State Fermentation
164036. Analytical and Quantitative Cardiology
164037. Brain Plasticity: Development and Aging
164038. The future of DNA: Proceedings of an international If gene conference on presuppositions in science and expectations in society held at the Goetheanum, Dornach, Switzerland, 2nd – 5th October 1996
164039. Fortschritte der Chemie organischer Naturstoffe Progress in the Chemistry of Organic Natural Products
164040. Climates and Societies — A Climatological Perspective: A Contribution on Global Change and Related Problems Prepared by the Commission on Climatology of the International Geographical Union
164041. Analytical Parasitology
164042. Plant Relationships Part B: Part B
164043. Enzyme Handbook 13: Class 2.5 - EC Transferases
164044. Applied Toxicology: Approaches Through Basic Science: Proceedings of the 1996 EUROTOX Congress Meeting Held in Alicante, Spain, September 22-25, 1996
164045. Foundations of Biophilosophy
164046. Adaptation in Plant Breeding: Selected Papers from the XIV EUCARPIA Congress on Adaptation in Plant Breeding held at Jyvaskyla, Sweden from July 31 to August 4, 1995
164047. Cytoplasmic fate of messenger RNA
164048. Analytical Ultracentrifugation IV
164049. Physiology and Pharmacology of Biological Rhythms
164050. Veterinary Entomology: Arthropod Ectoparasites of Veterinary Importance
164051. Landmarks in Developmental Biology 1883–1924: Historical Essays from Roux’s Archives
164052. Advances in Research on Neurodegeneration: Volume 5
164053. Fortschritte der Chemie organischer Naturstoffe / Progress in the Chemistry of Organic Natural Products
164054. ADP-Ribosylation in Animal Tissues: Structure, Function, and Biology of Mono (ADP-ribosyl) Transferases and Related Enzymes
164055. Bioremediation Protocols
164056. Seed Production: Principles and Practices
164057. The Call of Distant Mammoths: Why the Ice Age Mammals Disappeared
164058. UV-B and Biosphere
164059. Moving Questions: A History of Membrane Transport and Bioenergetics
164060. In Vitro Haploid Production in Higher Plants, Volume 4: Cereals
164061. Orientation and Communication in Arthropods
164062. Studies on Large Branchiopod Biology and Conservation
164063. Functionality of Food Phytochemicals
164064. Neotyphodium/Grass Interactions
164065. Bodenokologie: Mikrobiologie und Bodenenzymatik Band III: Pflanzenschutzmittel, Agrarhilfsstoffe und organische Umweltchemikalien
164066. Individual Behavior and Community Dynamics
164067. Planetary and Interstellar Processes Relevant to the Origins of Life
164068. Current Issues in Symbiotic Nitrogen Fixation
164069. Ecosystem Function & Human Activities: Reconciling Economics and Ecology
164070. The Central Amazon Floodplain: Ecology of a Pulsing System
164071. Programmed Alternative Reading of the Genetic Code: Molecular Biology Intelligence Unit
164072. Nachhaltige Land- und Forstwitschaft: Voraussetzungen, Möglichkeiten, Maßnahmen
164073. Wildlife Resources: A Global Account of Economic Use
164074. Diagnosis of the Nitrogen Status in Crops
164075. Genetic Instability and Tumorigenesis
164076. Foreign Gene Expression in Fission Yeast: Schizosaccharomyces pombe
164077. Biodiversität und Tourismus: Konflikte und Lösungsansätze an den Küsten der Weltmeere
164078. Cytotoxic, Mutagenic and Carcinogenic Potential of Heavy Metals Related to Human Environment
164079. Sustainable Food Security in West Africa
164080. Selected Topics in Mass Spectrometry in the Biomolecular Sciences
164081. Spectroscopy of Biological Molecules: Modern Trends
164082. Dietary Fiber in Health and Disease
164083. Bodenkunde: Untersuchungsmethoden und ihre Anwendungen
164084. Pacific Salmon & their Ecosystems: Status and Future Options
164085. Methods in Bone Biology
164086. Avian Desert Predators
164087. Biomechanics: Circulation
164088. Plant Nutrition for Sustainable Food Production and Environment: Proceedings of the XIII International Plant Nutrition Colloquium, 13–19 September 1997, Tokyo, Japan
164089. Sensitivity to Change: Black Sea, Baltic Sea and North Sea
164090. Probiotics 2: Applications and Practical Aspects
164091. The Basics of Selection
164092. Biochemische Labormethoden
164093. Theoretical and Computational Methods in Genome Research
164094. Pelagic Nutrient Cycles: Herbivores as Sources and Sinks
164095. Wheat: Prospects for Global Improvement: Proceedings of the 5th International Wheat Conference, 10–14 June, 1996, Ankara, Turkey
164096. Glycoscience Synthesis of Oligosaccharides and Glycoconjugates
164097. Enzymology and Molecular Biology of Carbonyl Metabolism 6
164098. In Vitro Haploid Production in Higher Plants, Volume 5: Oil, Ornamental and Miscellaneous Plants
164099. Free Radicals in Biology and Environment
164100. Biodiversity and Tourism: Conflicts on the World’s Seacoasts and Strategies for Their Solution
164101. Genome Structure and Function: From Chromosomes Characterization to Genes Technology
164102. Internationaler Naturschutz
164103. Plant-Microbe Interactions
164104. Drug Discovery and Evaluation: Pharmacological Assays
164105. Parasites and Pathogens: Effects On Host Hormones and Behavior
164106. High-Tech and Micropropagation VI
164107. Hans Spemann 1869–1941 Experimentelle Forschung im Spannungsfeld von Empirie und Theorie: Ein Beitrag zur Geschichte der Entwicklungsphysiologie zu Beginn des 20. Jahrhunderts
164108. Homeostasis in Desert Reptiles
164109. Shallow Lakes ’95: Trophic Cascades in Shallow Freshwater and Brackish Lakes
164110. In Vitro Culture of Higher Plants
164111. An Introduction to Agricultural Biochemistry
164112. Reviews of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology: Continuation of Residue Reviews
164113. Applications of Systems Approaches at the Farm and Regional Levels Volume 1: Proceedings of the Second International Symposium on Systems Approaches for Agricultural Development, held at IRRI, Los Banos, Philippines, 6–8 December 1995
164114. Sequence Data Analysis Guidebook
164115. Green Functions in Electrochemistry
164116. The Projections to the Spinal Cord of the Rat During Development: A Timetable of Descent
164117. Diseases of Wild Waterfowl
164118. Advances in Ocular Toxicology
164119. Biology of Root Formation and Development
164120. Pseudomonas Syringae Pathovars and Related Pathogens
164121. Subtropical Convergence Environments: The Coast and Sea in the Southwestern Atlantic
164122. Freshwaters of Alaska: Ecological Syntheses
164123. Progress in Cell Cycle Research
164124. Wildlife and Landscape Ecology: Effects of Pattern and Scale
164125. The Vegetation and Physiography of Sumatra
164126. Aging and Human Longevity
164127. Impacts of Global Change on Tree Physiology and Forest Ecosystems: Proceedings of the International Conference on Impacts of Global Change on Tree Physiology and Forest Ecosystems, held 26–29 November 1996, Wageningen, The Netherlands
164128. Evolution and Impact of Transposable Elements
164129. Bioreaktionstechnik: Bioprozesse mit Mikroorganismen und Zellen: Prozeßüberwachung
164130. G Protein Methods and Protocols: Role of G Proteins in Psychiatric and Neurologica1 Disorders
164131. Molecular Mechanisms of Resistance to Agrochemicals
164132. Proteome Research: New Frontiers in Functional Genomics
164133. Plant Roots - From Cells to Systems: Proceedings of the 14th Long Ashton International Symposium Plant Roots — From Cells to Systems, held in Bristol, U.K., 13–15 September 1995
164134. Palaeoecology: Ecosystems, environments and evolution
164135. The Interactions Between Sediments and Water: Proceedings of the 7th International Symposium, Baveno, Italy 22–25 September 1996
164136. Origins of Algae and their Plastids
164137. Saponins Used in Food and Agriculture
164138. Chemical Synthesis: Gnosis to Prognosis
164139. Saponins Used in Traditional and Modern Medicine
164140. Hormonal Carcinogenesis II: Proceedings of the Second International Symposium
164141. Fire and Plants
164142. Living Marine Resources: Their Utilization and Management
164143. Limnological and Engineering Analysis of Polluted Urban Lake: Prelude to Environmental Management of Onondaga Lake, New York
164144. Somaclonal Variation in Crop Improvement II
164145. Transgenic Models of Human Viral and Immunological Disease
164146. Somatic Cell Genetics and Molecular Genetics of Trees
164147. Identification of Lichen Substances
164148. Reviews of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology: Continuation of Residue Reviews
164149. Global and Regional Mercury Cycles: Sources, Fluxes and Mass Balances
164150. Chemistry for the Protection of the Environment 2
164151. Biology of the Lysosome
164152. Meereskunde der Ostsee
164153. Cats are not Peas: A Calico History of Genetics
164154. Transposable Elements
164155. Transgenic Organisms and Biosafety: Horizontal Gene Transfer, Stability of DNA, and Expression of Transgenes
164156. Protein Structure — Function Relationship
164157. Molecular Dynamics of Biomembranes
164158. Molecular Aspects of Myeloid Stem Cell Development
164159. Biological Control
164160. Evaluation of Soil Organic Matter Models: Using Existing Long-Term Datasets
164161. Soil Pollution: Processes and Dynamics
164162. Spuren der Eiszeit: Landschaftsformen in Europa
164163. The Aral Sea Basin
164164. Vulnerability and Adaptation Assessments: An International Handbook
164165. Microbial Diversity in Time and Space
164166. Umweltverschmutzung: Okologische Aspekte und biologische Behandlung
164167. Desertification in Developed Countries: International Symposium and Workshop on Desertification in Developed Countries: Why can’t We Control It?
164168. The Peptidergic Neuron
164169. Toward Anti-Adhesion Therapy for Microbial Diseases
164170. Introduction to Molecular Medicine
164171. Flow and Image Cytometry
164172. Mikroskopische Diagnostik pflanzlicher Nahrungs-, Genuß- und Futtermittel, einschließlich Gewürze
164173. Biotic Interactions in Arid Lands
164174. Glucagon III
164175. Fifteenth International Seaweed Symposium: Proceedings of the Fifteenth International Seaweed Symposium held in Valdivia, Chile, in January 1995
164176. Current Ornithology
164177. Cholera and the Ecology of Vibrio cholerae
164178. Nachhaltige Land- und Forstwirtschaft: Expertisen
164179. Arbeitsschutz in Biotechnologie und Gentechnik
164180. Biodiversity and Ecosystem Processes in Tropical Forests
164181. Transcriptional Control of Cell Growth: The E2F Gene Family
164182. Cytokines in the Nervous System
164183. Comparative Hemostasis in Vertebrates
164184. Cholesterin: Zur Physiologie, Pathophysiologie und Klinik
164185. Methods in Soil Biology
164186. Attempts to Understand Metastasis Formation I: Metastasis-Related Molecules
164187. Physiology of Fish in Intensive Culture Systems
164188. Before the Backbone: Views on the origin of the vertebrates
164189. Rocas Alijos: Scientific Results from the Cordell Expeditions
164190. In Vitro Haploid Production in Higher Plants, Volume 2: Applications
164191. Microbiology of Atmospheric Trace Gases: Sources, Sinks and Global Change Processes
164192. Marine Benthic Vegetation: Recent Changes and the Effects of Eutrophication
164193. New Strategies in Locust Control
164194. Dietary Phytochemicals in Cancer Prevention and Treatment
164195. Mass Spectrometry in Biomolecular Sciences
164196. Adapting to Climate Change: An International Perspective
164197. Antibacterial Chemotherapeutic Agents
164198. The Bunyaviridae
164199. Nonconventional Yeasts in Biotechnology: A Handbook
164200. Species Survival in Fragmented Landscapes
164201. Enzyme Handbook 12: Class 2.3.2 — 2.4 Transferases
164202. Determination of Anions: A Guide for the Analytical Chemist
164203. Our Molecular Nature: The Body’s Motors, Machines and Messages
164204. Triticale: Today and Tomorrow
164205. Quantitation of mRNA by Polymerase Chain Reaction: Nonradioactive PCR Methods
164206. Structure-Function Relations of Warm Desert Plants
164207. Floral Biology: Studies on Floral Evolution in Animal-Pollinated Plants
164208. Competition and Resource Partitioning in Temperate Ungulate Assemblies
164209. Energetics of Desert Invertebrates
164210. Biologie: Ein Lehrbuch
164211. Bodenbewirtschaftung, Dungung und Rekultivierung
164212. Intracellular Protein Catabolism
164213. Eicosanoids: From Biotechnology to Therapeutic Applications
164214. Praxis der biotechnologischen Abluftreinigung
164215. Urban Air Pollution: Monitoring and Control Strategies
164216. Methoden in der Proteinanalytik
164217. Signal Transduction in Plants
164218. Biofunctional Membranes
164219. Light as an Energy Source and Information Carrier in Plant Physiology
164220. Molecular Biology of Hematopoiesis 5
164221. Attempts to Understand Metastasis Formation II: Regulatory Factors
164222. Optical measurement methods in biomechanics
164223. Frontiers in Bioactive Lipids
164224. Global Environmental Security: From Protection to Prevention
164225. Clinical Aspects of Hearing
164226. Nitrogen Cycling in the North Atlantic Ocean and its Watersheds
164227. Pike: Biology and exploitation
164228. Invertebrate Immune Responses: Cells and Molecular Products
164229. Toxoplasma gondii
164230. Impact of Air Pollutants on Southern Pine Forests
164231. Energetics of Organic Free Radicals
164232. Rhizoctonia Species: Taxonomy, Molecular Biology, Ecology, Pathology and Disease Control
164233. Environmental Biotechnology: Principles and Applications
164234. Clinical Obstetrics and Gynaecology
164235. Plant Gene Transfer and Expression Protocols
164236. Human Mummies: A Global Survey of their Status and the Techniques of Conservation
164237. Plant-Microbe Interactions
164238. In Vitro Haploid Production in Higher Plants, Volume 1: Fundamental Aspects and Methods
164239. Signaling Mechanisms in Protozoa and Invertebrates
164240. Coastal Lagoon Eutrophication and ANaerobic Processes (C.L.E.AN.): Nitrogen and Sulfur Cycles and Population Dynamics in Coastal Lagoons A Research Programme of the Environment Programme of the EC (DG XII)
164241. Human and Animal Relationships
164242. Preparing Scientific Illustrations: A Guide to Better Posters, Presentations, and Publications
164243. Alpha-Keto Acid Dehydrogenase Complexes
164244. Aquatic Oligochaete Biology VI: Proceedings of the VI International Symposium on Aquatic Oligochaetes held in Stromstat, Sweden, September 5–10, 1994
164245. Symposium in Immunology V: Antiviral Immunity
164246. Crassulacean Acid Metabolism: Biochemistry, Ecophysiology and Evolution
164247. Respiratory Physiology: Understanding Gas Exchange
164248. The Reaction Center of Photosynthetic Bacteria: Structure and Dynamics
164249. Magnetite Biomineralization and Magnetoreception in Organisms: A New Biomagnetism
164250. Aminopeptidases
164251. Dunnschichtchromatographie
164252. Pharmacological Aspects of Drug Dependence: Toward an Integrated Neurobehavioral Approach
164253. Flugverkehr und Umwelt: Wieviel Mobilitat tut uns gut?
164254. Naturbilder — Okologische Kommunikation zwischen Asthetik und Moral
164255. Biochemical Mechanisms in Heart Function
164256. Avian Energetics and Nutritional Ecology
164257. Environmental Compartments: Equilibria and Assessment of Processes Between Air, Water, Sediments and Biota
164258. Regulation of Angiogenesis
164259. Alzheimer Disease: From Molecular Biology to Theraphy
164260. Lactic Acid Bacteria: Current Advances in Metabolism, Genetics and Applications
164261. Fortschritte der Chemie organischer Naturstoffe / Progress in the Chemistry of Organic Natural Products
164262. Global change and terrestrial ecosystems in monsoon Asia
164263. Frontiers in Arterial Chemoreception
164264. Electrical Manipulation of Cells
164265. The Exploitation of Mammal Populations
164266. Biochemie: Eine Einführung
164267. Targeting of Drugs 5: Strategies for Oligonucleotide and Gene Delivery in Therapy
164268. Lipid Second Messengers
164269. Elementaranalytik: Highlights aus dem Analytiker-Taschenbuch
164270. Umweltanalytik und Okotoxikologie
164271. Sustainability of Irrigated Agriculture
164272. Natural Toxins 2: Structure, Mechanism of Action, and Detection
164273. Normal Testicular Descent and the Aetiology of Cryptorchidism
164274. Ecology of Coccinellidae
164275. African Greenhouse Gas Emission Inventories and Mitigation Options: Forestry, Land-Use Change, and Agriculture: Johannesburg, South Africa 29 May–2 June 1995
164276. Environmental Policy Between Regulation and Market
164277. Nervous System Regeneration in the Invertebrates
164278. Reviews of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology: Continuation of Residue Reviews
164279. Transgenic Organisms: Biological and Social Implications
164280. The Meaning of Nucleocytoplasmic Transport
164281. Analytical Use of Fluorescent Probes in Oncology
164282. Molecular Evolution
164283. Nachhaltige Entwicklung: Zukunftschancen fur Mensch und Umwelt
164284. Red Clover Science
164285. Landscape Function and Disturbance in Arctic Tundra
164286. Wasser — die elementare Ressource: Leitlinien einer nachhaltigen Nutzung
164287. Regulation of the RAS Signaling Network
164288. Molecular Reviews in Cardiovascular Medicine
164289. Gene Quantification
164290. Mechanisms of Drug Interactions
164291. Contaminants and the Soil Environment in the Australasia-Pacific Region: Proceedings of the First Australasia-Pacific Conference on Contaminants and Soil Environment in the Australasia-Pacific Region, held in Adelaide, Australia, 18–23 February 1996
164292. Plant Growth Substances: Principles and Applications
164293. High-Latitude Rainforests and Associated Ecosystems of the West Coast of the Americas: Climate, Hydrology, Ecology, and Conservation
164294. Sea-Dumped Chemical Weapons: Aspects, Problems and Solutions
164295. Etiology of Hodgkin’s Disease
164296. Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) — Quo vadis?
164297. Dietary Fats, Lipids, Hormones, and Tumorigenesis: New Horizons in Basic Research
164298. Post-Transcriptional Control of Gene Expression in Plants
164299. Multicellular Animals: A new Approach to the Phylogenetic Order in Nature Volume 1
164300. Statistical Methods for Plant Variety Evaluation
164301. Sustainable Development of the Lake Baikal Region: A Model Territory for the World
164302. Biological and Environmental Chemistry of DMSP and Related Sulfonium Compounds
164303. Pflanzliche Stoffaufnahme und mikrobielle Wechselwirkungen in der Rhizosphare: 6. Borkheider Seminar zur Okophysiologie des Wurzelraumes. Wissenschaftliche Arbeitstagung in Schmerwitz/Brandenburg vom 25. bis 27. September 1995
164304. Plant Cell Wall Analysis
164305. Tropical Rainforest Research — Current Issues: Proceedings of the Conference held in Bandar Seri Begawan, April 1993
164306. Fire in Ecosystems of Boreal Eurasia
164307. Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
164308. ECOtoxicology: Ecological Dimensions
164309. Vascular Morphogenesis: In Vivo, In Vitro, In Mente
164310. Ecology and Behaviour of the African Buffalo: Social inequality and decision making
164311. Biodiversity and Savanna Ecosystem Processes: A Global Perspective
164312. Molecular Diagnosis of Genetic Diseases
164313. Epithelial Transport: A guide to methods and experimental analysis
164314. Biological Neural Networks: Hierarchical Concept of Brain Function
164315. Proceedings of the 9th International Symposium on Insect-Plant Relationships
164316. Calreticulin
164317. Global to Local: Ecological Land Classification: Thunderbay, Ontario, Canada, August 14–17, 1994
164318. Nitrogen Economy in Tropical Soils: Proceedings of the International Symposium on Nitrogen Economy in Tropical Soils, held in Trinidad, W.I., January 9–14, 1994
164319. Fertilizers and Environment: Proceedings of the International Symposium “Fertilizers and Environment”, held in Salamanca, Spain, 26–29, September, 1994
164320. Conservation of Endangered Freshwater Fish in Europe
164321. Experimental Watershed Liming Study
164322. Neutrons in Biology
164323. Attempts to Understand Metastasis Formation III: Therapeutic Approaches for Metastasis Treatment
164324. Plant Hormone Signal Perception and Transduction: Proceedings of the International Symposium on Plant Hormone Signal Perception and Transduction, Moscow, Russia, September 4–10, 1994
164325. Bioorganic Chemistry: A Chemical Approach to Enzyme Action
164326. Minesite Recultivation
164327. Pollen Biotechnology: Gene Expression and Allergen Characterization
164328. Vulnerability and Adaptation to Climate Change: Interim Results from the U.S. Country Studies Program
164329. Invertebrate Immunology
164330. Umweltmikrobiologische Praxis: Mikrobiologische und biotechnische Methoden und Versuche
164331. Monitoring Antagonistic Fungi Deliberately Released into the Environment
164332. Physical Stresses in Plants: Genes and Their Products for Tolerance
164333. Biology of the Insect Midgut
164334. Zecken, Milben, Fliegen, Schaben: Schach dem Ungeziefer
164335. Growth Trends in European Forests: Studies from 12 Countries
164336. Pathology of Septic Shock
164337. Protein Toxin Structure
164338. Gene Technology: Stem Cell and Leukemia Research
164339. Invertebrate Immune Responses: Cell Activities and the Environment
164340. Triple-Helical Nucleic Acids
164341. Genetic Engineering: Principles and Methods
164342. Produced Water 2: Environmental Issues and Mitigation Technologies
164343. EJB Reviews
164344. Adeno-Associated Virus (AAV) Vectors in Gene Therapy
164345. Cancer Genes: Functional Aspects
164346. Reaktionskinetik in Lebensmitteln
164347. Infection, Polymorphism and Evolution
164348. Apoptosis
164349. Bodenokologie: Mikrobiologie und Bodenenzymatik Band I: Grundlagen, Klima, Vegetation und Bodentyp
164350. Membranes and Circadian Rythms
164351. Forest Ecosystems, Forest Management and the Global Carbon Cycle
164352. Novel Strategies in the Design and Production of Vaccines
164353. Cell Cycle — Materials and Methods
164354. The Psychological Basis of Perfumery
164355. Blood Cell Biochemistry: Hematopoietic Cell Growth Factors and Their Receptors
164356. Microorganisms and Autoimmune Diseases
164357. The Plant Viruses: Polyhedral Virions and Bipartite RNA Genomes
164358. Biochemical Regulation of Myocardium
164359. The First International Lake Ladoga Symposium: Proceedings of the First International Lake Ladoga Symposium: Ecological Problems of Lake Ladoga, St. Petersburg, Russia, 22–26 November 1993
164360. Histology, Ultrastructure and Molecular Cytology of Plant-Microorganism Interactions
164361. Catalytic RNA
164362. Auditory Computation
164363. Sustainable Forestry Challenges for Developing Countries
164364. Models of Economic Growth with Environmental Assets
164365. Somesthesis and the Neurobiology of the Somatosensory Cortex
164366. Reviews of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology
164367. Climate Change and Plants in East Asia
164368. Fortschritte der Chemie organischer Naturstoffe / Progress in the Chemistry of Organic Natural Products
164369. Biomolecular Electronics: An Introduction via Photosensitive Proteins
164370. Landscape and Vegetation Ecology of the Kakadu Region, Northern Australia
164371. Pilzgeschichten: Wissenswertes aus der Mykologie
164372. Urbaner Bodenschutz
164373. Protein-Based Materials
164374. Enzyme Immunoassays: From Concept to Product Development
164375. The Physiology and Pathophysiology of Exercise Tolerance
164376. The Molecular Biology of Insect Disease Vectors: A Methods Manual
164377. Plant Protoplasts and Genetic Engineering VII
164378. Signal Transduction in Plant Growth and Development
164379. Intertidal Ecology
164380. Nonanticoagulant Actions of Glycosaminoglycans
164381. Modeling Biological Systems: Principles and Applications
164382. Biology and Physiology of the Blood-Brain Barrier: Transport, Cellular Interactions, and Brain Pathologies
164383. Ökologische Bewertung von Fließgewässerlandschaften: Grundlage für Renaturierung und Sanierung
164384. Flowering Plant Origin, Evolution & Phylogeny
164385. Macromolecule-Metal Complexes
164386. New Horizons in Allergy Immunotherapy
164387. Frontiers in Biosensorics I: Fundamental Aspects
164388. The Inter-Relationship Between Irrigation, Drainage and the Environment in the Aral Sea Basin
164389. Microbial Growth on C1 Compounds: Proceedings of the 8th International Symposium on Microbial Growth on C1 Compounds, held in San Diego, U.S.A., 27 August – 1 September 1995
164390. Neuroanatomy of the Zebrafish Brain: A Topological Atlas
164391. The Sea Floor: An Introduction to Marine Geology
164392. Reef Fisheries
164393. Der Aralsee: Eine ökologische Katastrophe
164394. Rotifera VII: Proceedings of the Seventh Rofifer Symposium, held in Mikołajki, Poland, 6–11 June 1994
164395. Brewing Microbiology
164396. Plants of Desert Dunes
164397. Biological Nitrogen Fixation Associated with Rice Production: Based on selected papers presented in the International Symposium on Biological Nitrogen Fixation Associated with Rice, Dhaka, Bangladesh, 28 November– 2 December, 1994
164398. The Regulation of Cellular Systems
164399. Medicinal and Aromatic Plants IX
164400. Cereal Grain Quality
164401. Immunology and Developmental Biology of the Chicken
164402. Biogeography of Freshwater Algae: Proceedings of the Workshop on Biogeography of Freshwater Algae, held during the Fifth International Phycological Congress, Qingdao, China, June 1994
164403. Morphogenesis and Maturation of Retroviruses
164404. Nitric Oxide Research from Chemistry to Biology
164405. Inhibitors to Coagulation Factors
164406. Estrogens, Progestins, and Their Antagonists: Health Issues
164407. Chromosomes Today: Volume 12
164408. Post-transcriptional Control of Gene Expression
164409. Progress in Botany / Fortschritte der Botanik: Structural Botany Physiology Genetics Taxonomy Geobotany / Struktur Physiologie Genetik Systematik Geobotanik
164410. Micromanipulation by Light in Biology and Medicine: The Laser Microbeam and Optical Tweezers
164411. Biological Membranes: A Molecular Perspective from Computation and Experiment
164412. Toxicology - From Cells to Man: Proceedings of the 1995 EUROTOX Congress Meeting Held in Prague, Czech Republic, August 27–l30, 1995
164413. Intracellular Signal Transduction: The JAK-STAT Pathway
164414. Fortschritte der Chemie organischer Naturstoffe / Progress in the Chemistry of Organic Natural Products
164415. Anorganische Chemie: Chemie — Basiswissen I
164416. The Biodiversity of African Plants: Proceedings XIVth AETFAT Congress 22–27 August 1994, Wageningen, The Netherlands
164417. Food Webs: Integration of Patterns & Dynamics
164418. Frontiers in Biosensorics II: Practical Applications
164419. Planning Estuaries
164420. The Renin-Angiotensin System: Comparative Aspects
164421. Adaptive Radiations of Neotropical Primates
164422. Stomata
164423. Management and Ecology of Freshwater Plants: Proceedings of the 9th International Symposium on Aquatic Weeds, European Weed Research Society
164424. Hansjochem Autrum: Mein Leben: Wie sich Gluck und Verdienst verketten
164425. Yearbook of Cell and Tissue Transplantation 1996–1997
164426. A Functional Biology of Scyphozoa
164427. Pesticide Properties in the Environment
164428. Infrarotspektroskopie: Highlights aus dem Analytiker-Taschenbuch
164429. Glykolipide der Zelloberfläche und die Pathobiochemie der Zelle
164430. Insect Natural Enemies: Practical approaches to their study and evaluation
164431. Tropical Forest Plant Ecophysiology
164432. Climate Change and World Food Security
164433. Molecular, Cellular, and Clinical Aspects of Angiogenesis
164434. Active Oxygen in Chemistry
164435. Biochemistry of Signal Transduction in Myocardium
164436. Algen, Quallen, Wasserfloh: Die Welt des Planktons
164437. Concepts in Mycorrhizal Research
164438. Arachidonic Acid in Cell Signaling
164439. Lessons from Animal Diabetes VI: 75th Anniversary of the Insulin Discovery
164440. Vaccines: New Generation Immunological Adjuvants
164441. Molecular Analysis of DNA Rearrangements in the Immune System
164442. Aerial Plant Surface Microbiology
164443. Bacterial Invasiveness
164444. Episodes from the History of the Rare Earth Elements
164445. Progress in Cell Cycle Research
164446. Conservation of Faunal Diversity in Forested Landscapes
164447. GABA: Receptors, Transporters and Metabolism
164448. Tumor Biology: Regulation of Cell Growth, Differentiation and Genetics in Cancer
164449. Platelet-Activating Factor and Related Lipid Mediators 2: Roles in Health and Disease
164450. Biological and Medical Research in Space: An Overview of Life Sciences Research in Microgravity
164451. Plant Tissue Culture Manual: Supplement 6
164452. Soilless Culture Management
164453. An Antigen Depository of the Immune System: Follicular Dendritic Cells
164454. Technical Advances in AIDS Research in the Human Nervous System
164455. The Impact of Species Changes in African Lakes
164456. Plant Physiology
164457. Linking Species & Ecosystems
164458. Management of Biological Nitrogen Fixation for the Development of More Productive and Sustainable Agricultural Systems: Extended versions of papers presented at the Symposium on Biological Nitrogen Fixation for Sustainable Agriculture at the 15th Congress of Soil Science, Acapulco, Mexico, 1994
164459. Toxicology in Transition: Proceedings of the 1994 EUROTOX Congress Meeting Held in Basel, Switzerland, August 21–24, 1994
164460. Analysis of Free Radicals in Biological Systems
164461. Humanokologie: Fakten — Argumente — Ausblicke
164462. The Somatotrophic Axis and the Reproductive Process in Health and Disease
164463. Apoptosis in Immunology
164464. Glycoimmunology
164465. Hearing by Bats
164466. Physiology and Pathology of Membrane Digestion
164467. The Impact of Plant Molecular Genetics
164468. Molecular Aspects of Oxidative Drug Metabolizing Enzymes: Their Significance in Environmental Toxicology, Chemical Carcinogenesis and Health
164469. Measles Virus
164470. Viruses in Human Gene Therapy
164471. The Molecular Repertoire of Adenoviruses I: Virion Structure and Infection
164472. Tropical Montane Cloud Forests
164473. Cladocera as Model Organisms in Biology: Proceedings of the Third International Symposium on Cladocera, held in Bergen, Norway, 9–16 August 1993
164474. The Growing Fungus
164475. Antibiotics: A Multidisciplinary Approach
164476. Neurotransmitters in the Human Brain
164477. Biodiversity Conservation: Problems and Policies
164478. Advances in Mucosal Immunology: Part A
164479. G Protein-Coupled Receptors
164480. Signalling Mechanisms — from Transcription Factors to Oxidative Stress
164481. The Role of Water and the Hydrological Cycle in Global Change
164482. Signal Transduction Mechanisms
164483. Oxidative Stress and Antioxidant Defenses in Biology
164484. Plant-Soil Interactions at Low pH: Principles and Management: Proceedings of the Third International Symposium on Plant-Soil Interactions at Low pH, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, 12–16 September 1993
164485. Toxicology of Metals: Biochemical Aspects
164486. Evaluating and Monitoring the Health of Large-Scale Ecosystems
164487. Mechanisms of Systemic Regulation: Acid—Base Regulation, Ion-Transfer and Metabolism
164488. Enzymology and Molecular Biology of Carbonyl Metabolism 5
164489. Somatic Embryogenesis in Woody Plants: Volume 2 — Angiosperms
164490. Fortschritte der Chemie organischer Naturstoffe / Progress in the Chemistry of Organic Natural Products
164491. Biotransformations in Organic Chemistry — A Textbook
164492. Regulatory Mechanisms in Insect Feeding
164493. The Role of Nitric Oxide in Physiology and Pathophysiology
164494. Genetik
164495. The Family Trichodoridae: Stubby Root and Virus Vector Nematodes
164496. The Methodology of Plant Genetic Manipulation: Criteria for Decision Making: Proceedings of the Eucarpia Plant Genetic Manipulation Section Meeting held at Cork, Ireland from September 11 to September 14, 1994
164497. Architekturelemente tierischer Zellen: 384. Sitzung am 3. Juni 1992 in Dusseldorf
164498. Woody Plants in Agro-Ecosystems of Semi-Arid Regions: with an Emphasis on the Sahelian Countries
164499. Global Change and Mediterranean-Type Ecosystems
164500. Agroforestry: Science, Policy and Practice: Selected papers from the agroforestry sessions of the IUFRO 20th World Congress, Tampere, Finland, 6–12 August 1995
164501. Ocular Toxicology
164502. Histones and Nucleohistones
164503. Cytoskeleton Proteins: A Purification Manual
164504. Biochemistry
164505. Interleukin-10
164506. Diuretics
164507. Calcium and Calmodulin Function in the Cell Nucleus
164508. The Chironomidae: Biology and ecology of non-biting midges
164509. Biology of the Sialic Acids
164510. Space Partition within Aquatic Ecosystems: Proceedings of the Second International Congress of Limnology and Oceanography held in Evian, May 25–28, 1993
164511. GHRH, GH, and IGF-I: Basic and Clinical Advances
164512. A Laboratory Guide to Biotin-Labeling in Biomolecule Analysis
164513. Entropy, Environment and Resources: An Essay in Physico-Economics
164514. Biological Prototypes and Synthetic Systems: Volume 1 Proceedings of the Second Annual Bionics Symposium sponsored by Cornell University and the General Electric Company, Advanced Electronics Center, held at Cornell University, August 30–September 1, 1961
164515. Animal Cell Technology: Developments Towards the 21st Century
164516. Marine Ecological Processes
164517. Molecular Ecology of Aquatic Microbes
164518. Hormones and Cancer
164519. Biogeochemical Monitoring in Small Catchments: Refereed papers from BIOGEOMON, The Symposium on Ecosystem Behaviour: Evaluation of Integrated Monitoring in Small Catchments held in Prague, Czech Republic, September 18–20, 1993
164520. Progress in Cell Cycle Research: Volume 1
164521. Comparative Anatomy of the External and Middle Ear of Palaeognathous Birds
164522. Biochemische Labormethoden
164523. Evolutionary Biology
164524. Reviews of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology: Continuation of Residue Reviews
164525. Fundamentals of Aquacultural Engineering
164526. Biosphärenreservate in Deutschland: Leitlinien für Schutz, Pflege und Entwicklung
164527. Alternative Mechanisms of Multidrug Resistance in Cancer
164528. Peptide Analysis Protocols
164529. Organellar Proton-ATPases
164530. Cardiovascular Disease: Cellular and Molecular Mechanisms, Prevention, and Treatment
164531. Pharmacological Sciences: Perspectives for Research and Therapy in the Late 1990s
164532. Surface Chemistry of Biological Systems: Proceedings of the American Chemical Society Symposium on Surface Chemistry of Biological Systems held in New York City September 11–12, 1969
164533. In Vitro Embryogenesis in Plants
164534. Analysis of Pesticides in Ground and Surface Water II: Latest Developments and State-of-the-Art of Multiple Residue Methods
164535. Gene Transfer to Plants
164536. Transgene Pflanzen: • Herstellung, • Anwendung, • Risiken und Richtlinien
164537. Progress in the Chemistry of Organic Natural Products
164538. Ecological Time Series
164539. Aspartic Proteinases: Structure, Function, Biology, and Biomedical Implications
164540. Reviews of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology: Continuation of Residue Reviews
164541. Normal and Malignant Hematopoiesis: New Advances
164542. Genetics of Wood Production
164543. Magnetic Orientation in Animals
164544. Conservation of Great Plains Ecosystems: Current Science, Future Options
164545. The Cytoskeleton
164546. Asthma: Structural Basis — Theophylline Today / Strukturelle Grundlagen — Theophyllin heute
164547. Induced Resistance to Disease in Plants
164548. Modulation of Cellular Responses in Toxicity
164549. Belowground Responses to Rising Atmospheric CO2: Implications for Plants, Soil Biota, and Ecosystem Processes: Proceedings of a workshop held at the University of Michigan Biological Station, Pellston, Michigan, USA, May 29–June 2, 1993
164550. The Ecozones of the World: The Ecological Divisions of the Geosphere
164551. The Pantanal of Mato Grosso (Brazil): World’s Largest Wetlands
164552. Viral and Other Infections of the Human Respiratory Tract
164553. Boreal Forests and Global Change: Peer-reviewed manuscripts selected from the International Boreal Forest Research Association Conference, held in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada, September 25–30, 1994
164554. The Molecular Structure of Amino Acids: Determination by X-Ray Diffraction Analysis
164555. Plant Protoplasts and Genetic Engineering VI
164556. Tropical Freshwater Wetlands: A Guide to Current Knowledge and Sustainable Management
164557. Proteins: Structure, Function, and Engineering
164558. Mathematical Modeling and Scale-up of Liquid Chromatography
164559. Neurobiology and Clinical Aspects of the Outer Retina
164560. Cryopreservation and Freeze-Drying Protocols
164561. Fossil Reptiles of Great Britain
164562. Preservation of Surfactant Formulations
164563. Immediate-Early Genes in the Central Nervous System
164564. Blood Substitutes: Physiological Basis of Efficacy
164565. Thermus Species
164566. Transacting Functions of Human Retroviruses
164567. Progress in Botany: Structural Botany Physiology Genetics Taxonomy Geobotany/Fortschritte der Botanik Struktur Physiologie Genetik Systematik Geobotanik
164568. GATT Negotiations and the Political Economy of Policy Reform
164569. The Molecular Repertoire of Adenoviruses III: Biology and Pathogenesis
164570. Bottom Soils, Sediment, and Pond Aquaculture
164571. Mycorrhiza: Structure, Function, Molecular Biology and Biotechnology
164572. The Importance of Aquatic-Terrestrial Ecotones for Freshwater Fish
164573. Der Mann im Eis: Neue Funde und Ergebnisse
164574. Formation and Structure of Human Hair
164575. Neural Cell Specification: Molecular Mechanisms and Neurotherapeutic Implications
164576. Information and Creation: Integrating the “Two Cultures”
164577. Nutrient Uptake and Cycling in Forest Ecosystems: Proceedings of the CEC/IUFRO Symposium Nutrient Uptake and Cycling in Forest Ecosystems Halmstad, Sweden, June, 7–10, 1993
164578. The Evolutionary Ecology of Animals
164579. Historical Ecology of the British Flora
164580. Azospirillum VI and Related Microorganisms: Genetics — Physiology — Ecology
164581. Degenerative Diseases of the Retina
164582. The Significance and Regulation of Soil Biodiversity: Proceedings of the International Symposium on Soil Biodiversity, held at Michigan State University, East Lansing, May 3–6, 1993
164583. Cryopreservation of Plant Germplasm I
164584. Acetogenesis
164585. Eco-regional approaches for sustainable land use and food production: Proceedings of a symposium on eco-regional approaches in agricultural research, 12–16 December 1994, ISNAR, The Hague
164586. Mechanisms of Systemic Regulation: Respiration and Circulation
164587. Biochemistry of Cell Membranes: A Compendium of Selected Topics
164588. Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Diseases: Recent Developments
164589. Klimaanderungen: Daten, Analysen, Prognosen
164590. Reviews of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology: Continuation of Residue Reviews
164591. Asia-Pacific Symposium on Mangrove Ecosystems: Proceedings of the International Conference held at The Hong Kong University of Science & Technology, September 1–3, 1993
164592. Biotechnology of Ectomycorrhizae: Molecular Approaches
164593. Somatic Embryogenesis in Woody Plants: Volume 3 — Gymnosperms
164594. Neurobiology of Invertebrates: Proceedings of the Symposium Held at the Biological Research Institute of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (Tihany) September 4–7, 1967
164595. Cell Culture Engineering IV: Improvements of Human Health
164596. The Electronic Comparative Plant Ecology: Incorporating the principal data fromComparative Plant Ecologyand The Abridged Comparative Plant Ecology
164597. Alzheimer’s Disease: Lessons from Cell Biology
164598. Impact of Pesticides on Farmer Health and the Rice Environment
164599. Behavioural Adaptations of Desert Animals
164600. Iron Nutrition in Soils and Plants: Proceedings of the Seventh International Symposium on Iron Nutrition and Interactions in Plants, June 27–July 2, 1993, Zaragoza, Spain
164601. Creatures of the Dark: The Nocturnal Prosimians
164602. The Pharmacology of Alcohol Abuse
164603. Computer Simulations of Protein Structures and Interactions
164604. Gene Silencing in Higher Plants and Related Phenomena in Other Eukaryotes
164605. Lysozymes: Model Enzymes in Biochemistry and Biology
164606. Fiber Atlas: Identification of Papermaking Fibers
164607. Microbial and Eznymatic Bioproducts
164608. Forest Decline and Atmospheric Deposition Effects in the French Mountains
164609. Mediterranean-Type Ecosystems: The Function of Biodiversity
164610. Spezielle Okologie: Limnische Systeme
164611. Somatic Embryogenesis and Synthetic Seed I
164612. Molecular Microbial Ecology Manual
164613. Naturkatastrophen: Spielt die Natur verruckt?
164614. Bacterial Growth and Form
164615. Praxis der mikrobiologischen Bodensanierung
164616. Bioradicals Detected by ESR Spectroscopy
164617. Enzyme Handbook 10: Class 1.1: Oxidoreductases
164618. Peptide Synthesis Protocols
164619. BiotechnologyProteins to PCR : A Course in Strategies and Lab Techniques
164620. Chemische Lebensmittelkonservierung: Stoffe — Wirkungen — Methoden
164621. Invertebrates in Hot and Cold Arid Environments
164622. Ecology and Conservation of Butterflies
164623. HIV and Dementia: Proceedings of the NIMH-Sponsored Conference “Pathogenesis of HIV Infection of the Brain: Impact on Function and Behavior”
164624. Lebensmittelchemie
164625. Current Topics in Primate Vocal Communication
164626. Taking Nature Into Account: A Report to the Club of Rome Toward a Sustainable National Income
164627. The Pharmacology of Sleep
164628. Physics and Chemistry of Lakes
164629. A Laboratory Guide to Glycoconjugate Analysis
164630. Peatland Forestry: Ecology and Principles
164631. Tropical Forests: Management and Ecology
164632. Water Purification by Ion Exchange
164633. Fruit Analysis
164634. Modelling of Biomolecular Structures and Mechanisms: Proceedings of the Twenty-Seventh Jerusalem Symposium on Quantum Chemistry and Biochemistry Held in Jerusalem, Israel, May 23–26, 1994
164635. Cap-Independent Translation
164636. Pathways for Cytolysis
164637. Iron: Nutritional and physiological significance The Report of the British Nutrition Foundation’s Task Force
164638. Potato Ecology And modelling of crops under conditions limiting growth: Proceedings of the Second International Potato Modeling Conference, held in Wageningen 17–19 May, 1994
164639. Sulfate-Reducing Bacteria
164640. Physiological Effects of Noise: Based upon papers presented at an international symposium on the Extra-Auditory Physiological Effects of Audible Sound, held in Boston, Massachusetts, December 28–30, 1969, in conjunction with the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science
164641. Scenario Studies for the Rural Environment: Selected and edited Proceedings of the Symposium Scenario Studies for the Rural Environment, Wageningen, The Netherlands, 12–15 September 1994
164642. Funktionelle Pflanzenanatomie
164643. Plant Cell, Tissue and Organ Culture: Fundamental Methods
164644. Stream Ecology: Structure and function of running waters
164645. Diet and Cancer: Molecular Mechanisms of Interactions
164646. Atlas of Marine Zooplankton Straits of Magellan: Copepods
164647. The Nervous Systems of Invertebrates: An Evolutionary and Comparative Approach: With a Coda written by T.H. Bullock
164648. The Role of Apoptosis in Development, Tissue Homeostasis and Malignancy: Death from inside out
164649. Steroid Analysis
164650. Fortschritte der Chemie organischer Naturstoffe / Progress in the Chemistry of Organic Natural Products
164651. Analytiker-Taschenbuch
164652. Cell Activation and Apoptosis in HIV Infection: Implications for Pathogenesis and Therapy
164653. Current Issues in Plant Molecular and Cellular Biology: Proceedings of the VIIIth International Congress on Plant Tissue and Cell Culture, Florence, Italy, 12–17 June, 1994
164654. Active Oxygen in Biochemistry
164655. Genetics and Biotechnology
164656. Somatic Embryogenesis and Synthetic Seed II
164657. Evolutionary Biology: Volume 6
164658. The Carnitine System: A New Therapeutical Approach to Cardiovascular Diseases
164659. Arctic and Alpine Biodiversity: Patterns, Causes and Ecosystem Consequences
164660. Lethal Yellowing: Research and Practical Aspects
164661. Ecology and Biogeography of Mediterranean Ecosystems in Chile, California, and Australia
164662. Systematics and Evolution of the Ranunculiflorae
164663. Stress-Inducible Cellular Responses
164664. Urinzytologie: Praxis und Atlas
164665. Umwelt-und Naturschutz am Ende des 20. Jahrhunderts: Probleme, Aufgaben und Losungen
164666. Computer Aided Drug Design in Industrial Research
164667. Corona- and Related Viruses: Current Concepts in Molecular Biology and Pathogenesis
164668. Carbon Sequestration in the Biosphere: Processes and Prospects
164669. Viruses and the Environment
164670. Maligne gastrointestinale Tumoren
164671. Epithelial-Mesenchymal Interactions in Cancer
164672. Oxidative Stress and Aging
164673. Bradykinin and Related Kinins: Cardiovascular, Biochemical, and Neural Actions
164674. The Primary Structure of Transfer RNA
164675. Cellular Interactions in Cardiac Pathophysiology
164676. Human Blood Groups: Chemical and Biochemical Basis of Antigen Specificity
164677. Molecular Basis of Human Blood Group Antigens
164678. Biotechnologie — Gentechnik: Eine Chance fur neue Industrien
164679. Nitrogen Fixation: Fundamentals and Applications: Proceedings of the 10th International Congress on Nitrogen Fixation, St. Petersburg, Russia, May 28–June 3, 1995
164680. The Coronaviridae
164681. Fishes of the Amazon and Their Environment: Physiological and Biochemical Aspects
164682. Atlas of Chrysophycean Cysts
164683. Fetuin
164684. Environmental Soil Biology
164685. Neuro-Psychopharmaka Ein Therapie-Handbuch: Band 2: Tranquilizer und Hypnotika
164686. Chemical Ecology of Insects 2
164687. The Molecular Repertoire of Adenoviruses II: Molecular Biology of Virus-Cell Interactions
164688. Studies on Large Branchiopod Biology and Aquaculture II
164689. Flow-Dependent Regulation of Vascular Function
164690. Antimicrobial Resistance: A Crisis in Health Care
164691. Biology of Turbellaria and some Related Flatworms: Proceedings of the Seventh International Symposium on the Biology of the Turbellaria, held at Abo/Turku, Finland, 17–22 June 1993
164692. Immunobiology of Proteins and Peptides VIII: Manipulation or Modulation of the Immune Response
164693. Advances in Littorinid Biology: Proceedings of the Fourth International Symposium on Littorinid Biology, held in Roscoff, France, 19–25 September 1993
164694. Plant Analysis Manual
164695. Hake: Biology, fisheries and markets
164696. Apoptosis in Hormone-Dependent Cancers
164697. Haemophilus, Actinobacillus, and Pasteurella
164698. Molecular and Cell Biology of Human Gene Therapeutics
164699. Nucleic Acids and Molecular Biology
164700. Liming of Acidified Surface Waters: A Swedish Synthesis
164701. Bioelectrochemistry: General Introduction
164702. Neuropathology and Basic Neuroscience
164703. Reviews of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology: Continuation of Residue Reviews
164704. Methods in Protein Structure Analysis
164705. Plant Lipid Metabolism
164706. Spectroscopy of Biological Molecules: 6th European Conference on the Spectroscopy of Biological Molecules, 3–8 September 1995, Villeneuve d’Ascq, France
164707. Classification and Inventory of the World’s Wetlands
164708. Dendritic Cells in Fundamental and Clinical Immunology: Volume 2
164709. Ecomorphology of fishes
164710. In Vitro Transcription and Translation Protocols
164711. Trafficking of Intracellular Membranes:: From Molecular Sorting to Membrane Fusion
164712. Primary and Secondary Metabolism of Plants and Cell Cultures III: Proceedings of the workshop held in Leiden, The Netherlands, 4–7 April 1993
164713. Genetic Preservation of Plant Cells in Vitro
164714. Islands: Biological Diversity and Ecosystem Function
164715. Sensory Neuropathies
164716. Analysis of Pesticides in Ground and Surface Water I: Progress in Basic Multi-Residue Methods
164717. Interface between Chemistry and Biochemistry
164718. Calcium Regulation by Calcium-Binding Proteins in Neurodegenerative Disorders
164719. Springer Umweltlexikon
164720. Handbook of Biological Confocal Microscopy
164721. Molecular and Subcellular Cardiology: Effects of Structure and Function
164722. Homologous Recombination and Gene Silencing in Plants
164723. Issues and Reviews in Teratology: Volume 7
164724. Management of Water Use in Agriculture
164725. Steroid Contraceptives and Women’s Response: Regional Variability in Side-Effects and Pharmacokinetics
164726. Genetics and Biotechnology of Lactic Acid Bacteria
164727. Basic Mechanisms of Physiologic and Aberrant Lymphoproliferation in the Skin
164728. Fractals in Biology and Medicine
164729. Plant Responses to the Gaseous Environment: Molecular, metabolic and physiological aspects
164730. Biotechnics/Wastewater
164731. Advances in Bioprocess Engineering
164732. Handbook for Rhizobia: Methods in Legume-Rhizobium Technology
164733. Biochemistry of Vitamin B6 and PQQ
164734. Biochemie: Eine Einfuhrung
164735. Video Techniques in Animal Ecology and Behaviour
164736. Molecular Markers, Natural History and Evolution
164737. The Sodium Pump: Structure Mechanism, Hormonal Control and its Role in Disease
164738. Chemistry of Nucleosides and Nucleotides: Volume 3
164739. Chromosome 12 Aberrations in Human Solid Tumors: Cytogenetics and Molecular Genetics
164740. Advances in Molecular Plant Nematology
164741. Breeding Fodder Crops for Marginal Conditions: Proceedings of the 18th Eucarpia Fodder Crops Section Meeting, Loen, Norway, 25–28 August 1993
164742. Marshall’s Physiology of Reproduction: Volume 3 Pregnancy and Lactation
164743. Nucleic Acids and Molecular Biology
164744. Reviews of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology: Continuation of Residue Reviews
164745. Caryophyllales: Evolution and Systematics
164746. Aquatic Birds in the Trophic Web of Lakes: Proceedings of a symposium held in Sackville, New Brunswick, Canada, in August 1991
164747. Comparative Hearing: Mammals
164748. Physiology, Growth and Development of Plants in Culture
164749. Soil Responses to Climate Change
164750. Enzyme Handbook: Class 1.13–1.97: Oxidoreductases
164751. Palaeoclimates and their Modelling: With special reference to the Mesozoic era
164752. Limnology of Mountain Lakes
164753. Advances in Bioclimatology
164754. Reviews of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology: Continuation of Residue Reviews
164755. Women in ichthyology: an anthology in honour of ET, Ro and Genie
164756. Funktionelle Biochemie: Eine Einfuhrung in die medizinische Biochemie
164757. Ecology and Conservation of Southeast Asian Marine and Freshwater Environments including Wetlands
164758. Molecular and Cell Biology of Neuropsychiatric Diseases
164759. Atmospheric Microbial Aerosols: Theory and Applications
164760. Modern Analytical Ultracentrifugation: Acquisition and Interpretation of Data for Biological and Synthetic Polymer Systems
164761. Symbiotic Nitrogen Fixation: Proceedings of the 14th North American Conference on Symbiotic Nitrogen Fixation, July 25–29, 1993, University of Minnesota, St. Paul, Minnesota, USA
164762. Stress and Stress Coping in Cultivated Plants
164763. Comparative Animal Biochemistry
164764. Internationale Regulierung der Gentechnik: Praktische Erfahrungen in Japan, den USA und Europa
164765. Analytiker-Taschenbuch
164766. Antarctic Science: Global Concerns
164767. Imaging Spectrometry — a Tool for Environmental Observations
164768. Investigation and Management of Disease in Wild Animals
164769. Immobilized Biosystems: Theory and Practical Applications
164770. Ecophysiology of Photosynthesis
164771. Scuttle Flies: The Phoridae
164772. The Role of Regional Organizations in the Context of Climate Change
164773. The Cell Cycle: Regulators, Targets, and Clinical Applications
164774. Cenozoic Plants and Climates of the Arctic
164775. Molecular and Cellular Mechanisms of H+ Transport
164776. Assessment of the Use of Single Cytochrome P450 Enzymes in Drug Research
164777. Cell Signal Transduction, Second Messengers, and Protein Phosphorylation in Health and Disease
164778. Animal Cell Technology: Basic & Applied Aspects: Proceedings of the Sixth International Meeting of the Japanese Association for Animal Cell Technology, Nagoya, Japan, November 9–12, 1993
164779. Impacts of Forest Harvesting on Long-Term Site Productivity
164780. Function of Somatic Cells in the Testis
164781. Reversible Protein Phosphorylation in Cell Regulation
164782. Advances in Mutagenesis Research
164783. Women’s Health in Menopause: Behaviour, Cancer, Cardiovascular Disease, Hormone Replacement Therapy
164784. Growth Hormone II: Basic and Clinical Aspects
164785. Methoden der diagnostischen Hamatologie
164786. The Maize Handbook
164787. Progress in Iron Research
164788. Maize
164789. Nongenotoxic Carcinogenesis
164790. Developmental Instability: Its Origins and Evolutionary Implications: Proceedings of the International Conference on Developmental Instability: Its Origins and Evolutionary Implications, Tempe, Arizona, 14–15 June 1993
164791. Cellular Mechanisms of Sensory Processing: The Somatosensory System
164792. Genetics and Evolution of Aging
164793. Thermal Balance in Health and Disease: Recent Basic Research and Clinical Progress
164794. Microbial Ecology of Lake Plußsee
164795. Minimum Animal Populations
164796. The Cayman Islands: Natural History and Biogeography
164797. Reviews of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology: Continuation of Residue Reviews
164798. Wetter und Klima: Beobachten und verstehen
164799. Spezielle Okologie: Marine Systeme
164800. Plant Cell Biotechnology
164801. Photomorphogenesis in Plants
164802. Molecular Biology in Crop Protection
164803. Physical and Related Properties of 145 Timbers: Information for practice
164804. Signals and Signal Transduction Pathways in Plants
164805. Arabidopsis: An Atlas of Morphology and Development
164806. DNA-based markers in plants
164807. Plant Promoters and Transcription Factors
164808. The Protistan Cell Surface
164809. Biotechnologie in der Lebensmittelindustrie
164810. Planktologie
164811. Early Evolution of Flowers
164812. Biological Systematics: The state of the art
164813. Chemical and Physical Behavior of Human Hair
164814. Ecology and Morphology of Copepods: Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Copepoda, Baltimore, USA, June 6–13, 1993
164815. Liver Carcinogenesis: The Molecular Pathways
164816. Protocols for Nucleic Acid Analysis by Nonradioactive Probes
164817. Epidemiology and Management of Root Diseases
164818. Assessing the Impacts of Climate Change on Natural Resource Systems
164819. Soil Mineral Stresses: Approaches to Crop Improvement
164820. Gift-Tiere und ihre Waffen: Eine Einfuhrung fur Biologen, Chemiker und Mediziner Ein Leitfaden fur Touristen
164821. Nuclear Analytical Methods in the Life Sciences 1994
164822. Chromosomal Alterations: Origin and Significance
164823. The Insect Ovary: Ultrastructure, previtellogenic growth and evolution
164824. Bacterial Adhesion to Cells and Tissues
164825. Glyco-and Cellbiology: Biosynthesis, Transport, and Function of Glycoconjugates
164826. Biotechnology and Bioactive Polymers
164827. Economics of Water Resources: From Regulation to Privatization
164828. Halophytes as a resource for livestock and for rehabilitation of degraded lands
164829. Lyme Borreliosis
164830. Plant Molecular Biology: Molecular Genetic Analysis of Plant Development and Metabolism
164831. The Practice of Peptide Synthesis
164832. Advances in Disease Vector Research
164833. Muster des Lebendigen: Faszination ihrer Entstehung und Simulation
164834. Non-Neutral Evolution: Theories and Molecular Data
164835. Angiogenesis: Molecular Biology, Clinical Aspects
164836. Biosafety in Industrial Biotechnology
164837. Identification of Transcribed Sequences
164838. The Retroviridae
164839. Lactoferrin: Structure and Function
164840. Growth, Differentiation and Sexuality
164841. Advances in Comparative and Environmental Physiology
164842. Enzyme Handbook 7: Class 1.5–1.12: Oxidoreductases
164843. Self-Production of Supramolecular Structures: From Synthetic Structures to Models of Minimal Living Systems
164844. Pathobiochemie, Molekularbiologie und moderne Diagnostik kardiovaskularer Erkrankungen: Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Klinische Chemie, Merck-Symposium 1992
164845. Peroxisomes
164846. Nutrient Dynamics and Biological Structure in Shallow Freshwater and Brackish Lakes
164847. Biomechanics of Feeding in Vertebrates
164848. Human Health: The Contribution of Microorganisms
164849. Ecosystem Classification for Environmental Management
164850. Methods in DNA Amplification
164851. Reviews of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology
164852. Advances in Molecular Genetics of Plant-Microbe Interactions: Vol. 3 Proceedings of the 7th International Symposium on Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions, Edinburgh, U.K., June 1994
164853. Membrane Protein Structure: Experimental Approaches
164854. Immunobiology of Reproduction
164855. Cellular and Molecular Effects of Mineral and Synthetic Dusts and Fibres
164856. Immunology of Human Papillomaviruses
164857. Labor Erde: Bausteine fur einen lebensfreundlichen Planeten
164858. Cell Mechanics and Cellular Engineering
164859. Bioreaction Engineering Principles
164860. Image 2.0: Integrated Modeling of Global Climate Change
164861. Microbial Mats: Structure, Development and Environmental Significance
164862. Nutrition and Osteoporosis
164863. Bacterial and Bacteriophage Genetics
164864. Molecular Mechanisms of Bacterial Virulence
164865. Studying Cell Adhesion
164866. Carabid Beetles: Ecology and Evolution
164867. Lacrimal Gland, Tear Film, and Dry Eye Syndromes: Basic Science and Clinical Relevance
164868. Selenium in Biology and Human Health
164869. Free Radicals in Diagnostic Medicine: A Systems Approach to Laboratory Technology, Clinical Correlations, and Antioxidant Therapy
164870. Histophysiology of the Obesity-Diabetes Syndrome in Sand Rats
164871. Pathogenicity of Human Herpesviruses due to Specific Pathogenicity Genes
164872. Landscape Ecology: Theory and Application
164873. Cell Culture in Pharmaceutical Research
164874. Holz- und Baumpilze: Biologie, Schaden, Schutz, Nutzen
164875. Herbicides Inhibiting Branched-Chain Amino Acid Biosynthesis: Recent Developments
164876. Sample Preparation for Biomedical and Environmental Analysis
164877. Multiple Drug Resistance in Cancer: Cellular, Molecular and Clinical Approaches
164878. Oenothera: Contributions of a Plant to Biology
164879. Biological Membranes: Structure, Biogenesis and Dynamics
164880. Highly Selective Separations in Biotechnology
164881. Toward a Molecular Basis of Alcohol Use and Abuse
164882. Autoimmunity: Experimental Aspects
164883. Evolutionary Pathways and Enigmatic Algae: Cyanidium caldarium (Rhodophyta) and Related Cells
164884. Lake Veluwe, a Macrophyte-dominated System under Eutrophication Stress
164885. Reviews of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology: Continuation of Residue Reviews
164886. Modern Methods in Analytical Morphology
164887. Stratospheric Ozone Depletion/UV-B Radiation in the Biosphere
164888. The Solar Engine and Its Influence on Terrestrial Atmosphere and Climate
164889. Desertification: Natural Background and Human Mismanagement
164890. Progress in Botany: Structural Botany Physiology Genetics Taxonomy Geobotany/Fortschritte der Botanik Struktur Physiologie Genetik Systematik Geobotanik
164891. Biodiversity, Temperate Ecosystems, and Global Change
164892. Rocky Shores: Exploitation in Chile and South Africa
164893. Analytical Supercritical Fluid Extraction
164894. Endocrinology of Embryo-Endometrium Interactions
164895. Urolithiasis 2
164896. Plant Protoplasts and Genetic Engineering V
164897. Air Pollutants and the Leaf Cuticle
164898. The Role of Fire in Mediterranean-Type Ecosystems
164899. Anthocyanins as Flower Pigments: Feasibilities for flower colour modification
164900. Macromolecular Complexes in Chemistry and Biology
164901. Global Atmospheric-Biospheric Chemistry
164902. Medicinal and Aromatic Plants VI
164903. Biochemie der Pflanzen
164904. Cellular Bioenergetics: Role of Coupled Creatine Kinases
164905. Effects of Land-Use Change on Atmospheric CO2 Concentrations: South and Southeast Asia as a Case Study
164906. In Vivo Immunology: Regulatory Processes during Lymphopoiesis and Immunopoiesis
164907. Conservation Genetics
164908. Abfallwirtschaft: Eine Einfuhrung
164909. Phanerozoic Stromatolites II
164910. Biomembrane Protocols: II. Architecture and Function
164911. Aquatic Oligochaete Biology V: Proceedings of the 5th Oligochaete Symposium, held in Tallinn, Estonia, 1991
164912. Amine Oxidases: Function and Dysfunction: Proceedings of the 5th International Amine Oxidase Workshop, Galway, Ireland, August 22–25, 1992
164913. Molecular and Cellular Endocrinology of the Testis
164914. Genetic control of self-incompatibility and reproductive development in flowering plants
164915. The Molecular Biology of Cyanobacteria
164916. Applied Virology Research: New Diagnostic Procedures
164917. Electrogenic Cl− Transporters in Biological Membranes
164918. Biological Response Modifiers — Interferons, Double-Stranded RNA and 2′,5′-Oligoadenylates
164919. Gefahr fur Okosysteme und Wasserqualitat: Ergebnisse interdisziplinarer Forschung im Harz
164920. Qualitat im Arztlabor: Optimierung der Praanalytik
164921. Biogeography and Ecology of Turkmenistan
164922. Plant Cell and Tissue Culture
164923. Conjugation—Deconjugation Reactions in Drug Metabolism and Toxicity
164924. Opportunities, use, and transfer of systems research methods in agriculture to developing countries: Proceedings of an international workshop on systems research methods in agriculture in developing countries, 22–24 November 1993, ISNAR, The Hague
164925. Temperature Regulation: Recent Physiological and Pharmacological Advances
164926. The Bethesda System for Reporting Cervical/Vaginal Cytologic Diagnoses: Definitions, Criteria, and Explanatory Notes for Terminology and Specimen Adequacy
164927. Fortschritte der Chemie organischer Naturstoffe / Progress in the Chemistry of Organic Natural Products
164928. Standardization of Epidemiologic Studies of Host Susceptibility
164929. A Multidisciplinary Approach to Myelin Diseases II
164930. Plant-animal interactions in Mediterranean-type ecosystems
164931. Seeds: Physiology of Development and Germination
164932. The Biotech Business Handbook: How to Organize and Operate a Biotechnology Business, Including the Most Promising Applications For the 1990s
164933. Pesticides in Ground and Surface Water
164934. ADP-Ribosylation: Metabolic Effects and Regulatory Functions
164935. The Pharmacology of Monoclonal Antibodies
164936. Experimental Mass Spectrometry
164937. Integrated Regional Models: Interactions between Humans and their Environment
164938. Anorganische Chemie: Chemie — Basiswissen I
164939. Ancient DNA: Recovery and Analysis of Genetic Material from Paleontological, Archaeological, Museum, Medical, and Forensic Specimens
164940. Reviews of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology: Continuation of Residue Reviews
164941. Molecular Ecology and Evolution: Approaches and Applications
164942. Improvement of Cereal Quality by Genetic Engineering
164943. Metal Compounds in Cancer Therapy
164944. Immunobiology of Proteins and Peptides VII: Unwanted Immune Responses
164945. Biodiversity Conservation: Problems and Policies. Papers from the Biodiversity Programme Beijer International Institute of Ecological Economics Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences
164946. Planthoppers: Their Ecology and Management
164947. Altlastensanierung: Sicherung, Sanierung und Folgenutzung kontaminierter Flachen
164948. Impact of Arbuscular Mycorrhizas on Sustainable Agriculture and Natural Ecosystems
164949. Insect life-cycle polymorphism: Theory, evolution and ecological consequences for seasonality and diapause control
164950. Biochemistry of microbial degradation
164951. Privatization of Agriculture in New Market Economies: Lessons from Bulgaria
164952. The Vascular Cambium: Development and Structure
164953. Palokologie: Eine methodische Einfuhrung
164954. Progress in Temperate Fruit Breeding: Proceedings of the Eucarpia Fruit Breeding Section Meeting held at Wadenswil/Einsiedeln, Switzerland from August 30 to September 3, 1993
164955. Computational Methods in Genome Research
164956. Frontiers in Mathematical Biology
164957. TA-Siedlungsabfall: Erfolgreiche Abfallwirtschaftskonzepte, Restmullbehandlung, Absatzstrategien
164958. Alkaloids
164959. Probennahme und Aufschluß: Basis der Spurenanalytik
164960. Novel aspects of the biology of Chrysomelidae
164961. Male-Mediated Developmental Toxicity
164962. Heterosis and Hybrid Rice Breeding
164963. The Ecology of Loch Lomond
164964. Diet and Breast Cancer
164965. Vegetables and Vegetable Products
164966. Biotechnologie verstandlich
164967. Methods for Risk Assessment of Transgenic Plants: I. Competition, Establishment and Ecosystem Effects
164968. Antigen and Antibody Molecular Engineering in Breast Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment
164969. Molecular and Cellular Enzymology
164970. Molecular Biology of Mitochondrial Transport Systems
164971. Somatic Hybridization in Crop Improvement I
164972. Hepatic Encephalopathy, Hyperammonemia, and Ammonia Toxicity
164973. Studies on the Ecology of Tropical Zooplankton
164974. Multilingual Dictionary of Agronomic Plants
164975. Biochemical and Cellular Mechanisms of Stress Tolerance in Plants
164976. Principles and Treatment of Lipoprotein Disorders
164977. Long-Term Experiments with Acid Rain in Norwegian Forest Ecosystems
164978. The Genus Aspergillus : From Taxonomy and Genetics to Industrial Application
164979. Aspergillus
164980. Bacterial Diversity and Systematics
164981. Electrophoresis of Enzymes: Laboratory Methods
164982. European Directory of Research Centers in the Fisheries Sector
164983. Plant Production on the Threshold of a New Century: Proceedings of the International Conference at the Occasion of the 75th Anniversary of the Wageningen Agricultural University, Wageningen, The Netherlands, held June 28 – July 1, 1993
164984. Use of Mechanistic Information in Risk Assessment: Proceedings of the 1993 EUROTOX Congress Meeting Held in Uppsala, Sweden, June 30–July 3, 1993
164985. Ion Channels and Ion Pumps: Metabolic and Endocrine Relationships in Biology and Clinical Medicine
164986. Vademecum der Laboratoriumsmedizin
164987. Mites: Ecological and Evolutionary Analyses of Life-History Patterns
164988. Genetic Engineering of Plant Secondary Metabolism
164989. Perception and Motor Control in Birds: An Ecological Approach
164990. The Beginnings of Cancer in the Cell: An Interdisciplinary Approach
164991. Phytoplankton in Turbid Environments: Rivers and Shallow Lakes: Proceedings of the 9th Workshop of the International Association of Phytoplankton Taxonomy and Ecology (IAP) held in Mont Rigi (Belgium), 10–18 July 1993
164992. Asthma: Immunopathology and Immunotherapy / Immunopathologie und Immunotherapie
164993. Cell and Tissue Culture Models in Dermatological Research
164994. Development of the Rat Spinal Cord: Immuno- and Enzyme Histochemical Approaches
164995. Insect Learning: Ecology and Evolutionary Perspectives
164996. Manual der gynäkologischen Onkologie
164997. Advances in Bacterial Paracrystalline Surface Layers
164998. Mehr Okologie durch Okonomie?
164999. Measurement and Control
165000. Carotenoids in Photosynthesis
165001. The Underlying Molecular, Cellular and Immunological Factors in Cancer and Aging
165002. Ecological Studies in the Coastal Waters of Mauritania: Proceedings of a Symposium held at Leiden, The Netherlands 25–27 March 1991
165003. Translational Regulation of Gene Expression 2
165004. Molecular Diagnostics of Cancer
165005. Fruit Flies: Biology and Management
165006. Durability of Disease Resistance
165007. Preimplantation Embryo Development
165008. Progress in Botany / Fortschritte der Botanik: Structural Botany Physiology Genetics Taxonomy Geobotany / Struktur Physiologie Genetik Systematik Geobotanik
165009. Plant Protoplasts and Genetic Engineering III
165010. The Activation of Dioxygen and Homogeneous Catalytic Oxidation
165011. Stability and Characterization of Protein and Peptide Drugs: Case Histories
165012. Cancer Therapy: Differentiation, Immunomodulation and Angiogenesis
165013. Neuro-Psychopharmaka: Ein Therapie-Handbuch. Band 3: Antidepressiva und Phasenprophylaktika
165014. Zinc in Soils and Plants: Proceedings of the International Symposium on ‘Zinc in Soils and Plants’ held at The University of Western Australia, 27–28 September, 1993
165015. Cellular and Molecular Aspects of the Plant Hormone Ethylene: Proceedings of the International Symposium on Cellular and Molecular Aspects of Biosynthesis and Action of the Plant Hormone Ethylene, Agen, France, August 31–September 4, 1992
165016. Phospholipids and Signal Transmission
165017. Reviews of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology: Continuation of Residue Reviews
165018. Physiology and Pharmacology of Bone
165019. Exploitation of Microorganisms
165020. Retinal Degeneration: Clinical and Laboratory Applications
165021. PET Studies on Amino Acid Metabolism and Protein Synthesis: Proceedings of a Workshop held in Lyon, France within the framework of the European Community Medical and Public Health Research
165022. The Neuropathology of HIV Infection
165023. Cell Adhesion Molecules: Cellular Recognition Mechanisms
165024. Vegetation Dynamics & Global Change
165025. Secondary Pollen Presentation: Form, Function and Evolution
165026. Drought Assessment, Management, and Planning: Theory and Case Studies
165027. Atmospheric Methane: Sources, Sinks, and Role in Global Change
165028. Advances in Nemertean Biology: Proceedings of the Third International Meeting on Nemertean Biology, Y Coleg Normal, Bangor, North Wales, August 10–15, 1991
165029. Bacterial Conjugation
165030. Patch Dynamics
165031. Wetlands of the world: Inventory, ecology and management Volume I: Africa, Australia, Canada and Greenland, Mediterranean, Mexico, Papua New Guinea, South Asia, Tropical South America, United States
165032. Intermediate Disturbance Hypothesis in Phytoplankton Ecology: Proceedings of the 8th Workshop of the International Association of Phytoplankton Taxonomy and Ecology held in Baja (Hungary), 5–15 July 1991
165033. Chemistry of Iron
165034. Advances in Nutrition and Cancer
165035. Proceedings of the Third International Workshop on Phosphorus in Sediments
165036. Regulation of Gene Expression in Animal Viruses
165037. Restoration of Tropical Forest Ecosystems: Proceedings of the Symposium held on October 7–10, 1991
165038. Biochemical Monitoring of the Fetus
165039. Saline Lakes V: Proceedings of the Vth International Symposium on Inland Saline Lakes, held in Bolivia, 22–29 March 1991
165040. Environmental Simulation: Research and Policy Issues
165041. Forest Decline in the Atlantic and Pacific Region
165042. Analytiker-Taschenbuch
165043. Fish Swimming
165044. Trees and Wood in Dendrochronology: Morphological, Anatomical, and Tree-Ring Analytical Characteristics of Trees Frequently Used in Dendrochronology
165045. Aspects of Lyme Borreliosis
165046. New Concepts in the Pathogenesis of NIDDM
165047. Mosquito Ecology: Field Sampling Methods
165048. Structure, Function, and Regulation of Molecules Involved in Leukocyte Adhesion: Proceedings of the Second International Conference on: “Structure and Function of Molecules Involved in Leukocyte Adhesion II”
165049. Cellular Fatty Acid-Binding Proteins II: Proceedings of the 2nd International Workshop on Fatty Acid-Binding Proteins, Maastricht, August 31 and September 1, 1992
165050. GTPases in Biology II
165051. Clonal Forestry I: Genetics and Biotechnology
165052. Disease Transmission by Insects: Its Discovery and 90 Years of Effort to Prevent it
165053. Gastrointestinal Regulatory Peptides
165054. Numerical Simulation of Canopy Flows
165055. The Translational Apparatus: Structure, Function, Regulation, Evolution
165056. The Human Yolk Sac and Yolk Sac Tumors
165057. Geophysik an Altlasten: Leitfaden fur Ingenieure, Naturwissenschaftler und Juristen
165058. Evolutionary Biology of Land Isopods
165059. Enhancement of Biological Nitrogen Fixation of Common Bean in Latin America: Results from an FAO/IAEA Co-ordinated Research Programme, 1986–1991
165060. Biotechnologie: Die Biologischen Grundlagen
165061. DNA Replication and the Cell Cycle: Colloquium der Gesellschaft für Biologische Chemie, 9.–11. April 1992 in Mosbach/Baden
165062. Taschenbuch fur Lebensmittelchemiker und -technologen: Band 3
165063. Isotopic Studies of Azolla and Nitrogen Fertilization of Rice: Report of an FAO/IAEA/SIDA Co-ordinated Research Programme on Isotopic Studies of Nitrogen Fixation and Nitrogen Cycling by Blue-Green Algae and Azolla
165064. Morphogenesis in Plants: Molecular Approaches
165065. Weddell Sea Ecology: Results of EPOS European “Polarstern” Study
165066. Mechanisms of Plant Defense Responses
165067. Fortschritte der Chemie organischer Naturstoffe / Progress in the Chemistry of Organic Natural Products
165068. The Design of Synthetic Inhibitors of Thrombin
165069. Veterinary Vaccines
165070. Towards the rational use of high salinity tolerant plants: Vol. 2 Agriculture and forestry under marginal soil water conditions
165071. Xanthomonas
165072. Migration and Fate of Pollutants in Soils and Subsoils
165073. Advances in Comparative and Environmental Physiology
165074. Twelfth International Diatom Symposium: Proceedings of the Twelfth International Diatom Symposium, Renesse, The Netherlands, 30 August – 5 September 1992
165075. Endoplasmic Reticulum
165076. Cytogenetics of the Festuca-Lolium Complex: Relevance to Breeding
165077. Biological Electron Microscopy: Theory, Techniques, and Troubleshooting
165078. Aus dem Leben der Bienen
165079. Reviews of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology: Continuation of Residue Reviews
165080. Human Apolipoprotein Mutants III: Diagnosis and Treatment
165081. Advances in Molecular Genetics of Plant-Microbe Interactions, Vol. 2: Proceedings of the 6th International Symposium on Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions, Seattle, Washington, U.S.A., July 1992
165082. The Machinery of Life
165083. Iron in Central Nervous System Disorders
165084. Cytochrome P450
165085. Peptide Chemistry: A Practical Textbook
165086. Enzymatische Synthese biologisch aktiver Antibiotikapeptide und immunologisch suppressiver Cyclosporinderivate. Reaktive Sauerstoffspezies: Prooxidantien und Antioxidantien in Biologie und Medizin: 380. Sitzung am 9. Januar 1992 in Dusseldorf
165087. Clonal Forestry II: Conservation and Application
165088. Rotifer Symposium VI: Proceedings of the Sixth International Rotifer Symposium, held in Banyoles, Spain, June 3–8, 1991
165089. Methanogenesis: Ecology, Physiology, Biochemistry & Genetics
165090. Resin Microscopy and On-Section Immunocytochemistry
165091. Towards a Model of Ocean Biogeochemical Processes
165092. Enzymology and Molecular Biology of Carbonyl Metabolism 4
165093. The Freshwater Ecosystems of Suriname
165094. Heathlands: Patterns and Processes in a Changing Environment
165095. Chemistry and Biology of Pteridines and Folates
165096. Energy and Water Cycles in the Climate System
165097. Disease Management in Cocoa: Comparative epidemiology of witches’ broom
165098. Presynaptic Receptors in the Mammalian Brain
165099. Bioinorganic Chemistry of Copper
165100. Molecular and Cell Biology of Muscular Dystrophy
165101. Uses of Immobilized Biological Compounds
165102. Reviews of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology: Continuation of Residue Reviews
165103. Phytochemical Potential of Tropical Plants
165104. Comparative Reservoir Limnology and Water Quality Management
165105. Bioorganic Chemistry Frontiers
165106. Chromosomes Today: Volume 11
165107. The Chemokines: Biology of the Inflammatory Peptide Supergene Family II
165108. Current Ornithology
165109. Aquaculture Desk Reference
165110. Fortschritte der Chemie organischer Naturstoffe / Progress in the Chemistry of Organic Natural Products
165111. Chromosome Segregation and Aneuploidy
165112. Systems approaches for agricultural development: Proceedings of the International Symposium on Systems Approaches for Agricultural Development, 2–6 December 1991, Bangkok, Thailand
165113. Fourteenth International Seaweed Symposium: Proceedings of the Fourteenth International Seaweed Symposium held in Brest, France, August 16–21, 1992
165114. The Inadequate Environment: Nitrogen and the Abundance of Animals
165115. Bauernregeln: Aus meteorologischer Sicht
165116. Flowering Plants · Dicotyledons: Magnoliid, Hamamelid and Caryophyllid Families
165117. Advances in Mutagenesis Research
165118. Lebensmittelmikrobiologie
165119. Nematode Interactions
165120. Origins of Plastids: Symbiogenesis, Prochlorophytes and the Origins of Chloroplasts
165121. Frontiers in Cerebral Vascular Biology: Transport and Its Regulation
165122. Idiopathic Dilated Cardiomyopathy: Cellular and Molecular Mechanisms, Clinical Consequences
165123. Photosynthesis: Photoreactions to Plant Productivity
165124. Issues and Reviews in Teratology: Volume 6
165125. Palaeontology of Invertebrates
165126. Water Flow and Solute Transport in Soils: Developments and Applications In Memoriam Eshel Bresler (1930–1991)
165127. GTPases in Biology I
165128. Cirrhosis, Hyperammonemia, and Hepatic Encephalopathy
165129. Pleistocene Environments in the British Isles
165130. Biosynthesis and Manipulation of Plant Products
165131. Principles of Peptide Synthesis
165132. The Tropospheric Chemistry of Ozone in the Polar Regions
165133. Humans as Components of Ecosystems: The Ecology of Subtle Human Effects and Populated Areas
165134. Pseudomonas aeruginosa as an Opportunistic Pathogen
165135. Biological Barriers to Protein Delivery
165136. Receptors in the Developing Nervous System: Volume 2 Neurotransmitters
165137. Biotechnology in Agriculture: Proceedings of the First Asia-Pacific Conference on Agricultural Biotechnology, Beijing, China, 20–24 August 1992
165138. Fifth International Conference on the Spectroscopy of Biological Molecules
165139. Nucleic Acids and Molecular Biology
165140. The Tapetum: Cytology, Function, Biochemistry and Evolution
165141. Nicotine and Related Alkaloids: Absorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion
165142. Bodenbiologische Arbeitsmethoden
165143. Biotechnology Applications of Microinjection, Microscopic Imaging, and Fluorescence
165144. Dendritic Cells in Fundamental and Clinical Immunology
165145. Biomarkers: Research and Application in the Assessment of Environmental Health
165146. Atlas zum Nitratstrom in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland: Rasterkarten zu geowissenschaftlichen Grundlagen, Stickstoffbilanzgrößen und Modellergebnissen
165147. The Effect of Fluorine-Containing Emissions on Conifers
165148. Genetic Conservation of Salmonid Fishes
165149. East Africa’s grasses and fodders: Their ecology and husbandry
165150. Production of Sugarcane: Theory and Practice
165151. Advances in Comparative and Environmental Physiology: Interaction of Cell Volume and Cell Function
165152. The reproduction and development of sharks, skates, rays and ratfishes
165153. Prehistoric Human Bone: Archaeology at the Molecular Level
165154. DNA-Protein Interactions
165155. Sturgeon Fishes: Developmental Biology and Aquaculture
165156. The Arenaviridae
165157. Integrating Economics, Ecology and Thermodynamics
165158. Modelling Oceanic Climate Interactions
165159. Advances in Neutron Capture Therapy
165160. Primate Laterality: Current Behavioral Evidence of Primate Asymmetries
165161. The Plant Geography of Korea: with an emphasis on the Alpine Zones
165162. Fine Structure Immunocytochemistry
165163. Dimorphic Fungi in Biology and Medicine
165164. Medicinal and Aromatic Plants IV
165165. Desmopressin in Bleeding Disorders
165166. Hormones in Lipoprotein Metabolism
165167. Terrestrial Biospheric Carbon Fluxes Quantification of Sinks and Sources of CO2
165168. Neurophysiology of Consciousness
165169. Glycoprotein Analysis in Biomedicine
165170. Plant Protoplasts and Genetic Engineering IV
165171. Gammopathy
165172. The Chemistry of Natural Products
165173. Informatik in den Biowissenschaften: 1. Fachtagung der GI-FG 4.0.2 „Informatik in den Biowissenschaften“, Bonn, 15./16. Februar 1993
165174. Capillary Electrophoresis: Principles and Practice
165175. The HLA System in Clinical Transplantation: Basic Concepts and Importance
165176. Cellular Communication in Plants
165177. Molecular Basis of Reproductive Endocrinology
165178. Excitation-Contraction Coupling and Cardiac Contractile Force
165179. Experimental and Theoretical Advances in Biological Pattern Formation
165180. Principles of Molecular Recognition
165181. Primates and Their Relatives in Phylogenetic Perspective
165182. Mammal Phylogeny: Mesozoic Differentiation, Multituberculates, Monotremes, Early Therians, and Marsupials
165183. The Chemistry of Life’s Origins
165184. Biochemistry of Fruit Ripening
165185. Microorganisms to Combat Pollution
165186. Gesunde Katzen: Schmusen ohne Gefahr
165187. Rapid Diagnosis of Mycoplasmas
165188. Protease Inhibitors as Cancer Chemopreventive Agents
165189. Reintegrating Fragmented Landscapes: Towards Sustainable Production and Nature Conservation
165190. Molecular Mechanisms of Membrane Traffic
165191. Molecular Approaches to Fundamental and Applied Entomology
165192. Frugivory and seed dispersal: ecological and evolutionary aspects
165193. Wale und Delphine: Spitzenkönner der Meere
165194. Interactions of C, N, P and S Biogeochemical Cycles and Global Change
165195. Pharmaceutical and Bioactive Natural Products
165196. General Index
165197. Saturated Flow and Soil Structure: A Review of the Subject and Laboratory Experiments on the Basic Relationships
165198. Gene Conservation and Exploitation: 20th Stadler Genetics Symposium
165199. Mechanisms of Platelet Activation and Control
165200. Die Mineral- und Heilwasser Osterreichs: Geologische Grundlagen und Spurenelemente
165201. Dutch Elm Disease Research: Cellular and Molecular Approaches
165202. Lectins and Glycobiology
165203. Structural Wood Detailing in CAD Format
165204. Adaptation in Stochastic Environments
165205. Mycoplasma Cell Membranes
165206. Molecular Biology and its Application to Medical Mycology
165207. Molecular Methods for Microbial Identification and Typing
165208. New Generation Vaccines: The Role of Basic Immunology
165209. Reviews of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology: Continuation of Residue Reviews
165210. Biodiversity and Ecosystem Function
165211. Global Atmospheric Chemical Change
165212. Methods in Protein Sequence Analysis
165213. CO2 and biosphere
165214. Adhesion in Leukocyte Homing and Differentiation
165215. New Developments in Lipid-Protein Interactions and Receptor Function
165216. Cellular Function and Metabolism
165217. The Retroviridae
165218. Current Status of Diagnostic Cytology
165219. The Excretory Function of Higher Plants
165220. Molecular and Cell Biology of Opportunistic Infections in AIDS
165221. The Role of Trees in Sustainable Agriculture: Review papers presented at the Australian Conference, The Role of Trees in Sustainable Agriculture, Albury, Victoria, Australia, October 1991
165222. Medical Insects and Arachnids
165223. Histology of Ancient Human Bone: Methods and Diagnosis: Proceedings of the “Palaeohistology Workshop” held from 3–5 October 1990 at Gottingen
165224. Coronaviruses: Molecular Biology and Virus-Host Interactions
165225. Molecular and Cell Biology of the Plant Cell Cycle: Proceedings of a meeting held at Lancaster University, 9–10th April, 1992
165226. Verfahrenstechnik in der Biotechnologie
165227. Meiobenthology: The Microscopic Fauna in Aquatic Sediments
165228. Evolution: An Evolving Theory
165229. On the Dynamics of Exploited Fish Populations
165230. Funktionelle Biochemie: Eine Einfuhrung in die medizinische Biochemie
165231. Perspektiven menschlichen Handelns: Umwelt und Ethik
165232. Chromatography
165233. Macrophages and Related Cells
165234. New Horizons in Nitrogen Fixation: Proceedings of the 9th International Congress on Nitrogen Fixation, Cancun, Mexico, December 6–12, 1992
165235. Interacting Stresses on Plants in a Changing Climate
165236. Lough Neagh: The Ecology of a Multipurpose Water Resource
165237. Current Directions in Insulin-Like Growth Factor Research
165238. Coral Reef Ecology
165239. Netherlands-Wetlands: Proceedings of a Symposium held in Arnhem, The Netherlands, December 1989
165240. Urinary Cytology: Manual and Atlas
165241. Transposable Elements and Evolution
165242. Human Chromosomes: Structure, Behavior, and Effects
165243. Biotechnology and Pharmacy
165244. Biochemistry of Nickel
165245. Medicinal and Aromatic Plants V
165246. Immobilised Macromolecules: Application Potentials
165247. Fluorescence Spectroscopy: New Methods and Applications
165248. Opioids
165249. Nutrient Dynamics and Retention in Land/Water Ecotones of Lowland, Temperate Lakes and Rivers
165250. Did Darwin Get It Right?: Essays on Games, Sex and Evolution
165251. Synaptic Modifications and Memory: An Electrophysiological Analysis
165252. Genetics and Molecular Biology of Anaerobic Bacteria
165253. Towards the rational use of high salinity tolerant plants: Vol. 1 Deliberations about High Salinity Tolerant Plants and Ecosystems
165254. Seed Germination in Desert Plants
165255. Protein Synthesis and Targeting in Yeast
165256. Tyrosine Phosphorylation/Dephosphorylation and Downstream Signalling
165257. Biology of Salmonella
165258. The Pesticide Question: Environment, Economics, and Ethics
165259. Evolution, Time, Production and the Environment
165260. Molecular Chaperones
165261. Plankton Regulation Dynamics: Experiments and Models in Rotifer Continuous Cultures
165262. Novel Approaches to Selective Treatments of Human Solid Tumors: Laboratory and Clinical Correlation
165263. Effects of High Pressure on Biological Systems
165264. Evolutionary Biology
165265. Plant Breeding: Principles and prospects
165266. The Hot-Blooded Insects: Strategies and Mechanisms of Thermoregulation
165267. Opioids II
165268. Biology and Pathology of Astrocyte-Neuron Interactions
165269. Forest Development in Cold Climates
165270. Aquaculture Sourcebook: A Guide to North American Species
165271. Neuro-Psychopharmaka: Ein Therapie-Handbuch. Band 6: Notfalltherapie, Antiepileptika, Beta-Rezeptorenblocker und sonstige Psychopharmaka
165272. A Colour Atlas of Medical Entomology
165273. Genetic Aspects of Plant Mineral Nutrition: The Fourth International Symposium on Genetic Aspects of Plant Mineral Nutrition, 30 September – 4 October 1991, Canberra, Australia
165274. In Vitro Fertilization and Embryo Transfer in Primates
165275. Alcohol, Cell Membranes, and Signal Transduction in Brain
165276. Micropropagation of Woody Plants
165277. Toxoplasmosis
165278. Animal Cell Technology: Basic & Applied Aspects: Proceedings of the Fifth International Meeting of the Japanese Association for Animal Cell Technology, Omiya, Japan, November 30—December 4, 1992
165279. Plant Nutrients in Desert Environments
165280. Growth Factors, Peptides and Receptors
165281. The Sea Floor: An Introduction to Marine Geology
165282. Mammal Phylogeny: Mesozoic Differentiation, Multituberculates, Monotremes, Early Therians, and Marsupials
165283. Activators and Inhibitors of Complement
165284. Progress in Plant Growth Regulation: Proceedings of the 14th International Conference on Plant Growth Substances, Amsterdam, 21–26 July, 1991
165285. Reproductive Biology of South American Vertebrates
165286. Selective Neurotoxicity
165287. Regulation of Chloroplast Biogenesis
165288. Produced Water: Technological/Environmental Issues and Solutions
165289. The Ecology and Silviculture of Mixed-Species Forests: A Festschrift for David M. Smith
165290. The Release of Genetically Modified Microorganisms—REGEM 2
165291. Development: The Molecular Genetic Approach
165292. Cellular and Molecular Biology of Atherosclerosis
165293. Current Ornithology
165294. Free Radicals and Aging
165295. Biochemie fur die mundliche Prufung: Fragen und Antworten
165296. Environmental Concerns: An Inter-disciplinary Exercise
165297. The Ecology of Mangrove and Related Ecosystems: Proceedings of the International Symposium held at Mombasa, Kenya, 24–30 September 1990
165298. Alkaloids: Chemical and Biological Perspectives
165299. Biogeochemistry of a Subalpine Ecosystem: Loch Vale Watershed
165300. Reviews of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology: Continuation of Residue Reviews
165301. Plantago: A Multidisciplinary Study
165302. Molecular Aspects of Biotechnology: Computational Models and Theories
165303. Oncogene and Transgenics Correlates of Cancer Risk Assessments
165304. Angiogenesis in Health and Disease
165305. Synthesis of Marine Natural Products 1: Terpenoids
165306. The Chemistry of β-Lactams
165307. Genetic Diversity of RNA Viruses
165308. New Trends in Pharmacokinetics
165309. Horses and Grasses: The Nutritional Ecology of Equids and Their Impact on the Camargue
165310. The Daily Growth Cycle of Phytoplankton: Proceedings of the Fifth International Workshop of the Group for Aquatic Primary Productivity (GAP), held at Breukelen, The Netherlands 20–28 April 1990
165311. Physiology and Pharmacology of the Blood-Brain Barrier
165312. Advances in Soil Science
165313. Oceanic and Anthropogenic Controls of Life in the Pacific Ocean: Proceedings of the 2nd Pacific Symposium on Marine Sciences, Nadhodka, Russia, August 11–19, 1988
165314. Advances in Bioclimatology 1
165315. Dissolved Organic Matter in Lacustrine Ecosystems: Energy Source and System Regulator
165316. Global Climate Change: Linking Energy, Environment, Economy and Equity
165317. Toolik Lake: Ecology of an Aquatic Ecosystem in Arctic Alaska
165318. Biotechnology and Environmental Science: Molecular Approaches
165319. Cell-Cell Interactions in the Release of Inflammatory Mediators: Eicosanoids, Cytokines, and Adhesion
165320. Lebensmittelchemie
165321. Marine Hydrothermal Systems and the Origin of Life: Report of SCOR Working Group 91
165322. Neuropathogenic Viruses and Immunity
165323. A History of Fishing
165324. Plant Genomes: Methods for Genetic and Physical Mapping
165325. Cell Organelles
165326. Bacteriocins, Microcins and Lantibiotics
165327. Evolutionary Biology: Volume 26
165328. Microbial Adhesion and Invasion
165329. Photoprocesses in Transition Metal Complexes, Biosystems and Other Molecules. Experiment and Theory
165330. Endocytosis: From Cell Biology to Health, Disease and Therapy
165331. The Tinbergen Legacy
165332. Innovations in Antiviral Development and the Detection of Virus Infections
165333. Pancreatic Islet Cell Regeneration and Growth
165334. The Biochemistry of the Nucleic Acids
165335. Landscape Boundaries: Consequences for Biotic Diversity and Ecological Flows
165336. Pulsed-Field Gel Electrophoresis: Protocols, Methods, and Theories
165337. Phytochemical Resources for Medicine and Agriculture
165338. Methane and Methanol Utilizers
165339. Drosophila Genetics: A Practical Course
165340. Phenolic Metabolism in Plants
165341. Harderian Glands: Porphyrin Metabolism, Behavioral and Endocrine Effects
165342. Responses of Forest Ecosystems to Environmental Changes
165343. Progress in Neutron Capture Therapy for Cancer
165344. Fish Chemoreception
165345. Society and the Environment: A Swedish Research Perspective
165346. Trees of Life: Essays in Philosophy of Biology
165347. Dynamics of Membrane Assembly
165348. Specificity of Proteolysis
165349. Biosynthesis: Molecular and Cell Biochemistry
165350. Biochemie: Eine Einfuhrung
165351. Microbial Reagents in Organic Synthesis
165352. Diversity and Evolution of Land Plants
165353. Development of the Central Nervous System in Vertebrates
165354. Water Saving Techniques for Plant Growth
165355. Molecular Aspects of Chemotherapy: Proceedings of the Third International Symposium on Molecular Aspects of Chemotherapy Gdansk, Poland June 19–21, 1991
165356. Bees as Superorganisms: An Evolutionary Reality
165357. Recent Advances in Biotechnology
165358. Early Life History of Fish: An energetics approach
165359. Reviews of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology
165360. Soil Restoration
165361. Bioactive Spin Labels
165362. Tropical Forests and Climate
165363. ADP-Ribosylation Reactions
165364. Marine Pelagic Cyanobacteria: Trichodesmium and other Diazotrophs
165365. The Superfamily of ras-Related Genes
165366. Zecken, Milben, Fliegen, Schaben: Schach dem Ungeziefer
165367. Terrestrial Slugs: Biology, ecology and control
165368. Integration of Ecosystem Theories: A Pattern
165369. Neuro-Psychopharmaka Ein Therapie-Handbuch: Band 4: Neuroleptika
165370. Flow Cytometry and Cell Sorting
165371. Molecular Pathogenesis of Gastrointestinal Infections
165372. Specimen Banking: Environmental Monitoring and Modern Analytical Approaches
165373. Rhythms in Fishes
165374. Conflicts and Cooperation in Managing Environmental Resources
165375. Immunobiology of Proteins and Peptides VI: Human Immunodeficiency Virus, Antibody Immunoconjugates, Bacterial Vaccines, and Immunomodulators
165376. Supramolecular Chemistry
165377. Pollen Biology: A Laboratory Manual
165378. Purine and Pyrimidine Metabolism in Man VII: Part B: Structural Biochemistry, Pathogenesis and Metabolism
165379. Natural Hazards in West and Central Africa
165380. Understanding Origins: Contemporary Views on the Origin of Life, Mind and Society
165381. Atlas of Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants
165382. Population Genetics of Forest Trees: Proceedings of the International Symposium on Population Genetics of Forest Trees Corvallis, Oregon, U.S.A., July 31–August 2,1990
165383. Gefahren für Hund und Halter: Maßnahmen zur Abwehr von Schädlingen
165384. Encyclopedia of Marine Sciences
165385. Energie und Umweltbelastung
165386. Potyvirus Taxonomy
165387. Sediment/Water Interactions: Proceedings of the Fifth International Symposium
165388. Hydroclimate: The Influence of Water Movement in Freshwater Ecology
165389. Genetic Engineering: Principles and Methods
165390. Ermittlung des Personalbedarfs: Neues Konzept
165391. Advances in Microbial Ecology
165392. Biological Nitrogen Fixation for Sustainable Agriculture: Extended versions of papers presented in the Symposium, Role of Biological Nitrogen Fixation in Sustainable Agriculture at the 13th Congress of Soil Science, Kyoto, Japan, 1990
165393. Chronically Evolving Viral Hepatitis
165394. Biochemistry
165395. Tea: Cultivation to consumption
165396. Naturstoffchemie: Eine Einfuhrung
165397. Proceedings of the 8th International Symposium on Insect-Plant Relationships
165398. Nonradioactive Labeling and Detection of Biomolecules
165399. Deep-Sea Food Chains and the Global Carbon Cycle
165400. Introduction to Plant Diseases: Identification and Management
165401. Targeting of Drugs 3: The Challenge of Peptides and Proteins
165402. Water and Life: Comparative Analysis of Water Relationships at the Organismic, Cellular, and Molecular Levels
165403. Chemical, Microbiological, Health and Comfort Aspects of Indoor Air Quality — State of the Art in SBS
165404. Sexual Plant Reproduction
165405. Turbellarian Biology: Proceedings of the Sixth International Symposium on the Biology of the Turbellaria, held at Hirosaki, Japan, 7–12 August 1990
165406. Evolutionary Developmental Biology
165407. Anorganische Chemie: Chemie — Basiswissen I
165408. Analytical Population Dynamics
165409. Pharmaceutical Applications of Cell and Tissue Culture to Drug Transport
165410. Amino Acids: Chemistry, Biology and Medicine
165411. Early Embryonic Development of Animals
165412. Current Ornithology
165413. Methoden der regionalen Fernerkundung: Anwendungen im Sahel Afrikas
165414. Angiosperm Pollen and Ovules
165415. Tumormarker und Immunszintigraphie in der gynakologischen Onkologie: Grundlagen — Bestimmungsmethoden — Indikationen
165416. Lake Titicaca: A Synthesis of Limnological Knowledge
165417. Global Climate Change and Freshwater Ecosystems
165418. Perspektiven menschlichen Handelns: Umwelt und Ethik
165419. LARVAE and EVOLUTION: Toward a New Zoology
165420. The Biology of Deer
165421. Atlas of Endocrine Organs: Vertebrates and Invertebrates
165422. Intracellular Regulation of Ion Channels
165423. The Photosynthetic Bacterial Reaction Center II: Structure, Spectroscopy and Dynamics
165424. Progress in Botany: Stuctural Botany Physiology Genetics Taxonomy Geobotany / Fortschritte der Botanik Struktur Physiologie Genetik Systematik Geobotanik
165425. Infertility
165426. Biological Control of Plant Diseases: Progress and Challenges for the Future
165427. Food Web Management: A Case Study of Lake Mendota
165428. Neurobiology of Essential Fatty Acids
165429. Introduction to Theoretical Population Genetics
165430. Limitations to Plant Root Growth
165431. Cytogenetics in Plant Breeding
165432. The First Twelve Weeks of Gestation
165433. Dynamics of Nutrient Cycling and Food Webs
165434. Enzymtechnologie
165435. Membrane Proteins: Structures, Interactions and Models: Proceedings of the Twenty-Fifth Jerusalem Symposium on Quantum Chemistry and Biochemistry Held in Jerusalem, Israel, May 18–21,1992
165436. Biologic Rhythms in Clinical and Laboratory Medicine
165437. Fish Ecology
165438. Emerging Targets in Antibacterial and Antifungal Chemotherapy
165439. Reviews of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology: Continuation of Residue Reviews
165440. Atmosphare und Umwelt: Chemische Prozesse · Menschliche Eingriffe · Ozon-Schicht · Luftverschmutzung · Smog · Saurer Regen
165441. Animal Cell Technology: Basic & Applied Aspects: Proceedings of the Fourth Annual Meeting of the Japanese Association for Animal Cell Technology, Fukuoka, Japan, 13–15 November 1991
165442. Mechanisms in Fibre Carcinogenesis
165443. Wildlife 2001: Populations
165444. Fire in South African Mountain Fynbos: Ecosystem, Community and Species Response at Swartboskloof
165445. Viral Expression Vectors
165446. Neuro-Psychopharmaka: Ein Therapie-Handbuch Band 1: Allgemeine Grundlagen der Pharmakopsychiatrie
165447. In Vitro Culture of Trees
165448. The Dynamics and Use of Lacustrine Ecosystems: Proceedings of the 40-Year Jubilee Symposium of the Finnish Limnological Society, held in Helsinki, Finland, 6–10 August 1990
165449. Protein Pharmacokinetics and Metabolism
165450. Biofilms — Science and Technology
165451. Quantitative Aspects of Growth and Metabolism of Microorganisms
165452. Gene Transfers and Environment: Proceedings of the Third European Meeting on Bacterial Genetics and Ecology (BAGECO-3), 20–22 November 1991, Villefranche-sur-Mer, France
165453. The Evolutionary Biology of Hearing
165454. The Search for Bioactive Compounds from Microorganisms
165455. Transport and Receptor Proteins of Plant Membranes: Molecular Structure and Function
165456. Solute Transport in Plants
165457. Analysis with Supercritical Fluids: Extraction and Chromatography
165458. The Ecology of Areas with Serpentinized Rocks: A World View
165459. The Ecology of Aquatic Hyphomycetes
165460. Fungi in vegetation science
165461. Biochemical Engineering for 2001: Proceedings of Asia-Pacific Biochemical Engineering Conference 1992
165462. Advances in Disease Vector Research
165463. The Bioclimatology of Frost: Its Occurrence, Impact and Protection
165464. Reviews of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology: Continuation of Residue Reviews
165465. Mechanics of Swelling: From Clays to Living Cells and Tissues
165466. Hard Tissue Mineralization and Demineralization
165467. Development of the Digestive System in the North American Opossum (Didelphis virginiana)
165468. The Rumen Protozoa
165469. Molecular Systematics of Plants
165470. Reviews of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology: Continuation of Residue Reviews
165471. Woody Plant Biotechnology
165472. DNA Replication: The Regulatory Mechanisms
165473. Microbial Infections: Role of Biological Response Modifiers
165474. Allgemeine und vergleichende Embryologie der Tiere
165475. Quercus ilex L. Ecosystems: Function, Dynamics and Management
165476. Gesundheit fur Zierfische: Parasiten erkennen und bekampfen
165477. Reviews of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology: Continuation of Residue Reviews
165478. Reviews of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology: Continuation of Residue Reviews
165479. Secondary-Metabolite Biosynthesis and Metabolism
165480. Measuring Alcohol Consumption: Psychosocial and Biochemical Methods
165481. High-Tech and Micropropagation II
165482. Fortschritte der Chemie organischer Naturstoffe / Progress in the Chemistry of Organic Natural Products
165483. Boundaries between Promotion and Progression during Carcinogenesis
165484. Peritrophic Membranes
165485. Transplant Production Systems: Proceedings of the International Symposium on Transplant Production Systems, Yokohama, Japan, 21–26 July 1992
165486. Fish Ecophysiology
165487. Ecology of Cenchrus grass complex: Environmental conditions and population differences in western India
165488. Insect Accessory Reproductive Structures: Function, Structure, and Development
165489. Structure and Function of the Aspartic Proteinases: Genetics, Structures, and Mechanisms
165490. Lipid Metabolism in the Healthy and Disease Heart
165491. Ultradian Rhythms in Life Processes: An Inquiry into Fundamental Principles of Chronobiology and Psychobiology
165492. Chinese Drugs of Plant Origin: Chemistry, Pharmacology, and Use in Traditional and Modern Medicine
165493. Practical Molecular Virology: Viral Vectors for Gene Expression
165494. Disulfiram and its Metabolite, Diethyldithiocarbamate: Pharmacology and status in the treatment of alcoholism, HIV infections, AIDS and heavy metal toxicity
165495. Frontiers in Industrial Mycology
165496. The Vegetation of Egypt
165497. Molecular Biology of Saccharomyces
165498. The Ecology of the Fish Pond Ecosystem: with special reference to Africa
165499. Molecular and Cell Biology of Sexually Transmitted Diseases
165500. Breeding for Disease Resistance
165501. Membrane Transport in Biology
165502. Nucleic Acids and Molecular Biology
165503. Biomasse: Ruckkehr zum okologischen Gleichgewicht
165504. Evolution and Function of Heterostyly
165505. Prader-Willi Syndrome: and Other Chromosome 15q Deletion Disorders
165506. Introduction to Agricultural Engineering: A Problem Solving Approach
165507. Resistance ’91: Achievements and Developments in Combating Pesticide Resistance
165508. Macrophage Biology and Activation
165509. Multidisciplinary Approaches to Cholinesterase Functions
165510. Diagnostische Hamatologie: Laboratoriumsdiagnose hamatologischer Erkrankungen
165511. Fortschritte der Chemie organischer Naturstoffe / Progress in the Chemistry of Organic Natural Products
165512. Animal Dispersal: Small mammals as a model
165513. Early Organic Evolution: Implications for Mineral and Energy Resources
165514. Food from dry lands: An integrated approach to planning of agricultural development
165515. Membrane Handbook
165516. Allelopathy: Basic and applied aspects
165517. Bioseparation
165518. Okologie: Ein Lehrbuch
165519. High-Tech and Micropropagation III
165520. Crop Pests in the UK: Collected edition of MAFF leaflets
165521. The Retroviridae
165522. Molecular Recognition in Host-Parasite Interactions
165523. Color Atlas of Surgical Anatomy for Esophageal Cancer
165524. Comparative Embryology of Angiosperms: Vol. 1, 2
165525. Palms in Forest Ecosystems of Amazonia
165526. Monoclonal Antibodies
165527. Synthesis of Marine Natural Products 2: Nonterpenoids
165528. Medical Toxicology: Proceedings of the 1991 EUROTOX Congress Meeting Held in Masstricht, September 1 – 4, 1991
165529. Animal Life at Low Temperature
165530. Membrane Defenses Against Attack by Complement and Perforins
165531. Restoration and Recovery of Shallow Eutrophic Lake Ecosystems in The Netherlands: Proceedings of a conference held in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 18–19 April 1991
165532. Microvascular Corrosion Casting in Scanning Electron Microscopy: Techniques and Applications
165533. Animal Homing
165534. Genes Involved in Plant Defense
165535. Fens and Bogs in the Netherlands: Vegetation, History, Nutrient Dynamics and Conservation
165536. Environmental biology of European cyprinids: Papers from the workshop on ‘The Environmental Biology of Cyprinids’ held at the University of Salzburg, Austria, in September 1989
165537. The Role of Neurotransmitters in Brain Injury
165538. Applied Soil Physics: Soil Water and Temperature Applications
165539. Diagnosis of Human Viruses by Polymerase Chain Reaction Technology
165540. Pathogenesis of Shigellosis
165541. Epithelial Organization and Development
165542. 10 Years Plant Molecular Biology
165543. Fertility of Soils: A Future for Farming in the West African Savannah
165544. Plant Polyphenols: Synthesis, Properties, Significance
165545. Gastrulation: Movements, Patterns and Molecules
165546. Der Weg zur Biogeologie: Johannes Walther (1860–1937) Ein Forscherleben im Wandel der deutschen Universität
165547. Current Topics in Medical Mycology
165548. Distant Hybridization of Crop Plants
165549. The Collagens: Biochemistry and Pathophysiology
165550. The Use of Resealed Erythrocytes as Carriers and Bioreactors
165551. Ecology and Decline of Red Spruce in the Eastern United States
165552. Kryptogamen II Moose · Farne: Praktikum und Lehrbuch
165553. Theoretical and Experimental Insights into Immunology
165554. Marine Mammal Sensory Systems
165555. T Lymphocytes: Structure, Functions, Choices
165556. Reproductive Biology and Plant Breeding: Biologie de la Reproduction et Amelioration des Plantes
165557. Modern Biochemical Engineering
165558. Watershed Management: Balancing Sustainability and Environmental Change
165559. Advances in Neuroscience and Schizophrenia
165560. Plant Toxin Analysis
165561. Animal Biomarkers as Pollution Indicators
165562. Tick Vector Biology: Medical and Veterinary Aspects
165563. The Nitrogen Fixation and its Research in China
165564. Ecology and Control of the Natural Environment
165565. Progress in Hydrogeochemistry: Organics — Carbonate Systems — Silicate Systems — Microbiology — Models
165566. Advances in Soil Science
165567. Biotransformations in Organic Chemistry
165568. Prostaglandins, Leukotrienes, Lipoxins, and PAF: Mechanism of Action, Molecular Biology, and Clinical Applications
165569. Temperature and Environmental Effects on the Testis
165570. Uterine and Embryonic Factors in Early Pregnancy
165571. Das metastasierte Nierenzellkarzinom: Klinik und therapeutische Aspekte
165572. The Translational Apparatus of Photosynthetic Organelles
165573. Role of Melatonin and Pineal Peptides in Neuroimmunomodulation
165574. Biologische Psychologie
165575. Theoretical Models of Chemical Bonding: Molecular Spectroscopy, Electronic Structure and Intramolecular Interactions Part 3
165576. N-Oxidation of Drugs: Biochemistry, pharmacology, toxicology
165577. Developmental Patterning of the Vertebrate Limb
165578. Heat Shock and Development
165579. Megakaryocytes, Platelets, Macrophages, and Eosinophils
165580. Chromatographic and Membrane Processes in Biotechnology
165581. Chromosomen: Klassische und molekulare Cytogenetik
165582. Essential Oils and Waxes
165583. Advances in Environment, Behavior, and Design
165584. Biotechnology: Bridging Research and Applications: Proceedings of the U.S.-Israel Research Conference on Advances in Applied Biotechnology June 24–30, 1990; Haifa, Israel
165585. Instrumental Analysis of Pollutants
165586. Alleviating Soil Fertility Constraints to Increased Crop Production in West Africa
165587. Cellular Signals Controlling Uterine Function
165588. Long-Range Electron Transfer in Biology
165589. Reviews of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology: Continuation of Residue Reviews
165590. Human Microscopic Anatomy: An Atlas for Students of Medicine and Biology
165591. Vergleichende Histologie: Cytologie und Mikroanatomie der Tiere
165592. The Rhizosphere and Plant Growth: Papers presented at a Symposium held May 8–11, 1989, at the Beltsville Agricultural Research Center (BARC), Beltsville, Maryland
165593. Biology of Cladocera: Proceedings of the Second International Symposium on Cladocera, Tatranska Lomnica, Czechoslovakia, 13–20 September 1989
165594. Corneal Angiogenesis: A Comprehensive Critical Review
165595. The Neocortex: Ontogeny and Phylogeny
165596. Red Blood Cell Aging
165597. Progress in Botany: Structural Botany Physiology Genetics Taxonomy Geobotany/Fortschritte der Botanik Struktur Physiologie Genetik Systematik Geobotanik
165598. Ecophysiology of Desert Arthropods and Reptiles
165599. Molecular Techniques in Taxonomy
165600. Animal Cell Culture and Production of Biologicals: Proceedings of the Third Annual Meeting of the Japanese Association for Animal Cell Technology, held in Kyoto, December 11–13, 1990
165601. Human Cancer in Primary Culture, A Handbook
165602. Municipal Waste Incineration Risk Assessment: Deposition, Food Chain Impacts, Uncertainty, and Research Needs
165603. Medicinal and Aromatic Plants III
165604. Plant Physiological Ecology: Field methods and instrumentation
165605. The World of Peptides: A Brief History of Peptide Chemistry
165606. Rice
165607. Advances in Comparative and Environmental Physiology: Volume and Osmolality Control in Animal Cells
165608. The Effects of Aging and Environment on Vision
165609. Molecular Basis of Neurological Disorders and Their Treatment
165610. Radionuclides in the Study of Marine Processes
165611. Coelenterate Biology: Recent Research on Cnidaria and Ctenophora: Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference on Coelenterate Biology, 1989
165612. Breast Epithelial Antigens: Molecular Biology to Clinical Applications
165613. Neuroreceptor Mechanisms in Brain
165614. Cortico-Hippocampal Interplay and the Representation of Contexts in the Brain
165615. Vegetation and climate interactions in semi-arid regions
165616. Advances in Molecular Biology and Targeted Treatment for AIDS
165617. Fortschritte der Chemie organischer Naturstoffe / Progress in the Chemistry of Organic Natural Products
165618. Immunology of Milk and the Neonate
165619. Plant Molecular Biology 2
165620. Der AMAZONAS: Geschichte und Probleme eines Stromgebietes zwischen Pazifik und Atlantik
165621. Gradient HPLC of Copolymers and Chromatographic Cross-Fractionation
165622. Biochemie: Eine Einfuhrung
165623. The Biology of Mallomonas : Morphology, Taxonomy and Ecology
165624. Reviews of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology: Continuation of Residue Reviews
165625. Cholecystokinin Antagonists in Gastroenterology: Basic and Clinical Status
165626. High-Tech and Micropropagation I
165627. Basophil and Mast Cell Degranulation and Recovery
165628. Analytiker-Taschenbuch
165629. Candida and Candidamycosis
165630. Cellular Regulation by Protein Phosphorylation
165631. Food Freezing: Today and Tomorrow
165632. Ecological Genetics and Air Pollution
165633. Molecular Aspects of Monooxygenases and Bioactivation of Toxic Compounds
165634. Canine Parvovirus: A New Pathogen
165635. Pork Production Systems: Efficient Use of Swine and Feed Resources
165636. Computer assisted vegetation analysis
165637. Fortschritte der Chemie organischer Naturstoffe / Progress in the Chemistry of Organic Natural Products
165638. Immunoassays in Food and Agriculture
165639. Modern Lifestyles, Lower Energy Intake and Micronutrient Status
165640. Molecular Mechanisms of Cellular Growth
165641. Mechanisms of Anesthetic Action in Skeletal, Cardiac, and Smooth Muscle
165642. Animal Species for Developmental Studies: Vertebrates
165643. Okologie wozu?: Der graue Regenbogen oder Okologie ohne Natur
165644. Bioenergetics: Molecular Biology, Biochemistry, and Pathology
165645. Cytomegalovirus: Biology and Infection
165646. The Changing Visual System: Maturation and Aging in the Central Nervous System
165647. Biology of Antarctic Fish
165648. Irrigation with Treated Sewage Effluent: Management for Environmental Protection
165649. Plant demography in vegetation succession
165650. Heterochrony: The Evolution of Ontogeny
165651. Parasiten des Menschen: Protozoen, Helminthen und Arthropoden Krankheit, Diagnose und Therapie
165652. Molecular Approaches to Crop Improvement
165653. Cell and Model Membrane Interactions
165654. Microbial Surface Components and Toxins in Relation to Pathogenesis
165655. Applied Plant Virology
165656. Commodity and Resource Policies in Agricultural Systems
165657. Habitat Structure: The physical arrangement of objects in space
165658. Pigments in Vegetables: Chlorophylls and Carotenoids
165659. Lexikon der Gentechnologie
165660. Environmental History and Palaeolimnology: Proceedings of the Vth International Symposium on Palaeolimnology, held in Cumbria, U.K.
165661. The Paramyxoviruses
165662. Ecological Heterogeneity
165663. Limnological Analyses
165664. Nitrogen in Terrestrial Ecosystems: Questions of Productivity, Vegetational Changes, and Ecosystem Stability
165665. Nitrogen Turnover in the Soil-Crop System: Modelling of Biological Transformations, Transport of Nitrogen and Nitrogen Use Efficiency. Proceedings of a Workshop held at the Institute for Soil Fertility Research, Haren, The Netherlands, 5–6 June 1990
165666. Plant Molecular Biology Manual: Supplement 4
165667. Remote Sensing and Geographical Information Systems for Resource Management in Developing Countries
165668. Seasonal Snowpacks: Processes of Compositional Change
165669. Calcareous Algae and Stromatolites
165670. Biocatalysts for Industry
165671. Structure and Function of Invertebrate Oxygen Carriers
165672. Rockfishes of the genus Sebastes: Their reproduction and early life history
165673. Peptides as Probes in Muscle Research
165674. Hypercholesterolemia, Hypocholesterolemia, Hypertriglyceridemia, in Vivo Kinetics
165675. Advances in Molecular Genetics of Plant-Microbe Interactions Vol. 1: Proceedings of the 5th International Symposium on the Molecular Genetics of Plant-Microbe Interactions, Interlaken, Switzerland, September 9–14, 1990
165676. Advances in Soil Science: 15
165677. Biological Effects of Dietary Restriction
165678. Heat Shock
165679. Heliothis: Research Methods and Prospects
165680. Biological Signal Transduction
165681. The biology of Latimeria chalumnae and evolution of coelacanths
165682. The Conifer Manual: Volume 1
165683. Drugs of Abuse, Immunity, and Immunodeficiency
165684. Reviews of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology: Continuation of Residue Reviews
165685. Developmental Neuropathology of Schizophrenia
165686. Reviews of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology: Continuation of Residue Reviews
165687. Opioide in der Medizin: Wirkung und Einsatzgebiete zentraler Analgetika
165688. Ferritin im Eisenstoffwechsel: Diagnostische Strategien
165689. Energy in Biological Systems
165690. Microbiology of Marine Food Products
165691. Molecular Aspects of Inflammation
165692. Praktische Blutzelldiagnostik
165693. Cyprinid Fishes: Systematics, biology and exploitation
165694. Apolipoproteins in Lipid Disorders: Risk Assessment and Monitoring
165695. Cirrhosis, Hepatic Encephalopathy, and Ammonium Toxicity
165696. Retroviral Insertion and Oncogene Activation
165697. Advances in Disease Vector Research
165698. Bacterial Control of Mosquitoes and Black Flies: Biochemistry, Genetics and Applications of Bacillus thuringiensis israelensis and Bacillus sphaericus
165699. Function and Specificity of γ/δ T Cells: International Workshop, Schloß Elmau, Bavaria, FRG October 14–16, 1990
165700. Umweltokonomik: Eine theorieorientierte Einfuhrung
165701. Advances in Disease Vector Research
165702. Lipid Biochemistry: An Introduction
165703. Long-Term Consequences of Disasters: The Reconstruction of Friuli, Italy, in Its International Context, 1976—1988
165704. Advances in Perinatal Thyroidology
165705. Vaccines: Recent Trends and Progress
165706. Fortschritte der Chemie organischer Naturstoffe / Progress in the Chemistry of Organic Natural Products
165707. Mechanisms and Specificity of HIV Entry into Host Cells
165708. Chemistry for the Protection of the Environment
165709. Advances in Comparative and Environmental Physiology
165710. Recent Advances in Neuropharmacology
165711. Soil Acidity
165712. Biodegradation: Natural and Synthetic Materials
165713. The Cytoskeleton of Flagellate and Ciliate Protists
165714. Cellular and Molecular Mechanisms in Hypertension
165715. Amyloid and Amyloidosis 1990: VIth International Symposium on Amyloidosis August 5–8, 1990, Oslo, Norway
165716. Biological Reactive Intermediates IV: Molecular and Cellular Effects and Their Impact on Human Health
165717. Monitoring Dietary Intakes
165718. Insectivora: With a Stereotaxic Atlas of the Hedgehog Brain
165719. Advances in Soil Science
165720. Trace Elements, Micronutrients, and Free Radicals
165721. Pesticide Resistance in Arthropods
165722. Microbial Ecology of Leaves
165723. Novel Calcium-Binding Proteins: Fundamentals and Clinical Implications
165724. Advances in Comparative and Environmental Physiology
165725. Conservation of Living Nature and Resources: Problems, Trends, and Prospects
165726. Massenspektrometrie: Begriffe und Definitionen
165727. Photoinduced Electron Transfer III
165728. Acid Deposition: Origins, Impacts and Abatement Strategies
165729. Bioorganic Chemistry Frontiers
165730. Biochemistry of Halogenated Organic Compounds
165731. Forest Regeneration Manual
165732. Thirst: Physiological and Psychological Aspects
165733. Ecometric and Dynamic Modelling — Exemplified by Caesium in Lakes after Chernobyl: Methodological Aspects of Establishing Representative and Compatible Lake Data, Models and Load Diagrammes
165734. Reviews of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology
165735. Candida Albicans: Cellular and Molecular Biology
165736. Perspektiven der Humanokologie: Beitrage des internationalen Humanokologie-Symposiums von Bad Herrenalb 1990
165737. Ruminant Pestivirus Infections: Virology, Pathogenesis, and Perspectives of Prophylaxis
165738. Free Radicals, Lipoproteins, and Membrane Lipids
165739. Humic Substances in the Aquatic and Terrestrial Environment: Proceedings of an International Symposium Linkoping, Sweden, August 21–23, 1989
165740. International Workshop on Gelidium : Proceedings of the International Workshop on Gelidium held in Santander, Spain, September 3–8, 1990
165741. Geophysik an Altlasten: Leitfaden fur Ingenieure, Naturwissenschaftler und Juristen
165742. Enzymology and Molecular Biology of Carbonyl Metabolism 3
165743. Genetic Improvement of Tomato
165744. Preanesthetic Assessment 3
165745. AIDS and Women’s Reproductive Health
165746. Biomedical Light Microscopy
165747. Genetics and Product Formation in Streptomyces
165748. The Behaviour of Pinnipeds
165749. Metabolism of the Anthroposphere
165750. Pinnipeds and El Nino: Responses to Environmental Stress
165751. Progress in Molecular and Subcellular Biology
165752. Applied Multivariate Analysis in SAR and Environmental Studies
165753. Recombinant Technology in Hemostasis and Thrombosis
165754. Alcoholism: A Molecular Perspective
165755. Trees III
165756. Parasitic helminths and zoonoses in Africa
165757. Acidic Deposition and Aquatic Ecosystems: Regional Case Studies
165758. Glossary of Genetics: Classical and Molecular
165759. Dioxin Perspectives: A Pilot Study on International Information Exchange on Dioxins and Related Compounds
165760. Fossil and Recent Sponges
165761. Heterotypical Behaviour in Man and Animals
165762. Neuronal Growth Factors
165763. The Practitioner’s Guide to Psychoactive Drugs
165764. Bekämpfung des Treibhauseffektes aus ökonomischer Sicht: Ergebnisse des Ladenburger Kollegs „Umweltstaat“ der Gottlieb Daimler- und Karl Benz-Stiftung
165765. NMR Applications in Biopolymers
165766. Chemotactic Cytokines: Biology of the Inflammatory Peptide Supergene Family
165767. Effective Industrial Membrane Processes: Benefits and Opportunities
165768. Chromatography and Isolation of Insect Hormones and Pheromones
165769. Spores of the Pteridophyta: Surface, Wall Structure, and Diversity Based on Electron Microscope Studies
165770. Molecular Evolution of the Major Histocompatibility Complex
165771. Life Under Extreme Conditions: Biochemical Adaptation
165772. Genetic Engineering: Principles and Methods
165773. Forest entomology in West Tropical Africa: Forest insects of Ghana
165774. Theoretical Treatment of Large Molecules and Their Interactions: Part 4 Theoretical Models of Chemical Bonding
165775. Targeted Drug Delivery
165776. Microbial Control of Weeds
165777. Persistent Pollutants: Economics and Policy
165778. Comparative Ecology of Microorganisms and Macroorganisms
165779. Biological Molecules
165780. Perspectives in Environmental Management
165781. Theory and Strategy in Histochemistry: A Guide to the Selection and Understanding of Techniques
165782. Biochemie der Pflanzen
165783. Cell to Cell Signals in Plants and Animals: Progress Report
165784. Herbicide Resistance — Brassinosteroids, Gibberellins, Plant Growth Regulators
165785. Photobiological Techniques
165786. A History of Experimental Virology
165787. Bioprocessing
165788. Epstein-Barr Virus and Human Disease · 1990
165789. Anti-Idiotypic Vaccines
165790. Neurobiology of Opioids
165791. A Comparative Overview of Mammalian Fertilization
165792. Iron Nutrition and Interactions in Plants: “Proceedings of the Fifth International Symposium on Iron Nutrition and Interactions in Plants”, 11–17 June 1989, Jerusalem, Israel, 1989
165793. Molecular and Cellular Biology of Multidrug Resistance in Tumor Cells
165794. Biophysical and Biochemical Aspects of Fluorescence Spectroscopy
165795. Physiology of Biodegradative Microorganisms
165796. Cell Membrane Transport: Experimental Approaches and Methodologies
165797. Plant-Soil Interactions at Low pH: Proceedings of the Second International Symposium on Plant-Soil Interactions at Low pH, 24–29 June 1990, Beckley West Virginia, USA
165798. Phytochrome Properties and Biological Action
165799. Biochemistry of the Elemental Halogens and Inorganic Halides
165800. Black Sea Oceanography
165801. Rapid Methods and Automation in Microbiology and Immunology
165802. Pathobiochemie und Funktionsdiagnostik der Niere: Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Klinische Chemie Merck-Symposium 1989
165803. Comparative Analyses of Ecosystems: Patterns, Mechanisms, and Theories
165804. Organism and the Origins of Self
165805. Plant Molecular Biology
165806. Microbial Enzymes in Aquatic Environments
165807. General and Applied Aspects of Halophilic Microorganisms
165808. Gibberellins
165809. Chemistry and Properties of Biomolecular Systems
165810. Biophysics of Photoreceptors and Photomovements in Microorganisms
165811. Pancreatic Disease: Progress and Prospects
165812. Lectins and Cancer
165813. Nitrogen Fixation: Proceedings of the Fifth International Symposium on Nitrogen Fixation with Non-Legumes, Florence, Italy, 10–14 September 1990
165814. Atherosclerosis: Cellular and Molecular Interactions in the Artery Wall
165815. Electron Microscopy of Plant Pathogens
165816. Primate Responses to Environmental Change
165817. Saccharomyces
165818. Anticlastogens in Mammalian and Human Cells
165819. Protozoa and Their Role in Marine Processes
165820. Reviews of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology: Continuation of Residue Reviews
165821. Antenatal Diagnosis of Fetal Abnormalities
165822. Studies on Large Branchiopod Biology and Aquaculture
165823. Preimplantation Genetics
165824. VIIth International Colloquium on Amphipoda: Proceedings of the VIIth International Colloquium on Amphipoda held in Walpole, Maine, USA, 14–16 September 1990
165825. Biomass Pyrolysis Liquids Upgrading and Utilization
165826. Targeting of Drugs 2: Optimization Strategies
165827. Bioorganic Chemistry in Healthcare and Technology
165828. The Economics and Management of Water and Drainage in Agriculture
165829. Immobilized Enzymes in Medicine
165830. DNA Polymorphisms as Disease Markers
165831. Horticulture — New Technologies and Applications: Proceedings of the International Seminar on New Frontiers in Horticulture, organized by Indo-American Hybrid Seeds,Bangalore, India, November 25–28, 1990
165832. Advances in Mutagenesis Research
165833. Neurocytochemical Methods
165834. The Rivers of Florida
165835. Modern Phytochemical Methods
165836. Developmental Neurobiology
165837. Hemorrhagic Fever with Renal Syndrome, Tick- and Mosquito-Borne Viruses
165838. Evolution of Life: Fossils, Molecules, and Culture
165839. Growth Factors in Reproduction
165840. Abfallwirtschaft: Eine Einfuhrung
165841. Environmental Assessment and Habitat Evaluation of the Upper Great Lakes Connecting Channels
165842. Supplemental Irrigation in the Near East and North Africa: Proceedings of a Workshop on Regional Consultation on Supplemental Irrigation. ICARDA and FAO, Rabat, Morocco, 7–9 December, 1987
165843. Particle Analysis in Oceanography
165844. Photobiology: The Science and Its Applications
165845. Health Related Effects of Phyllosilicates
165846. A Researcher’s Guide to Scientific and Medical Illustrations
165847. Riechstoffe und Geruchssinn: Die molekulare Welt der Dufte
165848. Umweltschutztechnik: Eine Einfuhrung
165849. Diterpenes of Flowering Plants: Compositae (Asteraceae)
165850. Disorders of Lipid Metabolism
165851. Picornaviruses
165852. Endocrine and Biochemical Development of the Fetus and Neonate
165853. The 4-Quinolones: Anti Bacterial Agents in Vitro
165854. Alternative life-history styles of fishes
165855. The Endothelins
165856. Residual Currents and Long-term Transport
165857. Microbiology and Biochemistry of Strict Anaerobes Involved in Interspecies Hydrogen Transfer
165858. Peripheral Hearing Mechanisms in Reptiles and Birds
165859. Chromosomal Aberrations: Basic and Applied Aspects
165860. Acidification in Finland
165861. Advances in Soil Science 12
165862. Bacterial Capsules
165863. Paleoecology, Biostratigraphy, Paleoceanography and Taxonomy of Agglutinated Foraminifera
165864. The Plant Diversity of Malesia: Proceedings of the Flora Malesiana Symposium commemorating Professor Dr. C. G. G. J. van Steenis Leiden, August 1989
165865. Legumes and Oilseed Crops I
165866. Synthetic Pyrethroid Insecticides: Chemistry and Patents
165867. Kalahari Hyaenas: Comparative Behavioural Ecology of Two Species
165868. Plant Development: The Cellular Basis
165869. Medizinische Bakteriologie und Infektiologie: Basiswissen und Diagnostik
165870. Epithelia: Advances in Cell Physiology and Cell Culture
165871. Advances in Soil Science: Soil Degradation
165872. Monoklonale Antikorper: Herstellung und Charakterisierung
165873. Umweltokonomik: Eine theorieorientierte Einfuhrung
165874. Stress Proteins: Induction and Function
165875. Lebensgeschichte der Gold- und Silberdisteln Monographie der mediterran-mitteleuropäischen Compositen-Gattung Carlina: Band 1 Merkmalsspektren und Lebensräume der Gattung
165876. Symmetries in Science IV: Biological and Biophysical Systems
165877. Urban Water Infrastructure
165878. Diagnostic Pathology of the Intestinal Mucosa: An Atlas and Review of Biopsy Interpretation
165879. Bird Migration: Physiology and Ecophysiology
165880. Environmental Hygiene II
165881. Reviews of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology: Continuation of Residue Reviews
165882. Intrazooplankton Predation
165883. Energy Transduction in Biological Membranes: A Textbook of Bioenergetics
165884. Drinking Water Microbiology: Progress and Recent Developments
165885. Arterial Chemoreception
165886. Ostracoda and Global Events
165887. Evolutionary Biogeography of the Marine Algae of the North Atlantic
165888. Trace Elements in Clinical Medicine: Proceedings of the Second Meeting of the International Society for Trace Element Research in Humans (ISTERH) August 28–September 1, 1989, Tokyo
165889. Acid Waters in Wales
165890. Post-Transcriptional Control of Gene Expression
165891. Subcellular Biochemistry: Intracellular Transfer of Lipid Molecules
165892. Advances in Soil Science
165893. Cell Culture Techniques in Heart and Vessel Research
165894. Molecular Basis of Specificity in Nucleic Acid-Drug Interactions: Proceedings of the Twenty-Third Jerusalem Symposium on Quantum Chemistry and Biochemistry Held in Jerusalem, Israel, May 14–17, 1990
165895. Serine Proteases and Their Serpin Inhibitors in the Nervous System: Regulation in Development and in Degenerative and Malignant Disease
165896. Insulin
165897. Acidic Precipitation: Soils, Aquatic Processes, and Lake Acidification
165898. Microbial Enzymes and Biotechnology
165899. Expected Effects of Climatic Change on Marine Coastal Ecosystems
165900. In Situ Evaluation of Biological Hazards of Environmental Pollutants
165901. Ecological and Evolutionary Genetics of Drosophila
165902. Advances in Assisted Reproductive Technologies
165903. Oxygen Transport to Tissue XII
165904. Lithium and Cell Physiology
165905. Antimutagenesis and Anticarcinogenesis Mechanisms II
165906. Searching Behaviour: The behavioural ecology of finding resources
165907. Klinische Chemie und Mikroskopie
165908. Tobacco Smoking and Atherosclerosis: Pathogenesis and Cellular Mechanisms
165909. CKW, FCKW und Lösungsmittel: Optimierter Einsatz und Ersatz in der betrieblichen Praxis
165910. Advances in Disease Vector Research
165911. Wetland Ecology and Management: Case Studies
165912. Einfuhrung in die Medizinische Molekularbiologie: Grundlagen Klinik Perspektiven
165913. Sociobiology and Conflict: Evolutionary perspectives on competition, cooperation, violence and warfare
165914. Ecological responses to environmental stresses
165915. Population Biology of Passerine Birds: An Integrated Approach
165916. Advances in Biomagnetism
165917. New Actions of Parathyroid Hormone
165918. Haploids in Crop Improvement I
165919. Mycoses in AIDS Patients
165920. Acidic Precipitation: International Overview and Assessment
165921. Intermedia Pollutant Transport: Modeling and Field Measurements
165922. Calcium Regulating Hormones, Vitamin D Metabolites, and Cyclic AMP Assays and Their Clinical Application
165923. Sieve Elements: Comparative Structure, Induction and Development
165924. Research Advances in the Compositae
165925. Dinosaur Tracks
165926. Cytochromes c: Evolutionary, Structural and Physicochemical Aspects
165927. Micropropagation: Technology and Application
165928. Photosynthesis
165929. Jenseits vom Milligramm: Die Biochemie auf den Spuren der Homöopathie
165930. Molecular Biology of Erythropoiesis
165931. Controlled Release, Biochemical Effects of Pesticides, Inhibition of Plant Pathogenic Fungi
165932. Morphology, Development, and Systematic Relevance of Pollen and Spores
165933. Progress in theoretical vegetation science
165934. Bruchids and Legumes: Economics, Ecology and Coevolution: Proceedings of the Second International Symposium on Bruchids and Legumes (ISBL-2) held at Okayama (Japan), September 6–9, 1989
165935. Agroecology: Researching the Ecological Basis for Sustainable Agriculture
165936. Biology of Cellular Transducing Signals
165937. Inorganic Nitrogen in Plants and Microorganisms: Uptake and Metabolism
165938. Antarctic Paleobiology: Its Role in the Reconstruction of Gondwana
165939. Reviews of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology: Continuation of Residue Reviews
165940. Forests: Elements of Silvology
165941. Perspectives in Photosynthesis: Proceedings of the Twenty-Second Jerusalem Symposium on Quantum Chemistry and Biochemistry Held in Jerusalem, Israel, May 15–18, 1989
165942. Animal Species for Developmental Studies: Volume 1 Invertebrates
165943. Ocean Resources: Volume I: Assessment and Utilisation
165944. Mechanisms of Forest Response to Acidic Deposition
165945. Sexuell ubertragbare Erkrankungen
165946. Bioorganic Chemistry Frontiers
165947. Dynamics and Biogenesis of Membranes
165948. Plant Aging: Basic and Applied Approaches
165949. Microbial and Enzymatic Degradation of Wood and Wood Components
165950. The Molecular Basis of Bacterial Metabolism
165951. Natur-, Ingenieur- und Wirtschaftswissenschaften: Vortrage · N 385
165952. Genetic Aspects of Plant Mineral Nutrition
165953. Science of Vision
165954. Evolutionary Instability: Logical and Material Aspects of a Unified Theory of Biosocial Evolution
165955. Cell Walls and Surfaces, Reproduction, Photosynthesis
165956. Biochemistry of Cell Walls and Membranes in Fungi
165957. Freunde in der Zeit des Aufbruchs der Chemie: Der Briefwechsel zwischen Theodor Curtius und Carl Duisberg
165958. Selective Activation of Drugs by Redox Processes
165959. Peptide Growth Factors and Their Receptors I
165960. Biology of Fresh Waters
165961. Copper Bioavailability and Metabolism
165962. North Sea—Estuaries Interactions: Proceedings of the 18th EBSA Symposium held in Newcastle upon Tyne, U.K., 29th August to 2nd September, 1988
165963. Separations for Biotechnology 2
165964. Phospholipase A2 : Role and Function in Inflammation
165965. Molecular and Cellular Biology of Insulin-like Growth Factors and Their Receptors
165966. Nuclear Analytical Methods in the Life Sciences
165967. Activation of Hormone and Growth Factor Receptors: Molecular Mechanisms and Consequences
165968. Aplastic Anemia and Other Bone Marrow Failure Syndromes
165969. Microbial Toxins in Foods and Feeds: Cellular and Molecular Modes of Action
165970. Reviews of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology: Continuation of Residue Reviews
165971. Biochemistry of the Mevalonic Acid Pathway to Terpenoids
165972. Fire in the Tropical Biota: Ecosystem Processes and Global Challenges
165973. Enzymatic and Model Carboxylation and Reduction Reactions for Carbon Dioxide Utilization
165974. Systems Approaches to Developmental Neurobiology
165975. Ocean Resources: Volume II Subsea Work Systems and Technologies Derived from papers presented at the First International Ocean Technology Congress on EEZ Resources: Technology Assessment held in Honolulu, Hawaii, 22–26 January 1989
165976. Population Biology: Ecological and Evolutionary Viewpoints
165977. Social Behaviour in Animals: With Special Reference to Vertebrates
165978. Reviews of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology
165979. Analytische Chemie: Chemie — Basiswissen III
165980. Biocatalysis
165981. Einmischungen/DDR: zu Fragen der Ökologie, Verhaltensbiologie, Psychologie, Pädagogik, Philosophie u. a.
165982. Emergency Management: Strategies for Maintaining Organizational Integrity
165983. Advances in Mutagenesis Research
165984. Stratification of tropical forests as seen in leaf structure: Part 2
165985. Hormonal Regulation of Fluid and Electrolytes: Environmental Effects
165986. Landscape Ecology: Theory and Application
165987. Immunobiology and Prophylaxis of Human Herpesvirus Infections
165988. Experimental Embryology in Aquatic Plants and Animals
165989. Calcium Transport and Intracellular Calcium Homeostasis
165990. Nucleic Acids and Molecular Biology 4
165991. Evolution, Time, Production and the Environment
165992. Plant Nutrition — Physiology and Applications: Proceedings of the Eleventh International Plant Nutrition Colloquium, 30 July–4 August 1989, Wageningen, The Netherlands
165993. Ecology and management of aquatic vegetation in the Indian subcontinent
165994. Recognition and Response in Plant-Virus Interactions
165995. Antioxidants in Therapy and Preventive Medicine
165996. Isozymes in Plant Biology
165997. Growth Factors, Differentiation Factors, and Cytokines
165998. Epstein-Barr Virus and Human Disease • 1988
165999. 13th Congress of the International Society for Forensic Haemogenetics (Internationale Gesellschaft fur forensische Hamogenetik e.V.) New Orleans, October 19–21, 1989
166000. Die Zelle: Biologie und Physiologie
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