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180001. Mammalian Amino Acid Transport: Mechanism and Control
180002. Signal Transduction in Photoreceptor Cells: Proceedings of an International Workshop Held at the Research Centre Jülich, Jülich, Fed. Rep. of Germany, 8–11 August 1990
180003. UV-VIS Spectroscopy and Its Applications
180004. Scientific Computing on Supercomputers III
180005. Quantum Chaos — Quantum Measurement
180006. Mechanik-Aufgaben: Kinematik und Kinetik
180007. Complexity, Chaos, and Biological Evolution
180008. Statistical Challenges in Modern Astronomy
180009. Exercises in Quantum Mechanics: A Collection of Illustrative Problems and Their Solutions
180010. Black Hole Physics
180011. A Course in Mathematical Physics 1 and 2: Classical Dynamical Systems and Classical Field Theory
180012. Formation and Differentiation of Early Embryonic Mesoderm
180013. Acoustics of Layered Media II: Point Sources and Bounded Beams
180014. Variational Methods in Mathematical Physics: A Unified Approach
180015. Physik im Lehrbuch 1700–1850: Zur Geschichte der Physik und ihrer Didaktik in Deutschland
180016. Clifford Algebra and Spinor-Valued Functions: A Function Theory for the Dirac Operator
180017. Exploring the Limits of Preclassical Mechanics: A Study of Conceptual Development in Early Modern Science: Free Fall and Compounded Motion in the Work of Descartes, Galileo and Beeckman
180018. QCD at 200 TeV
180019. Calcium in Muscle Contraction: Cellular and Molecular Physiology
180020. The Biokinetics of Flying and Swimming
180021. Muscle Contraction and Cell Motility: Molecular and Cellular Aspects
180022. Nuclear Physics at the Borderlines: Proceedings of the Fourth International Summer School, Sponsored by the Universidad Hispano-Americana, Santa María de la Rábida, La Rábida, Huelva, Spain, June 17–29, 1991
180023. Excitation-Contraction Coupling in Skeletal, Cardiac, and Smooth Muscle
180024. Classical and Quantum Dynamics: from Classical Paths to Path Integrals
180025. Mathematical Physics X: Proceedings of the Xth Congress on Mathematical Physics, Held at Leipzig, Germany, 30 July – 9 August, 1991
180026. Computational Techniques for Fluid Dynamics: A Solutions Manual
180027. Laser und Strahlenschutz
180028. Electrodermal Activity
180029. Galileo’s Logic of Discovery and Proof: The Background, Content, and Use of His Appropriated Treatises on Aristotle’s Posterior Analytics
180030. Status and Future Developments in the Study of Transport Properties
180031. Asymptotics beyond All Orders
180032. Physical and Chemical Mechanisms in Molecular Radiation Biology
180033. Gravitational Lenses
180034. Groups and Related Topics: Proceedings of the First Max Born Symposium
180035. Symmetries in Physics: Proceedings of the International Symposium Held in Honor of Professor Marcos Moshinsky at Cocoyoc, Morelos, México, June 3–7, 1991
180036. Introduction to Hamiltonian Dynamical Systems and the N-Body Problem
180037. Physikalische Biochemie: Grundlagen der physikalisch-chemischen Analyse biologischer Prozesse
180038. Data Analysis in Astronomy IV
180039. Nonlinear Nonequilibrium Thermodynamics I: Linear and Nonlinear Fluctuation-Dissipation Theorems
180040. Catastrophe Theory
180041. The Infrared and Submillimetre Sky after COBE
180042. Guided Wave Nonlinear Optics
180043. Kolmogorov Spectra of Turbulence I: Wave Turbulence
180044. Quantum Geometry: A Framework for Quantum General Relativity
180045. Entropy and Energy Dissipation in Water Resources
180046. Was ist Mathematik?
180047. The Non-Linear Field Theories of Mechanics
180048. Studies in Turbulence
180049. Technological Development and Science in the Industrial Age: New Perspectives on the Science-Technology Relationship
180050. Control of Breathing and Its Modeling Perspective
180051. Mechanics and Reliability of Flexible Magnetic Media
180052. Taurine: Nutritional Value and Mechanisms of Action
180053. The Future of Muon Physics: Proceedings of the International Symposium on The Future of Muon Physics, Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg, Heidelberg, Federal Republic of Germany, 7–9 May, 1991
180054. Phenomenological Aspects of Supersymmetry: Proceedings of a Series of Seminars Held at the Max-Planck-Institut für Physik Munich, FRG, May to November 1991
180055. Local Quantum Physics: Fields, Particles, Algebras
180056. Problems in Applied, Industrial and Engineering Mathematics
180057. Clifford Algebras and their Applications in Mathematical Physics: Proceedings of Second Workshop held at Montpellier, France, 1989
180058. Random Walks, Critical Phenomena, and Triviality in Quantum Field Theory
180059. Oxygen Transport to Tissue XIII
180060. Molekülphysik und Quantenchemie: Einführung in die experimentellen und theoretischen Grundlagen
180061. Natural Laminar Flow and Laminar Flow Control
180062. Few-Body Problems in Physics: Proceedings of the XIIIth European Conference on Few-Body Physics, Marciana Marina, Isola d’Elba, Italy, September 9–14, 1991
180063. Shape Optimization and Free Boundaries
180064. Oxygen Transport to Tissue XIV
180065. Fluid Mechanics of Mixing: Modelling, Operations and Experimental Techniques
180066. Nonlinearity with Disorder: Proceedings of the Tashkent Conference, Tashkent, Uzbekistan, October 1–7, 1990
180067. Mechanisms of Lymphocyte Activation and Immune Regulation IV: Cellular Communications
180068. Detektoren für Teilchenstrahlung
180069. Strahlen und Strahlenschutz: Vom verantwortungsbewußten Umgang mit dem Unsichtbaren
180070. On the Evolution of Phase Boundaries
180071. Gesammelte Werke Collected Works: Volume 1
180072. Nature, Cognition and System II: Current Systems-Scientific Research on Natural and Cognitive Systems Volume 2: On Complementarity and Beyond
180073. Boundary Behaviour of Conformal Maps
180074. Ordered and Turbulent Patterns in Taylor-Couette Flow
180075. The Physical Basis of The Direction of Time
180076. Photoacoustic and Photothermal Phenomena III: Proceedings of the 7th International Topical Meeting, Doorwerth, The Netherlands, August 26–30, 1991
180077. Wave-Particle Duality
180078. Interstitial Hyperthermia
180079. Boundary Element Methods in Heat Transfer
180080. Quantum Mechanics
180081. Proton Transfer in Hydrogen-Bonded Systems
180082. Aerothermodynamics in Combustors: IUTAM Symposium Taipei, Taiwan, 1991
180083. The Multi-Universe Cosmos: The First Complete Story of the Origin of the Universe
180084. Atomic Spectra and Radiative Transitions
180085. De Motu and the Analyst: A Modern Edition, with Introductions and Commentary
180086. Statistical Physics, Automata Networks and Dynamical Systems
180087. Mechanik: Von den Newtonschen Gesetzen zum deterministischen Chaos
180088. Bone Implant Grafting
180089. Ernst Mach — A Deeper Look: Documents and New Perspectives
180090. Statistical Physics I: Equilibrium Statistical Mechanics
180091. Nuclear Shapes and Nuclear Structure at Low Excitation Energies
180092. Probability, Statistical Optics, and Data Testing: A Problem Solving Approach
180093. Turbulent Shear Flows 7: Selected Papers from the Seventh International Symposium on Turbulent Shear Flows, Stanford University, USA, August 21–23, 1989
180094. Neuronal Cooperativity
180095. Niels Bohr: His Heritage and Legacy: An Anti-Realist View of Quantum Mechanics
180096. Nuclei in the Cosmos
180097. Ocean Variability & Acoustic Propagation
180098. Large-Scale Molecular Systems: Quantum and Stochastic Aspects—Beyond the Simple Molecular Picture
180099. Symmetrie und Symmetriebrechung in der Physik
180100. Challenges to American National Security in the 1990s
180101. What Makes Airplanes Fly?: History, Science, and Applications of Aerodynamics
180102. The Physical Universe: The Interface Between Cosmology, Astrophysics and Particle Physics: Proceedings of the XII Autumn School of Physics Held at Lisbon, Portugal, 1–5 October 1990
180103. Regulation of Smooth Muscle Contraction
180104. New Trends in Nonlinear Dynamics and Pattern-Forming Phenomena: The Geometry of Nonequilibrium
180105. Random Surfaces and Quantum Gravity
180106. Continuous Martingales and Brownian Motion
180107. Elements of Physics
180108. Gravitation and Modern Cosmology: The Cosmological Constant Problem
180109. Radiative Corrections: Results and Perspectives
180110. An Introduction to the History of Structural Mechanics: Part II: Vaulted Structures and Elastic Systems
180111. Plasmas at High Temperature and Density: Applications and Implications of Laser-Plasma Interaction
180112. Strong Limit Theorems in Noncommutative L2-Spaces
180113. Die Selbststrukturierung der Materie: Synergetik in der unbelebten Welt
180114. New Perspectives in Turbulence
180115. Differential Geometric Methods in Theoretical Physics: Proceedings of the 19th International Conference Held in Rapallo, Italy 19–24 June 1990
180116. Atomic Physics of Highly Charged Ions: Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference on the Physics of Highly Charged Ions Justus-Liebig-Universität Giessen Giessen, Federal Republic of Germany, 10–14 September 1990
180117. Biologically Inspired Physics
180118. Tensor Geometry: The Geometric Viewpoint and its Uses
180119. Mode Selective Chemistry: Proceedings of the Twenty-Fourth Jerusalem Symposium on Quantum Chemistry and Biochemistry Held in Jerusalem, Israel, May 20–23, 1991
180120. Guidelines for Mastering the Properties of Molecular Sieves: Relationship between the Physicochemical Properties of Zeolitic Systems and Their Low Dimensionality
180121. High Energy Spin Physics: Volume 2: Workshops
180122. From Pigments to Perception: Advances in Understanding Visual Processes
180123. Chernobyl: Insight from the Inside
180124. Fuel Homeostasis and the Nervous System
180125. Hypersonic Flows for Reentry Problems: Volume II: Test Cases — Experiments and Computations Proceedings of a Workshop Held in Antibes, France, 22–25 January 1990
180126. Inelastic Scattering: of X-Rays with Very High Energy Resolution
180127. Quantum Mechanics II
180128. The Basal Forebrain: Anatomy to Function
180129. Strings, Conformal Fields, and Topology: An Introduction
180130. Plasticity and Regeneration of the Nervous System
180131. Advances in Turbulence 3: Proceedings of the Third European Turbulence Conference Stockholm, July 3–6, 1990
180132. Third Reference Catalogue of Bright Galaxies: Volume II
180133. Lyapunov Exponents: Proceedings of a Conference held in Oberwolfach, May 28 – June 2, 1990
180134. Theoretical Atomic Physics
180135. Third Reference Catalogue of Bright Galaxies: Volume III
180136. The Schrödinger Equation
180137. Presbyopia Research: From Molecular Biology to Visual Adaptation
180138. Computational Fluid Dynamics for the Petrochemical Process Industry
180139. Magnetic Properties of Metals: d-Elements, Alloys and Compounds
180140. Laserspektroskopie: Grundlagen und Techniken
180141. African Mining ’91
180142. Chaos, Order, and Patterns
180143. Bifurcations in Flow Patterns: Some Applications of the Qualitative Theory of Differential Equations in Fluid Dynamics
180144. Rhythms in Physiological Systems: Proceedings of the International Symposium at Schloß Elmau, Bavaria, October 22–25, 1990
180145. Molecular Electronics: Materials and Methods
180146. Constructional Morphology and Evolution
180147. Solitons and Chaos
180148. Parallel Algorithms in Computational Science
180149. The Effects of Relativity in Atoms, Molecules, and the Solid State
180150. Advances in Nuclear Physics
180151. The Carbonic Anhydrases: Cellular Physiology and Molecular Genetics
180152. Recent Developments in Quantum Mechanics: Proceedings of the Brasov Conference, Poiana Brasov 1989, Romania
180153. Stochastic Processes on a Lattice and Gibbs Measures
180154. Organic Molecules for Nonlinear Optics and Photonics
180155. Medium-Energy Antiprotons and the Quark—Gluon Structure of Hadrons
180156. Turbulent Motion and the Structure of Chaos: A New Approach to the Statistical Theory of Open Systems
180157. Molecular Biology and Physiology of Insulin and Insulin-Like Growth Factors
180158. Rheological Modelling: Thermodynamical and Statistical Approaches: Proceedings of the Meeting Held at the Bellaterra School of Thermodynamics Autonomous University of Barcelona Sant Feliu de Guíxols, Catalonia, Spain 24–28 September 1990
180159. X-Ray Spectroscopy: An Introduction
180160. Bose Algebras: The Complex and Real Wave Representations
180161. The Global Geometry of Turbulence: Impact of Nonlinear Dynamics
180162. Vascular Endothelium: Physiological Basis of Clinical Problems
180163. Molecular and Laser Spectroscopy
180164. Vacuum Structure in Intense Fields
180165. Dynamik umweltrelevanter Systeme
180166. Photodisintegration of the Deuteron: A Review of Theory and Experiment
180167. Advances in Continuum Mechanics: 39 Papers from International Experts Dedicated to Horst Lippmann
180168. Hydrogen Bonding in Biological Structures
180169. Nonlinear Evolution Equations and Dynamical Systems: Needs ’90
180170. Quantum Noise
180171. Chirality: From Weak Bosons to the α-Helix
180172. Hadrons and Hadronic Matter
180173. Hypergeometric Functions and Their Applications
180174. Flux Coordinates and Magnetic Field Structure: A Guide to a Fundamental Tool of Plasma Theory
180175. Reciprocity, Spatial Mapping and Time Reversal in Electromagnetics
180176. Predictability, Stability, and Chaos in N-Body Dynamical Systems
180177. Symmetries in Science V: Algebraic Systems, Their Representations, Realizations, and Physical Applications
180178. An Introduction to the History of Structural Mechanics: Part I: Statics and Resistance of Solids
180179. The Geometry of Hamiltonian Systems: Proceedings of a Workshop Held June 5–16, 1989
180180. System-Theoretical Modelling in Surface Water Hydrology
180181. Trees: The Mechanical Design
180182. Composite Media and Homogenization Theory: An International Centre for Theoretical Physics Workshop Trieste, Italy, January 1990
180183. Primordial Nucleosynthesis and Evolution of Early Universe: Proceedings of the International Conference “Primordial Nucleosynthesis and Evolution of Early Universe” Held in Tokyo, Japan, September 4–8 1990
180184. Mechanisms and Phylogeny of Mineralization in Biological Systems: Biomineralization ′90
180185. Spectral Theory of Random Schrödinger Operators: A Genetic Introduction
180186. Density Functional Methods in Chemistry
180187. Convective Heat and Mass Transfer in Porous Media
180188. Geometry and Theoretical Physics
180189. Spontaneous Formation of Space-Time Structures and Criticality
180190. Precast Concrete Raft Units
180191. Control of Complex Systems: Methods and Technology
180192. Complete Atlas of Polarization Observables in Deuteron Photodisintegration Below Pion-Threshold
180193. Boundary Integral Methods: Theory and Applications Proceedings of the IABEM Symposium Rome, Italy, October 15–19, 1990
180194. Physik: Grundlagen, Versuche, Aufgaben, Lösungen mit 396 Bildern, 24 Tafeln, 340 Aufgaben und Lösungen sowie einer Formelsammlung
180195. Selected Papers
180196. Tröpfchenmodelle des Flüssig-Gas-Übergangs und ihre Computersimulation: 368. Sitzung am 4. Juli 1990 in Düsseldorf
180197. The Electron: New Theory and Experiment
180198. Statistical Physics II: Nonequilibrium Statistical Mechanics
180199. Advances in the Free-Lagrange Method Including Contributions on Adaptive Gridding and the Smooth Particle Hydrodynamics Method: Proceedings of the Next Free-Lagrange Conference Held at Jackson Lake Lodge, Moran, WY, USA 3–7 June 1990
180200. Phase Transitions in Surface Films 2
180201. Self-Organization, Emerging Properties, and Learning
180202. Atomic and Molecular Spectroscopy: Basic Aspects and Practical Applications
180203. Principles of Heat Transfer in Porous Media
180204. Kinetic Theory of Gases and Plasmas
180205. Nuclear Pion Photoproduction
180206. Adaptive Finite Element Solution Algorithm for the Euler Equations
180207. Dynamic Structure of Detonation in Gaseous and Dispersed Media
180208. Classical Orthogonal Polynomials of a Discrete Variable
180209. EJB Reviews 1990
180210. Algebraic Methods in Nonlinear Perturbation Theory
180211. Space Structures
180212. New Technologies for Supercolliders
180213. Relativistic Quantum Mechanics of Leptons and Fields
180214. Large Scale Dynamics of Interacting Particles
180215. The Origins of Statics: The Sources of Physical Theory
180216. Kindling 4
180217. The Early Effects of Radiation on DNA
180218. Understanding Luminescence Spectra and Efficiency Using W p and Related Functions
180219. Physikalische Aufgaben: 1188 Aufgaben mit Lösungen aus allen Gebieten der Physik
180220. Oscillations and Waves: in Strong Gravitational and Electromagnetic Fields
180221. Selected Popular Writings of E.U. Condon
180222. EMC ’91: Non-Ferrous Metallurgy—Present and Future
180223. NMR in Medicine and Biology: Structure Determination, Tomography, In Vivo Spectroscopy
180224. Conversations on the Dark Secrets of Physics
180225. Methods and Mechanisms for Producing Ions from Large Molecules
180226. Nonlinear Coherent Structures in Physics and Biology: Proceedings of the 7th Interdisciplinary Workshop Held at Dijon, France, 4–6 June 1991
180227. Structural Phase Transitions II
180228. Mechanisms of Lymphocyte Activation and Immune Regulation III: Developmental Biology of Lymphocytes
180229. Fundamental Aspects of Heterogeneous Catalysis Studied by Particle Beams
180230. Advanced Quantum Theory: and Its Applications Through Feynman Diagrams
180231. Nuclear and Particle Physics
180232. High Energy Spin Physics: Volume 1: Conference Report
180233. Modelling and Applications of Transport Phenomena in Porous Media
180234. Quantum Statistics of Linear and Nonlinear Optical Phenomena
180235. Physics, Cosmology and Astronomy, 1300–1700: Tension and Accommodation
180236. High-Resolution Methods in Underwater Acoustics
180237. Synergetic Economics: Time and Change in Nonlinear Economics
180238. Philosophy and the Origin and Evolution of the Universe
180239. Selected Scientific Papers of E.U. Condon
180240. Analytic Pseudo-Differential Operators and their Applications
180241. Iron Biominerals
180242. What Is Integrability?
180243. Observational Tests of Cosmological Inflation
180244. Synchrotron Radiation: Selected Experiments in Condensed Matter Physics
180245. Stochastic Processes and their Applications: Proceedings of the Symposium held in honour of Professor S.K. Srinivasan at the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, India, December 27–30, 1990
180246. Mathematical Modeling for Flow and Transport Through Porous Media
180247. Radiation Exposure and Occupational Risks
180248. Quark—Gluon Plasma: Invited Lectures of Winter School, Puri, Orissa, India, December 5–16, 1989
180249. Lasers in Chemistry
180250. Quantization of Fields with Constraints
180251. Analysis of Toeplitz Operators
180252. Elementary Particle Physics: Concepts and Phenomena
180253. Fields and Particles: Proceedings of the XXIX Int. Universitätswochen für Kernphysik, Schladming, Austria, March 1990
180254. Nature, Experiment, and the Sciences: Essays on Galileo and the History of Science in Honour of Stillman Drake
180255. Constructive Quantum Field Theory II
180256. Quantum Probability and Applications V: Proceedings of the Fourth Workshop, held in Heidelberg, FRG, Sept. 26–30, 1988
180257. Theoretical Physics on the Personal Computer
180258. Nuclear Matter and Heavy Ion Collisions: Proceedings of a NATO Advanced Research Workshop on Nuclear Matter and Heavy Ion Collisions, held February 7–16, 1989, in Les Houches, France
180259. Global Geometry and Mathematical Physics: Lectures given at the 2nd Session of the Centro Internazionale Matematico Estivo (C.I.M.E.) held at Montecatini Terme, Italy, July 4–12, 1988
180260. Sensory Transduction
180261. Nonlinear Optics and Optical Computing
180262. Movable Bed Physical Models
180263. Convexity Methods in Hamiltonian Mechanics
180264. Biomechanics of Active Movement and Deformation of Cells
180265. Electronics Packaging Forum: Volume Two
180266. Asymptotic Modeling of Atmospheric Flows
180267. Radioaktivität: Fakten, Ursachen, Wirkungen
180268. The New Aspects of Time: Its Continuity and Novelties
180269. Modeling and Parameter Estimation in Respiratory Control
180270. Albert Einsteins Relativitätstheorie: Die grundlegenden Arbeiten
180271. Analysis für Physiker und Ingenieure: Funktionentheorie, Differentialgleichungen, Spezielle Funktionen. Ein Lehrbuch für das zweite Studienjahr
180272. Physik · Zahl und Realität: Die begrifflichen und mathematischen Grundlagen einer universellen quantitativen Naturbeschreibung
180273. Quantum Paradoxes and Physical Reality
180274. Particle Physics: Cargèse 1989
180275. Fibrinogen, Thrombosis, Coagulation, and Fibrinolysis
180276. Micellar Solutions and Microemulsions: Structure, Dynamics, and Statistical Thermodynamics
180277. Sixty-Two Years of Uncertainty: Historical, Philosophical, and Physical Inquiries into the Foundations of Quantum Mechanics
180278. Vertebrate Gas Exchange: From Environment to Cell
180279. Microscopic Simulations of Complex Flows
180280. Wavelets: Time-Frequency Methods and Phase Space Proceedings of the International Conference, Marseille, France, December 14–18, 1987
180281. The Cosmic Microwave Background: 25 Years Later: Proceedings of a Meeting on ‘The Cosmic Microwave Background: 25 Years Later’, Held in L’Aquila, Italy, June 19–23, 1989
180282. Direct and Inverse Problems: Potentials in Quantum Scattering
180283. The Chemical Physics of Surfaces
180284. Chloride Channels and Carriers in Nerve, Muscle, and Glial Cells
180285. Transduction in Biological Systems
180286. Partially Intergrable Evolution Equations in Physics
180287. Micromechanics and Inhomogeneity: The Toshio Mura 65th Anniversary Volume
180288. Stochastic Processes and their Applications: in Mathematics and Physics
180289. Physics at KAON: Hadron Spectroscopy, Strangeness, Rare Decays Proceedings of the International Meeting, Bad Honnef, 7–9 June 1989
180290. Mechanics: From Newton’s Laws to Deterministic Chaos
180291. Trophoblast Invasion and Endometrial Receptivity: Novel Aspects of the Cell Biology of Embryo Implantation
180292. Nonlinear Evolution Equations That Change Type
180293. The Conscious Universe: Part and Whole in Modern Physical Theory
180294. Numerical Simulation of Oscillatory Convection on Low-Pr Fluids: A GAMM Workshop
180295. The Nuclear Shell Model
180296. Quantum Mechanics in Curved Space-Time
180297. Ion Channels: Volume 2
180298. Biological Magnetic Resonance
180299. Rechenmethoden der Quantentheorie: Elementare Quantenmechanik Dargestellt in Aufgaben und Lösungen
180300. Numerical and Physical Aspects of Aerodynamic Flows IV
180301. Phase Structure of Strongly Interacting Matter: Proceedings of a Summer School on Theoretical Physics, Held at the University of Cape Town, South Africa, January 8–19, 1990
180302. Computer Simulation Methods in Theoretical Physics
180303. Higgs Particle(s): Physics Issues and Experimental Searches in High-Energy Collisions
180304. Respiratory Control: A Modeling Perspective
180305. Correlations and Connectivity: Geometric Aspects of Physics, Chemistry and Biology
180306. Recent Advances in the Development and Germination of Seeds
180307. Magnetohydrodynamics
180308. Solitons in Physics, Mathematics, and Nonlinear Optics
180309. Probabilistic Methods in Quantum Field Theory and Quantum Gravity
180310. Atom- und Quantenphysik: Einführung in die experimentellen und theoretischen Grundlagen
180311. Quantum Mechanics I
180312. Through Measurement to Knowledge: The Selected Papers of Heike Kamerlingh Onnes 1853–1926
180313. Relativity, Supersymmetry, and Strings
180314. Variational Methods: Applications to Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations and Hamiltonian Systems
180315. A Development of the Equations of Electromagnetism in Material Continua
180316. Biophysical Chemistry: Molecules to Membranes
180317. Rheinisch-Westfälische Akademie der Wissenschaften: Natur-, Ingenieur- und Wirtschaftswissenschaften Vorträge · N 384
180318. Dissipative Structures in Transport Processes and Combustion: Interdisciplinary Seminar, Bielefeld, July 17–21, 1989
180319. Gewöhnliche Differential-gleichungen: Eine Einführung
180320. Sulphide deposits—their origin and processing
180321. Physical Processes in Hot Cosmic Plasmas
180322. Inverse Methods in Action: Proceedings of the Multicentennials Meeting on Inverse Problems, Montpellier, November 27th – December 1st, 1989
180323. Plasma Physics: Basic Theory with Fusion Applications
180324. Lehrbuch der Mathematischen Physik: Band 2: Klassische Feldtheorie
180325. Die allgemeinen Prinzipien der Wellenmechanik: Neu herausgegeben und mit historischen Anmerkungen versehen von Norbert Straumann
180326. Twelfth International Conference on Numerical Methods in Fluid Dynamics: Proceedings of the Conference Held at the University of Oxford, England on 9–13 July 1990
180327. Heisenberg’s Uncertainties and the Probabilistic Interpretation of Wave Mechanics: with Critical Notes of the Author
180328. Neutron Beam Design, Development, and Performance for Neutron Capture Therapy
180329. Mechanik: Von den Newtonschen Gesetzen zum deterministischen Chaos
180330. Theoretical Geophysical Fluid Dynamics
180331. Tribology and Mechanics of Magnetic Storage Devices
180332. Einführung in die Physik der Molekeln
180333. Plasticity and failure behavior of solids: Memorial volume dedicated to the late Professor Yuriy Nickolaevich Rabotnov
180334. Techniques and Concepts of High-Energy Physics V
180335. Orthogonal and Symplectic Clifford Algebras: Spinor Structures
180336. Instability and Transition: Materials of the workshop held May 15-June 9, 1989 in Hampton, Virgina
180337. Biophysics of the Cell Surface
180338. Squid as Experimental Animals
180339. Clinical Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy
180340. Differential Geometric Methods in Theoretical Physics: Physics and Geometry
180341. Theoretische Atomphysik
180342. Theory of Random Determinants
180343. Signal Perception and Transduction in Higher Plants
180344. Scientific Computing on Supercomputers II
180345. Ciliary and Flagellar Membranes
180346. Molecular Basis and Thermodynamics of Bioelectrogenesis
180347. Einführung in die Struktur- und Darstellungstheorie der klassischen Gruppen
180348. Physics, Geometry and Topology
180349. Mechanik — Aufgaben: Elastizitäts- und Festigkeitslehre
180350. Chemosensory Information Processing
180351. Two Phase Flows and Waves
180352. Rigorous Methods in Particle Physics
180353. Dynamical Systems IV: Symplectic Geometry and its Applications
180354. Instability and Transition: Materials of the workshop held May 15–June 9, 1989 in Hampton, Virginia
180355. Quantenmechanik
180356. Activation and Desensitization of Transducing Pathways
180357. Symmetries of Partial Differential Equations: Conservation Laws — Applications — Algorithms
180358. Stochastics, Algebra and Analysis in Classical and Quantum Dynamics: Proceedings of the IVth French-German Encounter on Mathematics and Physics, CIRM, Marseille, France, February/March 1988
180359. Classical Dynamics and Its Quantum Analogues
180360. Natur-und Geisteswissenschaften: Perspektiven und Erfahrungen mit fachübergreifenden Ausbildungsinhalten
180361. Stochastic Equations and Differential Geometry
180362. Vertebrate Red Blood Cells: Adaptations of Function to Respiratory Requirements
180363. Nonlinear Evolution Equations and Dynamical Systems
180364. Reaction Centers of Photosynthetic Bacteria: Feldafing-II-Meeting
180365. Averroes’ Questions in Physics
180366. Science and Technology of Fast Ion Conductors
180367. Die Grundstrukturen einer physikalischen Theorie
180368. Nonlinear Waves 3: Physics and Astrophysics Proceedings of the Gorky School 1989
180369. Limit Theorems on Large Deviations for Markov Stochastic Processes
180370. Lie Groups and Algebraic Groups
180371. General Principles of Quantum Field Theory
180372. Molecular and Biological Physics of Living Systems
180373. Consensus on Hyperthermia for the 1990s: Clinical Practice in Cancer Treatment
180374. Baryonic Dark Matter
180375. Biomechanics: Motion, Flow, Stress, and Growth
180376. Nonlinear Structures in Physical Systems: Pattern Formation, Chaos, and Waves Proceedings of the Second Woodward Conference San Jose State University November 17–18, 1989
180377. Advances in X-Ray Analysis: Volume 33
180378. Soliton Phenomenology
180379. Physics for a New Generation: Prospects for High-Energy Physics at New Accelerators Proceedings of the XXVIII Int. Universitätswochen für Kernphysik, Schladming, Austria, March 1989
180380. Current Ornithology
180381. Direct Methods in the Calculus of Variations
180382. Algebras of Pseudodifferential Operators
180383. Wood Variation: Its Causes and Control
180384. Proceedings of the First Donegani Scientific Workshop on Strategies for Computer Chemistry : October 12–13, 1987
180385. Inverse Schrödinger Scattering in Three Dimensions
180386. Laser
180387. Acoustical Imaging: Proceedings of the Sixteenth International Symposium, June 10–12, 1987
180388. Wave Phenomena: Theoretical, Computational, and Practical Aspects
180389. Current Algebras and Groups
180390. Molecular Electronics: Biosensors and Biocomputers
180391. Percolation
180392. Spectroscopy of Light and Heavy Quarks
180393. Neurobiology of the Inner Retina
180394. Systems with Hysteresis
180395. Physics of Black Holes
180396. Practical Raman Spectroscopy
180397. X-Ray Spectroscopy in Atomic and Solid State Physics
180398. Nonlinear Semigroups, Partial Differential Equations and Attractors: Proceedings of a Symposium held in Washington, D.C., August 3–7, 1987
180399. Gravitation, Gauge Theories and the Early Universe
180400. Informatik im Umweltschutz: 4. Symposium Karlsruhe, 6.–8. November 1989 Proceedings
180401. Perspectives in Quantum Chemistry: Plenary Lectures Presented at the Sixth International Congress on Quantum Chemistry Held in Jerusalem, Israel, August 22–25 1988
180402. The Science of Photobiology
180403. Historische Versuche der Physik: Funktionsfähig nachgebaut
180404. Quantum Mechanics of Fundamental Systems 2
180405. Advances in Comparative and Environmental Physiology
180406. Analysis and Continuum Mechanics: A Collection of Papers Dedicated to J. Serrin on His Sixtieth Birthday
180407. Computer Simulation and Computer Algebra: Lectures for Beginners
180408. Fundamentals of Laser Interactions II: Proceedings of the Fourth Meeting on Laser Phenomena Held at the Bundessportheim in Obergurgl, Austria 26 February – 4 March 1989
180409. Theory of Nonlinear Lattices
180410. Theory of Resonances: Principles and Applications
180411. Computer Modelling of Fluids Polymers and Solids
180412. Operational Research and the Social Sciences
180413. New Aspects of High-Energy Proton-Proton Collisions
180414. Second Quantized Approach to Quantum Chemistry: An Elementary Introduction
180415. The Liquid State and Its Electrical Properties
180416. Astronomy, Cosmology and Fundamental Physics: Proceedings of the Third ESO-CERN Symposium, Held in Bologna, Palazzo Re Enzo, May 16–20, 1988
180417. Quantum Theory and Pictures of Reality: Foundations, Interpretations, and New Aspects
180418. Cytoskeletal and Extracellular Proteins: Structure, Interactions and Assembly The 2nd International EBSA Symposium
180419. Magnetohydrodynamics and Spectral Theory
180420. Theories of Immune Networks
180421. Technische Mechanik: Band 2: Elastostatik
180422. Numerical Simulation of Compressible Euler Flows: A GAMM Workshop
180423. Schrödinger Operators: Proceedings of the Nordic Summer School in Mathematics Held at Sandbjerg Slot, Sønderborg, Denmark, August 1–12, 1988
180424. Reference Frames: In Astronomy and Geophysics
180425. The Epoch of Galaxy Formation
180426. Renormalized Quantum Field Theory
180427. Videofluoroscopic Studies of Speech in Patients with Cleft Palate
180428. Handbuch Laser-Strahlenschutz: Grundlagen, Vorschriften, Schutzmaßnahmen
180429. MRI Physics for Physicians
180430. The Concept of Probability: Proceedings of the Delphi Conference, October 1987, Delphi, Greece
180431. Advances in Nuclear Physics
180432. The Physical Basis of the Direction of Time
180433. Noise and Nonlinear Phenomena in Nuclear Systems
180434. Facets of Vision
180435. Resonant Nonlinear Interactions of Light with Matter
180436. ...und Einstein hatte doch recht
180437. Fluidmechanik: Band 1: Grundlagen und elementare Strömungsvorgänge dichtebeständiger Fluide
180438. Prediction of Protein Structure and the Principles of Protein Conformation
180439. Linear Systems and Optimal Control
180440. The Nuclear Equation of State: Part A: Discovery of Nuclear Shock Waves and the EOS
180441. Molecular Biology of Chromosome Function
180442. Mathematical Biology
180443. Growth and Optical Properties of Wide-Gap II–VI Low-Dimensional Semiconductors
180444. Optical Switching in Low-Dimensional Systems
180445. Large Scale Structure and Motions in the Universe: Proceeding of an International Meeting Held in Trieste, Italy, April 6–9, 1988
180446. Hyperspherical Harmonics: Applications in Quantum Theory
180447. Mathematik der Selbstorganisation: Qualitative Theorie nichtlinearer dynamischer Systeme und gleichgewichtsferner Strukturen in Physik, Chemie und Biologie
180448. Relativity in Astrometry, Celestial Mechanics and Geodesy
180449. Uniqueness of the Injective III1 Factor
180450. Structural Integrity: Theory and Experiment
180451. New Techniques for Future Accelerators II: RF and Microwave Systems
180452. Hypermobility of Joints
180453. Statistical Theory of Heat: Nonequilibrium Phenomena
180454. Lectures on String Theory
180455. Methods in Protein Sequence Analysis: Proceedings of the 7th International Conference, Berlin, July 3–8, 1988
180456. Basic Principles and Techniques of Molecular Quantum Mechanics
180457. Laser Spectroscopy of Solids II
180458. Mechanik Manual: Aufgaben mit Lösungen
180459. Physikalische Aufgaben
180460. Inverse Problems in Quantum Scattering Theory
180461. Statistical Analysis of Random Fields
180462. Approximation Theory in the Central Limit Theorem: Exact Results in Banach Spaces
180463. Theoretische Physik: Ein Kurzlehrbuch und Repetitorium
180464. Spin Labeling: Theory and Applications
180465. Nonperturbative Quantum Field Theory
180466. Computability in Analysis and Physics
180467. The Hydrogen Atom: Proceedings of the Symposium, Held in Pisa, Italy, June 30–July 2, 1988
180468. Nonlinear Waves in Active Media
180469. Life of a Scientist: An Autobiographical Account of the Development of Molecular Orbital Theory
180470. Photoacoustic, Photothermal and Photochemical Processes at Surfaces and in Thin Films
180471. Free Energy Transduction and Biochemical Cycle Kinetics
180472. Optimal Structures in Heterogeneous Reaction Systems
180473. Advances in Turbulence 2: Proceedings of the Second European Turbulence Conference, Berlin, August 30 – September 2, 1988
180474. Engineering Thermodynamics: SI Edition
180475. Solution of Initial Value Problems in Classes of Generalized Analytic Functions
180476. Acoustical Imaging
180477. Collision Theory for Atoms and Molecules
180478. The Fokker-Planck Equation: Methods of Solution and Applications
180479. Solar and Stellar Granulation
180480. Turbulent Shear Flows 6: Selected Papers from the Sixth International Symposium on Turbulent Shear Flows, Université Paul Sabatier, Toulouse, France, September 7–9, 1987
180481. Mechanics, Boundary Layers and Function Spaces
180482. Physical Principles of Sedimentology: A Readable Textbook for Beginners and Experts
180483. Gravitational Wave Data Analysis
180484. Walther Gerlach (1889–1979): Eine Auswahl aus seinen Schriften und Briefen
180485. Nonlinear Waves 1: Dynamics and Evolution
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180487. Quantum Mechanics: An Introduction
180488. Radiative Corrections for e+e- Collisions: Proceedings of the International Workshop Held at Schloß Ringberg Tegernsee, FRG, April 3–7, 1989
180489. Electromagnetic Interaction with Biological Systems
180490. 11th International Conference on Numerical Methods in Fluid Dynamics
180491. Treatise on Heavy Ion Science: Volume 8: Nuclei Far From Stability
180492. Biophysics: An Introduction
180493. Supercomputer Algorithms for Reactivity, Dynamics and Kinetics of Small Molecules
180494. Oscillations and Waves: in Linear and Nonlinear Systems
180495. Robust Multi-Grid Methods: Proceedings of the Fourth GAMM-Seminar, Kiel, January 22 to 24,1988
180496. Lie Methods in Optics II: Proceedings of the Second Workshop Held at Cocoyoc, Mexico July 19–22, 1988
180497. QCD Hard Hadronic Processes
180498. Finite Quantum Electrodynamics
180499. Advances in X-Ray Analysis: Volume 32
180500. Photoacoustic, Photothermal and Photochemical Processes in Gases
180501. Quantum Mechanics: Symmetries
180502. Physik für Ingenieure
180503. Introduction to Algebraic Quantum Field Theory
180504. Symmetrie, Gruppe, Dualität: Zur Beziehung zwischen theoretischer Mathematik und Anwendungen in Kristallographie und Baustatik des 19. Jahrhunderts
180505. Aspects of Many-Body Effects in Molecules and Extended Systems: Proceedings of the Workshop-Cum-Symposium Held in Calcutta, February 1–10, 1988
180506. Physicochemical Hydrodynamics: Interfacial Phenomena
180507. Mathematical Methods of Classical Mechanics
180508. Harmony: A Psychoacoustical Approach
180509. Properties of Impurity States in Superlattice Semiconductors
180510. Physics of Highly-Ionized Atoms
180511. Scientific Computing on Supercomputers
180512. Astronomie mit dem Personal Computer
180513. Symmetries in Science III
180514. Elementary Particles: Mathematics, Physics and Philosophy
180515. Nonlinear Waves: Dynamics and Evolution
180516. Cell Dynamics: Cytoplasmic Streaming Cell Movement—Contraction and Migration Cell and Organelle Division Phototaxis of Cell and Cell Organelle
180517. Disordered Solids: Structures and Processes
180518. Nonlinear Optical Effects in Organic Polymers
180519. Molecular Biology of Neuroreceptors and Ion Channels
180520. Laser Science and Technology
180521. Recent Trends in Regeneration Research
180522. Airway Smooth Muscle in Health and Disease
180523. Electrically Induced Vortical Flows
180524. Resonances The Unifying Route Towards the Formulation of Dynamical Processes Foundations and Applications in Nuclear, Atomic and Molecular Physics: Proceedings of a Symposium Held at Lertorpet, Värmland, Sweden, August 19–26, 1987
180525. Protein Structure and Engineering
180526. Cell Dynamics: Molecular Aspects of Cell Motility Cytoskeleton in Cellular Structure and Activity
180527. Continua with Microstructure
180528. Hazards, Decontamination, and Replacement of PCB: A Comprehensive Guide
180529. Photon Migration in Tissues
180530. Plant Nitrogen Metabolism
180531. Wavelets: Time-Frequency Methods and Phase Space
180532. Data Analysis in Astronomy III
180533. Instabilities and Nonequilibrium Structures II: Dynamical Systems and Instabilities
180534. The Photosynthetic Bacterial Reaction Center: Structure and Dynamics
180535. Spectral Methods in Fluid Dynamics
180536. Bioeffect: Literature Reviews 1980–1987
180537. Angular Momentum Theory Applied to Interactions in Solids
180538. Optimal Structural Design under Stability Constraints
180539. Quark Matter: Proceedings of the Sixth International Conference on Ultra-Relativistic Nucleus-Nucleus Collisions — Quark Matter 1987 Nordkirchen, FRG, 24–28 August 1987
180540. The Mathematical Theory of Turbulence
180541. Differential Geometrical Methods in Theoretical Physics
180542. Betrachtungen über die bewegende Kraft des Feuers: und die zur Entwickelung dieser Kraft geeigneten Maschinen
180543. Quantum Mechanics Versus Local Realism: The Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen Paradox
180544. Towards Understanding Galaxies at Large Redshift: Proceedings of the Fifth Workshop of the Advanced School of Astronomy of the Ettore Majorana Centre for Scientific Culture, Erice, Italy, Juni 1–10, 1987
180545. Interfaces, Quantum Wells, and Superlattices
180546. Interregional Migration: Dynamic Theory and Comparative Analysis
180547. Photosensitisation: Molecular, Cellular and Medical Aspects
180548. Raum · Zeit · Materie: Vorlesungen über allgemeine Relativitätstheorie
180549. Semiclassical Theory of Atoms
180550. Stochastic Analysis: Proceedings of the Japanese-French Seminar held in Paris, France, June 16–19, 1987
180551. Energy in Physics, War and Peace: A Festschrift Celebrating Edward Teller’s 80th Birthday
180552. Atomic Physics with Positrons
180553. Random Perturbations of Dynamical Systems
180554. Stochastic Analysis and Related Topics: Proceedings of a Workshop held in Silivri, Turkey, July 7–9, 1986
180555. Quantum Theories and Geometry
180556. Tests of the Standard Theory of Electroweak Interactions
180557. Toward a Theory on Biological-Physical Interactions in the World Ocean
180558. Atomic Spectra and Collisions in External Fields
180559. Astronomische Probleme und ihre physikalischen Grundlagen: Eine Auswahl für Unterricht und Selbststudium
180560. Photonic Switching: Proceedings of the First Topical Meeting, Incline Village, Nevada, March 18–20, 1987
180561. Quantum Uncertainties: Recent and Future Experiments and Interpretations
180562. Electro-enzymology Coenzyme Regeneration
180563. Fundamental Processes of Atomic Dynamics
180564. Collective Effects in Quantum Statistics of Radiation and Matter
180565. Neural and Synergetic Computers: Proceedings of the International Symposium at Schloß Elmau, Bavaria, June 13–17, 1988
180566. Global Analysis on Foliated Spaces
180567. Neutrino Physics: Proceedings of an International Workshop Held in Heidelberg, October 20–22,1987
180568. Deformation Theory of Algebras and Structures and Applications
180569. Gasdynamik
180570. Introduction to Nonlinear Fluid-Plasma Waves
180571. A Commentary on Thermodynamics
180572. Computational Fluid Dynamics and Reacting Gas Flows
180573. Computational Techniques for Fluid Dynamics 1: Fundamental and General Techniques
180574. Electromagnetic Fields and Biomembranes
180575. Kosmische Überschallstrahlen. Das Kühler-Synchrotron COSY und seine physikalischen Perspektiven: 342. Sitzung am 1. Juli 1987 in Düsseldorf
180576. Gauge Theory and the Early Universe
180577. Harmonic Analysis of Spherical Functions on Real Reductive Groups
180578. Single-Mode Fibers: Fundamentals
180579. An Introduction to Boundary Layer Meteorology
180580. Ion Channels: Volume 1
180581. Biomembranen: Physikalische Prinzipien der Selbstorganisation und Funktion als integrierte Systeme zur Signalerkennung, -verstärkung und -übertragung auf molekularer Ebene. Zur Photophysik und Photochemie von Phytochrom, einem photomorphogenetischen Regler in grünen Pflanzen
180582. Narrow-Band Phenomena—Influence of Electrons with Both Band and Localized Character
180583. Trends in Applications of Mathematics to Mechanics: Proceedings of the 7th Symposium, Held in Wassenaar, The Netherlands, December 7–11, 1987
180584. Global Analysis — Studies and Applications III
180585. Superstrings
180586. The Response of Nuclei under Extreme Conditions
180587. Kekulé Structures in Benzenoid Hydrocarbons
180588. Optik
180589. Models in Statistical Physics and Quantum Field Theory
180590. Feynman-Graphen und Eichtheorien für Experimentalphysiker
180591. Quantenmechanik
180592. Physikalische Chemie und Biophysik
180593. Advances in Biomedical Measurement
180594. Symmetries in Physics: Group Theory Applied to Physical Problems
180595. Lehrbuch der Mathematischen Physik: Band 1: Klassische Dynamische Systeme
180596. Electrophotography and Development Physics
180597. Electron-Molecule Scattering and Photoionization
180598. Introduction to Superstrings
180599. Nonlinear Evolution and Chaotic Phenomena
180600. High-Brightness Accelerators
180601. The Post-Recombination Universe
180602. Atomic and Molecular Processes with Short Intense Laser Pulses
180603. Recent Topics in Theoretical Physics: Proceedings of the First Nishinomiya-Yukawa Memorial Symposium, Nishinomiya, Japan, November 8–9, 1986
180604. The Behavior of Thin Walled Structures: Beams, Plates, and Shells
180605. Ultrashort Laser Pulses and Applications
180606. Perspectives in Fluid Mechanics: Proceedings of a Symposium Held on the Occasion of the 70th Birthday of Hans Wolfgang Liepmann Pasadena, California, 10–12 January, 1985
180607. Frontiers of Laser Spectroscopy of Gases
180608. Physical Properties of Biological Membranes and Their Functional Implications
180609. Categories, Bundles and Spacetime Topology
180610. Integrability and Nonintegrability in Geometry and Mechanics
180611. Post-Lesion Neural Plasticity
180612. Deformations of Mathematical Structures: Complex Analysis with Physical Applications
180613. Special Relativity and Quantum Theory: A Collection of Papers on the Poincaré Group
180614. Differential Geometry of Frame Bundles
180615. Mathematical Problems of Statistical Hydromechanics
180616. Physics and Applications of Quantum Wells and Superlattices
180617. Techniques and Concepts of High-Energy Physics IV
180618. Beyond the Atom: The Philosophical Thought of Wolfgang Pauli
180619. Dynamics of Membrane Proteins and Cellular Energetics
180620. The Adrenal Gland
180621. Incommensurate Crystals, Liquid Crystals, and Quasi-Crystals
180622. Fractals, Quasicrystals, Chaos, Knots and Algebraic Quantum Mechanics
180623. Physical and Computational Aspects of Convective Heat Transfer
180624. Gravitational Measurements, Fundamental Metrology and Constants
180625. Zeit im Wandel der Zeit
180626. Thermodynamik in der Mineralogie: Eine Einführung
180627. Vertex Detectors
180628. Infinite-Dimensional Dynamical Systems in Mechanics and Physics
180629. Ecodynamics: Contributions to Theoretical Ecology
180630. The Fundamental Interaction: Geometrical Trends
180631. Computational Techniques for Fluid Dynamics: Specific Techniques for Different Flow Categories
180632. Spectrophysics
180633. Advances in X-Ray Analysis: Volume 31
180634. Quantum Probability and Applications III: Proceedings of a Conference held in Oberwolfach, FRG, January 25–31, 1987
180635. The Nature of Quantum Paradoxes: Italian Studies in the Foundations and Philosophy of Modern Physics
180636. Nuclear Physics Applications on Materials Science
180637. Monte Carlo Transport of Electrons and Photons
180638. Radiobiology in Radiotherapy
180639. Biological Coherence and Response to External Stimuli
180640. Geometrical Relationships of Macroscopic Nuclear Physics
180641. The Spinorial Chessboard
180642. X-Ray Microscopy II: Proceedings of the International Symposium, Brookhaven, NY, August 31–September 4, 1987
180643. Particle Physics: Cargèse 1987
180644. From Chemical to Biological Organization
180645. Dynamical Systems III
180646. Boundary Element Analysis in Computational Fracture Mechanics
180647. Self-Organization and Associative Memory
180648. Nuclear Structure of the Zirconium Region: Proceedings of the International Workshop, Bad Honnef, Fed. Rep. of Germany, April 24–28, 1988
180649. Spectroscopy of Solid-State Laser-Type Materials
180650. Physikalische Chemie: Grundlagen für Biowissenschaftler
180651. Recent Developments in Surface Acoustic Waves: Proceedings of European Mechanics Colloquium 226, University of Nottingham, U. K., September 2–5, 1987
180652. Super Field Theories
180653. Riemanns geometrische Ideen, ihre Auswirkung und ihre Verknüpfung mit der Gruppentheorie
180654. Neutrinos
180655. Solvable Models in Quantum Mechanics
180656. Galactic and Extragalactic Radio Astronomy
180657. General Index / Generalregister
180658. Skriptum Atomphysik: Eine Einführung in Grundlagen und Anwendungen
180659. Calcium in Drug Actions
180660. High Energy Astrophysics: Supernovae, Remnants, Active Galaxies, Cosmology
180661. Physics of Strong Fields
180662. Fundamental Symmetries
180663. Progress in Underwater Acoustics
180664. Progress in Atomic Spectroscopy: Part D
180665. Atom- und Quantenphysik: Eine Einführung in die experimentellen und theoretischen Grundlagen
180666. Differential Geometric Methods in Mathematical Physics: Proceedings of the 14th International Conference held in Salamanca, Spain, June 24–29, 1985
180667. Swarm Studies and Inelastic Electron-Molecule Collisions: Proceedings of the Meeting of the Fourth International Swarm Seminar and the Inelastic Electron-Molecule Collisions Symposium, July 19–23, 1985, Tahoe City, California, USA
180668. Turbulent Shear Flows 5: Selected Papers from the Fifth International Symposium on Turbulent Shear Flows, Cornell University, Ithaca, New York, USA, August 7–9, 1985
180669. Atomic and Quantum Physics: An Introduction to the Fundamentals of Experiment and Theory
180670. The Pituitary Gland
180671. Foundations of Statistical Mechanics: Equilibrium Theory
180672. Ventricular/Vascular Coupling: Clinical, Physiological, and Engineering Aspects
180673. Field Theory, Quantum Gravity and Strings II: Proceedings of a Seminar Series Held at DAPHE, Observatoire de Meudon, and LPTHE, Université Pierre et Maire Curie, Paris, Between October 1985 and October 1986
180674. An Architectonic for Science: The Structuralist Program
180675. Hydrodynamic Behavior and Interacting Particle Systems
180676. Elektroakustik
180677. Numerical Simulation of Compressible Navier-Stokes Flows: A GAMM-Workshop
180678. H.A. Kramers Between Tradition and Revolution
180679. Gas Flow and Chemical Lasers: Proceedings of the 6th International Symposium, Jerusalem, September 8–12, 1986
180680. Gravitation in Astrophysics: Cargèse 1986
180681. Cryotechniques in Biological Electron Microscopy
180682. Computational Systems — Natural and Artificial: Proceedings of the International Symposium on Synergetics at Schloß Elmau, Bavaria, May 4–9, 1987
180683. Physics in Living Matter: Proceedings, Gwatt, Switzerland 1986
180684. Color Theory and Its Application in Art and Design
180685. Tunable Lasers
180686. Analysis and Thermomechanics: A Collection of Papers Dedicated to W. Noll on His Sixtieth Birthday
180687. Microclusters: Proceedings of the First NEC Symposium, Hakone and Kawasaki, Japan, October 20–23, 1986
180688. Einstein Manifolds
180689. The Physics of the Two-Dimensional Electron Gas
180690. Stochasticity and Intramolecular Redistribution of Energy
180691. Cytomechanics: The Mechanical Basis of Cell Form and Structure
180692. The Galaxy
180693. The Atom-Atom Potential Method: Applications to Organic Molecular Solids
180694. The Meaning of Quantum Gravity
180695. Quarks — der Stoff, aus dem Atomkerne aufgebaut sind?. Dynamische Vorgänge in Proteinen: 318. Sitzung am 7. November 1984 in Düsseldorf
180696. Clinical Disorders of Membrane Transport Processes
180697. Buckling and Post-Buckling: Four Lectures in Experimental, Numerical and Theoretical Solid Mechanics Based on Talks Given at the CISM-Meeting Held in Udine, Italy, September 29–October 3, 1985
180698. Collisions of Electrons with Atoms and Molecules
180699. Applications of the Monte Carlo Method in Statistical Physics
180700. Relativistic Channeling
180701. Advances in Turbulence: Proceedings of the First European Turbulence Conference Lyon, France, 1–4 July 1986
180702. Laser Processing of Thin Films and Microstructures: Oxidation, Deposition and Etching of Insulators
180703. Theory and Applications of Liquid Crystals
180704. Observational Cosmology: Proceedings of the 124th Symposium of the International Astronomical Union, Held in Beijing, China, August 25–30, 1986
180705. The CO2 Laser
180706. Progress in Applied Mechanics: The Chien Wei-zang Anniversary Volume
180707. The Early Universe
180708. Arctic and Alpine Mycology II
180709. Cell Membranes: Methods and Reviews Volume 3
180710. Photons and Continuum States of Atoms and Molecules: Proceedings of a Workshop Cortona, Italy, June 16–20, 1986
180711. Elements of Superintegrable Systems: Basic Techniques and Results
180712. Research in Numerical Fluid mechanics: Proceedings of the 25th Meeting of the Dutch Association for Numerical Fluid Mechanics
180713. Operator Algebras and Quantum Statistical Mechanics 1: C*- and W*-Algebras Symmetry Groups Decomposition of States
180714. Concepts and Trends in Particle Physics: Proceedings of the XXV Int. Universitätswochen für Kernphysik, Schladming, Austria, February 19–27, 1986
180715. Electrets
180716. Klassische Mechanik: Grundkurs über Systeme endlich vieler Freiheitsgrade
180717. Simulation of Large State Variations in Steam Power Plants: Dynamics of Large Scale Systems
180718. Lasers and Synergetics: A Colloquium on Coherence and Self-organization in Nature
180719. Membrane Transport Processes in Organized Systems
180720. Exercises in Quantum Mechanics: A Collection of Illustrative Problems and Their Solutions
180721. X-ray Microscopy: Instrumentation and Biological Applications
180722. Riemannian Geometry
180723. Optical Metrology: Coherent and Incoherent Optics for Metrology, Sensing and Control in Science, Industry and Biomedicine
180724. Selected Scientific Papers of Alfred Landé
180725. Primary Processes in Photobiology: Proceedings of the 12th Taniguchi Symposium, Fujiyoshida, Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan, December 7–12, 1986
180726. Phytochemical Effects of Environmental Compounds
180727. Automotive Engine Alternatives
180728. Cell-to-Cell Communication
180729. Vasopressin: Principles and Properties
180730. Die Temperatur der Geschichte: Wissenschaftliche und kulturelle Phasen im 19. Jahrhundert
180731. Probabilistic fracture mechanics and reliability
180732. Few-Body Problems in Particle, Nuclear, Atomic, and Molecular Physics: Proceedings of the XIth European Conference on Few-Body Physics, Fontevraud, August 31–September 5, 1987
180733. Quantum Monte Carlo Methods in Equilibrium and Nonequilibrium Systems: Proceedings of the Ninth Taniguchi International Symposium, Susono, Japan, November 14–18, 1986
180734. Instabilities and Nonequilibrium Structures
180735. Lattice Gauge Theory ’86
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180853. Optical Systems for Soft X Rays
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180949. Drugs and the Lung
180950. Smoking and the Lung
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180978. Theory of Jets in Electron-Positron Annihilation
180979. Excimer Lasers
180980. Time: Its Structure and Role in Physical Theories
180981. Aging and Drug Therapy
180982. Condensed Matter Research Using Neutrons: Today and Tomorrow
180983. Theory of Crystal Space Groups and Lattice Dynamics: Infra-Red and Raman Optical Processes of Insulating Crystals
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180996. Optimal Shape Design for Elliptic Systems
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180998. Multiple Sclerosis: Present and Future
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181001. Computerprogramme zur Biosignalanalyse
181002. Two-Photon Physics at e+e− Storage Rings
181003. New Monomers and Polymers
181004. Computational Galerkin Methods
181005. Heterotrophic Activity in the Sea
181006. Laser Applications in Chemistry
181007. Language Awareness and Learning to Read
181008. Elektroakustik
181009. Elements of hydrodynamic propulsion
181010. CO2 Laser Surgery
181011. Stochastic Methods and Computer Techniques in Quantum Dynamics
181012. Introduction to Polymer Spectroscopy
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181015. Recent Advances in Medical Thermology
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181027. Fracture Mechanics Methodology: Evaluation of Structural Components Integrity
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181032. Air Pollution Modeling and Its Application III
181033. Nonlinear Electrodynamics in Biological Systems
181034. Themata zur Ideengeschichte der Physik
181035. Stress and Tension Control 2
181036. The Elements of Continuum Mechanics
181037. The Enigma of Probability and Physics
181038. The Fokker-Planck Equation: Methods of Solution and Applications
181039. Quantum Statistics of Linear and Nonlinear Optical Phenomena
181040. Blue Light Effects in Biological Systems
181041. Physics of Gravitating Systems II: Nonlinear Collective Processes: Nonlinear Waves, Solitons, Collisionless Shocks, Turbulence. Astrophysical Applications
181042. Problems and Methods for Lithospheric Exploration
181043. Technical Advances in Biomedical Physics
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181047. Metalinguistic Awareness in Children: Theory, Research, and Implications
181048. Cognition, Metacognition, and Reading
181049. Progress in Gauge Field Theory
181050. Reorienting Health Services: Application of a Systems Approach
181051. Monte Carlo Methods in Quantum Problems
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181053. Polymer Additives
181054. Self-Organization and Management of Social Systems: Insights, Promises, Doubts, and Questions
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181058. Theory of Slow Atomic Collisions
181059. Individual Susceptibility to Genotoxic Agents in the Human Population
181060. Measurement of Ion Transport and Metabolic Rate in Insects
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181062. Membrane Processes: Molecular Biology and Medical Applications
181063. Physik: Grundlagen · Versuche · Aufgaben · Lösungen
181064. Many-Body Theory of Solids: An Introduction
181065. Problems of mixed mode crack propagation
181066. Urknall und Evolution des Kosmos — Fortschritte in der Kosmologie: Gemeinsame Sitzung der Klasse für Geisteswissenschaften und der Klasse für Natur-, Ingenieur- und Wirtschaftswissenschaften am 2. November 1983 in Düsseldorf
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181068. Material Behavior Under High Stress and Ultrahigh Loading Rates
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181070. Magnetic Monopoles
181071. In Search of Reality
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181074. Molecular Ions: Geometric and Electronic Structures
181075. Application of Biological Markers to Carcinogen Testing
181076. Structural Elements in Particle Physics and Statistical Mechanics
181077. Short-Term Bioassays in the Analysis of Complex Environmental Mixtures III
181078. Laser Theory
181079. Variational Methods in Theoretical Mechanics
181080. Probability, Statistical Optics, and Data Testing: A Problem Solving Approach
181081. Concepts and Models of a Quantitative Sociology: The Dynamics of Interacting Populations
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181084. Quantum Optics, Experimental Gravity, and Measurement Theory
181085. Selected Topics in Preventive Cardiology
181086. Physics of Bioenergetic Processes
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181090. Systems Analysis in Urban Policy-Making and Planning
181091. Inverse Problems of Lidar Sensing of the Atmosphere
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181094. Density Functional Theory
181095. The Behavior of Human Infants
181096. Integrated Optics: Physics and Applications
181097. Die Debatte um die Quantentheorie
181098. Parallel Processing in the Visual System: The Classification of Retinal Ganglion Cells and its Impact on the Neurobiology of Vision
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181105. Physikalische Problemstellungen und Übungsaufgaben mit Lösungen für Pharmazeuten, Chemiker und Biologen
181106. Unification of Fundamental Particle Interactions II
181107. Optical and Laser Remote Sensing
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181110. Biophysics
181111. E. T. Jaynes: Papers on Probability, Statistics and Statistical Physics
181112. Methods in Computational Molecular Physics
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181114. Human and Environmental Risks of Chlorinated Dioxins and Related Compounds
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181119. Nuclear Fission Reactors: Potential Role and Risks of Converters and Breeders
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181122. Language in Primates: Perspectives and Implications
181123. Polymer Applications of Renewable-Resource Materials
181124. Structure of Complex Turbulent Shear Flow: Symposium, Marseille, France August 31 – September 3, 1982
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181126. Supramolecular Structure and Function
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181128. An Introduction to Robot Technology
181129. Modification of Polymers
181130. Hyperfine Interactions of Radioactive Nuclei
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181132. Prosody: Models and Measurements
181133. Homotopy Methods and Global Convergence
181134. Computational Methods for Fluid Flow
181135. A Gauge Theory of Dislocations and Disclinations
181136. Relativistic Effects in Atoms, Molecules, and Solids
181137. Free Electron Lasers
181138. Recent Developments in High-Energy Physics
181139. Quantum Chromodynamics: An Introduction to the Theory of Quarks and Gluons
181140. The Quantum Mechanical Few-Body Problem
181141. Electron Correlations in Solids, Molecules, and Atoms
181142. Dynamic Aspects of Language Processing: Focus and Presupposition
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181144. Electronic Structure and Properties of Hydrogen in Metals
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181146. Bioelectrochemistry I: Biological Redox Reactions
181147. Aphoristisches zwischen Physik und Dichtung
181148. Computational Methods in Bifurcation Theory and Dissipative Structures
181149. Atomic Physics of Highly Ionized Atoms
181150. Early Evolution of the Universe and its Present Structure
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181153. Mechanik, Akustik und Wärmelehre
181154. Advances in Superconductivity
181155. In Vitro Toxicity Testing of Environmental Agents: Current and Future Possibilities Part A: Survey of Test Systems
181156. Quantum Processes in Polar Semiconductors and Insulators
181157. Techniques and Concepts of High-Energy Physics II
181158. Synergetik: Eine Einführung Nichtgleichgewichts-Phasenübergänge und Selbstorganisation in Physik, Chemie und Biologie
181159. Heat-Resistant Polymers: Technologically Useful Materials
181160. Nonlinear Methods of Spectral Analysis
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181164. Mathematical Structure of the Singularities at the Transitions Between Steady States in Hydrodynamic Systems
181165. Energy Storage and Redistribution in Molecules
181166. Quantum Electrodynamics of Strong Fields
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181171. Pitch Determination of Speech Signals: Algorithms and Devices
181172. Foundations of Theoretical Mechanics II: Birkhoffian Generalizations of Hamiltonian Mechanics
181173. Charge Distributions and Chemical Effects: A New Approach to the Electronic Structure and Energy of Molecules
181174. Explosive Welding, Forming and Compaction
181175. Physik im Wandel meiner Zeit
181176. Molecular Theory of Evolution: Outline of a Physico-Chemical Theory of the Origin of Life
181177. Irradiation Technology: Proceedings of an International Topical Meeting Grenoble, France September 28–30, 1982
181178. Utilization of Mammalian Specific Locus Studies in Hazard Evaluation and Estimation of Genetic Risk
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181180. Structure-Property Relationships of Polymeric Solids
181181. Scattering Theory for Many-Body Quantum Mechanical Systems —: Rigorous Results
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181193. Biophysik
181194. Lehrbuch der Maschinendynamik: Maschinendynamische Probleme und ihre praktische Lösung
181195. Fundamentals of Ocean Acoustics
181196. Contemporary Research Topics in Nuclear Physics
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181198. Structural Molecular Biology: Methods and Applications
181199. Hyperfine Structure in 4d- and 5d-Shell Atoms
181200. Gauge Theories as a Problem of Constructive Quantum Field Theory and Statistical Mechanics
181201. Work, Organizations, and Technological Change
181202. Integral Equation Method in Transonic Flow
181203. Phonons: Theory and Experiments I: Lattice Dynamics and Models of Interatomic Forces
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181206. Women and the World of Work
181207. Elementare moderne Physik
181208. Chemical Mutagens: Principles and Methods for Their Detection
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181211. Introduction to Small~scale Geological Structures
181212. Exciton Dynamics in Molecular Crystals and Aggregates
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181215. An Introduction to the Physics of Intense Charged Particle Beams
181216. Relativistic Models of Extended Hadrons Obeying a Mass-Spin Trajectory Constraint: Lectures in Mathematical Physics at the University of Texas at Austin
181217. Elastic Media with Microstructure I: One-Dimensional Models
181218. Natur-, Ingenieur- und Wirtschaftswissenschaften: Vorträge · N 309
181219. Conformation of Biological Molecules: New Results from NMR
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181221. Geophysical Fluid Dynamics
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181223. Genotoxic Effects of Airborne Agents
181224. Mécanique des Fluides Incompressibles
181225. Comparative Chemical Mutagenesis
181226. Iterative Methods for Calculating Static Fields and Wave Scattering by Small Bodies
181227. Reaction Injection Molding and Fast Polymerization Reactions
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181230. Literature Guide to the GLC of Body Fluids
181231. Coherent inelastic neutron scaterring in lattice dynamics
181232. Spektrum und Asymptotik stark stetiger Halbgruppen positiver Operatoren: Vorgelegt in der Sitzung vom 12. Dezember 1981
181233. Behavioral Treatment of Disease
181234. Micromechanics of defects in solids
181235. Tutorials on Motion Perception
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181238. Electroweak Interactions
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181241. Quarks and Nuclear Forces
181242. Classics in Radio Astronomy
181243. Constrained Dynamics
181244. Das elektromagnetische Feld: Theorie und grundlegende Anwendungen
181245. Recent Contributions to Fluid Mechanics
181246. Modular Optical Design
181247. Practical X-Ray Spectrometry
181248. Acoustical Imaging
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181255. Cellular Biology of the Lung
181256. Acoustical Imaging
181257. Projection Operator Techniques in Nonequilibrium Statistical Mechanics
181258. Polymeric Separation Media
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181261. Progress in Medical Radiation Physics
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181264. Artificial Particle Beams in Space Plasma Studies
181265. Psychoakustik
181266. Hydraulic Control Systems — Design and Analysis of Their Dynamics
181267. Laser Spectroscopy of Solids
181268. Thermodynamic Network Analysis of Biological Systems
181269. Manned Systems Design: Methods, Equipment, and Applications
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181273. Organische Leiter, Halbleiter und Photoleiter
181274. Stability and Change: Innovation in an Educational Context
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181281. Statistische Physik
181282. Operator Algebras and Quantum Statistical Mechanics: Equilibrium States Models in Quantum Statistical Mechanics
181283. Cracks in composite materials: A compilation of stress solutions for composite systems with cracks
181284. Current Issues in Quantum Logic
181285. Physik der Elementarteilchen
181286. The Evolution of Dynamics: Vibration Theory from 1687 to 1742
181287. Single-particle rotations in molecular crystals
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181290. Developments in Biophysical Research
181291. Structure and Function of the Circulation: Volume 3
181292. Speech Act Classification: A Study in the Lexical Analysis of English Speech Activity Verbs
181293. Biomechanics: Mechanical Properties of Living Tissues
181294. Unsteady Turbulent Shear Flows: Symposium Toulouse, France, May 5–8, 1981
181295. Advances in Nephrourology
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181297. Cellular and Molecular Aspects of Implantation
181298. The Role of Coherent Structures in Modelling Turbulence and Mixing: Proceedings of the International Conference Madrid, Spain, June 25–27,1980
181299. Technische Strömungslehre: Band 2: Anwendungen
181300. Nonlinear Evolution Equations — Global Behavior of Solutions
181301. Rechnerunterstützte Arbeitsplanerstellung mit Kleinrechnern, dargestellt am Beispiel der Blechbearbeitung
181302. Semidynamical Systems in Infinite Dimensional Spaces
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181307. Finite-Difference Techniques for Vectorized Fluid Dynamics Calculations
181308. Theoria Motus Corporum Coelestium: Sectionibus Conicis Solem Ambientium
181309. Bioenergy
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181311. Radiationless Processes
181312. Unsteady Viscous Flows
181313. Seismic Waves and Sources
181314. Quantum Physics: A Functional Integral Point of View
181315. Superconductor Materials Science: Metallurgy, Fabrication, and Applications
181316. Modelling Language Behaviour
181317. Physik in Formeln und Beispielen
181318. Physik für Biologen
181319. Low Reynolds number hydrodynamics: with special applications to particulate media
181320. Scattering Techniques Applied to Supramolecular and Nonequilibrium Systems
181321. Elektrodynamik
181322. Advances in Nuclear Science and Technology
181323. Applied Operations Research in Fishing
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181326. Geometry of the Time-Dependent Variational Principle in Quantum Mechanics
181327. Nonlinear Phenomena in Physics and Biology
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181329. Jets of Hadrons
181330. Solitons: Mathematical Methods for Physicists
181331. Conductive Polymers
181332. Air Pollution Modeling and Its Application I
181333. Fundamental Frequency in Sentence Production
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181335. Inner-Shell and X-Ray Physics of Atoms and Solids
181336. Unification of the Fundamental Particle Interactions
181337. Advances in Nuclear Physics
181338. Geschichte der Radioaktivität
181339. Rigorous Atomic and Molecular Physics
181340. Molecular Electro-Optics: Electro-Optic Properties of Macromolecules and Colloids in Solution
181341. Adhesion in Cellulosic and Wood-Based Composites
181342. Nonequilibrium Superconductivity, Phonons, and Kapitza Boundaries
181343. NMR in Medicine
181344. Elektronenmikroskopische Laborpraxis: Eine Methodensammlung mit Bildbeispielen für Lehre und Forschung in der Medizin und Zellbiologie
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181351. Hydrocarbons and Halogenated Hydrocarbons in the Aquatic Environment
181352. Holography and Coherent Optics
181353. Physics of Nonlinear Transport in Semiconductors
181354. Exotic Atoms ’79 Fundamental Interactions and Structure of Matter
181355. Rheology: Volume 2: Fluids
181356. Non-Homogeneous Media and Vibration Theory
181357. Physiological Optics
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181361. Atomic and Molecular Processes in Controlled Thermonuclear Fusion
181362. Symmetries in Science
181363. The Ruelle-Araki Transfer Operator in Classical Statistical Mechanics
181364. Giant Resonance Phenomena in Intermediate-Energy Nuclear Reactions
181365. Table of Laser Lines in Gases and Vapors
181366. Atom- und Quantenphysik: Eine Einführung in die experimentellen und theoretischen Grundlagen
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181368. Short-Term Bioassays in the Analysis of Complex Environmental Mixtures II
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181370. Phase Transitions in Surface Films
181371. Megagauss Physics and Technology
181372. Elektromagnetische Felder: Mathematische und physikalische Grundlagen Anwendungen in Physik und Technik
181373. Polluted Rain
181374. Coherent Nonlinear Optics: Recent Advances
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181376. Turbulent Reacting Flows
181377. Acoustical Imaging: Ultrasonic Visualization and Characterization
181378. Fjord Oceanography
181379. Advances in Radiation Protection and Dosimetry in Medicine
181380. Cationic Polymerisation Initiation Processes with Alkenyl Monomers
181381. Picosecond Phenomena II: Proceedings of the Second International Conference on Picosecond Phenomena Cape Cod, Massachusetts, USA, June 18–20, 1980
181382. Elementary Stability and Bifurcation Theory
181383. Energy for the Year 2000
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181386. Computer Techniques in Radiation Transport and Dosimetry
181387. Effects of Acid Precipitation on Terrestrial Ecosystems
181388. Acoustical Imaging: Visualization and Characterization
181389. Electromagnetic Theory of Gratings
181390. Quantum Flavordynamics, Quantum Chromodynamics, and Unified Theories
181391. Fluidmechanik: Band 2 Elementare Strömungsvorgänge dichteveränderlicher Fluide sowie Potential- und Grenzschichtströmungen
181392. Lectures on Language Performance
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181396. Quantum Fields — Algebras, Processes
181397. Foundations of Radiation Theory and Quantum Electrodynamics
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181403. Electron Microscopy at Molecular Dimensions: State of the Art and Strategies for the Future
181404. The Monte Carlo Methods in Atmospheric Optics
181405. Quarks and Leptons: Cargèse 1979
181406. Advances in X-Ray Analysis: Volume 23
181407. Nerve and Muscle: Membranes, Cells, and Systems
181408. FRP Technology: Fibre Reinforced Resin Systems
181409. Biophysical Ecology
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181411. Characterization of Crystal Growth Defects by X-Ray Methods
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181413. Cationic Ring-Opening Polymerization of Heterocyclic Monomers
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181415. Sophie Germain: An Essay in the History of the Theory of Elasticity
181416. The Tragicomical History of Thermodynamics, 1822–1854
181417. Theory and Applications of Moment Methods in Many-Fermion Systems
181418. The New Aspects of Subnuclear Physics
181419. Cosmology and Gravitation: Spin, Torsion, Rotation, and Supergravity
181420. Global Theory of Dynamical Systems: Proceedings of an International Conference Held at Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois, June 18–22, 1979
181421. Interferometry by Holography
181422. General Principles of Quantum Mechanics
181423. Field Theoretical Methods in Particle Physics
181424. Site Characterization and Aggregation of Implanted Atoms in Materials
181425. Astrophysical Formulae: A Compendium for the Physicist and Astrophysicist
181426. Rheology: Volume 3: Applications
181427. Relativistic Cosmology: An Introduction
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181429. Recent Developments in Gauge Theories
181430. Mathematische Methoden der Physik II: Geometrie und Algebra
181431. Harmonic Analysis and Representations of Semisimple Lie Groups: Lectures given at the NATO Advanced Study Institute on Representations of Lie Groups and Harmonic Analysis, held at Liège, Belgium, September 5–17, 1977
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181433. Adhesion and Adsorption of Polymers
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181436. Inverse Scattering Problems in Optics
181437. Fluid Flow Through Porous Macromolecular Systems
181438. The (p,n) Reaction and the Nucleon-Nucleon Force
181439. Light Scattering in Liquids and Macromolecular Solutions
181440. Geometric Quantization and Quantum Mechanics
181441. State Models of Dynamic Systems: A Case Study Approach
181442. Fundamental Principles of General Relativity Theories: Local and Global Aspects of Gravitation and Cosmology
181443. Atomic Masses and Fundamental Constants 6
181444. The Whys of Subnuclear Physics
181445. Image Reconstruction from Projections: Implementation and Applications
181446. Collective Ion Acceleration
181447. Origin of the Earth and Moon
181448. Albert Einstein: Sein Einfluß auf Physik, Philosophie und Politik
181449. Recent Advances in Group Theory and Their Application to Spectroscopy
181450. Interacting Bosons in Nuclear Physics
181451. Laserspektroskopie: Neue Entwicklungen und Anwendungen
181452. Quasi One-Dimensional Conductors I: Proceeding of the International Conference Dubrovnik, SR Croatia, SFR Yugoslavia, 1978
181453. Formalization of Natural Languages
181454. Viscosity of Dense Fluids
181455. Holographic Interferometry: From the Scope of Deformation Analysis of Opaque Bodies
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181457. Recent Developments in Theoretical and Experimental Fluid Mechanics: Compressible and Incompressible Flows
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181459. Positrons in Solids
181460. Common Problems in Low- and Medium-Energy Nuclear Physics
181461. Photoferroelectrics
181462. Laser-Induced Processes in Molecules: Physics and Chemistry Proceedings of the European Physical Society, Divisional Conference at Heriot-Watt University Edinburgh, Scotland, September 20–22, 1978
181463. Excimer Lasers
181464. Relativistic Particle Physics
181465. Photoemission in Solids II: Case Studies
181466. Modèles en Mécanique Statistique des Processus Irréversibles: Cours organisé par le Troisième Cycle de la Physique en Suisse Romande
181467. A Mathematical Introduction to Fluid Mechanics
181468. Coherence in Spectroscopy and Modern Physics
181469. Synchrotron Radiation Applied to Biophysical and Biochemical Research
181470. A Symplectic Framework for Field Theories
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181472. Literature 1979, Part 1
181473. Application of Short-Term Bioassays in the Fractionation and Analysis of Complex Environmental Mixtures
181474. Atomic Spectra and Radiative Transitions
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181477. Fiber and Integrated Optics
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181507. Solid Surface Physics
181508. Uranium Enrichment
181509. The Biosaline Concept: An Approach to the Utilization of Underexploited Resources
181510. Freie Elektronen in Festkörpern
181511. Retrieval from Semantic Memory
181512. Elektronen im Kristall
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181526. Kinetics of Ion-Molecule Reactions
181527. Nondestructive Evaluation of Materials
181528. Operator Algebras and Quantum Statistical Mechanics: C*- and W*-Algebras Symmetry Groups Decomposition of States
181529. Spin Eigenfunctions: Construction and Use
181530. Einführung in die Kernphysik: Für Physiker und Ingenieure im Hauptstudium
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181532. Magnetic Flux Structures in Superconductors
181533. On the Path of Albert Einstein
181534. Group Symmetries in Nuclear Structure
181535. Many Degrees of Freedom in Field Theory
181536. Theorie der Wärme
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181538. Turbulence
181539. Protonen-Kernresonanz-Spektroskopie: Eine Einführung
181540. Facts and Prospects of Gauge Theories
181541. Structure and Collisions of Ions and Atoms
181542. Evaluating New Telecommunications Services
181543. Principles of Advanced Mathematical Physics
181544. A Computational Method in Plasma Physics
181545. The Large Scale Structure of the Universe
181546. Particles and Fields
181547. Die Grundstrukturen einer physikalischen Theorie
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181549. The Nature of the Elementary Particle
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181554. Correlation Functions and Quasiparticle Interactions in Condensed Matter
181555. The Child’s Conception of Language
181556. Detection of Optical and Infrared Radiation
181557. Strongly Coupled Plasmas
181558. Microscopic Structure and Dynamics of Liquids
181559. Die Erforschung der Galaxien
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181565. Understanding the Fundamental Constituents of Matter
181566. Contemporary Optics
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181568. The Breakdown and Restoration of Ecosystems
181569. Hydrogen in Metals I: Basic Properties
181570. Hydrogen in Metals II: Application-Oriented Properties
181571. Nonlinear Phenomena in the Ionosphere
181572. High-Power Lasers and Laser Plasmas / Moshchnye Lazery I Lazernaya Plazma / Мощные Лазеры И Лазерная Плазма
181573. Computer Modeling of Gas Lasers
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181595. Advances in Deformation Processing
181596. Laser and Coherence Spectroscopy
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181605. Nonlinear Infrared Generation
181606. Physikalische Chemie und Biophysik
181607. Essential Relativity: Special, General, and Cosmological
181608. Electroluminescence
181609. Dynamics of Solids and Liquids by Neutron Scattering
181610. The Chemical Physics of Surfaces
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181635. Solid Electrolytes
181636. Temperaturmessung
181637. Radio Astronomy and Cosmology
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181639. The Concepts and Logic of Classical Thermodynamics as a Theory of Heat Engines: Rigorously Constructed upon the Foundation Laid by S. Carnot and F. Reech
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181641. Inhomogeneous Optical Waveguides
181642. The Significance of Nonlinearity in the Natural Sciences
181643. An Introduction to Environmental Biophysics
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181645. Literature 1976, Part 2
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181649. Neutron Physics
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181651. Einführung in die Mikrowellenphysik
181652. Development of Magnetic β-Ray Spectroscopy
181653. Thermoelasticity
181654. Quantum Science: Methods and Structure. A Tribute to Per-Olov Löwdin
181655. Grundlagen der Gasdynamik
181656. Lectures on Geometric Quantization
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181659. Solid-State Physics
181660. Introductory Essays
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181668. Whistled Languages
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181673. Digital Picture Analysis
181674. Einführung in die Festkörperphysik
181675. Lasers and Their Applications / Lazery I Ikh Primenenie / Лазеры И Их Применение
181676. Introduction to Liquid Crystals
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181693. High-Resolution Laser Spectroscopy
181694. Digital Pattern Recognition
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181705. Spectroscopy of the Excited State
181706. Dynamical Concepts on Scaling Violation and the New Resonances in e+e− Annihilation
181707. Linear Prediction of Speech
181708. Hermitian and Kählerian Geometry in Relativity
181709. Ion Beam Surface Layer Analysis: Volume 1
181710. Transient Electromagnetic Fields
181711. Luminescence Centers in Crystals
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181713. Stress and Strain: Basic Concepts of Continuum Mechanics for Geologists
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181718. Introduction to the Physics and Psychophysics of Music
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181720. Optical Properties of Highly Transparent Solids
181721. Interactions on Metal Surfaces
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181734. Introduction to Nuclear Radiation Detectors
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181738. Photoreceptor Optics
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181748. Progress in Lasers and Laser Fusion
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181755. Plasma Instabilities and Nonlinear Effects
181756. Technische Anwendungen des Lasers
181757. Electromagnetic Interactions and Field Theory
181758. Atomic Physics 4
181759. Excitons at High Density
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181761. Mechanische Anisotropie
181762. Particle Diffusion in the Radiation Belts
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181765. Progress in Particle Physics
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181768. Confrontation of Cosmological Theories with Observational Data
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181779. Renormalization and Invariance in Quantum Field Theory
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181783. Laser Spectroscopy
181784. Analyse extraterrestrischen Materials: Herrn Professor Dr. Friedrich Hecht zu seinem 70. Geburtstag gewidmet
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181786. Rings and Categories of Modules
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181788. Literature 1974, Part 1
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181792. Elementary Excitations in Solids, Molecules, and Atoms: Part A
181793. The Foundations of Mechanics and Thermodynamics: Selected Papers
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181796. Physical Reality and Mathematical Description
181797. Fundamental Theories in Physics
181798. Topics in Energy and Resources
181799. Spinors in Hilbert Space
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181802. Schall — sichtbar gemacht
181803. PSSC Physik
181804. Acoustical Holography: Volume 5
181805. Hochtemperatur-Plastizität: Warmfestigkeit und Warmverformbarkeit metallischer und nichtmetallischer Werkstoffe
181806. The Physicist’s Conception of Nature
181807. Allgemeine Modelltheorie
181808. Physical Processes in Lasers
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181820. Fundamental Interactions in Physics
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181826. Instrumentation in Applied Nuclear Chemistry
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181833. Pollution: Engineering and Scientific Solutions
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181843. Fourier-Optik und Holographie
181844. Space and Time in the Microworld
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