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568001. Cognitive Developmental Change: Theories, Models and Measurement
568002. Intonation in Context Teacher's book: Intonation Practice for Upper-intermediate and Advanced Learners of English
568003. Abitur-Wissen Deutsch. Deutsche Literaturgeschichte.
568004. Global Development Finance 2006 (Global Development Finance) (v. 1)
568005. Good Food for Bad Stomachs
568006. Theories of Justice: A Treatise on Social Justice, Vol. 1 (California Series on Social Choice and Political Economy) (v. 1)
568007. The Transparency of Evil: Essays on Extreme Phenomena
568008. Transformadores
568009. Nature Reviews Immunology 2011-1 (January 2011)
568010. Persons, Rights, and the Moral Community
568011. Keeper of the City (Guardians of the Three, Vol 2)
568012. Opportunities: Intermediate Teacher's Book
568013. The yoga of six limbs: An introduction to the history of Sadangayoga
568014. YOU: The Owner's Manual, Updated and Expanded Edition: An Insider's Guide to the Body that Will Make You Healthier and Younger
568015. 30 Years Among the Dead
568016. Buying a Property in Spain: An Insider Guide to Finding a Home in the Sun
568017. Why Not Kill Them All?: The Logic and Prevention of Mass Political Murder
568018. Topologies and Uniformities
568019. The Devil in the Details: Asymptotic Reasoning in Explanation, Reduction, and Emergence
568020. The Horse Who Drank the Sky: Film Experience Beyond Narrative and Theory
568021. European Warfare, 1350-1750
568022. 173 Specjały Siostry Anastazji
568023. Yo, robot (Spanish Edition)
568024. A Savage Conflict: The Decisive Role of Guerrillas in the American Civil War
568025. Problems in Plane and Solid Geometry v.2 Solid Geometry
568026. Iliustruotas chemijos žinynas
568027. How to Get Published: Secrets from the Inside
568028. The Chemistry of the Carbon-Carbon Triple Bond, Part 2 (The Chemistry of Functional Groups)
568029. The emir of Bokhara and his country; journeys and studies in Bokhara (with a chapter on my voyage on the Amu Darya to Khiva)
568030. Ship Stability
568031. The Date of Kuntillet 'Ajrud: A Rejoinder
568032. George Bernard Shaw (Bloom's Modern Critical Views)
568033. Brain Stimulation in Psychiatric Treatment (Review of Psychiatry)
568034. Just William
568035. The Teacher's Calendar School Year 2008-2009: The Day-by-Day Almanac of Historic Events, Holidays, Famous Birthdays and More!
568036. Sun Tzu y el arte de los negocios
568037. The Girl, the Gold Watch and Everything
568038. The Meaning and Significance of Asherah
568039. The Leadership Challenge Workbook
568040. Kant-Studien Philosophische Zeitschrift der Kant-Gesellschaft, 90. Jahrgang, Heft 3, 1999
568041. Intertextuality in the Tales of Rabbi Nahman of Bratslav: A Close Reading of Sippurey Ma'asiyot (Numen Book Series)
568042. 政治与行政
568043. Justification: God's Plan & Paul's Vision
568044. Why Language Matters for Theory of Mind
568045. Partial Differential Equations in Physics
568046. Astérix chez les Bretons French
568047. Build Your Own Security Lab: A Field Guide for Network Testing
568048. Catalysis by Ceria and Related Materials (Catalytic Science Series)
568049. Physiology of the Joints, Volume 1, Upper Limb, Annotated Diagrams of the Mechan
568050. Toxic Oil Syndrome: Ten Years of Progress
568051. The Ontogeny of Information: Developmental Systems and Evolution (Science and Cultural Theory)
568052. Ελλάδα και μειονότητες : Το σύστημα διεθνούς προστασίας της Κοινωνίας των Εθνών, 2η έκδοση
568053. Three Books on Life (Medieval and Renaissance Texts and Studies)
568054. Designing Greenways: Sustainable Landscapes for Nature and People
568055. Pedagogy, Intellectuals, and Dissent in the Later Middle Ages: Lollardy and Ideas of Learning
568056. Maten al hijo del presidente: La historia no oficial acerca de la muerte de Carlos Menem Jr.
568057. First Bible of the Church. A Plea for the Septuagint (JSOT Supplement 206)
568058. The Operated Heart at Autopsy
568059. Help! Help! - Decodable Book 7 Grade 1
568060. Jean-Claude Tergal, tome 4 : Jean-Claude Tergal raconte son enfance martyre
568061. L'Occitan sans peine (Methode quotidienne Assimil) (French Edition)
568062. Assimil nouveau neerlandais sans peine
568063. Physical aspects of Lie group theory (Collection de la Chaire Aisenstadt)
568064. Suzuki GS500E Twin Service and Repair Manual: 89 To 97 (Haynes Manuals)
568065. Proceedings of Gokova Geometry-Topology Conference 1994
568066. Series 7 Exam For Dummies (For Dummies (Career Education))
568067. The failure of Northern Rock : a multi-dimensional case study
568068. Lacan and Language: A Reader's Guide to Ecrits
568069. The defining characteristics of entrants in science -based industries
568070. Governance after Neoliberalism in Latin America (Studies of the Americas)
568071. Crusade for Armageddon (A Warhammer 40, 000 novel)
568072. La République antiparticipative : Les obstacles à la participation des citoyens à la démocratie locale
568073. Exchange Rates, Currency Crisis and Monetary Cooperation in Asia
568074. Antique Style Bead Accessories
568075. Accounting for M&A, Equity, and Credit Analysts
568076. Altern zwischen Kompetenz und Defizit: Über den Umgang mit eingeschränkter Handlungsfähigkeit am Beispiel der altersbedingten Makuladegeneration
568077. Social Anarchism or Lifestyle Anarchism: An Unbridgeable Chasm
568078. Emotions and Multilingualism (Studies in Emotion and Social Interaction)
568079. Beowulf's Children
568080. Tidal Rip
568081. The Lady, the Chef, and the Courtesan: A Novel
568082. Search the Sky
568083. The Economics of Information Technology: An Introduction (Raffaele Mattioli Lectures)
568084. Jingo (Discworld Novel 21)
568085. It Ain't All for Nothin'
568086. Scanner Data and Price Indexes (National Bureau of Economic Research Studies in Income and Wealth)
568087. Wandering With Sadhus: Ascetics of the Hindu Himalayas (Contemporary Indian Studies)
568088. The European Economy since 1945: Coordinated Capitalism and Beyond (Princeton Economic History of the Western World)
568089. The Solaris Effect: Art and Artifice in Contemporary American Film
568090. William Faulkner: Self-Presentation and Performance (Literary Modernism Series)
568091. Understanding the Language of Science
568092. Stars and Keys: Folktales and Creolization in the Indian Ocean
568093. Ethnographic Film
568094. Globalizing Tobacco Control: Anti-smoking Campaigns in California, France, And Japan (Tracking Globalization)
568095. Civil War on Race Street: The Civil Rights Movement in Cambridge, Maryland (Southern Dissent)
568096. McGraw-Hill's LSAT, 2009 Edition
568097. Le savoir-vivre en entreprise : Business oblige !
568098. Murder Among Friends : Violation of Philia in Greek Tragedy
568099. Time to Heal: American Medical Education from the Turn of the Century to the Era of Managed Care
568100. Experimental Number Theory
568101. Clausewitz in the Twenty-First Century
568102. Cold War Statesmen Confront the Bomb: Nuclear Diplomacy since 1945
568103. The Routledge Atlas of the First World War: The Complete History (Routledge Historical Atlases)
568104. The Biology of Polar Regions (Biology of Habitats Series)
568105. Graph Theory and Applications
568106. Modern Biogeochemistry: Environmental Risk Assessment, Second Edition
568107. The End of Eternity
568108. Modeling and Control of Hydrosystems
568109. Abelsche und exakte Kategorien, Korrespondenzen
568110. Sai cosa mangi?: La scienza del cibo
568111. Sociology, Organic Farming, Climate Change and Soil Science
568112. Effective Databases for Text & Document Management
568113. Famous First Bubbles: The Fundamentals of Early Manias
568114. The Female Brand: Using the Female Mindset to Succeed in Business
568115. Salma Hayek (Latinos in the Limelight)
568116. Economics and Politics of Energy (Language of Science)
568117. Greek Tragedy: A Literary Study
568118. Spycraft: The Secret History of the CIA's Spytechs, from Communism to al-Qaeda
568119. Aspects of European History, 1494-1789 (University Paperbacks)
568120. Once in a Blue Moon: Airmen in Theater Command : Lauris Norstad, Albrecht Kesselring, and Their Relevance to the Twenty-First Century Air Force (Cadre Paper, 7.)
568121. Modern Britain: An Introduction
568122. Double Affine Hecke Algebras
568123. On the Origins of Classical Economics: Distribution and Value from William Petty to Adam Smith (Routledge Studies in the History of Economics, 4)
568124. Deng Xiaoping and the Chinese Revolution: A Political Biography
568125. Eco-Hydrology (Routledge Physical Environment Series)
568126. Fascism in Europe, 1919-1945 (Routledge Companions)
568127. Dramatic Discourse: Dialogue as Interaction in Plays
568128. Flexible Learning and Human Resource Development: Putting Theory to Work
568129. A Japanese Company in Crisis: Ideology, Strategy, and Narrative (Contemporary Japan)
568130. Chinese American Voices: From the Gold Rush to the Present
568131. Social Policy in East and South East Asia: Hong Kong, Korea, Singapore and Taiwan (Routledge Advances in Asia-Pacific Studies)
568132. Hanging Out in the Virtual Pub: Masculinities and Relationships Online
568133. Infertility around the Globe: New Thinking on Childlessness, Gender, and Reproductive Technologies
568134. Historical Fictions and Hellenistic Jewish Identity: Third Maccabees in Its Cultural Context (Hellenistic Culture and Society)
568135. Achieving Fair Value: How Companies Can Better Manage Their Relationships with Investors
568136. Golf Course: Planning, design, construction and management
568137. Design for Assisted Living: Guidelines for Housing the Physically and Mentally Frail
568138. Starting on a Shoestring: Building a Business Without a Bankroll (Wiley Small Business Edition)
568139. US-Kuwaiti Relations, 1961-1992: An Uneasy Relationship
568140. 44 Ways to Increase Church Attendance
568141. Praxis I: PPST (Cliffs Test Prep)
568142. Lectures on the Geometry of Position Part I
568143. Family Investments in Children's Potential: Resources and Parenting Behaviors That Promote Success (Monographs in Parenting)
568144. Handbook of Facility Assessment
568145. A Government Out of Sight: The Mystery of National Authority in Nineteenth-Century America
568146. Lung Biology in Health & Disease Volume 180 Venous Thromboembolism
568147. New Technologies for Energy Efficiency
568148. New Television, Old Politics: The Transition to Digital TV in the United States and Britain (Communication, Society and Politics)
568149. Mahjar
568150. First-Job Survival Guide: How To Thrive And Advance in Your New Career
568151. Star Of Danger (Darkover series)
568152. Trauma - An Engineering Analysis: With Medical Case Studies Investigation
568153. Welfare for Politicians: Taxpayer Financing of Political Campaigns
568154. Understanding the Australian Legal System
568155. ADR in Employment Law
568156. Q&A Constitutional and Administrative Law, 4th Edition (Q&A Series)
568157. Environmental Law Techiques for the Built Environment
568158. Ancient Umbria: State, Culture, and Identity in Central Italy from the Iron Age to the Augustan Era
568159. Very Soft Organic Clay Applied for Road Embankment: Modelling and Optimisation Approach, UNESCO-IHE PhD, Delft, the Netherlands
568160. Ergativity: Emerging Issues (Studies in Natural Language and Linguistic Theory)
568161. Operations Research and Cyber-Infrastructure
568162. Targeting Treatment of Soft Tissue Sarcomas (Cancer Treatment and Research)
568163. Territory, Authority, Rights: From Medieval to Global Assemblages
568164. Rescripting Shakespeare: The Text, the Director, and Modern Productions
568165. The Poetics of National and Racial Identity in Nineteenth-Century American Literature
568166. The Physiology and Biochemistry of Cestodes
568167. Urban Notables and Arab Nationalism: The Politics of Damascus 1860-1920
568168. An Introduction to Pharmacovigilance
568169. ''Yikes! It's Due Tomorrow?!'': How to Handle School Snafus (Go Parents! Guide)
568170. Great Group Games: 175 Boredom-Busting, Zero-Prep Team Builders for All Ages
568171. Upgrading and Repairing PCs (19th Edition)
568172. The Inner Kalacakratantra: A Buddhist Tantric View of the Individual
568173. Antisemitism in America
568174. Precolonial India in Practice: Society, Region, and Identity in Medieval Andhra
568175. Remembering Our Childhood: How Memory Betrays Us
568176. Iran (Introducing Issues With Opposing Viewpoints)
568177. The Good Fight: Why Liberals---and Only Liberals---Can Win the War on Terror and Make America Great Again
568178. Netter: Farmacología ilustrada
568179. Monte Cook's Arcana Evolved - The Dragons' Return
568180. Crystallization and Solidification Properties of Lipids
568181. The Green Rain
568182. Audio Recording for Profit: The Sound of Money
568183. The Automated Lighting Programmer's Handbook
568184. Ableton Live 8 and Suite 8: Create, Produce, Perform
568185. Linking EU and National Governance
568186. Human Rights and Intellectual Property Rights (The Raoul Wallenberg Institute New Authors)
568187. Perspektiven der Didaktik: Zeitschrift für Erziehungswissenschaft. Sonderheft 9 2008
568188. Plato's Symposium: The Ethics of Desire (Oxford Classical Monographs)
568189. Facing a Pandemic: The African Church and the Crisis of AIDS
568190. Farbe - Kommunikation im Raum (German Edition)
568191. Latin American Women Writers: A Resource Guide to Titles in English
568192. Why Smart People Can Be So Stupid
568193. Health Promotion in Action: From Local to Global Empowerment
568194. Knowledge Creation Processes: Theory and Empirical Evidence from Knowledge Intensive Firms
568195. Social Care and Social Exclusion: A Comparative Study of Older People's Care in Europe
568196. Young Homeless People
568197. Regionalization and Security in Southern Africa (International Political Economy)
568198. An Introduction to the Philosophy of Religion
568199. The Book of the Knight of the Tower: Manners for Young Medieval Women (Studies in Arthurian and Courtly Cultures)
568200. Turkish Dynamics: Bridge across Troubled Lands (The Middle East in Focus)
568201. Love's Rite: Same-Sex Marriage in India and the West
568202. New Labour and the Civil Service: Reconstituting the Westminster Model (Transforming Government)
568203. Deconstruction and the Ethical in Asian Thought (Routledge Studies in Asian Religion and Philosophy)
568204. Coleridge, Philosophy and Religion: Aids to Reflection and the Mirror of the Spirit
568205. Time and Mind: The History of a Philosophical Problem (Brill's Studies in Intellectual History) (Brill's Studies in Intellectual History)
568206. I Am You: The Metaphysical Foundations for Global Ethics
568207. Cultural Citizenship (Issues in Cultural and Media Studies)
568208. The Essential Public Manager (Public Policy and Management)
568209. 1001 Unbelievable Facts
568210. Handbook of Country Risk 2008-2009
568211. Race and Education (Introducing Social Policy)
568212. Preparing Principals for a Changing World: Lessons From Effective School Leadership Programs
568213. Making Sense of Nursing Portfolios: A Guide for Students
568214. Managing Communications in a Crisis
568215. The Shakespearean International Yearbook, Special Section, Updating Shakespeare Vol 7
568216. Market Microstructure: Intermediaries and the Theory of the Firm
568217. Sensation And Perception (Gray Matter)
568218. Float Your Boat!: The Evolution and Science of Sailing
568219. Romeo and Juliet (Webster's German Thesaurus Edition)
568220. Timon of Athens (Webster's Thesaurus Edition)
568221. Elliptic Partial Differential Equations of Second Order, 2nd edition
568222. Romania since 1989: Politics, Economics, and Society
568223. Three Books on Life (Medieval and Renaissance Texts and Studies)
568224. Fundamentals of the Stock Market
568225. The Dark Is Rising (The Dark is Rising Sequence)
568226. The Short Happy Life of the Brown Oxford: And Other Classic Stories (Citadel Twilight)
568227. Flugzeug Foto - Archiv Band 2 (German English Text)
568228. Tiberius (Blackwell Ancient Lives)
568229. The Cambridge History of Russia, Volume 1: From Early Rus’ to 1689
568230. Investment Banking Explained: An Insider's Guide to the Industry
568231. Nikon D60 Digital Field Guide
568232. The Flood (Halo)
568233. Programmation OpenOffice.org 3 : Macros OOoBasic et API
568234. Exposing Men: The Science and Politics of Male Reproduction
568235. Untying the Knot: Marriage, the State, and the Case for Their Divorce
568236. Options to Increase Access to Telecommunications Services in Rural and Low-Income Areas (World Bank Working Papers)
568237. Survey Research Methodology, 1990-1999: An Annotated Bibliography (Bibliographies and Indexes in Law and Political Science)
568238. The Naked God, Part 2: Faith
568239. Calculation of NMR and EPR Parameters: Theory and Applications
568240. The Allende Letters And the VARO Edition of the Case For the UFO
568241. Agricultural Policy for the 21st Century
568242. Введение в чтение Гегеля. Лекции по Феноменологии духа, читавшиеся с 1933 по 1939 год в Высшей практической школе
568243. Choosing Character: Responsibility for Virtue & Vice
568244. Utilitarianism: For and Against
568245. Detachment
568246. Sidney: Court Maxims
568247. The Legal Mind: Essays For Tony Honoré
568248. Bande Mataram: Early Political Writings (Complete Works of Sri Aurobindo Volumes 6-7)
568249. Isabel's Daughter
568250. Convex and Discrete Geometry
568251. Das Ziel ist im Weg: Störungsverständnis und Therapieprozess im Psychodrama
568252. When Strikes Make Sense—And Why?: Lessons from Third Republic French Coal Miners
568253. Olvidar a Foucault (Spanish Edition)
568254. Elektrische Messtechnik: Analoge, digitale und computergestützte Verfahren
568255. Allianz and the German Insurance Business, 1933-1945
568257. The Three Stars and Other Selections: More Amazing Hockey Lists for Trivia Lovers
568258. Color Management: Understanding and Using ICC Profiles (The Wiley-IS&T Series in Imaging Science and Technology)
568259. Field Epidemiology 3rd ed.
568260. Ideologies of Forgetting: Rape in the Vietnam War (S U N Y Series in Feminist Criticism and Theory)
568261. Europa auf dem Weg nach rechts?
568262. Life-Cycle Savings and Public Policy: A Cross-National Study of Six Countries
568264. Analytical and Hybrid Methods in the Theory of Slot-Hole Coupling of Electrodynamic Volumes
568265. Magill's Literary Annual, 2009
568266. Lydia Bennet's Story: A Sequel to Pride and Prejudice
568267. Global Modernization: Rethinking the Project of Modernity (SAGE Studies in International Sociology)
568268. Secrets of a Supersexpert
568269. The Jewess Pallas Athena: This Too a Theory of Modernity
568270. Gene Transfer and the Ethics of First-in-Human Research: Lost in Translation
568271. The Emblem
568272. Making Waves: Female Activists in Twentieth-Century Florida (Florida History and Culture)
568273. Medical Law, Ethics, & Bioethics for the Health Professions
568274. Abandonment to Divine Providence
568275. Ruth Crawford Seeger's Worlds: Innovation and Tradition in Twentieth-Century American Music (Eastman Studies in Music)
568276. Discussing Conversation Analysis: The Work of Emanuel A. Schegloff
568277. Resume Buzz Words: Get Your Resume to the Top of the Pile!
568278. Speaking in Other Voices: An Ethnography of Walloon Puppet Theaters
568279. Harm's Way: Disasters in Western Canada
568280. New Perspectives and Issues in Educational Language Policy: A Festschrift for Bernard Dov Spolsky
568281. Bausanierung: Erkennen und Beheben von Bauschäden, 4. Auflage
568282. Statistik-Praktikum mit Excel GERMAN
568283. Multimedia and E-Content Trends
568284. Cours de vidéo
568285. Gemeinsam bauen - gemeinsam wohnen: Wohneigentumsbildung durch Selbsthilfe
568286. The Dynamics of Linguistic Variation: Corpus Evidence on English Past and Present (Studies in Language Variation)
568287. Biodiversity in Trust: Conservation and Use of Plant Genetic Resources in CGIAR Centres
568288. Die Auswirkungen der Nachhaltigkeitsberichterstattung auf den Kapitalmarkt: Eine empirische Analyse
568289. The Outer Planets and their Moons: Comparative Studies of the Outer Planets prior to the Exploration of the Saturn System by Cassini-Huygens (Space Sciences Series of ISSI)
568290. Citizenship and Community: Liberals, Radicals and Collective Identities in the British Isles, 1865-1931
568291. Österreichisches Strafrecht. Besonderer Teil I (§§ 75 bis 168e StGB), 11. Auflage (Springers Kurzlehrbücher der Rechtswissenschaft)
568292. When Men Lost Faith in Reason: Reflections on War and Society in the Twentieth Century (Studies in Military History and International Affairs)
568293. Professional Marketing & Selling Techniques for Digital Wedding Photographers, Second Edition
568294. Rangefinder's Professional Photography: Techniques and Images from the Pages of Rangefinder Magazine
568295. Integrative Medicine for Children
568296. Contemporary Feminist Theatres: To Each Her Own (Gender and Performance)
568297. Theoretical Principles of Distance Education (Routlege Studies in Distance Education)
568298. Science Skills: A Problem Solving Activities Book
568299. The New Urban Frontier: Gentrification and the Revanchist City
568300. Who's Who in Europe, 1450-1750 (Who's Who)
568301. Lord of the Rings, Part 2, The Two Towers
568302. Pathways into the Jungian World: Phenomenology and Analytical Psychology
568303. Accident precursors : pro-active identification of safety risks in the chemical process industry
568304. Early Soviet Cinema- Innovation, Ideology and Propaganda (Short Cuts)
568305. Creation and Redemption (Volume Three in the Collected Works of Georges Florovsky)
568306. Risk-Taking in International Politics: Prospect Theory in American Foreign Policy
568307. Mechatronics: Principles and Applications
568308. High Technology Manufacturing and U.S. Competitiveness (Technical Report)
568309. Encyclopedia of Race and Ethnic Studies
568310. Information Theory, Inference & Learning Algorithms
568311. Maritime Terrorism: Risk and Liability
568312. Inequality, Crisis and Social Change in Indonesia: The Muted Worlds of Bali
568313. Urban Dynamics
568314. Ο ερωτευμένος πυροσβέστης, 5η έκδοση
568315. The Cambridge Companion to W. H. Auden (Cambridge Companions to Literature)
568316. Patrick Suppes: Scientific Philosopher, Volume 1: Probability and Probabilistic Causality
568317. Tigers' Roar: Asia's Recovery and Its Impact (East Gate Books)
568318. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (Book 5)
568319. The Sorrows of Young Werther (Modern Library Classics)
568320. Market: Equilibrium, Stability, Mythology (Routledge Frontiers of Politicaleconomy, 44)
568321. The School Recruitment Handbook: A Guide to Attracting, Selecting and Keeping Outstanding Teachers
568322. Local Electronic Government: A Comparative Study (Routledge Research in Information Technology and Society)
568323. Cricket and National Identity in the Postcolonial Age: Following On
568324. Desktop Applications for Microsoft VC++ 6.0: MCSD Training Kit (for exam 70-016)
568325. Teaching English, Language and Literacy
568326. Strategies of Resistance in the Dramatic Texts of North African Women: A Body of Words (Middle East Studies History, Politics & Law)
568327. Two Hundred Years of Accounting Research (Routledge New Works in Accounting History)
568328. Rose Madder
568329. Fault Lines: Why the Republicans Lost Congress (Controversies in Electoral Democracy and Representation)
568330. Lifelong Learning in Action: Transforming Education in the 21st Century
568331. Cognitive Analytic Therapy and Later Life: A New Perspective on Old Age
568332. Pandemics and Global Health (Global Connections)
568333. Clermont-de-Lodève 1633-1789: Fluctuations in the Prosperity of a Languedocian Cloth-making Town
568334. Origins of the Great Purges: The Soviet Communist Party Reconsidered, 1933-1938
568335. Risk and Failure in English Business 1700-1800
568336. Fracture Mechanics (Mathematics & Its Applications)
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568753. Equity
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568766. A First Look at Perturbation Theory 2nd Edition
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568776. Little Plays for Little People: Theatre, Games, and Activities
568777. Herbs for Sports Perfomance, Energy, and Recovery
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568782. Ultimate Adversaries (Star Wars Roleplaying Game: Rules Supplements)
568783. Mastering Accounting Research for the CPA Exam
568784. Engenharia de Controle Moderno, 3a Edição
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568786. The Farming Game: Agricultural Management and Marketing
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568788. Modeling and Interpreting Interactive Hypotheses in Regression Analysis
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568790. A model and implementation of a security plug-in for the software life cycle
568791. An ordinary school child : agency and authority in children's schooling
568792. Evidence-Based Outcome Research: A Practical Guide to Conducting Randomized Controlled Trials for Psychosocial Interventions
568793. Acute Stroke Care: A Manual from the University of Texas - Houston Stroke Team
568794. Class Crisis & the State
568795. Prince of Ayodhya (The Ramayana, Book I)
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568799. Musculoskeletal Disorders and the Workplace
568800. Religion from Tolstoy to Camus
568801. Christianity and Roman Society (Key Themes in Ancient History)
568802. The Mathematics of Logic: A Guide to Completeness Theorems and their Applications
568803. Hazardous materials in the hydrologic environment the role of research by the U.S. Geological Survey
568804. Research Methods in Anthropology: Qualitative and Quantitative Approaches
568805. Small Business Server 2008 – Installation, Migration, and Configuration
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568807. Combat Use Of The Double-Edged Fighting Knife
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568832. Confessions of a Falling Woman: And Other Stories (P.S.)
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568835. The Fallen LP
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568837. The New Community Firm: Employment, Governance and Management Reform in Japan
568838. The Microsoft Case: Antitrust, High Technology, and Consumer Welfare
568839. Electrical Neuroimaging
568840. Learning to Compete in European Universities: From Social Institution to Knowledge Business
568841. Be Your Own Boss (WetFeet Insider Guide)
568842. Destiny Doll
568843. High Vacuum Techniques for Chemical Syntheses and Measurements
568844. DVD Authoring and Production
568845. Psychophysiological Recording
568846. Debating Immigration
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568849. Healing the Wounds of Sexual Addiction
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568851. The Cost of Institutions: Information and Freedom in Expanding Economies
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568859. Private Property Rights (Point Counterpoint)
568860. The Mohawk (Indians of North America)
568861. Martens and Fishers (Martes) in Human-Altered Environments: An International Perspective
568862. Atlas of British Social and Economic History Since C. 1700
568863. Language in History: Theories and Texts (Politics of Language Series)
568864. The Phantom Shark - (A Rick Brant Science-Adventure Story, 6)
568865. Talking of the Royal Family
568866. Multilingualism
568867. W.H. Auden
568868. Roles of the Northern Goddess
568869. Rethinking Health Promotion: A Global Approach
568870. Home Truths About Child Sexual Abuse
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568892. Warts: Diagnosis and Management: An Evidence Based Approach
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568929. Economic Integration: Limits and Prospects
568930. Higher Education, Research, and Knowledge in the Asia-Pacific Region (Issues in Higher Education)
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568932. Sudanese Women Refugees: Transformations and Future Imaginings
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568939. Commutative Algebra: Geometric, Homological, Combinatorial and Computational Aspects
568940. Inclusion: the dynamic of school development (Inclusive Education)
568941. Counselling Skills for Church and Faith Community Workers
568942. Supporting Creativity And Imagination in the Early Years (Supporting Early Learning S.)
568943. The Education of a Black Radical: A Southern Civil Rights Activist's Journey, 1959-1964
568944. Kansas Paper Money: An Illustrated History, 1854-1935
568945. International Support for Domestic Climate Policies in Developing Countries (Climate Policy Series)
568946. RNA Purification and Analysis: Sample Preparation, Extraction, Chromatography
568947. Monitoring and Managing Microsoft Exchange Server 2003
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568950. Modeling and Interpreting Interactive Hypotheses in Regression Analysis
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568958. Spring Persistence with Hibernate
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568988. Alexander at the World's End
568989. A Game Of Chance
568990. Corporate and White Collar Crime
568991. Numerical Polynomial Algebra
568992. The Contemporary British Novel
568993. How Xena Changed Our Lives: True Stories by Fans for Fans
568994. A Unified Framework for Video Summarization, Browsing & Retrieval: with Applications to Consumer and Surveillance Video
568995. Clean, Green, and Lean: Get Rid of the Toxins That Make You Fat
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568998. Orbital Mechanics: For Engineering Students (Aerospace Engineering)
568999. Central Nervous System Diseases and Inflammation
569000. Die Collective Mind Methode: Projekterfolg durch Soft Skills
569001. The Shah and the Ayatollah: Iranian Mythology and Islamic Revolution
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569003. Long-Term Studies of Vertebrate Communities
569004. 101 Quick and Easy Secrets to Create Winning Photographs
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569007. Bonfire of Roadmaps (Brad and Michele Moore Roots Music Series)
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569009. Analysis of Variance via Confidence Intervals
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569011. Agricultural Survey Methods
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569017. The 7 Steps Of Effective Executive Coaching
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569031. Japan at Play
569032. Women in Islam: The Western Experience
569033. Moral and Citizenship Education: Learning through Action and Reflection
569034. History of the Communist Party of the United States
569035. Catching Fire: How Cooking Made Us Human
569036. The Proper Bostonians
569037. Fun with maths and physics: Brain teasers tricks illusions
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569061. Preventing Early Learning Failure
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569063. Macroscopic Quantum Tunneling of the Magnetic Moment
569064. Emotions and Multilingualism (Studies in Emotion and Social Interaction)
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569066. Gewerbesteuer: Gestaltungsberatung in der Praxis
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569099. Progress in Preventing Childhood Obesity
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569102. An Anarchist
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569115. Mac OS X Power Tools
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569127. Knowledge-Action Systems for Seasonal to Interannual Climate Forecasting: Summary of a Workshop
569128. Blind Faith: Our Misplaced Trust in the Stock Market and Smarter, Safer Ways to Invest
569129. Student Advantage Captures the College Market through an Integration of Their on and Offline Businesses
569130. Big-Bang ERP Implementation at a Global Company
569131. Role of Virtual Organizations in Post-Graduate Education in Egypt: The Case of the Regional It Institute
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569133. Britain in Africa (African Arguments)
569134. Tackling Prison Overcrowding: Build More Prisons? Sentence Fewer Offenders? (Researching Criminal Justice)
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569560. دیپلماسی نامه
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569647. Peepshow
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569666. The Complete Nonprofit Corporation Kit
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569674. In Over Her Head
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569692. Financial Institutions and Markets: Current Issues in Financial Markets
569693. Intimacy, Transcendence, and Psychology: Closeness and Openness in Everyday Life
569694. Community Self-Help
569695. Non-military Security and Global Order: The Impact of Extremism, Violence and Chaos on National and International Security
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569697. Foreign Ministries in the European Union: Integrating Diplomats
569698. Machiavelli Revisited
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569701. Cities in Contemporary Africa
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569718. How to Land a Top-Paying Engineers Job: Your Complete Guide to Opportunities, Resumes and Cover Letters, Interviews, Salaries, Promotions, What to Expect From Recruiters and More!
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569757. Arguments Against G8
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569940. To the Tower Born
569941. Four Days to Glory: Wrestling with the Soul of the American Heartland
569942. Algebraic Curves: An Introduction to Algebraic Geometry
569943. Oxygen Biology and Hypoxia
569945. The Extended Enterprise: Gaining Competitive Advantage through Collaborative Supply Chains (Financial Times Prentice Hall Books)
569946. Viruses, Plagues, and History
569947. Data Processing and Reconciliation for Chemical Process Operations: Volume 2 (Process Systems Engineering)
569948. Soft Coal, Hard Choices: The Economic Welfare of Bituminous Coal Miners, 1890-1930
569949. Illusion of Consent: Engaging with Carole Pateman
569950. The Secret World of American Communism (Annals of Communism Series)
569951. True Genius: The Life and Science of John Bardeen
569952. Producing Independent 2D Character Animation: Making & Selling A Short Film (Visual Effects and Animation Series) (Focal Press Visual Effects and Animation)
569953. The America That Reagan Built
569954. Light Absorption and Absorbents in Sea Waters
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569956. A Classical Introduction to Cryptography Exercise Book
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569958. Advances in Food Mycology
569959. Three Contributions to the Theory of Sex
569960. Return of the Native (Webster's Korean Thesaurus Edition)
569961. Performance on the Edge: Transformations of Culture
569962. The Confessions of Saint Augustine (Webster's German Thesaurus Edition)
569963. Integrating Your e-Business Enterprise (Sams White Book)
569964. The Berenstain Bears Trick or Treat (First Time Books(R))
569965. Francis Drake And the Oceans of the World (Explorers of New Lands)
569966. Plastics Materials (Aluminium Handbooks)
569967. Roger Williams: Founder of Rhode Island (Colonial Leaders)
569968. Le sens du langage visuel : Essai de sémantique visuelle psychanalytique
569969. Identity, Memory, and Diaspora: Voices of Cuban-American Artists, Writers, and Philosophers (S U N Y Series in Latin American and Iberian Thought and Culture)
569970. The Politics of Inquiry: Education Research and the ''Culture of Science''
569971. Media Sex: What Are the Issues? (Lea's Communication Series)
569972. Fishery Science: The Unique Contributions of Early Life Stages Animals Pets
569973. East Asia Decentralizes: Making Local Government Work
569974. Allium Crop Science: Recent Advances
569975. Arts and Entertainment (Field Guides to Finding a New Career)
569976. Social Psychology (SAGE Course Companions)
569977. Challenges for Social Work Students
569978. Pratique des affaires (French Edition)
569979. King Cobras: The Biggest Venomous Snakes of All! (Fangs)
569980. A Brief History of Argentina, 2nd Edition
569981. Pulsed Electric Fields Technology for the Food Industry: Fundamentals and Applications (Food Engineering Series)
569982. Policing Pop (Sound Matters)
569983. Patrons, Partisans, and Palace Intrigues: The Court Society of Colonial Mexico 1702-1710 (Latin American and Caribbean)
569984. Adaptive Management For Water Resources Project Planning
569985. Stephan Schiffman's Sales Essentials: All You Need to Know to Be a Successful Salesperson-from Cold Calling and Prospecting With E-mail to Increasing the Buy and Closing
569986. Sabriel (The Abhorsen Trilogy)
569987. I lombrichi di Darwin e la morte di Freud
569988. Rethinking Working-Class History: Bengal 1890 to 1940
569989. New Permafrost and Glacier Research
569990. Stalking - Obsessive Belästigung und Verfolgung, Prominente und Normalbürger als Stalking Opfer, Täter Typologien, Psychologische Hintergründe
569991. Advances in Risk Management of Government Debt
569992. Stressbewältigung für Kinder und Jugendliche - Positive mit Stress umgehen lernen, Konkrete Tipps und Übungen, Hilfen für Eltern und Lehrer
569993. Jewish Theatre: A Global View (Ijs Studies in Judaica)
569994. Candid Science III: More Conversations With Famous Chemists (Pt. 3)
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569999. 公共哲学〈16〉宗教から考える公共性
570000. International Seminar on Nuclear War and Planetary Emergencies: 26th Session : ''E. Majorana'' Centre for Scientific Culture Erice, Italy, 19-24 August 2001 ... A Nuclear Strategy and Peace Technology)
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